Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Golf: You Decide

MJ Hawkeye didn't golf yesterday. It was Memorial Day. Granted, I didn't play because it was family day and we had a get together. Also, it was brutally hot so I opted for air conditioning.
The President of the United States gave a brief memorial talk at Arlington National Cemetery about young men and sacrifice then took off for the links. It was his 70th round of golf as president. Yesterday, our 1,500th soldier died in Afghanistan.
Some folks suggest Memorial Day is not the proper time to practice a hobby. So----what do you think. Read the article here.

Monday, May 30, 2011

This Is The Best They've Got

Last week I wrote about the new DNC Chariwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She made a ding dongette of herself by saying the Republicans wanted us to buy foreign cars. No big deal so far. I own one. Then it was brought out that she bought a $38,000 Nissan.
Well, she's one upped herself. Her most recent gaffe regarded illegal immigration. She said, "Republicans want to make illegal immigration a crime"! She's the gift that keeps on giving

Memorial Day Activities

It's a beautiful day in Dublin, Ohio; not a cloud in the sky. After all the moisture in the form of rain we've had for the past two months I'll gladly take the 90 degree temps. Oscar and Vieve spent the night and we took them to a yard party.
Today, their mom and dad will drive over from Springfield with number seven grand child, Kingston, for a leisurely lunch.
Prior to this The Big O and I will go out to my golf club. He just loves to hit balls on the range. I've been trying to get him to hit down on the ball so I've left him with the phrase, "you can't hurt dirt". Then we'll join his sister and drive the five minutes to the world famous Columbus Zoo.
Jack Nicklaus' Memorial golf tournament takes place this week and it's a hub of activity around here.
I hope you'll check in frequently to this blog but don't expect much. I'm really tired of putting Obama crap up here. I'm losing my enthusiasm and, furthermore, I'm planning trips to Tucson in ten days.
If anything exciting occurs I'll post it. Otherwise, I'm on vacation.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Obama On Podium at Joplin Memorial Chewing Gum

Talk about class(less). Barack H. Obama, President of the United States is seen in this YouTube sitting on the podium at the Joplin Memorial. My number 1 son thinks I should cut Obama some slack. He suggests it's Nicorette. I love MJ Jr's sense of humor. Son of MJ also suggests O-Boy might be on the Uncle Buck Five year plan to stop smoking. Ever seen the clip? The 40 second clip Our Leader will show five seconds of his act at the end. What a clueless jerk!

Presidential Predictions

Mitt Romney-dud; Newt Gingrich-double dud; Rick Santorum-nice guy but----dud; Tim Pawlenty-another nice guy but----dud, dud; Michelle Bachman-hot and smart-goes with Tea Party-won't get the nomination; Herman Cain-too savvy and smart to be president;
Ron Paul-candidate for the old people's home.
Obama runs on his record and that's a problem.
The Republican candidate is a dark horse. (S)He hasn't been heard from yet.

Is Weiner A Weiner?

Anthony Weiner is a (D)U.S. Rep from New York City. Oh, heck, he's more than that. He reminds me of George Costanza from Seinfeld. Nothing's ever right with the world; complain, complain, complain. He might have himself in a spot of trouble, though, since a Twitter showed up yesterday involving the "Mouth from the South(Bronx)". He actually represents Brooklyn and the Queens but The Bronx looked good on paper. At any rate, the twitter shows gray underwear, supposedly his, with an erection. It was sent to a female other than his wife. It's from Weiner's site but he says he was hacked. The MSM has yet to mention this story but, no problem. When a democrat is involved it's "only about sex", anyway.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Why Is This Food Stamp Food

If you're having trouble making out this food stamp receipt get out a magnifying glass. Lobster is good stuff but my ex-boss, a multimillionaire, doesn't break the bank to buy it.
Notice the name of the town at the top. It's Menominee. That's in Wisconsin. You don't suppose it's for one of those rabble rousing Madison protesters do you?
hat tip: weasel zippers

Just Another Criminal

Like a moth to the flame most of us are attracted to sexual stories of teachers and students. If you look at the accompanying picture to this story it doesn't take Einstein to realize this kid is in trouble and it centers around sex with a minor. The girl is twenty-six and is(soon to be was) an English teacher at a high school in Illinois. I think there's a web site that updates sexual predators in schools on a weekly basis. This might surprise you but there are a heck of a lot more kids being molested by teachers than there are priest pedophiles. I'm not surprised.
Since I was a high school teacher for twenty years and also know quite a few priests I'm sort of an expert on both. Gossip is a beautiful thing.
When thinking about these situations certain people can get away with about anything. I've known teachers who more or less flaunted their conquests. I've known teachers who snuck around thinking they'd never be found out and that was before Facebook and Twitter.
Back in the 60's and 70's we tried to keep these things hush-hush, especially in the Catholic schools. Fat chance of that. At one school in Illinois we had a business ed teacher who had the whole package minus one component; a brain. At any rate, we all knew she was doing it with one of the handsome senior guys. Our assistant principal conceived of a plan. Six faculty members, himself included, positioned ourselves in the teachers lounge when we knew 'Barbie' would come in after her 5th period class.
As soon as she arrived the AP said, "Hey, did you hear about Fred Flintstone aka The Kid? He's got the clap". Blood drained from Betty Boop's face. Her eyes widened to the size of two moons then tears streamed down her face before she ran out of the lounge to God knows where. The lady in question didn't come back the next school year.
Back to the teacher in question who's picture is prominently displayed. She'll lose her job, be put on probation and maybe serve six months in prison. Men who do the same will serve five years in prison and be sexual predators for the rest of their lives. I understand this disparity. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus or so we're told.
There isn't really a moral to this blog. It's a reality thing. Whenever the sexes cross paths things happen, even if there's a fifteen year difference in age. Nothing will change. If it did the parents of these predators wouldn't be cheating on their spouses and everyone would win the super lotto.

Friday, May 27, 2011

If You Like Baseball

If you happen to enjoy the game of baseball as do I you'll want to watch this video. There are two players involved: a batter and a pitcher. The guy on the mound can pitch with either his right or left hand. Every time he puts the glove on his right hand the batter moves to the left side of the box. When the pitcher places his glove on his left hand the batter moves to the right side of the plate. This scenario goes on for awhile. The umpires don't have a ruling on this. I happen to know the answer. See if you do and check back with me.

A Dick By Any Other Name

It's difficult to believe but the guy was a liberal protester during the Wisconsin legislature hubbub. No, wait! It isn't hard to believe. Everyone points the arrow in the wrong direction once in awhile.

Memorial Day: Pray To The Right Ones

Memorial Day is to honor those who have given their lives for our country. You knew that, right! One never knows, especially our President, who asked us on May 24, 2009 to say "thank you" to those we honor when they are passed on the street or by sending them a care package overseas. This is bad enough but he gave the talk in a prepared speech with plenty of time to have his speech writers get it right or for the boy president to figure it out all by his super intellectual self. That's asking a lot, though, for someone who thinks we have 57 states.
If you doubt my veracity I happen to have the YouTube posted here.

More Taxpayer Dollars Wasted On Silly Studies

Paul Harvey in his day used to come up with examples of how the government wastes OUR money on frivolous studies, e.g. $1 million dollars to study how parents react to a baby's name. No lie! If you click here you will be able to see more of these things that are so infuriating you'll laugh out loud at the stupidity of 535 people in Washington D.C.

Kudos To Lech Walesa

Three cheers for Lech Walesa, Poland's solidarity leader and 1983 Nobel Prize winner. He has 'snubbed' a meeting with fellow Nobel winner, Barry H. Obama. "It doesn't suit me", said Walesa.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Ignorant And Conniving

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the new head of the Democrat National Committee(DNC). Formerly a congresswoman from Florida she pulled a faux pas today that is so, how do I write it? Oh yeah, stupid! Out of her mouth came this: "If it were up to Republicans we'd all be driving foreign cars". The problem is Wasserman Schultz(think 'Hillary Rodham)drives a $38,000 Nissan. DWS isn't to be taken for granted. She's left of Pelosi and more radical than Ghengis Khan. Read about her(it here) here.

Lipstick On A Pig

Looking for reasons to fall in love with $5 a gallon gasoline. MSN Money has ten of them if you open this post. As one might suspect they're damned silly?

Seems kind Of Gay To Me

(Boston Herald) — U.S. Rep. Barney Frank admitted he helped his ex-lover land a lucrative post with Fannie Mae in the early 1990s while the Newton Democrat was on a committee that regulated the lending giant — but he called questions of a potential ethical conflict “nonsense.”

“If it is (a conflict of interest), then much of Washington is involved (in conflicts),” Frank told the Herald last night. “It is a common thing in Washington for members of Congress to have spouses work for the federal government. There is no rule against it at all.”

Frank said he helped his former longtime companion, Herb Moses, land a job at Fannie Mae in 1991 after Moses graduated with a master’s degree in business administration from Dartmouth College. Frank said he was approached by a Fannie Mae executive and vouched for Moses, who formerly worked as an economist in the Department of Agriculture.

Ronald Reagan Can't Take Obama Anymore

Never before seen is a movie clip with Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. Reagan had had enough of Obama's nonsense and couldn't take it anymore. See it now!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ed Schultz: How Does He Keep His Job?

If you've never seen or heard Ed Schultz speak count your blessings. He is an ultra lib radio blabbermouth and has a gig at night on MSNBC. According to viewing ratings, is mom might be his only fan.
Yesterday, on his radio show, he called Laura Ingraham a "Right Wing Slut". Yes, the people of the Left, those whose minds are so open to free speech and thought called Ms. Ingraham the second worst name after the C word. He must really have the goods on someone to keep his job. I always appreciate it when he attacks those on the right for being immoral since he's one of those guys who dumped his wife for a so-called trophy. Looking at Ed, his trophy might have been bagged on a moose trip to Alaska. That would have been a rather mean thing for me to write about Eddie but who cares. I once emailed him about his marriage problem and guess what, he got back to me immediately; told me to "go to hell"! I am now vindicated.


Well I'll be branded and called a stallion. MSNBC has just announced this evening the Simple Simon Schulz has received a one week suspension; unpaid. Too bad. He still should have been fired.

Here's A Surprise

This will surprise you-----------Not! A study shows that liberal academia(eggheads who have never held a real job) rank Ronald Reagan ten spots lower than the general public.

Why Do Jews Vote Democrat

Every time there's a crisis in Israel or the US with pertaining to the Jewish population I'm flummoxed as to why Jews continue to support democrats. I mean, did you see the cheering for Obama at a Jewish get together a few days ago? Well, the reason for this is simple and common sense. Just as there are Rino's(repulicans in name only) and there are Cino's(Catholics in name only) there are a slug of Jino's(Jews in name only). I have a close family member who doesn't go to Mass, is pro-abortion, and follows the spiritual precepts of, well, I'm not really sure. But, this person, when asked, will tell all she/he's a Catholic. The same, apparently, goes for the Jewish population. You can read the entire article here---or not.

An Honest Obama Campaign

Given what we know now, I think Obama’s summer-2008 campaign speeches should have sounded something like this from Nation Review writer, Victor Hansen Davis.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

War Zone

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas says the border of Mexico in his state is a war zone. barack Obama has said that our Mexican border is safer than it's ever been.
Well, American people, whom do you trust?

Does He think Before He Speaks

Readers: Take the time to read the paragraphs and quote from Barry on the taste of Guiness: from WeaselZippers.us

(LA Times) – It was a happy occasion Monday during President Obama’s hasty visit to Ireland to see what is deemed his ancestral hometown of Moneygall and stop by Ollie Hayes’ pub for a pint.

…Monday it’s what happened inside the Moneygall pub that may not go down too smoothly with the American distributors of Ireland’s world-famous Guinness.

The president got to reminiscing good-naturedly about a previous encounter with the tasty liquid.

“The first time I had Guinness,” Obama said, “is when I came to the Shannon airport. We were flying into Afghanistan and so stopped in Shannon. It was the middle of the night. And I tried one of these and I realized it tastes so much better here than it does in the States.”

Then the commander-in-chief blithely added: “What I realized was, is that you guys are — You’re keeping all the best stuff here!”

Question: If, as Barack says, his FIRST Guiness was in the Shannon airport and it tasted better than it does in the United States how the hell would he know the difference?

I realize this story is petty in nature; only wanted to remind you if Sarah Palin sad said this the cast of Saturday Night Live and the three lamestream media outlets would have been all over it like flies on pudding.

World's Worst Hunting Dog

hat tip: lifewithdogs.tv

Hosni Mubarak

Hosni Mubarak, former president of Egypt. You DO remember him, right? He's one of the few friends we had in the middle east. Yeah, the guy who Obama told to get out of office. He did, don't ya know. He's also under house arrest. Today, Egyptian officials said they were going to put him on trial for murdering his own people during the insurrection. It doesn't take a nitwit to understand he'll be found guilty and executed. When this happens what will Obama's reaction be? Will be shamed or suffer any consequences? Will he still be the turd he's always been?

Elana Kagan Cover-Up

Supreme Court justice, Elana Kagan, may have violated her testimony when she said she had nothing to do with Obama's health care bill. Evidence has surfaced that she defended the 'hated' law from the beginning and wrote opinions to aid it while US Solicitor General. I'll make this easy for liberals to understand. It's a crime.

Monday, May 23, 2011

"Oh Crud, Not Again"

The Rapture has come and gone. But wait! Preacher Harold Camping, 89, says he made a mistake and October is the new date. Pretty soon he'll be dead and won't have to worry about his fallible prognostications.
Personally, I'm glad it's called The Rapture. For a long time I was under the impression Raptors were going to come back to earth and I'm not sure I could deal with dinosaurs taking over our land.

Wanna Bet This Didn'tHappen In Joplin Mo.

You might be asking yourself, "what is MJ writing about now? Make a guess while you're thinking. Hint: It has to do with the deadly tornado in North Minneapolis, Minnesota yesterday. I've been through North Minneapolis--through but not stopped.
Can you say, "looting"?

Obama Unconstitutional Activities

Do you happen to have a month or so of free time on your hands? If so, then read down the list(with explanation) for the myriad ways this president has violated the Constitution.

O'Bama-minski From Kenya, Indonesia, Ireland, Hawaii, Hell, etc.

"Introduced by Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny as "the American Dream come home," Obama told the throng in central Dublin: "My name is Barack Obama, of the Moneygall Obamas."
The MoneyGall Obamas!!! What the hell is he talking about. I always thought the name came from Kenya. Egg on my face!
In his speech to the Irish people in Dublin, Stupid said, "There is no one more Irish than me(sic)" What the teleprompter actually had on it was, "there is no one more full of crap than I".
Folks, I can't make this stuff up. It comes from Reuters.

He Shall Lead Them Out Of Darkness

Obama: Finding Ancestral Roots

Obama is in Ireland today. He's looking for his ancestral roots; someplace called Money Gall,or something like that.
For you people in love with the guy what this trip is, is another vacation.

Joke Of The Century

Biden tells donors: "Keep me in mind for 2016"!

If one cares, my reaction to this article is: "That would be an F'ing big deal"!!! Didn't someone say that at the Obamacare signing?


Is it only me or are we having an exceptionally high high number of severe storms. My heart goes out to the people of Joplin, Missouri just as it did for the folks in Alabama. I can relate to Joplin since I've been there. Someone will come out with a statement saying this is the "Wrath of God" and it's a sign of what's to come. Then we'll hear from a weather expert who will tell us nothing is out of the ordinary. It is unusual for tornadoes to hit large cities. I mean, who cares out a trailer court in Podunk, Iowa?
I was at the lake in Minnesota last year and there were thirty-four tornadoes in the state in one day.
The news from Missouri is a sad way to start the week. There is some good news regarding it though. A local high school was destroyed. The site for graduation for that school's seniors was changed to a local college. The tornado hit while commencement was taking place. Give praise on that one.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Middle East Warrior

If Barbie Was A Real Person

It's eating disorder awareness week on college campuses. Galia Salyen,a college student who overcame an eating disorder built a life size Barbie. No thanks.

A Fashion Statement

I have a couple of questions about fashion, or lack thereof. Today, while at Wal-Mart waiting for a prescription to be filled MJ sauntered back to the men's clothing department. It was possible I might find a pair of Bermuda shorts. It seems all my brand newshorts I bought last year have shrunk. Wal-Mart has the market on 'cargo shorts'. Nobody but nobody wears those things. Then I spied what appeared to be shorts applicable to the finer style. My size ranges from a 40 to 36 depending on how much ice cream and M&M's I consume. At present I'm trending to a 36 EXCEPT a 36 isn't actually that. My size dress slacks is a 38 but that's with a stretch band in the waist. It should be a 40 in real numbers. This must be to make fat guys feel better about themselves. So, my question is, why can't clothier manufacturers put the waist stretches in Bermuda shorts? They don't. It seems like a very sensible process.
Back to the dress slacks, and this must be a cruel joke from some designer who is skinny and effeminate. When guys put on weight their pockets sort of stretch. The pockets are white. If I have on blue slacks but the white pockets show them people will think, "hey, look at the fat guy". Something has to be done about this.

Blago's Trial Begins

Rod Blagojevich, ex-Illinois governor has a trial beginning next Wednesday. He says he's innocent of bribery in exchanging a White House position for cash among other things. His witness list includes White House adviser, Valerie Jarrett(slum lord queen and noted commie sympathizer), Harry Reid, Jesse Jackson, Jr. Rahm Emanuel(now Chitown Mayor) and Senator Dick Durbin(Sen-D-Shrimp-Ill.) This might be fun watching liars squirm.

The Rapture

So far so good. I'm still here although it's only 7 am on 'The Day". What happens if I'm doing the same thing tomorrw, typing away? What excuse will the "Rapturians" have creating such havoc in the world. Oh, they meant 2111 AD. That's it. Check back much later in the day to see if we're here.

Remember Sheriff Dupnik

Do you remember the dufus sheriff from Tucson who blamed the right wing for the Gabrielle Giffords shooting? Well, he's had his troops murder an ex-soldier in a SWAT raid. The Lame Stream Media has yet to report on it.

For Women With No Self-Esteem

hat tip: iOTW.

Calling All Doctors

The waiting time for Brits to see a doctor has risen to 18 weeks, up 26%. Ouch!


The impressive aspect for the existence of Israel is that they exist. Begining in 1948 when they were granted statehood by the United Nations, they have come under attack by their Arab neighbors. The result being Israel embarrassed these aggressors by kicking the snot out of them. If you'll notice their 1967 border one can understand their reluctance to go back to this arrangement as suggested by our leader. An eight mile width nation is not all that much when those next to you want your annihilation. As it is, Isreal's borders today are in the range of 290 by 80 miles. miles

Friday, May 20, 2011

Obama Defies War Powers Act

Obama legally had sixty days in to be in Libya without congressional approval. Now he says he can sidestep the law since our presence there is limited. It's the law. In Obama we have someone who on a daily basis could care less about our country.

What Do You Think

Am I saying Obama is like Hitler? The answer is an emphatic, "No"! But, according to the Islamic terrorist group, the Egyptian Brotherhood, Hitler was born to exterminate every Jew on this earth. They consider him a great man and anyone who does anything to diminish the power of the Jews and Israel is perceived as--, well, you fill in the blank.

Tommorw's The Big Day

Saturday, May 21, 2011: The Rapture! Do you have your affairs in order? Have you made up with your enemies? Are there any unpaid bills to creditors on your conscience?
Most important, do you own the IRS. The world ends tomorrow. Be prepared.

Chucky Cheese With The Grandchildren

It's unfortunate when I don't get to visit with the grand children in awhile. Yesterday, I took the opportunity to drive over to Springfield, Ohio to take Oscar(6) and Genevieve(nearing 4) on an adventure. The Big O knows a lot about cars especially the names of them, make and type, from a distance. His other grandpa is a car aficionado and since he was a toddler has taken him to car shows and local dealers. So, just to make conversation I asked him, "O, what do you think of the Smart car"? His matter of fact reply, in two words: "Interesting technology". The kid's in kindergarten for gosh sakes!
We went to a state park. After swinging and climbing we explored the swollen waters of some creek that was now the size of the Amazon River due to torrential rain storms. We looked for interesting leaves, branches, rocks, things out of the ordinary.
After this we headed out to Chucky Cheese. Do you have one in your town? If not, beware. I gotta tell 'ya it was 3 in the afternoon when we arrived. Keep this in mind.
At any rate, it's a pizza place with kid games. The customer buys tokens, in my case twenty dollars worth. The kids put the tokens in a game of skill and then retrieve tickets for how skillful they are. In Vieve's case, not very, but who cares. It's all in fun. Vieve is a 'wild child'. I've written about her before. If asked by me she would kill on command. Her one response to life is, "I can do it myself". She needs one of those electronic devices on her ankle to keep track of her. Twice yesterday I asked the manager if he'd seen her. I thought social services was going to be called to take her away from grandpa. Oscar's tokens were gone in twenty minutes. That's a lot of tokens. What was he to do? What would any kid do, steal from his sister, right? And he did without her even knowing. O can be quite conniving.
By 3:30 our pepperoni pizza had arrived along with lemonade and sprite. I didn't want to be a party pooper so I ordered a salad. Long story short------when all was said and done it was a forty-five dollar afternoon. There's a big lesson in all of this and I keep forgetting. A person can take their grandchildren to the park for two hours and have just as much fun as when they go to Chucky Cheese. I mean, for the twenty dollars in tokens the kids won, two pieces of candy and a miniature soccer ball.
And do you know what Oscar told his mom as I was leaving the house? He said, "this has been the greatest day of my life". The poor kid needs to get out more or he was being what he usually is-----kind!

Is Today The Day Obama Breaks The Law

In 1973 Congress gave the president the ability to carry out war for sixty days without their approval. It's called "The War Powers Act". Our time in Libya is up today. Will Obama break the law and continue on or will he go to congress for permission to continue? Read aobut it here.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Is This The Dumbest Diet Fad Ever?

The 'tongue patch':
It's a new procedure in which a roughly one-inch-by-one-inch square of mesh is sewn onto a person's tongue. Unlike the nicotine patch, this patch contains no chemicals or medicine. Instead, it merely sits there and makes it difficult—and even painful—to eat solid food. In essence it's nothing more than a modern version of wiring one's jaw shut, forcing the "patient" to literally starve themselves.
And it's only $1500.

hat tip: Ace of Spades

What Am I?

Homophobe, racist, birther, denier? I just can't keep track of what I'm supposed to be these days, at least according to the left.

Riled Like Never Before

If you think Obama has me riled you are correct. Read the main story from the New York Post on how Barry has been anabsolute failure in what he's promised to bring stabilization the the Middle East and the world. He's failed on all counts.

Abbreviated Text Of 'Arab Spring' Speech

12:16 pm: Obama spikes the Bin Laden football.

— Hails Tunisian man who set himself on fire.
— Compares Arab uprisings to Boston Tea Party and Rosa Parks.
— “Change can not be denied” Where have we heard that before?

— Zzzzzzzzzz

— Sorry about that, just nodded off.

— We can’t impose regime change by force like we did in Iraq. Except in Libya.
— We’re bringing Democracy to Libya.
— “Real reform does not come at the ballot box alone”
— We’re going to sprinkle magic pixie dust on the region or something.
— Hails Muslim-Christian relationship in Egypt. Yes, really.
— Does NOT condemn violence against Coptic Christians in Egypt.
— We’re going to modernize economies in Egypt and Tunisia.
— We will relieve Egypt of $1 billion in debt. We will lend them another $1 billion.
— “Palestinians suffer the humiliation of occupation.”
— Condemns Israeli settlement construction.
— Israel can’t continue “permanent occupation.”
— “The state of Palestine for Palestinian people.”
— “We believe in the 1967 lines for a future Palestinians state.”
— Middle East uprisings like American revolution or something.

Netanyahu To Kick Some Obama Butt

Since I was with two of my grand kiddies I only caught snippets of Obama's "major speech". It doesn't matter. I don't listen to him; wait for the written transcripts, anyway. From all appearances he's decided to openly support the Palestinians order to eradicate Israel from the map. Such a fool?
Obama's attempt to placate our enemies is reminiscent of Neville Chamberlin when he returned to Gt. Britain after meeting with Hitler saying he had secured, "peace in our time" by allowing the Nazi's to take the Sudetenland away from Czechoslovakia. In September of 1939 that piece of diplomacy was in the toilet as we all know and Germany attacked Poland.
Egypt, soon to be controlled by the terrorist "Muslim Brotherhood", that according to polling estimates 85% of their people hate us. Folks, the goal is The Brotherhood is to exterminate every Jew in the world----period.
This president is in a fix. We're in a fix.
I heard a segment on the Hannity Show this afternoon on my ride home from Springfield, Ohio. A liberal called in to refute Hannity's exclamation that we cannot dwell in the past. The past, according to this guy, is not applicable to the present. We must sit down and talk with our enemies to come to an agreeable understanding. I've met bunches of liberals with this mindset. It's numbing. When I hear this pap I always think of the quote from the conservative writer, Ann Coulter, "for liberals, history begins when they get out of bed in the morning".
I would give my monthly social security check to be in the room tomorrow when Israeli Prime Minister Benjy Netanyahu sits down with Obama to discuss todays speech. How does one say, F U in Hebrew? Then throw in a knuckle sandwich.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Are You Ready To Pay $50 For A 100 Watt Bulb

I kid you not. Our dorky congressmen and women have put restrictions on what we use to see in our own homes. What are these morons thinking?

Arnie's Little Love Bug

Hey, Arnold, WTF! How many beers did it take to corral this pony?
You can read about the lass if you want. Seems like she's living the good life now.

Harry & Nancy: Two Peas In A Pod

Harry Reid pulled a "Pelosi". Just like the 'Dame from the Bay' in securing health care waviers, Harry did the same for the entire State of Nevada.

Only If You Need A Thorough Purging

Why Obama Is Not Into You

I just read the most fascinating article from the American Thinker about Barack Obama and his arrogance toward others. It's one thing to say it but quite another to cite example after example as this writing does. As the title of this blog says, "he's just not into us".

US Navy Names Ship After Commie Sympathizer

Cesar Chavez, United Farm Worker's organizer had a ship named after him. Who next, Nikolai Lenin?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Michigan Man Wins 2 Mill In Lottery; Still On Food Stamps

There's this fellow from Bay City, Michigan who won 2 million in the lottery. Because of bureauratic snafus he's still on food stamps. He isn'tbothered by it.

Crappy Coffee For $200 A Pound

If you saw the movie: "The Bucket List" you'll remember there was a scene regarding the price of the world's most expensive coffee beans. The beans are literally 'pooped' by a civet. If you desire a more in-depth analysis read on:

The coffee is highly prized for its smooth flavor and bitterless aftertaste, sometimes fetching well over $200 a pound online. Indonesia’s top Islamic body declared Tuesday that Muslims can drink civet coffee — the world’s most expensive coffee, which is extracted from the dung of civet cats.

Kopi Luwak, which takes it name from the Indonesian word for civets, is made from hard beans that have been eaten by the nocturnal critters and then fermented in their stomachs before being pooped out and roasted. Civet cats are mongoose-like animals.


Call It Nepotism, But For A Good Cause

The design was created by a very special person in my life, my son.

A toy for hope.
In Japanese symbolism, the koi represents perseverance during struggles faced by humans.
Because of its strength and determination to overcome obstacles, the koi stands for courage.

The disaster in Japan has cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives.
Here is our way of contributing to the relief effort.

Download the paper koi template and make a donation to the
American Red Cross of $10.00 (or more!) to help those in need.

Your help is appreciated and every little bit counts!

Are Chris Matthews And David Gregory Bigots?

What kind of person hears the words, "Food Stamps" and automatically thinks of Black people? That's what Gregory and Matthews did. As Tony Katz recently said, these people who used Blacks for political gain are 'racers'. Read the story here.

Arnold's Love Child

Well, well, well. According to reliable news sources Arnold and Maria separated because he admitted he was the father of a love child with a staff member from ten years ago. Ten years is a long time-------must've cost him a bunch of hush money.
I get a kick out of these people when they get caught. It's always the same answer, "we hope you'll respect our privacy". When it's someone else, "let's get it out there and destroy their lives".

Lucky Nancy

Of the 204 new Obamacare waivers President Barack Obama’s administration approved in April, 38 are for fancy eateries, hip nightclubs and decadent hotels in House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s Northern California district.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Did You Know

A rat can last longer without water than a camel.

The dot over the letter "i" is called a tittle.

A female ferret will die if it goes into heat and cannot find a mate.

Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying.

On average, 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents daily!
(That explains a few mysteries....)

The number of possible ways of playing the first four moves per
side in a game of chess is 318,979,564,000.

The very first bomb dropped by the Allies on Berlin in World War II killed the only elephant in the Berlin Zoo.

Weatherman Willard Scott was the first Ronald McDonald.

The phrase "rule of thumb" is derived from an old English law which
stated that you couldn't beat your wife with anything wider than your thumb.

The first product Motorola started to develop was a record player
for automobiles. At that time, the most known player on the market was Victrola, so they called themselves Motorola.

Celery has negative calories. It takes more calories to eat a
piece of celery than the celery has in it to begin with.

Charlie Chaplin once won third prize in a Charlie Chaplin
look-alike contest.

The glue on Israeli postage is certified kosher.

Possible Gene "Cures" Aids Sufferer

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) — A 45-year-old man now living in the Bay Area may be the first person ever cured of the deadly disease AIDS, the result of the discovery of an apparent HIV immunity gene.

Timothy Ray Brown tested positive for HIV back in 1995, but has now entered scientific journals as the first man in world history to have that HIV virus completely eliminated from his body in what doctors call a “functional cure.”

Does this mean we don't have to wear red ribbons anymore?

Israeli Doctor Saves Palestinian Baby: Some Thanks

An Israeli doctor saved the life of a Palestinian baby born with now immune system. And how did the mother of the new born react to these heroic measures? According to her, "life is not that precious. I prefer he grow to be a martyr" or words to that effect.

Searching For Fifteen MInutes Of Fame

Cute girl, wouldn't you say. She might have an IQ to match her waistline. Her name is Malori Wampler and, until recently, WAS a cheerleader for the Indianapolis Colts.
Her problems began when she posed naked with body paint on her frame and the pics were published in a porno mag. Cheerleaders in the NFL have morality contracts. Among other things they are not to fraternize with the players. She got canned!
Will this surprise you? Ms. Wampler is suing the Colts for race discrimination because her heritage is Malaysian. According to Wampler the suit is also happening because she's a woman. She insists the men players do worse than she did. Paraphrasing Big Fur.com "I think the Colts knew she was a woman and a Malaysian before they hired her".

Over Half of All Obamacare Waivers Given to Union Members

From the Weekly Standard
Are you surprised?

Gas Price Hypocrisy From The Dumb Party

See it here. Watch the four minute video and the democrat reaction to rising gas prices under GW.

American Flag Now"Offensive" In Schools

"Increasingly, it seems that the American flag is joining toy guns and dodgeball on the banned-from-school list. And the latest story on this front involves The Butterfield Elementary in Orange, Massachusetts, where a teacher told an 11-year-old boy that he may not hang his depiction of Old Glory because it might “offend” another student".

Why does it take a site like Canada Free Press to expose this nonsense? You can read the entire story here.

20,000 Hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep! It happened a few minutes ago. We clicked over 20,000 hits since this blog began three years ago this October and 18,000 since last November. Do you know what it actually means for all of us? Squat!
We're catching up to the DrudgeReport,too. They had only 9.6 million and change this year.

Ohio State Economists: Stimulus Destroyed 500,000 Jobs

Five hundred thousand is a lot of jobs to be lost. I always get a kick out of the Obama people telling us how many jobs were saved by The Stimulus. Think about it. How can a person tell about something that never happened?
Would you like to know what caught my attention from the article? How many times do you read about college profs offering info against the libs? And I don't even like the Buckeyes!

Wanna Know How long You'll Live

I just took this off Drudge this minute. The Brits have an article relating how, by testing your own chromosomes, doctors can tell with reasonable certainty how long you are going to live.

Bad Habits Die Hard. Living Healthy Is Harder

Do you ever concentrate on TV commercials, especially the ones that guarantee you'll have an entire new outlook on life? You'll break the chains of bondage that have kept you shackled since the Beatles where churning out hit after hit. Of course, I refer to 'smoking' cigs. When I started they were forty cents a pack. I was like everyone else who began, didn't know or care about addiction. I used to have two a day watching the TV show, Cheyenne, in the afternoon. I was nineteen or twenty.
From then on, 1966 to 2010 I've consumed about----get out a calculator will ya'----20 a day for 365 days times forty-four years. Today, I think, ciggies cost a college education for one year. I see the tobacco producers have come out with cigarettes in miniature form that cost about $2.50 less a pack which go for, what, $6 bucks. That length of smoke would have been good for me in later life since I took five or six puffs then threw them away. In my youth I sucked the nicotine down to my lower rectum and beyond. I was a real man then.
But, I digress. Last evening I concentrated on what this particular commercial was actually saying and my ears perked when the side effects were listed. Have you ever noticed when these are said the announcer speeds up his speech pattern like his bladder was overflowing and he had to get to the 'john' before he wet his pants?
I've enclosed a list of these effects for one of the most popular anti-smoking drugs:

insomnia, loss of taste, menstrual disturbances, increased frequency of urination, abnormal dreams, constipation, flatulence, vomiting, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, anemia and lymph node enlargement, chest pain, palpitations, ringing in the ears, dry eyes, conjunctivitis, joint pain, cramps, disturbance in attention, dizziness, anxiety, depression, irritability and restlessness, and suicidal thoughts.

Break these down on an individual basis. Pretend you happen to be at Will and Kate's wedding reception. You are talking to a potentate. Then you start asking yourself, "will I have flatulence? How much? Will it come out like a whoopee cushion of one atomic bomb"? And that's just ONE of these things.
Do ya' still want to stay at the party or slit your throat in the back yard and fall into the moat?

Yeah right, I'm taking that drug AND while you're here you can cut off both of my legs and arms, too. If I had to go through all that why not put me in a self-induced coma for thirty days. It'd be a lot less trouble and I wouldn't have to be in court for murdering half of Dublin, Ohio out of frustration.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Image: Positive Or Negative

The picture of Paul Ryan, Chairman of the U.S. House Budget Committee, was used by the White House for a dinner hosted by Barack Obama. I think the prez my be somewhat afraid of the guy. Not a very flattering photo, is it? Paul, you evil villain. Why don't you go back to Wisconsin and eat cheese and get all bound up.

Leading Liberal Poster Child

“As an American, I am upset with the policies of my country, but the measures adopted by the first Afro-American president of the United States has ashamed us all”.
Cynthia McKinney(D-illiterate-Tex)

The Middle East Is Exploding

According to Drudge, the Middle East exploded in turmoil this morning with bombings and murder rampant. Be aware that your leader is on top of the situation. I took the following tidbit from WhitehouseDossier.com.

'Obama Goes Golfing For 7th Straight Week, 68th Round Since Taking Office'

David Gregory--Media Jerk

It's really too bad Tim Russert had to pass on so soon. Granted, he was a lib but he didn't come off that way. His successor, David Gregory proved on Meet The Press this morning that he ranks right up there, wrong, down there with the likes of Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz combined. In an interview with Newt Gingrich Gregory brought up the race card. In a recent speech Gingrich referred to Obama as the "Food Stamp President" since one out of every six Americans receive government food. Gregory stated that it seemed him Newt had an underlying racial tone to this comment. What a crock! Wanna know the actual Food Stamp President? He was Lyndon B. Johnson who created the biggest giveaway since the Russians gave us Alaska.

"Let's Eat Dandelions"

I came across a website called, TheFrugalCafe.com. Two points here: (1) I'm still doing my protein shake starvation program and (2) I've come across some recipes for dandelion greens. Don't scoff. This could be a winner and it won't cost much. Those yellow blooms are all over the nation as I write so grab a grocery bag and let's make dinner. Don't eatthe blooms, only the greens. You go first!

"Regarded by most people as a wild, unwanted weed, dandelion greens are powerhouses of nutrition and are as pleasantly tasty as most other greens. The plant grows wild and rampant in most parts of the United States and other countries — ounce for ounce, dandelion greens are among the most frugal, nutritional vegetable bargains out there.

Name Origin: The greens of the dandelion are deeply toothed, giving the plant its name in Old French: dent-de-lion means "lion's tooth" in Old French.

Characteristics: Dandelion greens, or leaves, are individually up to 10 inches long and 2-1/2 inches across. The outer green bracts curve sharply downward from the flowerheads. The typical basal leaf is broader toward its outer tip than at the base (oblanceolate) in outline, although it is more or less lobed along its length. These lobes are triangular and the margins are slightly wavy and irregular".

Ben Stein's Take On The Middle East

Ben Stein, writer, comedian, actor, American, was on the CBS Morning Show today. He has some poignant thoughts on the middle east and our role in it. To put it succintly, "we're screwed". Egypt, for example, appears to be set to install a leader from the Muslim Brotherhood. Two things about them, Mr. Obama, they hate Israel and the hate the United States. The people who like us are bad people but they are one heck of a lot better than the ones who want to nuke us. In the words of Wally Cleaver, "We messed up".
Another piece of interest for you believers in this administration. Think back to this mess in Libya. As for our involvement, our President said, "We will be there days not months". Folks, one month has come and gone.

More On Herman Cain

Let's bang the drum some more. Since Mike Huck-a-nuthin' officially dropped out of the race last evening the list of losers was depleted by one. I wrote about Herman Cain a week or so ago and how he is the one person to offer any hope in 2012. HEY, HE'S A SMART, SAVVY, CONSERVATIVE BLACK MAN! In every phase of policy and governing he'd make Obama look like cotton candy without the sugar---all fluff, no substance.
The National Review has done a piece on him and they know a whole lot more than I so sit up and pay attention. Read the danged article!!!!! And while you're at it check out this from the Washington Times.

"The Picture Of Barack Obama"

If you have seven minutes to kill give this YouTube a look see. It's a take off on "The Picture of Dorian Gray". There are is an entire class of clever people in the world. This is Sunday morning fun at it's very best. No need to thank me. I'm here to serve mankind.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

10 Most Obnoxious Hollywood Liberals

Recall a few days ago when we had a quiz about Hugh Hefner and who would would be the most likely person to succeed him as the head of Hefner Enterprises.
Well, we have another one but this time, according to Human Events, you have to name the 10 most obnoxious Hollywood liberals. It's going to be easier than you think. They are the usual suspects.

"Oh No, Not Again"

Did you notice there were presidential debates in South Carolina last week. I can't even remember who was participating: Ron Paul was there. He's as old as dirt so why is he running? Tim Pawlenty, former governor of Minnesota was visible. I think he's a nice guy but in a street fight, grab a couple of kindergartners. Oh yeah, the guy who was the senator from Pennsylvania, uummhh, yeah, Rick Santorum. He's another sincere person but------------. Evidently the guy who stole the show was Herman Cain. Why he isn't being touted is beyond me. Being a black man that he is would help rid the blatant idea that Republicans are racists; which they aren't. Did you notice I wrote "they" instead of "me". That's how it is with yours truly now. How do you feel about Mitt Romney and Newt? I thought so, the same as I. The last thing I want are Washington Insiders, the guys who've been getting the contacts for years. These are the fellas who know where all the good hookers and mistresses live. They are the ones who cozy up to the lobbyists to get their cash. Even I know there are over 1,200 of these toads with offices on K Street. Who said it? "Throw the bums out"! I have a new mantra: "Bring in new bums"!

"I Poo In Blue"

I don't very often do this, promote a product. But, there is a commercial about to be be released from Huggies. It 'stars' the cutest little boy strutting down the street. It's funny. It isn't 'manly' to write this but it's darling. Whatever the award is for creativity in advertising this one should be nominated.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Online Alheizheimer's Test

Who isn't interested in reading about Alzheimer's? When I was a kid I used to read about ALS or Lou Gherig's disease. Both of them are the type we'd surely like to avoid. I came across an article from the UK Mail(the Brits are the best when it comes to reporting in the US. If you read the article about an online test it'll take you to foodforthebrain.org. What the heck, it might prompt some of you to see you won doc.

More Health Care Waviers From Barry

The Obama administration has issued 204 more health care waviers. The grand total is now 1372. To date MJ Hawkeye is the last person to receive one.

Obama Ignores Police Memorial Day

May 15 is the day when law enforcement officers from all over the nation arrive in D.C. to honor their fallen comrades. This the 30th meeting of this type but, once again, Obama can't go the two miles from the White House to be seen and give a few words. maybe it has something to do with the police acting "stupidly". Sometimes beer summits can't solve this problem. It's another story that makes me want to barf.

Bin Laden: Into Kinky Stuff

It seems a stash of porno stuff was confiscated when the Navy Seals took out Obama. It doesn't surprise me. Waiting for the 72 virgins can create quite a bit of tension. As for his four or five wives on this earth: Is it possible he was thinking of a line from a Clint Eastwood movie about his girlfriend, "Nag, nag, nag"?

What's Going On? And More

There was a post from me about nearing 20,000 hits and it's gone(but has since magically reappeared). Yesterday saw the blogger site with it's own virus and wouldn't allow anyone to fill the airwaves.
Regarding the hits: we're down quite a bit but that's okay. The weather is nice so normal folks don't want to stay indoors reading all day to make it go faster.
In the last two weeks I've made contact with two pundits who you will enjoy immensely. They were both kind enough to write me back. One of them is named Ron Hunt. The other is Celia Rivenbark. She is from North Carolina and writes along the style of Erma Bombeck. Hart is a Tennessean and when reading he'll be reminiscent of PJ O'Rourke or Lewis Grizzard. Click here to read his most recent column about "72 Virgins"

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Lesser Man Would Cry

It's my policy to track readership of this blog, usually in the early morning for the previous day. Did you know we're nearly at 20,000 hits. That's more than good considering that last October we were finishing up 3,000 after two years. Regardless, I've noticed a trend in the past seven days. Readership is down. If it was an Obama tracking poll it'd be curtains for Barry in the next election. We are down 50%. "Not too worry", says me. From my point of view, conditions have changed. Yesterday afternoon I was at the golf driving range wearing shorts and short sleeved shirt. Just a week prior I was in a parka and goggles.
This site is a cold weather site. I mean, how many times can a person watch NCIS reruns?
It's a good sign that readership is diminished. People are getting out of the house and burning calories. Oh, by the way, I'm on my fourth day of no sugar, no white bread and 1500 calories a day. The Haawkeye clan is notorious for being close to obese. For me weight is like a Coney Island roller coaster. I've negotiated the scales from 7'11" to 265. At present I'm at 217. Just two weeks ago it was 209. Don't give me that crap about body weight. It was all chocolate and I earned every ounce of it. I'll let you know of my progress. I am determined to be at 204 when I fly into Phoenix on June 13. Noooooooooooo Problem! Have you ever heard this: "Eat it today. Wear it tomorrow"? I am(was) the spokesperson for that phrase. There wasn't an M&M I couldn't go without devouring.
It's time for the Auschwitz diet once again!

The Ultimate In Waterboarding

There's this fellow named Ron Hart who is a writer for a blog called the Appeal Democrat. If you read his entire article about the 72 Virgins you'll come to appreciate there are scads of great writers in our land; people who are folksy, witty and darn right clever in their usage of words. Why, just last week I found one in North Carolina, a lady named Celia Rivenbark. She even emailed me back.
At any rate, read this humorous post by Mr. Hart.

"Interestingly, the Obama administration buried bin Laden at sea, which is the ultimate form of waterboarding. The Left would probably say that putting a bag over bin Laden's head and lowering him into the water, yet he still ain't talking, proves waterboarding does not work".

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

100 Best Movie Insults

I happened to be surfing google and cama across the 100 best movie insults of all time. Thre's some fairly racy and crude language in the you tube so keep the children locked in the basement or attic.

Calling Barry Obama

The flooding of the Mississippi River from Memphis to New Orleans is far worse than anything experienced by Katrina. Where's the outcry from the media, from all the lib groups, from the black organizations who blamed GW. Where the heck is Obama? He's out politicking is my wager

How To Get Rich: Become A Lifeguard

Thirteen lifeguards from Newport Beach, California have a pretty nice gig. Including compensation their salaries are $120,000 year----each! Don't believe me? Read about it here. There retirement package, beginning at age 50, is spectacular. I don't think Pamela Anderson was paid this much.

Michelle O Invites Cop Killer Lyricist To White House

Mrs. Obama has invited a Chicago rapper and "poet" to the White House as a celebration of brilliance and appreciation of American culture. The rapper, known as 'common' has written songs about killing policemen and George W. Bush.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

21 Gun Salute For The American Left

Now that the Left in America is the party of soldiers, war and killing any and all things bad-------------Oh Hell, they're the same old piece of crap they've always been. Anyway, I came across this really neat article giving quotes about America from the Left. See how many you can remember?

More Obama Lies On Immigration Reform

According to Richard M. Stana, director of homeland security and justice issues at the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the federal government can actually prevent or stop illegal entries into the United States along only 129 miles of the 1,954-mile-long U.S.-Mexico border.

That leaves 1,825 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border where the Border Patrol cannot prevent or stop an illegal entry.

Even his own people won't lie for him. Read about it.

What Took So Long?

NEW ORLEANS — A federal judge has given the Obama administration 30 days to act on six permits for deep water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Read the story.

Bring Debt Under Control: This Is A Good Plan

'The Heritage Foundation has developed a formula that could balance the budget in 10 years, reduce the debt to 30 percent of gross domestic product within 25 years, cut the size of the federal government in half by 2036, reform the tax code and restructure Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, while protecting the most vulnerable and not increasing taxes.

Higher income people would be required to tighten their belts a bit but, in the long run, it's going to be worth it for my children and grandchildren. Those against it are the entitlement folks who will complain about less catsup on a MacDonalds hamburger.

"Allahu Akbar"

If there's one aspect of all the terrorism going on in the world we've become accustomed to certain words or phrases not before understood. By now you may have heard about Rageit Almurisi. He had a passport from Yemen and was on an airplane from Chicago headed to San Francisco. For whatever reason, ten minutes from the "City by the Bay" airport he walked down the aisle and started pounding on the cockpit door yelling "Allahu Akbar". Or, "God is Great". According to the article here there was an Arabic translator on the plane telling passengers what he was saying. By now, that phrase is more than understandable. It's the equivalent of F-U. I think that's a universal phrase. At least it was for me when I got into a tiff in '69 with that guy in Marseilles, France.
So, in today's climate, when a guy starts screaming "A-A" is he certifiable or do we
immediately leave our seats and beat the ever lovin' s**t out of him? I thought so.

Jerome Corsi: "Birth Certificate A Fraud"

Jerome Corsi writes books. Corsi writes books that that are conservative in scope. He has a soon to be book out exposing Obama on all kinds of fronts for being everything from an alien to a real life zoo animal. It's going to make for interesting reading. A number of years ago when it was announced Corsi was coming out with an expose' of some type I'd get all excited but it'd turn out to be nothing. He is featured in World Net Daily. That's like Daily Kos except on the other side.
He's supposedly hired a dective to do some leg work in Hawaii and this gumshoe says the birth certificate is a phony. If interested read the account.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Housing Values In The Dumps

Quickly, what's your biggest investment? No, silly, it's not lottery tickets. It's your home. Well, if you're planning on selling soon fuhgetaboutit! Housing prices fell 3% during the first quarter and declined for the 57th month in a row. BO wants to give Fannie Mae another $8 billion to piss down the toilet. Wait! I'm wrong. It's the other way around. There's no difference, though. They're one in the same----worthless. Read the article.

Chaz And Cher In Person

When was it, the early 70's, when the Sonny and Cher television show was so clever and funny? Of course, Sonny was always the butt of Cher's sassy jokes, much the same way George Burns played the foil with Gracie. At the end of every show they brought out their cute little Chastity Bono. Oh how Sonny fawned over her. As you may or may not know cute Chastity is now a bulked up Chaz Bono. It all started with Christine Jorgensen back in the 50's. Who knew then we'd have so many identity problems.
Hmmm. Know what? Michelle Josephine Hawkeye just doesn't work for me.

Running! Why Would Anyone Want To

My youngest ran the Columbus, Ohio half marathon last Saturday. On his last birthday in February he was a little bummed out that he had turned 35. The first thing he told me was, "do you now I'm now considered middle age"? Add to this the diminutive 5'8" dynamo had gotten a little chunky. He made up his mind to prove he still had some fuel in the engine. So, he started running, and running and ran some more. He lost thirty pounds in 14 weeks and decided to put it to use. I think it'd be like me going to the driving range each day but never playing 18 holes. I was very proud of his effort. Lizzie and I were on the curb at mile marker ten and here he came, a big smile on his face and sprinting right on by. I think his total time was 1:56:30.
Prior to his running by I was starting to get tired watching some of the 12,000 participants so I leaned up against our car. Then, I got in the car to sit. I thought I'd wave as he went by but sitting in a car watching runners seemed, well, unseemly, so I got out just in time. He thought I been standing on that curb all that time. Except for two coffees, a couple of bagels, taking care of my grandddaughter and resting, I was.
It takes courage to run 13 miles. Wanna know who I admired most? There was a lady, she had to go well over 220, who was running. I mean, she was picking 'em up and laying 'em down. I gave her the Oprah as she went by, "You go, girl".
There were fifty or so US soldiers in the 'parade'. They were walking in uniform with 50 lb. packs on their backs. They received a big cheer all along the way I bet.
Not to be outdone by my son and to show my respect for him I drove 13 miles last Saturday.
Oh, the winner! He did the race in an hour or thereabouts. This might surprise you. He was from Kenya.

I Hope His Diapers Had More Than A Bomb


The dreaded virus struck down MJ Hawkeye the way Grant took Richmond---very fast. I wonder about those things because I don't have a clue anyway. This is what I've learned about computers and computer 'things' in the last two years: link, gigabytes, thread, download, etc. Whenever anybody says a computer word I sort of chuckle and and the same time say, "yeah, you got that right". I works like a charm. At any rate, I'm up and running waiting for good stuff to happen.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Another Movie Review

Two movie reviews in a row. Our neighbor friends and fellow Friday afternoon movie goers met up after their work day this Friday past. It was their choice. I think the Dobber, my buddy, had had a tough week so he picked the latest 'chick flick" called 'Something Borrowed". The skinny on the film is this if you don't want to read the review: SAVE YOUR MONEY! The lead character, Rachel played by Ginnifer Goodwin is best friends with Kate Hudson; can't remember her movie name, maybe it's Darcy Rhodes. Hudson is a ditsy blond who seemingly plays her real life self. In the movie the two have been best friends since forever. Rachel is serious about life, a lawyer and a push-over for Darcy. All through college and law school Rachel has been in love with a guy named Dexter. He is pretty cool at the beginning of the movie but he turns out to be a real wuss. 'Dex' falls for Darcy and gets engaged. After one night of drinking Dex and Rach tell each other they've had a crush on each other for years. It was at this point we should have removed ourselves from the theater; after thirty minutes. The only reason I enjoyed the film was looking at Ginnifer Goodwin. She is adorable. She reminds me of Lizzie when she was thirty; gave me that feeling in my stomach when we first fall in love.
Goodwin is from Memphis. She's also a vegan. I can live with that. Also, she started something called, "National Turkey Day". I think she wants to save turkey's around Thanksgiving. Other than that I've got a crush on her. You may remember her from the film, "Walk The Line" about Johnny Cash. She played his first wife. her first name, Ginnifer, is so southern. Her real name is 'Gennifer' but in the south people talk different. It's spelled the way folks in Memphis say it.
So, something borrowed goes into the category of stinko. I would like to see Ms. Goodwin do something with more depth in order to find out if she's just another pretty face. Which, by the way, is still okay with me.

A Movie Review

Two weeks ago Lizzie an I went to our Friday afternoon getaway to the movies. Choices were difficult since there are so many lousy ones showing. We get to the movie early so we can see the previews. Question. I wonder why there are so many sci-fi pictures being made today. It seems like every trailer is one of those and the upcoming destruction of the earth.
If you want to see a great film check out, "Win-Win" with Paul Giamatti. He plays a lawyer who is having financial problems supporting his family. He also is a high school wrestling coach. His team is like his checking account; nearly non-existent. Anyway, a "wunderkind" wrestler moves to his school but in the ensuing story he has a moral decision to make. I would understand if we've all been in the same position as the character Giamatti plays sometime in our lives.
You might be interested in knowing this kid wrestler was actually a state champion in New Jersey, had never acted before and on a whim went to the casting call. Obviously, he got the part or I wouldn't be writing about him. The kid played the part perfectly; your normal screwed up teen-ager who has been the victim of selfish parenting.
Go see the film before it disappears. Giametti is excellent in all that he does. You may have seen him in the HBO production, John Adams. Actually, one of his first films was done in 2004 called "Sideways" with Thomas Haden Church. It takes place in California wine country. It's lucky that it does since it's about wine. See it, too.

Herman Cain's Big Problem

Herman Cain, Former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, conservative radio talk show host, TEA Party supporter and consensus winner of the South Carolina presidential debate has one huge problem with the electorate from my point of view. He has never been that which makes the demmocrat party drool; a community activist.

IowaHawk On Osama Bin Laden

Give yourself a treat and read Iowahawk's entire entry into the mind.

"As much as I am now embarrassed to admit it, if you had asked me 48 hours ago whether Osama Bin Laden would ever be brought to justice I would have probably answered "no." Like many Americans I had all but abandoned hope that we would ever capture or kill the 9/11 mastermind, and had resigned myself to the idea he would die an old man thumbing his nose at us from some comfortable cave in Waziristan. Well, I can happily report that I completely underestimated the skill, courage, and perseverence of America's military. And, almost as happily, I can report that I also completely underestimated the capacity of America's erstwhile "peace community" for turning on a dime and embracing the kind of all-American xenophobic flag-waving bloodlust they only recently decried. So today I stand proudly with my new friends of the formerly antiwar left in a mindlessly jingoistic salute to President Obama for an extralegal military assassination well done".

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Reputation Is Forever

A poll was taken of the American people on who should succeed Hugh Hefner as the head of the Playboy empire. Any guesses?

Big Brother Gas Tax

Did you know within the next two months the government is going to float a bill to add a tax on your gas mileage? There would be an electronic device attached to your car to let Big Brother know how many miles one drives and where and when they go.
Only a thought here but those who use their vehicles in a line of work would be hurt the most. As a former on the road salesman I drove anywhere from 60,000 to 70,000 miles a year trying to be productive. There were twenty-three other salesmen in our firm. Now, try and compute the rest of business in the USA that utilizes this type of action. It's a mortal sin to come up with this tax. May the proposers rot like a dead opossum in the middle of the road.

Fuzzy Math

The question is: how can unemployment rise to 9.0%(probably closer to 17%) when the government says we've added 244,000 jobs last month. I'm not savvy enough to figure this out. Someone else will have to do it for me.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Keep On Truckin' Revisited

Obama: "No Need To Drill"

From the Hill website:

President Obama called for the elimination of billions of dollars in oil industry tax breaks Friday, while stressing that the United States can’t drill its way out of high gas prices.

“We can’t just drill our way out of the problem,” Obama said during an energy policy speech in Indiana Friday. “If we’re serious about addressing our energy problems, we’re going to have to do more than drill.”

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Enough With The Political Stuff

Today was a very beautiful day; the first one we've seen since Calvin Coolidge started kindergarten. Lately, it's all politics and I'm sick of it. I'm never going to write about politicians, bin Laden, Obama, Pelosi, whomever---forever! Or, until tomorrow, whichever comes first
It did not rain today. I repeat: it is going to rain tomorrow. See, I'm programmed to expect the worst.
Actually, I want to be as positive as I can because The Rapture is to occur on May 21of this month so all of us have very few days to do whatever makes us happy. One of my wildest fancies is to visit Breuster's Ice Cream store one more time. It's the very best. My daughter introduced it to me when she visited us in Destin, Florida. Wanna know how good it is? It's $10.85 a pint good.
I met a very nice man, a doctor, today. We golfed and we had a wonderful outing. Doctor's are fun. I can throw a word at them to make them laugh whereas a civilian would say, "huh"? For instance, If I mentioned to my doctor buddy about the cruise Lizzie and I took on the Islands of Langerhans he'd laugh. It's like a plumber talking plumbing stuff to an operatic singer.

Barry Changes Mind @ WTC: Wears American Flag Pin

Good ol' President Obama made a promise two years ago while in Iowa regarding the Amercian flag lapel pin. He told the people it's what in one's heart that counts not what's on their lapel. Okay, it's not that big a deal if people wear one or not. I don't. It's not because I don't love my country but because I don't own one. Usually we see politicians sporting the flags. I guess it's a standard for their undying patriotism plus it helps them stay in office where they can continue to screw the electorate.
Getting back to Barack, for the first time in two years he wore the pin during today's ceremony in NYC. What a putz! Is he now telling us he wasn't a patriot or did one of his staff members convince him the election of 2012 is already underway.?

"Thank You, Mr. Bush"

From the American Thinker a 'thank you' for a man who cared not for the limelight, who took the arrows without excuses, who was vilified by this president mercilessly and who kept his integrity intact.

Lib Radio Host: "Seals Should Take Out Bush"

Mike Malloy is off the wall crazy. Even so, he has his own hate filled radio show. It's stange how I've never heard "lefties" being referred to as hated filled. I have the audio here if you are interested. Personally, I wouldn't waste the time.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Hey Joe, Clam Up For Once"

The rule is we don't out our own guys when they perform a military action. Somebody should have told blabbermouth. I don't know if it's true; can't verify it but does he drink a lot?

5 WH Goof-Ups

Fro Time magazine, no less, and writer Mark Halperin a story about five things the White House messed up on after the Osama take down

Obama Blinked, Hesitated, Refused To Act

It's all over the Internet: Obama couldn't pull the trigger so it was left up to newly named CIA Diector, Leon Panetta and the military to make the decision to bring down Osama. People will scoff at this assumption but check out his track record from the time he was in the Illinois senate up to today.

The White House: The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight

Ever day, in every way our White House changes it's story about events that transpired in Abottabad. Questions that lead to other questions. It's a nice article. Read it.

"In Muslim world, many doubters say bin Laden still lives"

"Taliban: U.S. 'has shown no proof' of bin Laden's death..."

"Doubters abound"

"Explosion of conspiracy theories"

"Experts question strength of DNA evidence"

"Can US offer final proof of Osama's death?"

"Story changes: Osama didn't have gun, didn't use wife as shield"

"Wife not killed, shot in leg..."

"Flustered Carney: ‘Even I'm getting confused'..."

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nancy P & Joe B: Then And Now

From Powerline.com:

Nancy Pelosi, press conference, September 7, 2006:

[E]ven if [Osama bin Laden] is caught tomorrow, it is five years too late. He has done more damage the longer he has been out there. But, in fact, the damage that he has done ... is done. And even to capture him now I don't think makes us any safer.

Nancy Pelosi, earlier today:

The death of Osama bin Laden marks the most significant development in our fight against al-Qaida. ... I salute President Obama, his national security team, Director Panetta, our men and women in the intelligence community and military, and other nations who supported this effort for their leadership in achieving this major accomplishment. ... [T]he death of Osama bin Laden is historic....

Bob Schieffer and Joe Biden interview: See it now

Schieffer: “Can you, Mr. Vice President, ever envision a time when water-boarding should be used on anyone?”

Biden: “No. No. It’s not effective.”

Schieffer: “It’s not effective?”

Biden: “Correct, it’s not effective.”

Bin Laden Compound?

Is it me or did bin Laden and David Koresh have the same architects?

It's All About Politics

From The American Glob:

Obama To Visit Ground Zero Thursday After Blowing Off 9/11 Memorial Services There in 2009 And 2010
No coincidences here….

September 11, 2009 – Obama Skips Ground Zero Memorial, Sends Joe Biden

September 11, 2010 – Obama Skips Ground Zero Memorial, Sends Joe Biden

May 5, 2011 – Obama to visit Ground Zero

So three days after announcing the death of Bin Laden, Obama is suddenly keen to visit Ground Zero.

Pity he couldn’t make it on September 11th last year. Or the year before that.

On Being Bin Laden

It must have been a difficult job being bin Laden. First off, his family in Saudi Arabia had disowned him. He had numerous wives. For those of us in that predicament we know that one is like a handful. The kids! I shouldn't even bring up the kids. What'd he have, twenty-thirty?
At any rate, he was living about 100 yards from a military complex. That's called safety in numbers. What are the chances some of those guys were body guards. Maybe 10,000%!
He didn't have a telephone or, Allah forbid, cable access to the internet. If we took away the five times a day he banged his head on a prayer rug what did he do for yucks? I saw an educational film years ago about Bedouins in Saudi Arabia. They played a game of dice using dried up camel dung as the main component. Maybe that's what he did.
Now, think about this. Let's say he needed some quick cash. How'd he get it? Did he carry a wallet? Did he have a debit card from the Karachi Savings&Loan? Would he walk up to the automatic teller or give his pin number to a friend?
Surely he couldn't saunter down the street to the calls of "Osama, my man"!. At 6'4" he'd be a dead giveaway.
I'd like to know where he kept his cash; off shore accounts in the Caribbean, Switzerland, Monte Carlo: all of them? Better yet, who gets the millions now?
Did you know there was a $25 million dollar reward on the head of Osama(I almost wrote 'Obama'). It can't go to a Navy Seal. I hope that fraternity of heroes dummies up forever. That'd be one huge 'Jihadist Fatwah' on this group.
Anyway, fame has it's drawbacks. Even Obama mentioned how he'd like to be anonymous at times(yeah, right!). When push comes to shove, Osama bin Laden is better off now; seventy-two virgins and all that jazz. Oh, the rule for guys like Osama; these virgins are on an eternal menstrual cycle. Doesn't God have a great sense of humor?

"Make Up You Mind"!!!

I hate when this happens! the White House is now backing away from it's original story that bin Laden had a gun and used a wife as a human shield. Why don't they shut up until they can coordinate on the one and only story? It makes one think there might be another shoe to drop. Politico has this story.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I Trumped Glen Beck

Lizzie was watching the communist network, NBC, when I came downstairs this morning so I scooted on into the kitchen to brew a cup. As I passed by the "man cave" there was a video clip of college students celebrating Usama's demise. I mean, it could have been the aftermath of the Bowl Championship Series football game or UConn celebrating their NCAA basketball victory. Kids were screaming, "USA-USA". American flags were draped over their shoulders and they were going absolutely crazy with joy.
It struck me as strange that this same age group are the ones who hate the military, ban them from college campuses and could care less if the soldiers receive their monthly pay if there's a government shut-down. I've included a clip from Illinois State University to illustrate my point fully realizing it isn't Harvard, Columbia or the Univ. of Wisconsin.
Glen Beck was talking about the same thing this afternoon. It should give us pause.
Then again, college students are always looking for an excuse to drink beer. I once received a D- in biology and owed it to myself to throw a kegger for the fraternity.
If that's the case, let's go find Al-Zawahiri.


As many of my faithful know Lizzie is an important part of my everyday life. I rely on her maturity and common sense to get me through turbulent times. I've long recognized the comfort of being surrounded by a good woman; a woman who can cook and take care of the home as well as raise children. She's also a most wonderful grandmother of eight.
I've received many requests from my readers to see what she looks like so here she is. Enjoy!

Thank God For GWB And Gitmo

"The hunt began to narrow several years ago when interrogations of Guantanamo Bay detainees produced the nicknames of a pair of highly trusted couriers, used by the captured 9/11 architect Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Bin Laden, who had learned his electronic communications could be monitored by the U.S."
From the LA Times

Do you get the drift of this? Can I assume the President of the US will say all along he wanted to shut down Gitmo?


There surely were a lot of "I" and "at my direction' in a certain person's speech last evening. What said person did was sign a directive telling the Navy Seals to "Kick some ass".
Far be it from me to criticize but said leader's predecessor stepped back when the situation called for it. "Oh", you may say, "what about the 'Mission Accompished' sign? Well, I believe the ships commander took responsibility for that.
It's going to be fascinating the next few days watching humility or lack thereof in action.
“I directed Leon Pannetta, the director of the CIA, to make the killing or capture of bin Laden the top priority”

“I was briefed on a possible lead to bin Laden”

“I met repeatedly with my national security team as we developed more information about the possibility that we had located bin Laden”

“I determined that we had enough intelligence to take action and authorized an operation to get Usama bin Laden and bring him to justice”

“Today, at my direction, the United States launched a targeted operation against that compound in Abbottabad Pakistan”

“I have made clear, just as President Bush did shortly after 9/11, that our war is not against Islam; bin Laden was not a Muslim leader”

A Flashback In The Funeral Home

While writing the Osama bin Laden post I had a flashback. It had to do with the word 'cigarette'. Isn't that strange how one word can lead to a memory. Anyway, I just finished emailing one of my grade school friends to find out if he recalls the event. I think we were around twelve. That was a trouble year for me and a lot of my friends. Testosterone was kicking in, our body parts were changing and we thought we were on the verge of controlling Boone, Iowa.
If memory serves there was a "hoodlum" or "hood" killed in a car crash. He was one of those guys who feasted on kids like us; you know, smart mouths. Every time he saw us we'd get harassed and run for a safe haven to escape the bully.
A couple of us decided to visit the funeral home; not to pay our respects but to make sure the bad guy was a 'goner', never to bother us again. We made certain we visited home at non-peak hours, around 2 pm. Lord knows we didn't want to see a relative, or, another more dangerous "hood". Anyway, one of the guys decided the best way to get back at said hoodlum was to leave a calling card; something no one would forget. I can't remember but I might have been that guy. Who knows. Who cares.
Anyway, a cigarette was found, lit and placed between said cadaver's fingers. Then, we skedaddled pronto.
I guess the question(s) is: "Did we do wrong"? "Was it not nice"? Or, did we leave a legacy for the loser that will live with his descendants for the ages?