Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Grandpa's Tools

I've been thinking more than a lot about my paternal grandfather the past three weeks.His friends called him Joe and he signed professional papers as J.A. much the same as his grandson does with MJ. Gramps died in 1975 just shy of his eighty-eighth birthday and he left behind many carpentry tools from the early 20th century. He was a very talented gardener, grew vegetables and flowers. He was also, as a young man, very good with tools. Gramps didn't talk about his early life but he did help build Boone, Iowa high school with those tools. To me it was always significant that after he had completed this job he never set foot in that school. He didn't attend any of my bsketball games or came to my graduation commmencement. I can only surmise but I think it had to do with World War I. Boone was a small community of 12,000 and he, being a strong Catholic and German, felt intimidated when the KKK marched into town to harrass people of his 'kind'. In order to protect himself and his wife he dropped the umlauts(two dots) above a O vowel in our German name. This effectively changed the pronunciation from a long A to a long O. Too bad! I like that pronunciation. My relatives in Milwaukee still use the original-.
Last month I came across grandfather's tools in our storeroom lake basement. I've kept 6' saws, smoothing planes that range from 6" to three feet in length. There are scads of thingamabobs and whatchamajiggers. As you've guess, a carpenter I am not.
At any rate, I've hung onto these possessions out of respect and to retain his memory for thirty-seven years. Now that I think about it I did a number of things to remind me of my grandfather. He always carred a pocket watch on a chain. For the longest time so did I. He always wore a newsboy Big Apple cap. I have six of them. It makes me look jaunty or so I think. Whenever I go back home I always sit in his church pew. Grandpa went to Mass every day, seven days a week as long as I knew him. No one EVER sat in his pew.
What to do with Grandpa's tools? I decided to contact the Boone County Iowa Historical Society to see if they had an interest. A man enthusiastically agreed to give them a home so next week I'm going to drop them off. After all these years Grandpa's tools will find a permanent home. They will be cleaned of rust spots and properly lubricated, too. Just the way he did each and every day.
I could tell many stories about my grandfather. He was stern but kind. I never heard him say a bad word about anyone. He was a railroad union man and a democrat. In those days that wasn't all that bad so I'll forgive him on that.
The point about my grandfather is he was a hard working simple man. He always said about working: "All I want is an honest wage for an honest days work".
My granddad was a great man.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hang In There

In trying to get the cobwwebs out of what brain matter I have left there isn't a lot going on in Minnesota. In a week I'll be back in Ohio, purchase a new computer and, hopefully, be able to imnpart some wisdom.
I call it having a "lazy brain" in the northwoods. E.g. Lizzie will ask me to drive the five miles into Hackensack to get some milk. On the way I'll stop at Swanson's Bait Shop and look at fishing lures. Then I'll drive back to the cabin and Lizzie will say, "Where's the milk"? Dang! So back into town I drive and get the milk, then return to the cabin. While I was going to purchase milk I was going to buy some stamps. Silly me! This is why old people make out lists.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Lord Giveth And The Lord Taketh Away

Recall a few weeks ago when I mentioned the ice cream shop in Hackensack closing for the day around 6 pm. For business purposes I thought prime time for gorging might be between 6 and 10. I know it is for me. Well, Land o' Goshen the ice cream shop is closing down. What a surprise!
But-----a new business has started and the entire community is excited. It's a bakery and they specialize in bagels. Bagels are good, especially the cinnamon raisin kind. The proprietor's must have gone to the School Of Bagel since I've neever heard of this type. What you do, and this is the simple part: take a hamburger bun and put a donut hole in the middle. Cut the bun in half and toast it. This is what people in the northwoods call a bagel. Gosh, I can hardly wait to get outta here. Only eight more days.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Cure For Depression And Anxiety

I think I've started figuring out why there's so much depression and anxiety in the world or more so in the United States. The closest city to Ten Mile Lake is Pequot Lakes and it's located thirty miles south of us. By 'city' I mean a population of around 4,000. You can't miss Pequot. It has a water tower looks like a fish bobber. It's painted half red and half white and sets on Hwy. 371, the main drag running through town.
Our town, Hackensack, we call it 'Hack' is in the sticks. We have one TV channel, CBS. This means we don't watch it too often since they carry 'Big Brother' and other type reality shows. In addition, we do not have computers(see previous blog), newspapers. We do receive one AM radio station but there's too much of 'nothing to do' at the lake to turn it on. i.e. I haven't listened to Rush since I got here July 31. Is Khadafy still in power? Will Obama be taking a vacation this year? Is Obama still the president? Has the NFL and college football started yet? Don't know---don't care! Without the problems of the world surrounding me my mind has cleared and, like a bad dream from my childhood long forgotten, I'm focusing on other things; cutting shrubbery, mowing the lawn, napping. Is there anything better than an afternoon nap listening to the waves crashing against shoreline rocks? The answer is an emphatic NO!
Lizzie could stay here until snow falls. She loves watching the leaves change colors which they are. So why am I so eager to get back to Dublin, Ohio? Easy answer here. I'm a city boy. And that's the truth.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

From The Mouths Of Babes

There was a death in my daughter in laws family last week. Her uncle, a very young fifty-one passed away after a long illness. Being the good-- no wait-- great mother that she is she wanted a special way to tell our four year old granddaughter about her great-uncle's passing. The conversation went like so: "Vieve, Uncle Tom was very sick and died and is now in heaven with God". Well, my sweet 'Pumpkin' peppered her with a slew of 'why's'. "Because he was sick God didn't want him to suffer anymore but someday we'll all see him again and we'll all be happy". The next question was about his wife. "What about Aunt Carrie"? "Did she go to heaven to be with God"? My daughtin law explained that, "No, Aunt Carrie wasn't ready to go to heaven and she needs to stay here with us so we can take care of her".
What comes next is so innocent and four-year-old. "And what about their swing set? Did it go to heaven, too"?

Back In The Saddle-Sort of

Thank goodness for Ben Franklin and the public library. Kudos, too, to Andrew Carnegie for funding them. It's that time of year at the lake when I prepare for winter. When the leaves begin to change, and they are, you know what's directly around the corner. It's texture can range from wet to hard driven and it's white.
Want to know how to go from a positive to negative attitude in a heart beat? Four days ago I looked at my gas tank. It was full. There's something about having a full load of petro. You just feel good. It's like when you have a full wallet. You think it'll go on forever. Then you spend frivolously and before you realize you're living on bird seed. I think that's the way our government works when they have extra tax cash. Well, today I glanced at the guage and it read, E. "Crap", I thought.
I caught a largemouth bass yesterday. It was three and a half pounds in weight. That's fairly large for Minnesota. I was dragging a plastic frog over lily pads when it hit. KABOOM! The first thing I saw was the splash then it dove for the bottom of the weeds. I knew right away he was mine. This magical occurrence took place on my second cas

Saturday, August 20, 2011


A person known to many, 6'1", 200 lbs. stepped on my computer and cracked the screen. Therefore, unless MJH can find another computer for his wit and wisdom the daily updates will cease until mid-September. I appreciate your patience.
It wasn't this person's fault. Old age caused it. He(she) got up off the couch, lost his(her) balance and fell on the screen. He is trying to do his best to keep the economy flowing and, I believe, is succeeding.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Pelosi’s Net Worth Skyrockets More Than $13 Million In One Year…

How in the name of Peter Pan can a person making $176,000 a year increase their net worth by $13 million in one year?
It could be, however, I've solved the poverty problem in America. Every two years a different 435 people are elected to congress. Of course, we begin with the oldest first. Two years later the losers from the previous year get to run again against another 435. This goes on and on until everyone over the age of 25 gets rich. In addition we'd all get free health insurance until we check out and the pension; Well, Ooh-la-la!
I'm not putting the onus on Pelosi,either. Boehner and a lot of his cronies sucked up at the government trough. As I see it this rotating merry-go-round would be a 'shared sacrifice and we all benefit. If you wish to read the article about these scumbags go ahead and give it a looksee.

Another "Thank You" From MJH

Readers: It seems I'm on a roll. Just 33 days ago I thanked you for bumping over 25,000 hits on this site. Well, by the time I finish my morning shower the unimaginable will have occurred. 30,000 is a grand number and if my match is correct that's 5,000 in a tad bit over a month.
I'm sure the advertisers will be contacting MJH quickly. How could they not. After all, who else knows more about golf, fishing, grandkids and other nonsense?

Dedication: "The Council Bluffs Cowboy"

There's a purpose for the attached photo. The 'Council Bluffs Cowboy' emailed and didn't appreciate the fact that when he opened my blog site this morning the first thing to hit his pupils was a photo of the rather large and overweight?? lady. I have decided it would be not very professional to delete such a newsworthy item. "Why not add a picture of someone who might be at the other end of the spectrum" I said to no one in particular. Some men prefer chucky women and some men don't. The choice is yours.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Her Goal In Life: Be The World's Heaviest

It takes all kinds. This single mother of two inhales 4,900 calories a day and her goal(s): get up to 20,000 calories and pork in at 1,600 lbs. If you read the article and I know you will amazement will overtake you when you find out a trip to the grocery store takes up to six carts. You can also see her daily menus.
Naturally, my thought was, where does she get the money? That took a nanosecond.
Food stamps had to fit in the picture. It does take all kinds, doesn't it?

A Secret Plan For The Economy

News agencies are all a buzz about the administrations announcement of a MAJOR SPEECH by the President after his vacation. It's going to be in September. How appropo that it's going to take place around Labor Day. According to the New York Times Obama will speak to the peons--sorry, people, about a secret plan for the economy. My guess would be to raise taxes and reduce spending. How novel.
This secret plan business harkens me back to the movie, 'Animal House' when Dean Wormer put Delta House on 'double secret probation. Yes, I still quizzically wonder about that one, too.

Obama MPG Regs Can Cause Vehicle Cost Increases of Over $11,000

MJ isn't smart enough to come up with these numbers. You do the work. Read here about cars and cost then decide for yourself.

Obama Goes After Hispanic Vote: Cancels Deportations

Flash! Flash! Flash! Just in on the wires. Obama has decided to forego the deportation of illegals. It has been met, not surprisingly, with joy and happiness from Hispanic voters.

Warren Buffett's Tax Dodge

If you care at all check out the reasons Warren Buffett can talk about 'the people' paying our fair share when it comes to paying taxes. The guy's doing legal things that should be made illegal.

Boredom: How Can It Be?

It's true. MJ is not a woodsy, lakey, relaxy(is that a word?) person. I'm ready to go back to Ohio and I've three more weeks to survive in the wilderness.What Iwouldn't give for a Chick Filet.
I left the cabin yesterday at 4 PM and told Lizzie if I wasn't back in an hour to keep the skillet hot cuz there'll beboay load fish to put in it. Three hours later I returned with an empty net. One of the things I like to do is take a rubber frog and drag it over the lily pads in search of the elusive lunker bass. I caught two smaller ones on worms in only two hours. A miracle! Then I headed to the pads. The first thing I did was cast my 'never fail' surface locust'. It's my favorite lure---ever. Anyway, I caught a dock. Yes, it's true. I snagged some guys dock. After twenty minutes of maneuvering the boat I finally secured Mr. Locust from underneath the dock footings. This reminded me of other things I've lost fishing. A few years ago while at Swanson's Bait Shop I saw a $20 pair of long nosed hook removers I just had to have. It was sort of silly buying them since the only fish to catch on this lake are sun fish and I can remove those hooks with a fingernail clipper. As soon as I got home I jumped in the boat and powered my way to a weed bed. For some reason I opened the live well(it was virgin) but failed to notice my new long neck pliers on it's top.I opened the lid and Plop! In the lake they went. I've lost rods and reels in a lake, numerous lures. I've lost boat anchors. Once, my son and I were fishing and actually had a fish basket full. This was twenty years ago and on Ten Mile Lake. I caught a fish, threw it in the basket and dropped it in the lake. Too bad for me and the frying pan I forgot to tie the basket to the boat. Every time I pass that spot on the lake where the basket dropped to the bottom I say a small fish prayer.
Fifteen years ago my good buddy, Craig, decided he'd come to the lake to catch some walleye. At the time and maybe it's that way today, Craig had as much fish knowledge as I have the ability to create DNA in a tube. In anticipation of the event Craig visited a fish store and left with all kinds of apparel: clothes, lures, rods and reels. There's nothing like practice and not wanting to appear ignorant my pal went to a local fishing hole to practice his casting skills. He put his line on what the salesman called a "walleye cheater". The description of it went like this: five different colors of plastic three inches long with small, spiral springs sticking up a quarter of an inch from its body. At the end were things that were supposed to look like fish eyes. Think of a small slinky and you've got it. On his first cast my buddy let his finger off the fish bale and threw his arm backward getting ready to release the killer lure. The problem was he casted backward and-------------caught a Greyhound bus as it was motoring on a highway directly behind him. Craig not only lost his "walleye cheater" but all of his fish line. Of course, we laughed; always have, always will.
I'm not the only one who does silly things. One of these times when I'm really bored I'll tell you how I fell in the lake. Hilarious!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Generation:

Come to think of it maybe "Tune in, turn on and drop out" wasn't all it was cracked up to be.
iOwnTheWorld, thanksfor the pic.

It's Been Verified

Yes, the buses, both of them, came out of Quebec, as in Canada. They are equipped to meet the needs of rock stars and total $1.1 million----each. The article from the NY Post didn't mention MPG but would 2 be stretching it? I really shouldn't complain. Afterall it is a 'listening tour'.
Romney has called this the "Magical Misery Tour" but my buddy in Council Bluffs, Iowa said he'd heard it called, "Rolling Blunder". We should have a contest.
Send in you own special name for this piece of stupidity(audacity). Remember when Clinton and Gore took the bus to D.C. right before the inauguration in '93. When they'd go through farm country they'd wear wool plaid shirts to relate to the common folk.
Obama, he wears light blue dress shirts with the sleeves rolled up. That must be code for, "I'm ready to go to work".

Made In Canada?

It's not verifiable as of now but is it possible this multi-million dollar, campaign trailing, gas guzzling behemoth was made in Canada?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Was Wrong

My apology. It wasn't women the MSM would go after in pictures of this nature. It's Republican men and women.

Why Warren Buffett Is Being Silly On Taxes

Warren Buffett thinks millionaires and billionaires should pay more in taxes. He also thinks those making between 200 and 250 large should pay more, too. Since he's worth over $80 billion that's easy for him to say. Read why he's wrong here.

Quoting My High School Coach

One thought ran through my mind when I read the recent quote from Obama about the challenges facing this country and why things haven't gone his way. First, read what he said:

"We had reversed the recession, avoided a depression, gotten the economy moving again," Obama told a crowd in Decorah, Iowa. "But over the last six months we've had a run of bad luck." Obama listed three events overseas -- the Arab Spring uprisings, the tsunami in Japan, and the European debt crises -- which set the economy back.
"All those things have been headwinds for our economy," Obama said. "Now, those are things that we can't completely control. The question is, how do we manage these challenging times and do the right things when it comes to those things that we can control?"

At Boone High School I had a teacher/coach named Laurence Paar. He was tough. I respected him but I'll be honest when I say I feared him, too. He told me one thing that has stuck with me these forty-seven years and it applies to the Obama quote. "MJ", he'd say, "excuses only satisfy the ones who give them" R.I.P. Coach Paar.

3 Members Of Muslim Brotherhood In The White House

There are three members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House. Does this scare you? It should! Read the entire article here
One is Rashad Hussain of Indian origin who is the American Ambassador to the 52 nation organization of Islamic countries.

➥ Dalia Mogahed who writes his speech who comes from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

➥ Just day before yesterday, another woman, an academic, was appointed in that circle. [Readers, I believe this is Azizah al-Hibri, but she was appointed in June 2011. I will clarify as soon as possible. In the meantime, Azizah al-Hibri is an Obama appointee and has participated in a seminar sponsored by the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), which the Muslim Brotherhood says is a "like minded" organization.]

This is happening while we sit silent and I say that as a Liberal Democrat, as someone who worked and campaigned for Barack Obama.

We have evidence in Canada of this penetration that’s going on.”

Tarek Fatah, a moderate Muslim advocate and Liberal Democrat Marxist, told an auditorium filled with thousands of Canadians at Ideacity that “the religion of Islam is being used as a tool by a fascist force.”

Obama Says He Has It Worse Than Abraham Lincoln: “They Used To Talk About Him Almost As Bad As They Talk About Me”…

"So I said to him, Barack, I know Abe Lincoln and you're no Lincoln"

Knowing a little about Abraham Lincoln----okay, obviously knowing a lot more about Lincoln than Obama the conclusion has to be one thing. Life, Obama's, is all about him. Lincoln was the most vilified President in American history. He was cartooned as a baboon, gorilla, hate monger, you name it. Unlike, Obama, Lincoln was assassinated. That's serious stuff. If you don't think so ask Mrs. Lincoln.

" Unbroken", A Book You Should Read

Did you read the book, "Seabiscuit", by Laura Hillenbrand? Wasn't it great? They made a movie based on the book and it, too, was well done.
Well, I think Ms. Hillenbrand has outdone herself. The book titled, "Unbroken" exceeded my wildest expectations. Lizzie read it seven months ago and raved.
It's the story of Louis Zamperini who was born in New York in 1917 to Italian immigrant parents. Because of some health issues Louis' parents were forced to seek a better climate for his breathing problems and settled in Torrance, California. As a youngster Louis was always in trouble with his parents, the neighbors and the police. This kid was trouble. If it wasn't for his older brother, Pete, the story would have ended. But Pete saw something in Louis and goaded his high school principal into letting Louis become a member of the track team. Without going into great detail Louis became the greatest high school track star in California history up to that time. By the time Pete was 19 he was attending the Univ. of Southern California on a track scholarship and became the youngest person to run in the Munich Olympic Games in 1936.
If you think this review is about complete you don't know MJ Hawkeye because it's not a sports story.
World War II begins and Louis is sent to the Pacific Theater. One day, in 1943, while searching for a downed aircraft over the ocean his plane goes down. Louis and two other survivors float around for some forty-seven days before being captured by the Japanese. That's when the real hell begins. How Zamperini and the other POW's held in the Japanese camps and those who survived is beyond belief. After returning from the War he went through his own inner turmoil; became a drunk and shiftless nothing even those he had a wife and daughter to support. This post war trauma lasted a couple of years. Then and epiphany took place. He dedicated his life to his wife and--dare I write it-----through the help of Billy Graham, to God.
Here's the deal. You should go to your library and get the book. If you appreciate things to put on your den shelves with hard covers purchase the book. Look at it this way. If you have guests over for dinner some evening and the conversation is worse than boring you'll have Louis Zamperini to talk about for hours.
It's going to be tough to make a movie centered around this story. I hope they don't try.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Josef Goebbels: I reversed recession until 'bad luck' hit

My error. This quote should be attributed to Barack Obama.

A Call For 'Days Of Rage'

by Bob Parks
It’s called the “US Day of rage” and their principles involve reminding participants that this is to be an exercise in “non violent resistance”. Chances are there will be some confusion here.

Gleeful about the raging riots that held England captive this week, the tweet has gone out to activists and ‘disaffected’ youth to “occupywallstreet#Sept17” today. Social Networks FaceBook and Twitter are abuzz with plans for coming anarchy on U.S. soil.


Told You So

Fitted Sheets In California Hotels Mandatory?

California is billions of dollars in debt and the legislature is facing a vote on over 900 bills before them. But, for Kevin De Leon, the main issue should be that hotels require fitted sheets. Why, it's a Seinfeld episode. George hated fitted sheets and he was staying in a California hotel.
Guessperts expect, if the law passes, it will cost the hotel industry an extra $15 million to cover the cost of sheets. De Leon, and this will surprise you, is a democrat. Here's another who's who. He also works for the National Education Association. That's two nuts in the same peanut shell.It's a bonanza of stupidity. I thought the requirement that circumcisions in San Fran being outlawed was over the top but this law, well, lets keep it under the sheets shall we?

Another PSA From MJH: The 'Book Rate'

Sometimes God presents us with small gifts. I knew something that Lizzie didn't. This is an out and out miracle. The best part is, I didn't gloat. My buddy recently turned 65 and I bought him a gift. It was a book about fishing. There was a box in the garage for this present and it was a perfect fit. I took it to the PO, asked the employee for the 'book rate' and went home. Lizzie asked what it cost and the figure I gave her was a lot less than what she thought. She didn't know about this special deal. You see, the 'book rate' is somewhere around 70% cheaper BUT you'll have to tell them. It's legal, of course. People just don't know. And it's not advertised. Have you ever seen a commercial or ad saying, "Don't forget to use the book rate"? I didn't think so.
One rule is you're not supposed to have any personal letters, envelopes or notes; only a book or magazine. You can get away with doing this, cheating, but you'll have to answer to your conscience on that one.
You can thank me by forwarding the money you saved on your first 'book rate' expense. After that, it's all yours to invest in the market.

Dress Code For Teachers? What Next, A Firing Squad

I'm going to go out on a limb in this post and suggest not many under the age of forty read this column so I won't have to worry about them saying, "he's out of it. It caught my attention because I taught in the Quad-Cities, Iowa for thirteen years. Granted, those years were in the parochial, not public high schools so that makes a difference.
I looked at these three 'professional' teachers and saw the smiling young man so proud of himself------with his shirt untucked. Excuse? Teachers make so few dollars he couldn't afford a belt and didn't want to embarrass himself in front of his students.
What made me laugh was the District crackdown on the past teacher dress code: No more t-shirts and flip-flops, among other things. You've got to be kidding me.
And we wonder why there is not respect in our schools for traditions and professionalism. I know, I know. Some of you will consider me an old fuddy-duddy for my views. But, I'm still proud of the fact that I wore a coat and tie every day to class in my twenty year career except a handful.
To this very day Lizzie will frequently comment on how how professional I looked as I took off for work.
The times they are always a changin'

Sunday, August 14, 2011

10 Signs That Economic Riots And Civil Unrest Will Happen In The US

If you've been watching what's going on in Europe with violence in the streets you might want to check out how it could happen in this country. Check it out.

It's Great To Be A Hawkeye(by birth)

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- Iowa is ranked 2nd in the nation for the number of residents who volunteer.

A new report estimated that 37.9 percent of Iowans volunteered between 2008 and 2010. Their volunteer efforts amounted to almost 93.4 million hours, time valued at almost $2 billion.

Utah again led the nation by maintaining its volunteering rate of 44.5 percent. Nationwide, the volunteer rate dipped to 26.3 percent from last year's 26.8 percent.

The Corporation for National and Community Service puts out the annual report using U.S. Census Bureau data.
Thanks: Storm Lake Pilot Tribune

Oh, Those Rascally, Rowdy Republicans

Ames, Iowa - It was quiet day for law enforcement agencies monitoring the Iowa straw poll on the campus of Iowa State University today.

The crowd of about 17,000 people at the Iowa Republican Party event might have endured some political arguments, but there were no fisticuffs and everybody looked pretty sober.

As of 5:30 p.m., with the vast majority of the crowd headed home, ISU police said there had been no major incidents, no arrests and no citations issued.
From the Des Moines Register

Saturday, August 13, 2011

If Bachmann Was A Man

If Michele Bachmann was a man do you think this picture would show up in the MSM?
And we thought the Newsweek cover was bad.

After Tonight I'm Finished

Ten Mile Lake: 5000 acres of rock,weeds and lily pads. It has a maximum depth of 208 feet and water clarity in this spring fed pond of 23 feet. I've fished early in the morning and caught nothing. I've done mid-day, afternoon and evening fishing. I've trolled the drop offs and I've invaded the rock beds, also nothing. In seventeen years I've accumulated four tackle boxes of lures, sinkers, bobbers, plastic worms, Rapala's that the most avid fishermen would make their lives complete. Swanson's bait shop recognizes me as their best customer: night crawlers, shiners, minnows, red tails---every kind of appetizer a sunfish would crave and still nothing.

Tonight is the night. I'll put on my mosquito net hat, a sweatshirt, lantern with extra batteries, my very best walleye lures and head out to the middle of the lake after the sun sets. I'll throw in my rapala, the one that flutters along at a depth of 18 feet and troll and troll and troll until the gas gauge is almost on empty. Then, around 2 AM, when I'm depressed, I'll head the boat toward home and never again fish this rotten, stinking lake--------until tomorrow.
It's like golfing. I can shoot a 92 and keep thinking the next day will find me in the seventies. But it doesn't.
What's the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

Joe Wilson Was Right

Do you remember two years ago when Obama, speaking before Congress, said no Health Care funds would go to illegal immigrants? Joe Wilson, South Carolina rep, shouted, "You lie". Well, Joe is right. Yesterday, the director of Health and Human Services stated that immigration status for medical care under the Obama health folly will not be checked. Another lie from 'Dunderhead'.

Sen. Durbin(Ill. D): "Why So Many Dead On The Voting Rolls Still Alive"?

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) has asked the Social Security Administration why its Death Master File lists so many Illinoisans as dead when they are still alive.

This is so simple I don't even know why I'm responding. It's because the listed dead people are democrats.

Friday, August 12, 2011

They Call Them 'Kitlers'

People make the world go round. There are groups of kitten lovers who raise felines but only those that look like Uncle Adolf. Don't believe me. Then go to What next, Rosie O'Donnell puppies?

West Meets East


Things To See In Northern Minnesota

If you want a simple vacation why not try northern Minnesota. Specifically, two towns we frequent often, Walker and Hackensack.
Walker, population 1200, is the anchor city. In summer time Iowans and other Minnesotans flock to our lakes area. Every Wednesday in Walker the merchants have 'Crazy Daze'. They'll bring out the junk that doesn't sell and show it on the streets. Walker has a wonderful pizza place called Benson's and you can't find a better breakfast establishment than the Northwoods Cafe. Silver dollar pancakes lap over the sides of your plate. Walker also has the best fishing store, Reid's, between here and Brainerd.
On Wednesdays, if you wish to drive twenty miles to Longville, you can watch the turtle races. It's a very popular form of entertainment. Get there early though because the betting lines are long.
Hackensack is unique. It's our hometown summer community, pop. 285. They have a library. You don't have to have a card; just take a book and sign your name. I like non-fiction books. There were exactly six books of the kind I like on the shelves. Every year you'll find new businesses and then by the following year they're history. We have an ice cream store. It's a wonderful place with all varieties of smooth and delicious flavors. I always wondered why they closed their business at 5 pm. Isn't it a special treat to take the family out for a cone after dinner? I think the reason they close is, they don't care or they fish at night.
My favorite place is Irene's Beauty Parlor and Bait Shop. Get your hair done, ladies, then grab a dozen crawlers. I'd never seen a place like this. It's one of a kind I bet.
Terry the Barber is the best ever. I still get my hairs cut in Ohio but not often just to have him perform his magic. He charges $7.00 for a cut. I tip him more than what it costs to run the shears through my hair.
There's a general store in town. When it opened I thought it'd last a week. You see, two gay guys(not that there's anything wrong with that) from California opened it. It's popular place and they're very enjoyable and welcoming to their establishment. They even let me use their wifi without buying anything. They sell a horrid brand of coffee so I buy it, leave it by my computer, then throw it away when I leave. They're nice guys.
Living "Up North" is a mindset. St. Cloud is ninety miles south of us. It's a wonderful city. Anyway, we had a carpenter working for us. When we arrived at the cabin one June he railed about the terrible winter; snow up to his eyebrows and cold spells of -40 degrees. He told my wife he and his family had had enough. They were going to move south. Lizzie asked if he was going to Florida? "Nope", he said. "We're moving to St. Cloud".
Fifteen years ago we had an electrician and carpenter working on our cabin in the month February. Well, they got in a fight and both took off never to return. It'd been nice if they'd turned off the space heaters when they left. That $500 heating bill was a killer. Maybe they went to St. Cloud, too.
"Up North" men hate dealing with women. Lizzie's pretty darned smart about everything. She runs the place and takes care of financial planning and home improvements. Regardless, our carpenter, Paul, always had to get things approved by "The Mister". Lizzie defers but writes down a list of items she wants done the way she wants. We were having our basement remodeled and Paul was going to do it. We were downstairs looking over his plans when all of a sudden I asked, "how much is this going to cost"? Paul answered, "Well, I'm pretty expensive. I charge $11 an hour". Now I thought this was pretty inexpensive but I uttered, "Oooh". Right away Paul said, "Okay, make it ten".
Oh, I almost forgot. While hitting golf balls this morning there was a local female next to me. She was middle aged, attired in Minnesota Twins shirt and pants. I have never seen a woman hit golf balls with a six ring sized lit cigar in her mouth. I only thought this happened at sundown in Key West.
Think I finished. I'm not. There's a quaint community thirty miles west of us, Park Rapids. I love their radio station. One family has owned it for years and the head honcho has an hour show in the morning bloviating about this and that. Every once in awhile a citizen will call in trying to find so and so who works at the station. If the guy doesn't receive significant calls he'll say, "well, nuthin' goin' on today. I'm outta here. There's an auto dealership called Thelan's that has been advertising on the station ever since we've been here; seventeen years. Their promotion now is, if you buy a new car they'll give you a free case of ketchup.
You just gotta love those "Up North" Minnsetoans.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Toothpicks Are Fun

When I was a small kid there was a place in Boone, Iowa called Red's Toy and Hobby Shop. Every day, after school, I'd stop in and see what was new. Red had all kinds of model airplanes. I chose the plastic kind. Gimme a tube of glue and the plane parts and I was ready to go. The problem was I attacked those pieces the way a famished dog goes after a piece of red meat. I'd glue this piece and that and when I was finished there'd be a bunch of pieces left over. Once, I bought one of those wooden ones. What a disaster. After ten minutes I smashed it on the floor and waited for someone, probably grandma, to throw it in the garbage.
At any rate, if you click here you can see some cool pictures of toothpick buildings. If only I had 10% of the patience these constructionists have.

Bert and Ernie: Just Pals

Thankfully, the movement for Bert and Ernie to tie the knot has failed. Producers of those two happy go lucky guys say they are pals, not gay.

I Did Not Know This

At the Iftar dinner, a White House sponsored Ramadan event, President Obama says "Islam has always been part of our American family." Obama also says "this has been especially true over the past 10 years," referring to the attacks on September 11, 2001.

Egg on my face but I didn't know that Islams were at Jamestown, at the Battle of Bunker Hill
and even at Antietam Creek. It's news to me they also help Davy Crockett defend The Alamo.
Did they help the country celebrate our 4th of July anytime, anyplace, anywhere? Except for some NBA or NFL football player not a single soul of Islam comes to mind.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011



Obama's War On Coal

New regulations that go into effect in November mean the loss of 400,000 mining jobs. It also means your pocket book will be much thinner.

5 $100,000 A Year Jobs That Don't Require A College Degree

Boy, did this article from Yahoo ever grab my attention. I don't know why since I'm long past going back to work. Maybe I was thinking of one of my children. $100,000 a year seems like a lot of cash to me. There is some training involved and you probably won't get hired if you apply sporting with dread locks and your pants hanging below your butt crack. Check them out here.

Unions Fail In Wisconsin

35 million dollars spent in Wisconsin on recall elections and what did the democrats get for their money? Nuthin! Outside SEIU organizers, Obama's network of union folks from around the country and the Republicans still have control of the government.
Thirty-five mil is a lot of cash. Why, with that kind of largess many schools could have had their problems solved. Do you feel sorry for the poor union guy in the picture? From the looks of him he has a good job or spends a lot of time at the food bank.

80% Of Muslim Amicans Give Approval To Obama

80% of Muslim Americans support Obama? Well, why wouldn't they. I was surprised--no, not surprised but disappointed---------to read that 50% of Roman Catholics do, too. What is wrong with my people. Could it be me? Naw!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011



Can you believe what's going on in the world? Rioting taking place because people are sick and tired of being poor and not being taken care of by their own government.
Well, it isn't exactly this. Appearantly it's the Tea Party causing the problems. Reuters has reported that Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann along with Rand Paul and Marco Rubio have been seen simultaneously in Paris, London, Madrid and Mogadishu. Why, it's almost as if they have super powers. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Watters and Michael Moore warned that the world was being terrorised and taken hostage by the Tea Party.
Palin has been seen forcing Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey down the throats of members of England's House of Commons until they puked their scones.
Bachmann, Newsweek's "Women of Rage" terrorised members of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood on the streets of Cairo by 'lookin good'.
Rubio, went to Havana, his ancestral home, and frustrated Fidel Castro by leading a "March on Havana". Rubio convinced all Cubans to pile their Cohibas in every town square and to light a fire for freedom; Tea Party style.
Rand Paul stayed in the Senate, cornered Harry Reid and decked him like Ali did to Frasier.
Bring it on, Rand. You da' man!

Facebook II

Today I received via the computer one of those messages reading, "So and so wants to be your friend on Facebook. I wrote a column in February of last year on the subject. It was good that I did because that evening I received a first time phone call from my Council Bluffs Cowboy buddy and how he felt the way I did on the subject.
Getting back to the opening paragraph. I do not want to have one of my faithful followers thinking I'm giving him a "smack down" for not responding in the positive to his request. So, I'm re-printing the original from six months ago. Understand I'm the kind of guy who when someone says, "don't mention this to anyone", I mention it to everyone.

Are you on Facebook? If you aren't you might be the only human being who isn't. I signed up for Facebook about three years ago. After thirty minutes or thereabouts my thought was, "this is kind of stupid". I know about as much about Facebook as I do constructing a nuclear weapon. My son mentioned about a 'thread' and I was clueless.
Anyway, I did it again a month ago, signed up, that is. I'd like to get off but I can't figure out how to do it.
I hope my friends on Facebook don't take offense but what's the purpose? I have people on my email list who want to be my friend. These are close friends. Why don't they send me a personal note or, and this would be novel, call me on something called A TELEPHONE!(and don't say you don't have my phone number. You have my name, towns of residency--address and phone number---if you can use
I used to believe that anyone over the age of fifty only used Facebook to feel like they belonged. It would be kind of like being in the Elks or Lions; maybe even the PTA. Better still, I thought they were looking to reconnect with that high school girlfriend who so lovingly tittered their fancy. Not so anymore. Most everyone has joined but, once again, why? As much of a simpleton as I can be I'd write a gossipy note and proceed to insult monks, the Pope, homeless people I'll never meet and transvestites. That's why I stay away from it. There's no sense to make an ass out of myself in front of 300 billion people when I can do it walking down Main street.
My wife has a very good fiend. They are like Lucy and Ethel. They call each other fifteen times daily. They talk about recipes, grand kids, movies, you name it. Lizzie's friend asked her to be her friend on Facebook. Go figure!
Lizzie and I were on our condo patio this evening watching the sun go down. It's quite romantic. She looked at me and asked the question that led me believe could consummate our love later in the evening. "MJ", she said, "would you be my friend on Facebook"?

My Life

If the title of this blog was good enough for Bill Clinton's autobiography then it's good enough for me. It is about the day in the life of a person at Ten Mile Lake, Hackensack, Cass County, home of the Ojibwa tribe, Minnesota.(Word is the Indian casino doesn't cheat anymore)
It's turned out to be like every other lake day at the plantation; a ho-hummer. Back in Ohio my warm weather months consisted primarily of four items; golf, naps, television and blogging. At the lake I've made a drastic change. I do not, repeat, do not watch television. It's not that I don't wish to do so. We don't have access to cable. Once in awhile we can pick up CBS but that's it. I could have sworn Katie Couric was on that station; or was it a more irrelevant person?
Today's events began by getting up at 5:30. The kid next door is on a golf scholarship to the Univ. of South Dakota. I've know Tyler since he was aged 4. There isn't a nicer young man in the world. He comes by it naturally. His parents are the same way. Anyway, there's a wonderful golf course forty minutes south of us and Tyler asked me to play with him and another teammate who is spending the summer with him. Since it was a freebie what could I say. Ty-guy said to me last night, "Make sure you're ready to go at 6 am". Well, there I was, waiting in my car at 6:15. I've been down this road before so I rapped on their bedroom windows to get them out of bed.
It was a very pleasant day. They played well. Since I'm still a beginner at the game I didn't.
The best thing that happened today was I got a haircut. I've been waiting a long time to get a 'cut' from Terry the Barber in Hackensack. I called Terry to tell him I was coming in and he had the end loader ordered; ready and fired up to shove my excess into the garbage dumpster. Wanna know why life is interesting? There was an old-timer ahead of me who had, and I counted them, fourteen hairs on his head. I have 14 zillion, two hundred billion plus and we're both charged the same fee; ten dollars!
It took Terry 15 seconds to cut the guy's hair and that included a neck shave and nose hair elimination. For me, Terry started at 1 PM, went to lunch at 2:30, came back at 12:35 and finished the job at 4. I tip Terry well; always slip him a sawbuck. He likes me a lot. Minnesotans and Iowa farmers tips are "Thanks Bub"!
Looking at the lake when I came home the waves are out of the north. This might be an old wives tale but it the wind is out of the south for two days expect rain. That's usually the case, anyway.
Oh, I forgot. After the haircut I stopped in to the Hackensack library. Their policy is this. Pick out a book. Sign your name. Bring it back when you wish. I only read non-fiction. There were a grand total of six books of my liking in the building. Seriously!
I took a nap today. Nothing exciting there but I did have a couple lollapalooza dreams.
In looking at the lake and the westerly sun this evening I noticed the waves are out of the north. It might be an old wives tale but us northern folks say two days of southerly winds mean a hard rain. That's usually the case.
I'm dieting again. Two protein shakes per day and two baked potatoes with catsup at dinner. I surely am Spartan-like material.
Lizzie and I will be snuggled in bed tonight. Temps will be in the upper 40's. Maybe the walleye will start to bite. If they don't there truly aren't any in our lake.
That's about it. I have pressing issues tomorrow: take out the garbage, change a light bulb, put some fishing poles on hooks. Already I'm exhausted.
That's what happens to sexy and interesting people like me when I describe my life.

(Unauthored)We Want A Divorce

Dear American liberals, leftists, social progressives, socialists, Marxists and Obama supporters, et al:

We have stuck together since the late 1950′s for the sake of the kids, but the whole of this latest election process has made me realize that I want a divorce. I know we tolerated each other for many years for the sake of future generations, but sadly, this relationship has clearly run its course.

Please open up and continue on to read these irreconciliable differences.

Mayor Of Philly Speaks The Truth To Hooligans

Washington Times:

PHILADELPHIA — Mayor Michael A. Nutter, telling marauding black youths “you have damaged your own race,” imposed a tougher curfew Monday in response to the latest “flash mob” — spontaneous groups of teens who attack people at random on the streets of the city’s tourist and fashionable shopping districts.

“Take those God-darn hoodies down, especially in the summer,” Mr. Nutter, the city’s third black mayor, said in an angry lecture aimed at black teens. “Pull your pants up and buy a belt ‘cause no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt.”

“If you walk into somebody’s office with your hair uncombed and a pick in the back, and your shoes untied, and your pants half down, tattoos up and down your arms and on your neck, and you wonder why somebody won’t hire you? They don’t hire you ‘cause you look like you’re crazy,” the mayor said. “You have damaged your own race.”

Monday, August 8, 2011

Yes, I Am A Terrorist

Gotta tell the truth on this one. 29% of the American people think members of the TEA Party are terrorists. I'm one of those people who is holding America hostage. I'm a terrorist. All you have to do is ask Dumbocrats in congress and they'll verify my disloyalty. Oh, just to further rankle the Left, I'm a member of the 9-12 Project. We don't have loyalty cards or membership drives. Actually, we aren't even recognized as a legitimate political party. We just are. Gosh, I feel good about this, you know, being considered up there with Stalin, Chairman Mao and all the rest.

The Emperors (Non)Inspirational Speech

•Chicago Jesus has arrived.

•Quotes Warren Buffet saying we should have AAA.

•Says “markets agree” we should have AAA.

•Markets continue to reaffirm our credit worthiness.

•Calls for tax hikes to lower deficit.

•Will layout a plan “in coming weeks” to lower deficit.

•Claims 1 million fewer jobs unless unemployment benefits extended.

•Wants more stimulus spending to create jobs.

•“No matter what some agency says we will always be a AAA country”

•Respect to SEALs lost over the weekend.

Thanks to Weasel Zippers

She Might Want To Postpone The Wedding

As Chandler residents Joshua Seto, 27, and his fiancée, Cara Christopher, walked over to a Fry's Food Store for refreshments, he tried securing her pink handgun in the front waistband of his pants.
The gun fired, striking Seto's penis and continuing through his left thigh. The bleeding started immediately and was heavy, according to police dispatch recordings released Sunday.

4 Reasons Not To Send Your Kid To College

Mike Adams of Townhall has come up with an article about reasons not to send your cherubic 18 year old to college. Adams' writes common sense style, i.e. he's not an egghead. Of course, these reasons aren't for everyone. Mostly, they're about morals, spirituality and economics. Oops! That about covers it all.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vice-Presidents Of The USA

Fishing on Ten Mile Lake gives me the opportunity to think. All I do anyway is give my worm a bath and I never have to worry about losing my train of thought by having a guppie jump in the boat. Anyway, knowing I wouldn't catch so much as a summer cold my mind wandered to vice-Presidents of our country. Right now, after that statement, you have to be asking yourself, "It must be boring being me" thinking about vice-Presidents and all that jazz.
I know, I know, you think I'm going to write something about Joe Biden. Well, I might but not right now. I thought of Thomas Marshall who served under Woodrow Wilson. He likened the office to a bucket of warm spit. John Nance Garner, a good twenty years later and VP under FDR from 1933-41 said about the office, "It's like a bucket of warm piss". I guess a guy could say 'piss' in the thirties. Time flies and things change don't they. Why, a Veep today can say about anything. Yes, it's Joe Biden's turn. There wasn't the upheaval I expected from the American people when he, in introducing Obama after Obamacare was signed, called it a big F'ing deal. Why is that? Of course, the administration covered for him saying, "it(the signing) was a big deal" while leaving out the F word. Okay, let me ask you a question(s). Let's say you are walking down main street in your hometown and in an instant say out loud, "F***"!!!! Would anyone care? Would they look at you like you belonged in the loony bin? When I was a high school teacher I'd always have some yahoo yell the F word in class or in the hallway or in the cafeteria. Guess what? It was an automatic in-school 3 day suspension. Joe Biden gets a pat on the back. Don't you wonder what Democrats say about him behind his back?
As you all know the F word is cherished by me and very close to my heart. I bet I used it three or four times today BUT no one was around to hear it because I wouldn't want my grandson to have the opportunity to expand his vocabulary and think poorly of old Grandpa.
I happen to be able to name every vice-President we've ever had-----in a heart beat. Joe Biden is the most embarrassing person to ever hold the office. More embarrassing than Aaron Burr(he wasn't that bad). Joe Biden makes Al Gore appear to be the reincarnation of Gautama Buddha. Literally, he's not worth a tea spoon of warm piss.

A Primer On Mexican Gun Smuggliing

From Ace of Spades HQ

Let's see if I have this straight:

The smartest administration in the history of the world conceived of this plan.
The plan was to just let thousands of weapons flow to murderous drug cartels.
And then take those cartels down.
But they didn't take the cartels down, because they didn't track the guns.
They instead were to follow the money, but they also didn't do that.
A US border agent was killed due to the illegal arms sent to a neighboring sovereign country in this massive covert operation.
In addition, so was the brother of a Mexican attorney general.
So were a number of other Mexican citizens murdered with these weapons -- we don't know the number yet.
In conducting this massive covert action, we lied to officials in this neighboring sovereign country, even though their people (and cops, and officials) were getting killed with our weapons.
As far as I know, we haven't taken any action beyond arresting a few straw buyers... who could have easily been arrested, with the weapons, when they attempted to smuggled them or sell them.
We have not taken down any cartels at all.
In fact, we've not done anything except murdered people by indirect, but perfectly foreseeable, US covert action.
And the only outlet that is following this is FoxNews, so you can tell Fox is biased.

Kerry-Obama Healthcare Scam: Fleeced Again

"Here is yet another in the never-ending list of surprises to emerge from Obamacare: It skews Medicare hospital reimbursements in favor of Massachusetts hospitals and in disfavor of most other states, The Boston Globe and the Associated Press reported last week".

Mystery Road Kill In Minnesota

Only because we live here in the summer am I posting this article and picture. You have to admit the critter won't win any awards for beauty. It could've used a manicure. How it survived ten years in the frigid north hairless is beyond the scope of comprehension.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Latest Weapon For Crazy Women

Thanks: BigFurHat

Having It Both Ways

AP-"Texas Governor Rick Perry, who is widely expected to announce a presidential campaign later this month, plans to attend a prayer and fasting event called “The Response” on Saturday despite criticism that the event inappropriately mixes religion and politics".

I'd like to think the libs, progressives, communists will remember their criticism of Gov. Perry when election time rolls around and all their pathetic candidates hit every Black Baptist church north and south of the Mason-Dixon Line. But they won't.

At Ten Mile Lake, Minnesota

It's a lazy overcast day on Ten Mile Lake today. When I write 'lazy' I mean it. I've gone back in the archives to bring out a column I wrote thirteen months ago. I may do it again before the week's over and the kids have returned to their respective homes.

Minnesota in June: It Ain't Good
June is not the month to stay at our lake cabin. We've had this place for going on seventeen years and Lizzie and I have professed, "Let's not go to the lake until July 1". I heard a meteorologist from the area say that northern Minnesota is located where cooler air meets warmer air. This translates to tornadoes, high winds, hail, and enough rain to fill the hull of our largest aircraft carrier. Yesterday was no exception. Three poor souls in Wadena, thirty or so miles west of us, met their demise in a tornado. There were a line of tornadoes down to the Iowa border and this is a 300 mile swath. There were 32 tornadoes in Minnesota on this day.
It rained yesterday; all day. No, it did more than rain. It came down so hard I couldn't see the lake which is 60 feet in front of the cabin. There's only one thing to be done and that's to wait it out. It reminded me of the book and movie, "A Perfect Storm".
Today it is sunny with winds blowing at forty miles an hour. Even so, I promised my neighbor I'd mow his yard. It, too, is more than a yard. It's a pasture. I had just started mowing when I noticed the wave runner in the back yard was gone. That's weird, I thought. It was here yesterday. Then I looked out front at his dock. The second wave runner was missing. "Oh-oh". I ran back to the house, looked up the local sheriff's phone number, then tried to get in touch with my neighbor who lives in Minneapolis. I couldn't contact him by phone so I emailed. I'd done my duty until he contacted me. I headed back to continue mowing. I'd made one long cut and saw a wave of mammoth size pick up his pontoon boat and ripped it off the lift. Faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive I dove for a rope attached to the boat and got it tied down before it blew away to Ethopia or some point further east. After congratulating myself on being so wonderful, another neighbor from the other side of the lot came running down. "Too late", I said. "Every thing's under control". I then made a comment about the wave runners and this guy told me, "Yeah, I thought it was strange that a truck pulled up here at 12:30 am this morning. Our cabins are located on a gravel road three miles from the main highway. A truck coming in at 12:30 has to have a good reason and, to me, that spells t-h-e-f-t!
I ran back to my place and finally got a hold of the neighbor. I explained about the pontoon. Did I mention that his boat lift was destroyed? It was.
Interestingly, he said that the wave runners were being serviced. Only in Minnesota do skee-do guys pick up equipment in the wee hours of the morning. I think that's when the bars close.
Okay, I'd done my duty and finished mowing the yard so my neighbor can plant his soybeans and corn. It seems that expansive.
After putting the mower in the garage I meandered to the front yard. Something on the dock looked out of kilter. Upon close inspection I could see that the younger sister of Katrina had blown two sections of my dock into the water. A few boards were found on shore. Maybe when the wind stops I'll find the rest. Oh well, what's another $200.
I have a friend who says, "anyone who owns their own lake home deserves it. Touche!

Texas: It's More Than Football

MJ doesn't know a lot about Rick Perry, governor of Texas. My daughter who is a strong conservative and lives in San Antonio is so-so on him. Standard and Poor's upgraded Texas in 2009-10 based on Perry's budget.
I think it's difficult to credit one guy for the success of a state. I do know the climate of Texas is pro-business. Otherwise, how does one explain that over 50% of private sector jobs in the US originated in the Longhorn state?
Will Perry run for the presidency? Probably. Will he win? Dunno.
I do know I'm ready for something other than a talking cow pie.


We're still messing around in Iraq(I approved) and in a stalement in Afghanistan. We don't want to win. Remember, "Days not months" in dealing with Libya? It's been months. Obama has made threatening noises toward Syria.
And what do the American people think of all of this? Well, 9 million viewed Jersey Shore. that says a lot about our priorities.

Friday, August 5, 2011

And They Wonder Why The Tea Party Demands Accountability

By Amy Lester, Oklahoma Impact Team

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A program that preserves culture in other countries is getting more funding. The State Department approved $5.4 million in 2011 spending for the US Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation.

"This is just typical Washington. Washington spending is tone deaf to the American people," said Congressman James Lankford, (R) Oklahoma.

Lankford had hoped the State Department would cut the program, itself. This year's awards include $450,000 for conservation of a temple in Cambodia, $700,000 for conservation of the ruins of a 9th century city in Tanzania and $100,000 to document endangered musical traditions in Mali.


Strike Up The Band

"Congress should continue to congratulate itself on the 'Debt Deal'. We have accumulated more debt in one day than we will spending cuts in 10 years".
R. Limbaugh

Only 0.1%

O.1% or 235 thousand homes make a million dollars a year. Yep, they'll get this spending problem under control alright.
Millionaires, like corporate jets, the TEA Party, et al are the scapegoat(s) of the day.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vogue Sinks To New Low

She's decked out in glamorous make-up along with stiletto heels. She's ten years old. Brigitt Bardot at least waited until she was fifteen to have her coming out. And people wonder why we have pedophiles. Here's one clue: Vogue Magazine

Read Below For A Laugh

Liberalism Gone Wild

The following story is about two boobs: The University of Tennessee and state senator from the Volunteer state, Joe Armstrong(D for dink). Sir Armstrong found it offensive that the campus bookstore sold Obama mints called Disappoint-Mints. The school is foolish because they pulled the mints. They're a money maker. They're a joke and a clever one at that. I enjoy entrepreneurship at it's best. So, you liberals who might be reading this post let me add that you are well, uh, ignorant; a simple tool, if you will. Did you see any Republicans denouncing a freedom of speech issue dealing with the same scenario? Where were you five years ago when the same entrepreneur did the same thing to another president and sold mints during the Bush administration but titled them Embarrass-Mints. As we all know Liberals have no sense of humor.

Oh, To Be A Kid Again

The Princeton Review has just come out with it's list of Top 20 Party Schools and most expensive, too. I always knew it had a reputation but whoda thunk Ohio U. in beautiful Athens, Ohio would top the list. The source of this post didn't do their homework. If Ohio U is #1 why do they have a picture of the Ohio State Buckeye stadium?
Personally, I'd rather have the list of best looking coeds. I know a kid who is attending Bowling Green in Ohio. His prime reason: females outnumber guys seven to one. That's a number even Tim Geithner couldn't mess up.

Do You Feel Better Now?

Good news if you happen to hate America as many of our citizenry do. The new head of OPEC is Gostam Ghasemi. He happens to be the oil minister from Iran and a former member of the Revolutionary Guard. Just when things can't get any worse, they do.

"Buy A Volt, Please, Somebody, Anybody"

A week after the Environmental Protection Agency came out with new job killing fuel efficiency standards, we have learned that sales of the electric Chevy Volt, are still dismally bad. The big sales number for July? Government General Motors sold 125 Chevy the entire country.
The July sales numbers are out and the Chevy Volt continues to electrify (get it?) the country. GM sold … 125 Volts last month!

"This is frustrating for a lemming like me. I was going to purchase one as soon as the monthly total hit 150".

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pop Quiz: What Do The Accompanying Pics Have In Common

If I were to put my feet up on our furniture I'd get a whack from 'you know who'. After all it's the people's house. Look and the first picture and those following it. I see a pattern.

They Never Learn

Well, another lawmaker, this one from New Jersey, has bared his chest via the cell phone. This Democrat has also resigned. He said it was only flirting and he was set up by the lady in question. He is in the process of getting a divorce so the spouse may be able to nail him for the cash bonanza. The lawyer said he was embarrassed for his family and children. I'm quite sure his kids aren't going to school saying, "isn't my dad cool". Understand that I don't take off my shirt in in public. The one thing that would keep me from the 'flirting by phone' aspect is that my chest looks like a mudslide, so I've got that going for me(apologies to Carl Spackler.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

January 2012: Biggest Middle Class Tax Increase In History

Are your breeches cinched? Beginning January of 2012 the middle class will experience the largest tax increase in United States history according to Business Insider. They've done the numbers and all you have to do is click here.

Free Cell phones; Now A Civil Right

Folks in Pennsylvainia on public assistance are now guaranteed free cells phones.

It Was God's Will

I think the phrase, "eating a crap sandwich", was named for me. Yesterday I made the trip from the cabin to Minneapolis International, nearly four hours in length, to pick up number two son and his family and take them back to the lake.
I left home at 7:30 am. Surely that would give me the time to meet them for their 2:30 pm arrival. It was raining when I left Ten Mile Lake. An hour and a half later as I drove through St. Cloud the monsoons began. Animals were lined up on the roadside two by two hitch hiking. It stayed this way until I hit The Cities when it magically stopped. "Well, thank the Lord", I said to no one in particular. "Somebody up there likes me". I had lunch with an old friend then headed out for the second world's worst airport after O'Hare but only by the length of a short neck hair. Immediately upon getting on the I-494 Freeway St. Cloud's gully washer descended on Minneapolis. Lightening bolts crashed, rains came and I was generally afraid and PO'd. Luckily, it was a twenty minute shot to the airport. Okay, here's a question for you. If you saw a sign reading 'general parking' would you follow that sign? Don't get your shorts in a bind but I'm going to make you wait awhile for the answer. Now, I have to blame myself for this next blunder. I wrote down my son's flight number and arrival times. I knew they departed either Dayton, Columbus or Cincinnati-----I thought. Danged if I hadn't thrown those particulars somewhere just not in the right place; my pocket. After forty minutes I used my detective skills and saw that it was 2:15. Aha! I made it with plenty of time to spare. Then I noticed the airline arrival info. Why did they have the word 'diverted' next to my son's flight? Since I had never seen the word diverted before I went to the info booth. "I've never seen the word 'diverted' before but it has to be bad", I said. Easy answer on her part. "Yes"!
Long story short was the storm, lack of fuel and a broken part forced the flying cigar known as Mesabi Air(Delta) to use the Duluth airport. It'd be two hours before they arrived so I decided to hang out in some parking lot to save money on my general parking. In Minneapolis, general parking means long term parking which means more money. So, my hour and a half stay cost me $15. "What a rip-off", I told the ticket lady. "Thank you sir but you should have gone to short term parking". I later found out short term was labeled in microscopic letters a block further on.
Did I mention it was still Noah's Ark rain after all this time. I left and returned(short term this time) and waited another hour and a half. Most you know I like to(female) people watch in airports. Minneapolis is slightly different than Miami or Phoenix in this regard. I think there was an AARP convention for people who eat every meal at Golden Corral taking place. I saw a kid go through the arrival gate wearing a t-shirt that read Barack Obama Elementary School-St. Paul, Mn. I walked up to him and slapped him. I didn't really but I did want to do it to his Ma.
Finally, the kids arrived and it was only another hour and a half before their luggage, all one stinking piece of it, came shooting down the baggage ramp. Here's the irritating thing about Delta. If you are one ounce over the weight limit on baggage you get nailed an extra $25. If you are inconvenienced in any way, say my kids having to sit on an airport runway for over an hour with no air conditioning or offer of a drink, then "it's too bad and we appreciate your patience".
Is it me? Does this dead man's hand happen to other people? Am I truly a 'crap sandwich'? This second go 'round with parking only totaled $10. I was steaming at the thought of $25 for parking. I mean, where was I, New York City?
The kids were safe and we arrived at the cabin around 11 pm. One bright note. If you ever drive west on I-94, exit 178 in Minnesota, you HAVE to stop at the Clearwater Bakery. It is the worlds best; red velvet donuts with cream cheese on top and berry fritters: to die for!
Tomorrow, a new day and no airport trips. Praise the saints and pass the fritters.


Telegraph [UK], by Nile Gardiner

Earlier today Politico broke the astonishing story of Joe Biden supporting the charge by Democrat Congressman Mike Doyle of Pennsylvania that Tea Party Republicans had “acted like terrorists” over the debt issue.[Snip]Biden was agreeing with a line of argument made by Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.) at a two-hour, closed-door Democratic Caucus meeting. “We have negotiated with terrorists,” an angry Doyle said, according to sources in the room. “This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.” Biden, driven by his Democratic allies’ misgivings about the debt-limit deal, responded: “They have acted like terrorists.”

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Joe Biden Story

Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords returned to the floor of the House to cast a vote on the bill. It was her first appearance there since she was shot in the head at a meet-and-greet with constituents in Tucson in January. She was accompanied by her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly, and close friend Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Giffords was greeted at the door by Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and received a prolonged standing ovation from her House colleagues. Vice President Joe Biden also stopped by to see her.

When Biden was asked about what he spoke with Giffords about, he joked, “She’s now a member of the cracked head club like me.”

No, Joe, you are a member of your own special club. A membership of one.
Here's the entire story

How The Tea Party Won The Deal

If they say so then I'll go along with it.