Thursday, December 31, 2009

More Cool Lists

As compiled by Fox News, here are Nine Big Stories that the mainstream media missed in 2009:
1. Van Jones - His appointment, failure and [forced] resignantion.
2. The ACORN Tapes - They told us eveything we needed to know.
3. "Science Czar" John Holdren - Compulsory abortions and other Draconian ideas.
4. ClimateGate - The "smoking gun" that revealed the fraud of global warming.
5. Politicizing the NEA - The National Endorwment for the Arts in a scheme to promote Obamunism. The person behind the plan tendered his [forced] resignation.
6. Chas Freeman - Obama's choice for Chair of the National Intelligence Council and his major conflicts of interest with the Saudi and Chinese governments.
7. Tea Party Protests - Vital new political force springs from grassroots, proves formidable.
8. Kevin Jennings - Turns out Obama's "Safe Schools Czar" is a former schoolteacher who advocated promoting homosexuality in schools.
9. Democrat [districts] stimulus package - A December study from George Mason University showed that Democratic districts have received nearly twice as much stimulus money as Republican districts -- and the cash has been awarded without regard to how badly an area was suffering from job losses or income problems.

Ten Most Corrupt Politicians

At the end of decades the obligatory "lists" lists are released. You can find anything that pleases. If I should go to a Liberal site I'd could find "the 10 dumbest conservatives in the last 10 years". In the late 1980's there were very popular books published called the Book of Lists. I think there should be an update. They'd sell millions. Anyway, I came across the lists of the ten most corrupt politicians. No surprises here. Ninety per cent of them are Dems but Judicial Watch leans somewhat to the right so it's to be expected.
From Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2009:
Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, today released its 2009 list of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians.” The list, in alphabetical order, includes:
Included on the Top Ten list is:
Senator Chris Dodd (D-Conn)
Senator John Ensign (R-NV)
Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA)
Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner
Attorney General Eric Holder
Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL)/ Senator Roland Burris (D-IL)
President Barack Obama
Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) and the rest of the PMA Seven
Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY)
More on the “PMA Seven” from the John Murtha entry below.
As many as six other Members of Congress are currently under scrutiny according to The Washington Post. They include: Peter J. Visclosky (D-IN.), James P. Moran Jr. (D-VA), Norm Dicks (D-WA.), Marcy Kaptur (D-OH), C.W. Bill Young (R-FL.) and Todd Tiahrt (R-KS.). Of course rather than investigate this serious scandal, according to Roll Call House Democrats circled the wagons, “cobbling together a defense to offer political cover to their rank and file.” The Washington Post also reported in 2009 that Murtha’s nephew received $4 million in Defense Department no-bid contracts: “Newly obtained documents…show Robert Murtha mentioning his influential family connection as leverage in his business dealings and holding unusual power with the military

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Idle Thoughts

Driving through the mountains of Maryland today I wondered; if Maurice Chevalier were alive and sang his song, "Thank Heaven For Little Girls", would he have to register as a sex offender? If all airports get full body scans how many Liberals will be totally embarrassed when it shows they are lacking balls?
The most seen brand of clothing in Washington DC is North Face. I don't think this means anything. The fashionable style of tight fitting jeans underneath knee high boots is like dog poop. It's everywhere.
The DC Metro/subway is an inexpensive and efficient form of travel. I spent one morning riding the rails people watching. I didn't get mugged but I prepped myself for it.
There are bunches of very heavy people living in DC. It must be from eating at the public trough.

Food Care

"Isn't food important? Why not "universal food coverage"? If politicians and employers had guaranteed us "free" food 50 years ago, today Democrats would be wailing about the "food crisis" in America, and you'd be on the phone with your food care provider arguing about whether or not a Reuben sandwich with fries was covered under your plan. "-- Ann Coulter

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What Suckers We Are

From Investors Business Daily:
Statism: Let's face it: Big government is making suckers out of all of us. All of us, that is, who play by the rules and pay our bills. Here's a little test to see just how big a sucker you really are.
Are you still paying your mortgage each month at the interest rate you agreed to? Sucker! The government has created a program to let those who aren't paying on their mortgages get lower interest rates on their loans.
And if you haven't had the government make the bank reduce the amount you owe on your loan, you're an even bigger fool.
Do you work for a private company instead of the government? Sucker! The real money is made working for Uncle Sam. The average pay for federal government workers is now $71,206, compared with $40,331 for those in the private sector.
In fact, nearly one out of five federal workers pulls down more than $100,000. That's up over 33% during what the administration says is the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.
And that's before overtime and benefits — which used to suffice for such workers — kick in. Meanwhile, a "pay czar" aggressively caps salaries at companies that receive "federal" money.
Still paying full price for your kids' meals at school? The government currently provides free or reduced-price lunch, breakfast or both for nearly 60% of all school-age children nationwide. Households with incomes of up to 185% of poverty level are eligible.
In Philadelphia public schools, 72% of students have access to a universal feeding program — regardless of income. Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey wants to nationalize that program.
Are you represented by a senator who promised to vote for health care reform before demanding a few barrels of pork from Majority Leader Harry Reid? As Reid himself said, "I don't know if there is a senator that doesn't have something in this bill that was important to them. And if they don't have something in it important to them, then it doesn't speak well of them." Translation: "Sucker!"
You don't actually pay federal income tax, do you? According to the Tax Policy Center, roughly 47% of American households don't — and that's expected to top 50% soon. So if you're still cutting a check to Uncle Sam when half of your fellow citizens pay nothing — or even get a tax credit — well, if that's not the definition of "sucker" we don't know what is.
If it makes you feel any better, Vice President Biden says true patriots pay more in taxes. By extension, your love of country is even more apparent when you also help your neighbors pay their mortgages, food bills and health care costs.
Don't ask what your country can do for you. Ask how big a sucker you can be for your country

Fore!!!! And Stop Interrupting My Game

From the American Thinker:
72 hours after the Christmas Day terrorist attack on Northwest Flight 253, Barack Obama finally checked in with the American people -- while still on vacation in Hawaii. With millions of anxious eyes fixated on television screens, the president emerged onto the tubes with an unpresidential look that suggested he had just finished filming a nightclub scene with Eva Mendes from the sequel to Hitch.
After assuming his familiar position behind a microphone, Obama assured the country that "we (his administration) will not rest until we find all who were involved and hold them accountable," but this was just the president paying lip service to national security in an obligatory speech. It was just last month that he said, "I will not rest until all Americans who want work can find work." Unemployment is still over 10% and the small decrease to the overall rate we've seen since then was attributed to the holiday hiring season. Meanwhile, the president has managed to find plenty of time to hit the links and work on his golf game. So when the president uses the phrase "I or we will not rest" until something is done, does it really mean anything?

Say What???

"The most beautiful sound on earth.........The Muslim call to prayer."
B.H. Obama

"If Obama thinks a Neville Chamberlin attitude is going to stop Al Qaeda attacks he's one sick puppy."
MJ Hawkeye

Sunday, December 27, 2009


It's ten pm and the wife is asleep. It's a good opportunity for me to jog down some notes on our DC vacation. Yesterday was a drizzly bone chilling, cold day. Our stop to the Antietam Creek Civil War battle site more than took off the edge of a nasty day. Antietam, the Battle of Sharpsburg for southerners, saw the greatest number of one day battle causalities and deaths in our history; 23,000 total with 6,400 deaths. Tragic. I taught high school American History for a number of years and, upon seeing the site, was amazed at the size of the area; over 8,000 acres. Visiting battle grounds is always a humbling experience and also gives a deeper appreciation of pride and patriotism for those who sacrificed.
Our anniversary celebration was spent at George Washington's Mount Vernon, the Museum of Natural History and the National Archives. I only wanted a glance of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence just to say I'd seen them.
If we had desired we could have pillaged, plundered and burned every city in Pakistan, South Korea, Japan and India. I'm wondering how every citizen from each country was in DC at the same time. I'm glad my wife speaks English. If I was by myself I wouldn't have had anyone to talk to. The evening was topped off with a fine Italian meal. We decided to forego the ritzy French res. taurant.Today we're on the lookout for the very best hamburger in DC. It'd better be good, too. Wendy's has my heart with their 99 cent Double Stack.
Life is good and after today we're on our way to our 41st anniversary and still speaking to each other.

Mug Shot Of The Year

You knew this dude from Florida had to be involved in drug dealing. If he doesn't work in a carnival he should. What's the old joke about being able to eat cake through a picket fence?
A big hat tip to World Net Daily for the photo

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I Couldn't Help It

As God is my witness I have not gone over to the dark side. I know, I know. This is the third digit in the last four days but it struck me as appropo. What a wonderful Christmas message the crooks in DC have left us. If anything, all the nonsense has brought out some very unique creativity on the part of the citizenry.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Big 4-0

I'll be incommunicado for awhile, five days or thereabouts. My wife and I will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday December 27th. For this occasion we've decided to spend this time in our nations capitol. If this doesn't sound romantic then get over it. After this many years we celebrate each others existence. Someday, you youngsters will understand. Regardless, we'll have a nice time. I've reserved a French restaurant for our dinner. My wife is in to 'Francais'. I'm not, so we'll do what she likes. We appreciate the history of this great country and will visit as many sites as possible. We were in DC seven years ago. If you've never been you have to go to Arlington National Cemetery and watch the changing of the guard. I promise, you will shed tears.
My wife asked if I was going to take my computer. In wife talk this means don't. "Pay attention to me for awhile", she'll say. Well, in cases like this it's imperative I let her know who the boss is and I have two words on the subject, "Yes Dear".
More than likely I'll resume December 31.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Obama's Communist Health Care Influences

From Front Page magazine:
The polls have been clear for quite some time: By a substantial margin, Americans oppose the efforts of Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats to enact a massive overhaul of the U.S. healthcare system, one that would greatly expand the federal government’s role.
Barack Obama has stated on numerous occcasions:“I happen to be a proponent of a single-payer, universal healthcare [plan]…. That’s what I’d like to see.”
In a single-payer system, a government-run organization would manage the healthcare of every man, woman, and child in the United States—collecting all related fees and paying out all related costs.

The primary figure who delivered Obama to the single-payer camp was Quentin Young, an 86-year-old retired physician who was a longtime friend and neighbor of Obama in Chicago. Young joined the Young Communist League as a teenager in the late 1930s. From the mid-1940s through the mid-1970s, he was closely associated with the Communist Party. In October 1968 he was called to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee, which was probing the extent of his knowledge about the riots that had erupted at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago two months earlier. The Committee accused Young of belonging to the Bethune Club, an organization for communist doctors; the group was named after Norman Bethune, a communist physician who devoted his services to the totalitarian regime of Mao Zedong.
Dr. Young was active in the radical movements of the Sixties and Seventies and led a small delegation to Communist North Vietnam in 1972. In the late 1970s, Young became associated with a Marxist organization known as the New American Movement, which was initially convened by Michael Lerner, an America-hating radical who counseled young people to explore the use of LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs as portals to a greater comprehension of socialist principles.
In 1980 Young founded the Health and Medicine Policy Research Group, a single-payer lobby group whose Board of Directors he chairs to this day. In 1982 Young helped establish the Democratic Socialists of America, which, as the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International, asserts that “many structures of our government and economy must be radically transformed.” In 1987 Young co-founded Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), a single-payer advocacy organization where he currently serves as national coordinator. In PNHP’s view, government-run healthcare “should be financed by truly progressive taxation.”
In 1995 Young attended the now-famous meeting at the Hyde Park home of former Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, where Barack Obama was first introduced to influential locals as the hand-picked successor to Alice Palmer, a pro-Soviet radical who planned to vacate her Illinois State Senate seat in pursuit of a higher elected office. Young quickly became a friend and political ally of Obama, teaching the latter about the merits of single-payer healthcare. In a 2009 interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, Young reminisced about the germination of his ideological kinship with the young Obama:
“Barack Obama, in those early days [as a state senator]—influenced, I hope, by me and others—categorically said single payer was the best way, and he would inaugurate it if he could get the support, meaning [Democratic] majorities in both houses, which he’s got, and the presidency, which he’s got. And he said that on more than one occasion….”
Another noteworthy influence on Obama’s views vis à vis healthcare has been Dr. Peter Orris, who co-founded Physicians for a National Health Program with Quentin Young. The son of a Communist Party member, Orris in the 1960s was a leader of Harvard University’s campus chapter of Students for a Democratic Society, the New Leftist organization that aspired to overthrow America’s democratic institutions and remake the nation’s government in a Marxist image. He later joined the Communist Party (CP) for more than two decades, before ultimately shifting his allegiance to the CP splinter group, Committees of Correspondence, where he remains a prominent figure to this day.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

White House Christmas Tree

Why let a holiday season come between the White House and making some political statements? The White House pegged controversial designer Simon Doonan to oversee the Christmas decorations for the White House. Mr. Doonan, who is creative director of Barney’s New York has often caused a stir with his design choices. Like his naughty yuletide window display of Margaret Thatcher as a dowdy dominatrix and Dan Quayle as a ventriloquist’s dummy. For this year’s White House, he didn’t disappoint.
These photos of ornaments on the White House Christmas tree in the Blue Room were taken just days ago. Of course, Mao has his place in the White House.
And, of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without an ornament of legendary transvestite Hedda Lettuce.
He/She even signed it.
And, so soon after collecting the Nobel Peace Prize, why wouldn’t the White House have an ornament super-imposing President Obama onto Mt. Rushmore.
I liked this piece of information from Personally, it doesn't rival the Clintons' when they decorated their first White House tree with different colored condoms. For your benefit I left out the bulb with Obama superimposed over Mt. Rushmore. It is my Christmas gift to you.

I'm #1

Hey!* I'm almost positive there was a photo of Harry Reid in an earlier post giving the same salute. I've never been a huge user of the flip, post early teen years. I've never flipped at cars who cut me off. I use other methods of showing displeasure. The 'flip' was unintentionally passed on to me by my dad. Truth is, my dad passed along many 'unintentionals' when I was a kid. By age 12 my Sacred Heart classmates and I had the procedure down to a science. Sr. Mary Louis Joseph was the recipient 90% of the time. She was a BVM, black-veiled monster for you non-minnow munchers. For the rest of us it meant Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Good gosh, how many days in purgatory did I earn for giving LJ the sacrilegious flip? I've seen the President give "The Presidential Flip" a couple of times. Once, he did it to Hillary on national TV during a debate. He ran The Finger down the crease on the left side of his nose as he refuted a statement of hers. The crowed laughed. This goes to show how childish he can be. Not me, though. When I want to counter some stupid remark I come back with, "Eat Me"! That's my favorite.

*My cousin always said, "Hey! is for horses.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Welcome Bronc

Welcome Bronc. Feel free to express your thoughts.

Tanning Salons

It is more than possible for me to take a midnight stroll and get a tan. No joke! I tan in no time flat. Some people pay good money to go to tanning centers to do to their bodies what comes naturally and quickly for me.
I watched and listened to the CEO and President of Hollywood Tans this afternoon. The tanning association is being taxed 10% for each "procedure" under the rules of Obama's health care plan. I'm sure there are those out there who aren't too excited about this new TAX. Many would say it's a frivolous, silly thing to do to their bodies. Why, it's almost the same as getting a tattoo. There was talk of a tax on plastic surgery but that's been eliminated. According to the tanning guy they(botox people) have a much larger lobby and a lot more money to to persuade politicians to vote their way. Who would find this surprising? Most people who use tanning centers are middle and lower class folks. Tanning centers are like Subway sandwich shops; one on every corner and they cater to Betty Sue and guys like Slick. Upper class dames and gents hop planes to the Bahamas to get brown bodies.
The point is a lot of people who do go to tanning centers will stop going. Remember that there is a 10% tax and that will be passed on to the people. It's going to be a paperwork nightmare for the owners of the companies and, surprise, the higher costs mean the help will be let go. I'm sure there are many more ramifications but this will do for now. Higher costs, more taxes, higher unemployment, companies going out of business and forced payment of insurance premiums; get the picture? Now, think of the hundreds of thousands of small businesses in this country where tanning bed rules apply. Yep! Leave it to the liberals to make life better for us. How is it possible for me to be angry like anger never before experienced and vomit sick at the same time?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Joe Wilson Was Right-He Is A Liar

President Obama, September 9, 2009:
There are also those who claim that our reform effort will insure illegal immigrants. This, too, is false – the reforms I’m proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. And one more misunderstanding I want to clear up – under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions…

I'm sure Axelrod, Emanual, Reid and even Senator Nelson will be able to spin this. In response to illegal immigrants Obama won't have to lie. He'll get them citizenship.

Ex-Obama Supporter Speaks Out

Michael Goodwin writes for the NY Daily News. He has had a change of heart about Obama:

"I am afraid for my country.
I am afraid -- actually, certain -- we are losing the heart and soul that made America unique in human history. Yes, we have enemies, but the greatest danger comes from within.
Watching the freak show in Copenhagen last week, I was alternately furious and filled with dread. The world has gone absolutely bonkers and lunatics are in charge.
Mugabe and Chavez are treated with respect and the United Nations is serious about wanting to regulate our industry and transfer our wealth to kleptocrats and genocidal maniacs.
Even more frightening, our own leaders joined the circus. Marching to the beat of international drummers, they uncoupled themselves from the will of the people they were elected to serve.
President Obama, for whom I voted because I believed he was the best choice available, is a profound disappointment. I now regard his campaign as a sly bait-and-switch operation, promising one thing and delivering another. Shame on me.
Equally surprising, he has become an insufferable bore. The grace notes and charm have vanished, with peevishness and petty spite his default emotions. His rhetorical gifts now serve his loathsome habit of fear-mongering.
"Time is running out," he says, over and again. He said it on health care, on the stimulus, in Copenhagen, on Iran.
Instead of provoking thought and inspiring ideas, the man hailed for his Ivy League nuance insists we stop thinking and do what he says. Now.
His assertion we will go bankrupt unless Congress immediately adopts the health monstrosity marks a new low. At least it did until he barged into a meeting in Copenhagen to insult the Chinese with the same do-it-now arrogance on carbon emissions."

Special Favors

The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and immunities of Citizens in the several States. **
Comments:The giving of special privileges to certain states in return for a positive vote on the Healthcare bill is Treasonous because it gives Aid and Comfort to our enemies.
**Constitution of the United States

It's Golf Season--Almost

December 22 is one of my favorite days of the year. That's when winter officially arrives and the days start getting longer. From that day forward it's only 68 days to March 1; the official opening day for golf season 2010.
I've had a number or requests to see my actual golf swing so if you take a good hard look at the photo you will see yours truly finishing what appears to be a perfectly struck 4 iron. It's either me or Ben Hogan. I'm not real sure.
This morning, while working out at the gym, I remembered the greatest golf shot by an amateur I've ever seen. I have told a few of my buddies about it and thought I'd pass it along. It was the Fall of 1982 and I was working the counter at a combination driving range and nine hole course in Davenport, Iowa. There is a world renowned chiropractic college in Davenport called the Palmer School. Students from all over the world come to the River City to learn the fine art of body adjustment. On one particular day a group of Swedish students came to play nine holes. Grasp this. The kids had never in their lives swung a golf club. They didn't have clubs and had to rent sets. I directed them to the first hole, a 175 yard par three. Since they had never been around a course I thought I'd watch just to make certain a club didn't fly out of their hands and onto Northwest Blvd. The first one on the tee box, I believe his name was Jesper, swung with all his might and the ball flew in the direction of the green. The ball did more than hit the green. It rolled in the direction of the flag and plopped into the cup for a hole in one! On that day I don't think the kid realized what he had accomplished.
Well, the outcome of this is that student quit school and went on to play on the PGA. He is the well known Jesper Parnevik and he credits me for his success.
I made up the last part but the rest of the story is quite accurate.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pop The Champagne

I just noticed a new follower has joined the ranks of MJHawkeye. Welcome Marine Doc. Glad to have you onboard, matey.

Senatorial Porn King

What Ben Nelson did to s***w the people surpasses any movie made by John Holmes. What was his schtick about abortion and all that jazz?
Thanks to Ace of Spades HQ for the photo

Obama The Laughingstock

From Ed Lasky at The American Thinker:
Is our President, and America itself, becoming laughingstock of the world to be ignored and dismissed, if not ridiculed, as Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro have? The world has taken measure of the man and he has fallen short.
Chavez calls Obama "the devil" and that, using his favorite way to describe the odor of American President, he smells of sulfur. Even Fidel Castro mocks him .
Then other world leaders "include him out" of meetings that he has to invite himself into to by barging in. The Iranians have swatted away his outstretched hand by depicting him as no better than George Bush.

Of course, the way he has mistreated allies - ignoring Prime Minister Gordon Brown (who had to force his own meeting with the President by meeting him in a kitchen), sending the bust of Winston Churchill back across the pond; stiffing the Dalai Lama, ignoring the work of allied nations that led to the tearing down on the Berlin Wall and the downfall of communism, and throwing various former allies under the bus does not engender trust or loyalty. He stabbed Alice Palmer, his mentor, in the back as he used legal challenges to knock her off the ballot during a race that he wanted to win. The list could go on..and will in the years ahead.

Knee Jerk Reaction

I'm the first to admit I had a knee jerk reaction to this morning's news that Nelson from Nebraska had caved to Harry Reid on health care. I should have waited for more information to come out. I didn't write anything untrue but bits and pieces are filtering through the air waves. Nelson was bought off at the expense of taxpayers in forty-eight states. We will be paying for Medicaide for Cornhuskers forever along with those from Vermont.Please, understand this. Taxpayers are paying the elderly in these two states for health coverage in addition to what we pay. Sen. Bernie Sanders(Socialist) from that state was bought off, too. You see, Sanders, who actually promotes himself as a socialist was in danger of voting NO on health care. He wanted single payer universal care. I'll give him credit. He does have the cajones to tell us his political affiliation. As for Nelson and his anti-abortion stance he puked on his reputation as a pro-lifer. He promised to allow abortion funding in ONLY 13 states. In another abortion pledge he said he would allow states to opt out of abortion funding if they desired. That is called 'passing the buck".
Let the revolution begin.

The Death Of Liberty

Senator Ben Nelson(D) Nebraska announced his "yea" vote for Obama health care this morning; a plan no one has seen. The Washington Post stated that "abortion language" in the bill was changed so that Nelson would agree. In addition, the soon to be voted out of office senator was promised certain favors for his vote. I'm assuming the 'favors' would be Offutt AFB remains open.
Kent Conrad(D) North Dakota, another about to be voted out of office senator signaled his support. The question now is, will there be enough losers from the Loser Party in the '10 elections to swing the majority back to the the Republicans? According to recent polling these John McCain/Lindsey Graham semi-Losers are in dangered of being swallowed up by the Taxed Enough Already(TEA) Party. There are a whole lot of Dems who fell on the sword for Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and our Communist-in-Chief. Don't worry about those people who will be sent packing. They have a heck of a pension plan AND they set it up so they can opt out of European style medical care. As for the people, senior citizens will see a $500 billion reduction in Medicare benefits, premiums for everyone will skyrocket. We will begin being taxed immediately after signing but there are no benefits for four years. In addition, the bill adds trillions to an already unsustainable debt. Over 115 bureaucratic offices will be created adding thousands upon thousands of positions for those who contribute absolutely nothing to economic growth. One sixth of the American economy will be turned over to 535 people who have made a shambles of everything Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, established over 200 years ago.
If this scenario pans out, and I have no reason to believe otherwise, it is a sad day to be an American.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Stimulus Cronyism

From Fox News 12/18/2009
Democratic districts have received nearly twice as much stimulus money as Republican districts and the cash has been awarded without regard to how badly an area was suffering from job losses, according to a new study.
The Mercatus Center at George Mason University reviewed the distribution of $157 billion in stimulus dollars based on publicly available reports and found that there was "no statistical correlation" between the amount of money a district got and its income or unemployment rate.
"You would think, right, that if the administration believes in its theory that government money can create jobs, they would spend a lot of money in districts that have high unemployment," study co-author Veronique de Rugy said. "We found absolutely no relationship. It just kind of shows that the money is spent kind of randomly."
Rather, the study found that Democratic congressional districts received 1.89 times more money than GOP districts. The average award for Democratic districts was $439 million, while the average award for Republican ones was $232 million.
On average, Democratic districts also got 152 awards, while Republican ones got 94.

What Obamacare Gives Us

From the Washington Times and written by Wesley Pruden, in very brief form, what will happen with Obamacare.
With Obama in Copenhagen for a climate meeting thatwill have the success of the Olymipics going to Chicago he leaves behind a chaotic debate over his health care "reform," a debate awash in irony, confusion and incredulity. The next stop is farce. ObamaCare, which the president promised would be a simple, thrifty, economical cure-all for the health care system, runs to 2,074 pages that a roomful of Philadelphia lawyers (or worse, Washington lawyers) couldn't parse. But what everybody does understand is that it will cost $2.5 trillion - that's a "t," not a "b" - that vastly expands the government bureaucracy, raises taxes and premiums on private insurance and devastates Medicare, and probably only make things worse. Other than that, it's a start.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Finally, It's Been Said

For many days I've said that Barack Hussein Obama is a communist. Finally, Kimberly Guilfoyle on the Sean Hannity Show said this, "Now we know he's a communist". It's time to stop whispering the truth and being politically correct. Shout it from the rooftops, people. Say it loud.
The people of this country do not want government health care by 64% but the Left is going to do what it can to shove it down our throats. The American people overwhelmingly are against cap and trade but Hillary Clinton, Pelosi, and Obama are in Denmark to give our wealth to the world; $100 billion dollars a year $30 billion of which it is estimated will come from the pockets of the American taxpayer. The populace of the US demand jobs and not spending. We're in debt and going bankrupt. Obama wants it this way and you know the reason why.

Tea Party Radicals In Denmark

Yes, the Tea Party Movement that started last April has spread it's tentacles to Copenhagen, Denmark. Also spreading a massive protest are the 9-12 Groups begun by that nut job, man hating, rodeo cowboy, Glenn Beck. Have you witnessed the rock throwing grandma's and grandpa's of the US trying to disrupt the Global Warming meetings? It's discouraging and it's against the law. Throw the bums in jail and throw away the key. Wait! It's not these groups. It's who? Oh, left wing communists. Uh! Hmmmm! Well, as Emily Litella said on SNL, "never mind".

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Electricity Rates Will Skyrocket

From congressman Mike PenceR) Indiana:

It is astonishing that in the midst of the worst recession in 26 years, this administration and Democrat leaders continue to advance job-killing proposals like the national energy tax and will carry that message to the global warming convention in Copenhagen.
Rather than making a priority of creating jobs, the president plans to attend negotiations at the United Nation’s convention on climate change in Denmark. This decision is wrong on several levels. The administration’s participation in the Copenhagen negotiations raises a number of concerns that the president should address before catching his flight.
A primary concern is the impact a global cap and tax system will have on our economy. In June, the House of Representatives passed a bill that would mandate carbon emission reductions amounting to a national energy tax. While there is still a lot of uncertainty about how much the average American household will pay if this national energy tax becomes law, perhaps the best estimate came from President Obama himself.
In 2008, then-Senator Obama said, “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” He went on to say that the costs will be passed “on to consumers.”
When President Obama said energy rates will “necessarily skyrocket,” I believed him. And I believe that is a prescription for economic decline. Skyrocketing electricity rates are unacceptable and it’s a high price to pay for a plan that will not even achieve its goal of reducing carbon emissions.

Slamming Pharmaceuticals

In speech after speech Obama has slammed Big Pharmaceuticals for not having drugs at the cost Europe and Canada provides it's people. Well, that's half the equation and it's something Obama doesn't mention. Isn't he a man of the people? All he has to do is say, "If you want drugs with competitive pricing call 1-800-Can-Drug". I take three different meds and I get them out of Canada for 70% less than what I would in this country. There are a number of reasons for this but mostly because we do all the testing then foreigners come up with their own brands. I had a long time friend tell me I was Un-American for not buying pills from domestics. No, what I am is smart by doing some competitive pricing. Anyway, who in their right mind considers Canada a foreign nation? Mexico? That's another story.
By the way, if you call up there mention my name. I get 20% off my next order.

The Chicago Way: Extortion

The Weekly Standard is reporting that an extortion threat has been made against Democrat Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska. Nelson is against any federal funding for abortion in the senate version of the health care plan. He is, in all probability, the last holdout among Democrats. Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff and Chicago thug has, according to sources, told Nelson that if he doesn't go along with Obama's plan Offutt Air Force Base near Omaha will be shut down. This is the home of the Strategic Air Command and employs 10,000 people. If this is the case and it appears to be so the Obama Administration should be brought up on charges of treason. It is more than despicable and shows all of us the color of traitors in the Oval Office. Nelson should come out in public and explain the situation. If he doesn't then expect him to roll over.

Club Gitmo II

I snagged this article, written by Ethel C. Fenig of the American Thinker, and placed it on my blog only to congratulate myself. I might have to sue for plagiarism due to the almost uncanny comparisons of my post below this one on the same subject. Gosh, I'm sitting by the phone all day waiting for that one phone call to hire me for my brilliance and the ability to pen thoughts. The only problem is Ms. Fenger writes much better than I while I'm an idea man. Even so, for a few minutes today, I'll feel like Hemingway.

"While Rick Moran is correctly thinking about buying a gun for the first time in his life because of the proposed transfer of Gitmo inmates to a pork-created, underused prison in Thomson, Illinois, about 150 miles from his home, let's look at the positive aspects, if any, of (alleged of course) terrorists on US soil. According to the weather conditions at Guantanamo on Monday morning seem delightful: sunny with a few clouds and light breezes on an 85 degree day. Off in the distance are palm trees, oceans--ahhhhh! Yeah, the inmates are in prison but they have access to pleasant outdoor facilities, uplifting scenery--well, as uplifting as any prison scenery can be of course. Meanwhile, off in Thomson, winter has arrived early and with a vengeance in this period of global warming: sure, it is bright and sunny but the temperature was 7 above zero, but the wind on the flat, bleak plain makes it seem as if it is 8 below. No relaxing outdoor exercise at this time of the year. Oh sure, the prison will be warm and cozy inside thanks to the new "cash for caulkers" planned "sexy" incentive weatherization program courtesy of President Barack Obama's (D) federal government and Home Depot--a local Thomson hardware store, like all small hardware stores owned by small businesspeople, seemingly unable to handle the job. However the ambience of Thomson seems dreary and cold compared to Gitmo.Certainly these chill factors are enough of a violation of the Geneva Convention that there will be an uproar from the ACLU, Human Wrongs Watch and others more concerned about the condition of the tender skins of (alleged) terrorists than those of the victims, that this transfer will be voided. After all, the needs of terrorists trump everything."

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cruel And Unusual Punishment In Illinois

I let my wife watch NBC Nightly News. I don't know why except to say I'm just one great guy. Tonight's news had a segment on Club Gitmo and the terrorists being transferred to Thomson, Illinois. My wife said, "well, they won't be wearing flip flops and rolled up pants in Illinois". I came back with, "Honey, you just gave me a snappy idea for a blog."
At Gitmo the weather is a constant; 80 degrees with steady cooling breezes. The thugs can wear shirt sleeves year round. They're allowed to kick up their feet while browsing the Koran and get a bruise on their foreheads doing the five times a day thing on the prayer rug---- outside. These guys are in for a monstrous wake up call. When my family moved to Columbus, Ohio from The Hawkeye State we experienced the average winter temperature of 29 degrees F. My sons`, in winter, would come home from school laughing and howling at the winter attire of their new classmates; parkas, mittens, boots, ski masks and every piece of winter paraphernalia imaginable. My kids were going to school in jackets and maybe a stocking cap. We had come from Iowa and you can't be a winter sissy and survive.
I grew up in Iowa and that state is separated by the Mississippi River from Illinois. Yep! It's that Illinois where the terrorists will be sent. They can expect the following: When the first snow comes as it did last week with 15" that same stuff will be on the ground come late March only tons more will be on top of it. Forget wind chill. It'll be cold. It'll be bbbrrrrrrr cold. Hah! Those murderers will be experiencing sub zero temperatures. January is a great month for this, all thirty-one days of it. "Hey Saddam, try putting your tongue on this metal pole". There is another season in the Midwest and it's called summer; 100 degrees of hot and muggy. It's can't breathe muggy. Did I mention that Thomson has a population of 600? It's a farm community with the main product being pigs. When the wind's just right all those Abduls will be sucking in the odor of pork do-do. Ahhhh! The thought of them finding out they're surrounded by pork makes my heart flutter.
Do not fear, though. We'll be hearing from the bleeding heart crowd about the poor living conditions, the poor weather conditions and how our poor, poor 'insurgents" are suffering. You can take it to the bank and I'm happy about it.

Christmas: How Sad It's Become

From the Boston Herald for Dec. 15:
An 8-year-old special needs student from Taunton was sent home from school and ordered to undergo psychological testing after drawing a stick-figure picture of Jesus Christ nailed to the cross, when asked by his teacher to depict what Christmas means to him.
Toni Saunders, an educational consultant with the non-profit Associated Advocacy Center in Sandwich, who was asked to help the family by their pastor, told the Herald, “I heard the story and I was appalled, to put it mildly.”
The Maxham Elementary School second-grader was booted from the school on Dec. 2 when school officials feared his artwork might be exposing violent tendencies, but was allowed to return on Dec. 7 after a two-day evaluation by a psychiatrist determined there was nothing wrong with him, Saunders said.
“My intention is to shed light on what is happening to children in schools because of zero tolerance,” she said. “I’m sure they expected Santa Claus or a reindeer, but that’s not where this child’s mind was.”
The boy’s father, Taunton school janitor Chester Johnson, 40, “just wants to get his son out of the school. His son is really traumatized from this event,” she said.
Johnson was also quoted as saying today he wants an apology from the school - “for his family and my kid.”
The drawing shows a crucified Jesus with Xs over his eyes, signifying his death.
The boy drew the picture shortly after visiting the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette in Attelboro to see its Christmas display.
Taunton School Superintendent Julie Hackett said she could not discuss an individual student and did not address the drawing specifically or the teacher’s reaction to it, but did say the school has safety protocols in place that were followed.
“This is one of those ‘How is this possible?’ scenarios,” Saunders said. “We live in a society where we’re supposed to honor children and their imagination.”

Obit Update

It was about one year ago I wrote a post on reading obituaries and what they meant. Actually, it was a humerous bit that I patted myself on the back for after I'd realized it's completion.
I told myself, "self, this is pretty good". Well, reading obits is getting to be tedious. Truth is, it's not so much fun.
I read the obits from the Quad-Cities Iowa/Illinois each day. I've had enough of o-bitch-uaries and what they say. Today's count according to age went like this: 76, 62, 46, 63, 58, 63 and 76. Do you get my drift? There are too many 'youngsters' giving up the goat. I'm damned mad about this and I'm not going to take it anymore.

Monday, December 14, 2009

What!!!! No Embryonic Stem Cells

I constantlym get a kick out of medical articles where existing stem cells or cells from a patient are used to come up with medical break throughs. Yes, we're still waiting for those medical miracles with the embryonic kind. I think we'll be waiting for a long time for tis to happen.
From the Guardian UK:

"Ben Leahy, 20, was diagnosed with the multiple sclerosis in 2008 and lost the ability to stand within a few months.
However, a new procedure to combat the disease has helped him regain his health and he is now walking again.
The treatment targets the immune system of multiple sclerosis patients, which turns in on itself causing damage to nerves which can lead to blurred vision, loss of balance and paralysis.
Doctors carried out a new technique to remove stem cells from his bone marrow before using chemicals to destroy all his immune cells.
The stem cells were then transplanted back into Mr Leahy's body to replenish the immune system – effectively resetting it.
Dr Colin Andrews, a neurologist from Canberra, said the positive results had surprised doctors.
"At the moment there's a good chance we may have arrested the disease," he said.
"He walks pretty well, there's only some mild weakness in his right leg and some visual loss in one eye and apart from that he's very intact.".
Dr Andrews said doctors had previously been reluctant to use the technique because of the risk of death was estimated to be around eight per cent several years ago.
But improvements in the techniques meant the risk was now one per cent and Dr Andrews said the outstanding results of Mr Leahy's treatment meant it could be used on more patients in the future.
"It sets another landmark for people to work towards," he said.
Mr Andrews said that for some patients there would be a 60 to 80 per cent chance that the progress of the disease could be stopped and many would have a good chance of their symptoms being reversed"


The big boss gave himself a B+ for his first year in office. Wish I could've graded moi for my four years of college. I'd have been a Rhoades Scholar. Considering Obama is at a 44% approval rating B+ seems over inflated. Last I heard 44% was an F.
You've heard the comments told by the Norwegians when he flew into Oslo to get the Peace Prize: "The ego has landed".

A Blip On The Screen

There's a trailer running across the bottom of my television on the ESPN stations. A statement from the CEO of Nike has made a statement about their main man, Tiger. It, the statement, is a defense of Mr. Woods and says, "when his career is finished this problem will be only a minor blip against him." Coming from Nike I can understand this. In my mind the same would come from Starbuck's CEO. Proctor and Gamble would fall in line as would Pepsi Cola and Coke Products. Wonder why? It's simple. They are are liberally conscious companies with an emphasis on diversity. It's the reason Accenture dropped Tiger. He didn't fit into the conservative, corporate image. So, as I write, it occurs to me that this country is as divided as we've been since the Civil War; right and left, liberal and conservative, democrat and republican, good and bad. This is one reason for me maintaining balance in life with an open mind. It took a long time to understand that the road to hell is paved with Liberals.

The Man Finds Another Scapegoat

Obama is not only losing it he has lost it. The Won lambasted America's bankers on 60 Minutes last evening. I mean he really laid into them---while they weren't there. Then today after he had called in these bigwigs to the White House to blame them for our financial woes he was somewhat more conciliatory. Even so, I can't figure out the modus operandi with this administration when it comes to blame. Banks are supposed to lend to those who can't afford mortgage payments then they get blamed for too much lending. What level of education does it take to understand it was Henry Waxman, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank who opened the spigots for the mortgage crisis? Yeah, the bankers are taking huge bonuses and they are culpable for some serious irresponsibility. But, I still marvel at the blame deflection of Obama. When he can't blame Bush there's a plethora of blame groups available. Obama has a rolodex full of them to fall back on. One thing you will never hear from Obama, "I messed up".

Reid's Plan: Costs More, Covers Fewer

I was shocked to read the underlying article in the LA times only because it was the LA Times. At present Harry Reid is a hook without bait. Let's hope it stays that way. It's time to pull out your rosaries. If you don't believe in this do it anyway. I've got a pipeline to Mary, folks.

"It's probably just coincidental that bad numbers about President Obama's much-coveted healthcare legislation came out late last week when few people were paying attention.
This is the absolutely crucial healthcare reform plan that simply had to be drafted, discussed, debated, amended and passed before early August. It's supposed to cover millions more Americans and reduce the nation's soaring medical costs.
Turns out, not.
Here's a little chapter review before semester finals:
Analysts in the Obama administration's Health and Human Services Department reported Friday that the nation's $2.5-trillion annual healthcare tab will not shrink at all under the Democrats' legislative blueprint as being pushed by happy Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic leader in the Senate.
Instead, they said, the nation's medical costs will actually grow faster under the new bill than....

...they would if that chatty crowd of Washington spenders did absolutely nothing nada zippo about it. And even if they did pass the existing version for all that money, 24 million Americans would still remain uncovered."

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Public School Education

"Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted."Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

"When an opponent declares, "I will not come over to your side," I calmly say, "Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community."Adolf Hitler

Carbon Footprint

Bet you didn't know this: The U.S. of A. as part of a Copenhagen climate treaty would be required to give to China and India billions of dollars for them to reduce their carbon output. The same goes for Australia and Gt. Britain. Prime Minister Gordon Brown from GB thinks it's a peachy idea to give China one billion large. Remember that we owe China and Japan billions that we've borrowed already but we want to give the ChiComs $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ so they can become a clean air partner. Forget that China, India and eastern Europe look like Cleveland. Joe the Plumber was one of the first to say, "redistribution of wealth".

Hollywood And Our Children

From Michelle Malkin:
The two most important questions for society, according to the Greek philosopher Plato, are these: What will we teach our children? And who will teach them? Left-wing celebrities have teamed up with one of America’s most radical historians to take control of the classroom in the name of “social justice.” Parents, beware: This Hollywood-backed Marxist education project may be coming to a school near you.
On Sunday, December 13, the History Channel will air “The People Speak” – a documentary based on Marxist academic Howard Zinn’s capitalism-bashing, America-dissing, grievance-mongering history textbook, “A People’s History of the United States.” The film was co-produced/written/bankrolled by Zinn’s Boston neighbor and mentee Matt Damon. An all-star cast of Bush-bashing liberals including Danny Glover, Josh Brolin, Bruce Springsteen, Marisa Tomei, and Eddie Vedder, will appear. Zinn’s work is a self-proclaimed “biased account” of American history that rails against white oppressors, the free market, and the military.
Zinn’s objective is not to impart knowledge, but to instigate “change” and nurture a political “counterforce” (an echo of fellow radical academic and Hugo Chavez admirer Bill Ayers’ proclamation of education as the “motorforce of revolution.”) Teachers are not supposed to teach facts in the school of Zinn. “There is no such thing as pure fact,” Zinn asserts. Educators are not supposed to emphasize individual academic achievement. They are supposed to “empower” student collectivism by emphasizing “the role of working people, women, people of color, and organized social movements.” School officials are not facilitators of intellectual inquiry, but leaders of “social struggle.”


In the interest of fairness I'm taking the high road and removing the photo and explanation(s) for Air Force 1. It's the right thing to do.

Invictus: The Movie

It is my wish that if a movie is ever done on my life I want the screenplay done by whoever did it for the movie: Invictus. The wife and I went to see it yesterday for two reasons: first, our beautiful neighbor had her last chemo procedure and since we, her husband included, go to the cinema on Friday it was a celebration of sorts. Secondly, I didn't want to see a vampire movie.
If you're not familiar with the film it's about Nelson Mandela just after he was elected the head of South Africa in the 90's and how he wanted to unite blacks and whites in that country. It was his contention that it would be done through sports. He felt if the SA rugby team won the 1995 World Cup it would be a first step in bringing about this transformation. I'll cut to the chase. They win! Was there ever a doubt. Why make movie about a bunch of losers?
Now to the screenplay part. After watching this tribute to a human god and had I not known better, I would have thought Mandela was perfection personified. Each utterance from his mouth was like a proverb from Confucius. I'm making book he never had to go to the bathroom. He was that special. The sad thing is our movie friends didn't actually know much about Mandela. The wife works in a dental office and her husband is a lawyer, not exactly homeless and uneducated. I figure if they are unaware of the real Nelson Mandela you could understand how the rest of the population perceives him.
Here's a very brief bio on the man: he sucked up to the US, Japan and any other democracy that had a thriving economy and money to give him. I mean, how can you turn down some guy who spent 27 years in prison for trying to break up apartheid and leading protests against the White controlled government? When not giving it his all to be involved in our economic system you'd usually find him with his best pals; Saddam Hussein, Muammar Khadafy and, last but not least, that man he liked and admired most; Fidel Castro. Nelson Mandela was a walking, talking hammer and sickle. Mandela had three wives and the last, Windela, was a beaut. Mr. Mandela had to dump her when she started taking retribution on their enemies by giving them "tire necklaces". They're not pleasant but only for awhile. Take a tire and put it over some guy's head. That doesn't sound so bad. Oh, I forgot to mention, put gasoline inside the tire well and throw in a match. Fun, huh!
Up until now I've purposely neglected to mention the star of the movie, Matt Damon. I read an article yesterday that this Hollywood icon selected Mandela as the greatest person of the last fifty years. Hmmmm! Danny DeVito did the same thing when he made a film about Jimmy Hoffa. Say Hollywood and you say stupid.
The producers of Invictus neglected to mention that South Africa from 1995 to present is a corrupt, crime-ridden, poverty stricten country with crime and murder rates through the roof. The film wasn't all that exciting but it was the first time I've actually seen the game of rugby played. Man, those guys are nuts!

Friday, December 11, 2009

John Thune 2012

During the Civil War Abraham Lincoln had great difficulty in finding generals who were willing to fight. These supposed leaders were tentative in there approach to military strategy. When Lincoln was asked about this he stated, "I don't need anybody but I do need somebody". He found his somebody in U.S. Grant.
The present day Republican party has an opportunity to wrest the White House in 2012 but not by nominating 'anybody'. As much as I love Sarah Palin she will have a greater impact on bringing the Republican Party together in an area not related to running for the presidency. Mitt Romney would be a good candidate except he has two things working against him: (1) he initiated the dreadful health care plan in Massachusetts while governor. It has been a massive failure and (2) he's a Mormon. That's like being a Catholic in 1960 and JFK found that to be his biggest hurdle to the presidency along with his youth. Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty are too visible too soon. People have already formed opinions on them and it spells "loser"
For these reasons I'm backing Senator John Thune, senator from South Dakota. The American electorate don't know it yet but he's as close to Ronald Reagan as we've had since, well, Reagan. Thune is an Evangelical Christian, married and the father of two daughters. He's 48 years old with Hollywood looks. In 2002 he ran for the office of senator and was defeated by Democrat Tim Johnson by 500 votes. Thune refused to have a recount which would have dragged out the recount process for months and cost the State millions. For this he gained much respect. Thune then set his site on the election of 2004 against Tom Daschle, Senate Majority Leader, and took him down. Isn''t that great. Johnson suffered a stroke and to this day is impotent in the Senate unless there's a big vote then the Dems throw him in a wheelchair and drag him to where ever he's needed. If it wasn't for the action by Thune against Johnson, Daschle would still be a perpetual thorn. As it is now, the the tax cheat is helping mess up health care with his undercover input. Thune defeated Daschle and 'somebody' defeats Harry Reid. Fantastic!
Thune is 100% Pro-Lif'e, has voted against same sex marriage and did the same for gay adoptions in D.C.
He is a supporter of Free Trade Agreements.
Thune is a proponent of gun rights and to prohibit lawsuits against gun manufacturers. When it comes to immigration he is against sanctuary cities for illegals.
Finally, the American Conservative Union has voted him a rating of 100. That's almost perfect, isn't it?
John Thune, and this will drive liberals and Democrats nuts, thinks we should cut taxes and stop wasteful spending. He wants the government to get out of the way and allow the recession to cure itself. What a novel concept!
The very best thing about Thune at this time is he is under the radar. While the MSNBC'ers of the world have their sites set on Palin, etc. Thune can go about raising a war chest while no one's looking. Better yet, he's squeaky clean, I think. In this day nothing is certain but until I'm shown otherwise, John Thune is my candidate to resurrect the country and take it back from the communists.

Shovel Ready Boondoggle

From Dennis Cauchon at USA Today:

The number of federal workers earning six-figure salaries has exploded during the recession, according to a USA TODAY analysis of federal salary data.
Federal employees making salaries of $100,000 or more jumped from 14% to 19% of civil servants during the recession's first 18 months — and that's before overtime pay and bonuses are counted.
Federal workers are enjoying an extraordinary boom time — in pay and hiring — during a recession that has cost 7.3 million jobs in the private sector.
The highest-paid federal employees are doing best of all on salary increases. Defense Department civilian employees earning $150,000 or more increased from 1,868 in December 2007 to 10,100 in June 2009, the most recent figure available.
When the recession started, the Transportation Department had only one person earning a salary of $170,000 or more. Eighteen months later, 1,690 employees had salaries above $170,000.
The trend to six-figure salaries is occurring throughout the federal government, in agencies big and small, high-tech and low-tech. The primary cause: substantial pay raises and new salary rules.
"There's no way to justify this to the American people. It's ridiculous," says Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, a first-term lawmaker who is on the House's federal workforce subcommittee.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yes I Do

Obama Embraces Gays And Lesbians

As Seinfeld said, "I'm not Gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that". It seems to be that the appointment of members of the alternative lifestyles by Obama have an emphasis on schools and our children. Two significant examples being, Chai Feldblum(right photo) and Safe Schools Sex Czar, Kevin Jennings. Jennings is a member of NAMBLA and has come out with some rather controversial books for implementation in our public schools. I'm no prude but the idea introducing a "Guide For Fisting" in grades 7-12 is more than disgusting. If you've never heard of 'Fisting' you'll have to look it up because it's too appalling to explain. I have blogged an article from The Family Research Council. As you might expect it's a conservative group with a conservative viewpoint. According to some that would make them out of the mainstream. Read on:
"Gay sex is morally good." "Committed, loving households [can have] more than one conjugal partner." "Gays win; Christians lose."These could easily be the new mottos of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) if Chai Feldblum escapes today's Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee hearing as the next boss of the EEOC. That string of comments is only part of Chai's shocking record on marriage, religious liberty, conscience, special rights, and polygamy. Feldblum, a lesbian, comes with an impressive resume of radicalism--complete with tours at the Human Rights Campaign, the ACLU, and a clerkship with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmum, who authored the Roe v. Wade decision. She even authored the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which is more than a little ironic since the EEOC would be the agency to enforce ENDA. If confirmed, Feldblum would help President Obama achieve his goal of assembling a team of liberal extremists in every pocket of his administration. Speaking of the ridiculous White House appointments, check out the Washington Times op-ed on one of the President's other homosexual proteges, Kevin Jennings, safe schools czar, whom FRC has been sounding the alarm over. Apparently, his "recommended reading" list as head of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) contains some interesting subplots.

Follow The Money

You might recall that yesterday I wrote about how Mark Penn, a pollster for Hillary in the last election, received $6 million worth of stimulus money to save three company jobs. It reading the Washington Examiner for today it is revealed that Hillary still owes $995,000 to his firm. And exactly what did Penn provide for this stimulus cash? Well, he helped during the switchover from Analog to Digital TV, or was it the other way around? The Examiner stated that a couple of thousand people received informational service. Now I understand. That does make it well worth his pay.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


"And just how, pray tell, am I supposed to hold in this gas"?


The Democrats side with a corrupt organization and the Republicans support the taxpayer. So, I've taken a paragraph from Big Government from a speech from Rep. Jon Boehner of Ohio
"Last night, defying the will of a bipartisan majority of the House and Senate, Democrats voted to allow the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) to receive federal taxpayer dollars."

Those Silly Ruskies

A chemistry student in the Ukraine was found dead with his jaw blown off by what is believed to be exploding chewing gum(Snip)The student apparently had a bizarre habit of chewing gum after dipping it into citric acid(Snip)Investigators suspect that the student simply confused the packets and put gum covered with explosive material into his mouth.

More Garbage From DC

From The Hill magazine:
"Nearly $6 million in stimulus money was paid to two firms run by Mark Penn, Hillary Clinton’s pollster in 2008.
Federal records show that $5.97 million from the $787 billion stimulus helped preserve three jobs at Burson-Marsteller, the global public-relations and communications firm headed by Penn."

I just contacted my congressman. That and a piece of pie will get me a piece of pie.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


What a gyp! I just read an article from the NY Times sort of covering White House social secretary, Desiree Rogers, and what she said about Christmas at the Big House. It seems the Obama's were not going to have traditional, you know, Christmas religious decorations. For some silly reasons they changed their minds.It might be a political thing but I'm only guessing. One thing we do know, though, is that Sasha and Malika don't receive gifts; never have and never will. Their parents don't believe in this. Hmmmm! Wonder why. What a gyp! Well, there's always Kwanza.


When I titled this entry 10 I wasn't referring to the 1977 movie starring Bo Derek. To date there have been ten mistresses come a callin' for fame and fortune as FOT. I am in wonderment about these young women. Do any or all actually think golf's best was going to give up his wife, knowingly, to be with them? How would they face their mother and or father now that their pictures are plastered around the world.....around the country....... in their home state..... in their home the neighborhood where they grew up and went to school? Aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces and nephews, friends and acquaintances; all those people to deal with and try and look in their eyes. Gosh, I wouldn't want the pressure. Maybe I'm just a danged old fogey. It could be that some or all of the girls are laughing about what's happened to them. After all,they have been on Entertainment Tonight. Is it possible that as more names are revealed the trashier these young women become or feel? How long does it take to get over being used? Does a payoff of one million dollars salve the wound?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christians vs. ACLU

I have two questions I need answered and they are unrelated to each other. The University of Alabama played The University of Florida in the championship football game of The Southeast Conference last Saturday. I could care less about the outcome. I've never been a fan of Alabama football. I don't care much for Florida, either. The person I do like and admire is the quarterback for Florida, Tim Tebow. The young man won the Heisman Trophy, emblematic as the best football player in college, two years ago. During his tenure the Gators have won two National Championships. My reason for respecting Tebow is because of the way he wears his Christianity; not a phony Christian but one who walks the walk better than he talks the talk. He comes by this naturally. His parents are missionaries and have instilled some very fine values into their son.
You do know how footballers put eye black under their eyes. I think it's mostly for style and, in some cases, to send a message. Terrell Prior from Ohio State had 'Vick' under his eyes earlier in the year alluding to dog killer, Michael Vick. I don't think this was sending a good message. Tebow had a message, too. The message was: John 33:16. I thought that was great because Tim Tebow is that kind of kid. Did you think I'd forget the question? Well, I didn't. Since the University of Florida is a state school funded by taxpayer money how long will it take for the ACLU to sue Tebow and the Florida football team for praying in public? After all this is a huge separation of church and state issue. There must have been millions of atheists all across the nation appalled at Tebow's disregard for the US Constitution. Tebow's very popular in the Sunshine state but they did lose to 'Bama so it's difficult to guage the support the Florida team would receive. Even so, wouldn't it be great to watch this scenrio unfold?
Second question: Doggone it! Since I started writing the Tebow thing I forgot what I was going to ask. It'll come to me, though, so hang in there.

Tiger Chases Record

It isn't only Jack Nicklaus' record for PGA Majors Tiger is trying to surpass. Now that his seemingly endless list of mistresses are looking for their fifteen minutes he might also be close to Wilt Chamberlins' shag list of 100,000.

Our Elected Scum

Page 144, line 22 allows members of Congress and their families the opportunity to opt of government health care. There is a small glitch, though. Our elected scum are working to have members of their staff included in this provision and that is creating a hang up in passage of the bill. Not to worry, though. There will be some way to slam it through.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ain't It Great

Thanks to for this Saturday morning laugh.

Friday, December 4, 2009

How Media Reports Unemployment: Bush vs. Obama

From the blog, Publius Forum by Warner Todd Huston:
"It never ceases to amaze me how differently the Old Media treats Republican presidents compared to how they treat Democrat Presidents during times of unemployment reporting. Today, in the vaunted era of Obama, the unemployment numbers for November 2009 have come out and it shows some of the highest unemployment numbers since the Great Depression. Despite that the Old Media seems to be playing this as a sign of optimism. Such optimism was decidedly not in the cards when that same Old Media was reporting rates during Bush’s years, however.
Let’s take two reports from The New York Times for example. One from September 7, 2002 in Bush’s first term and one from December 4, 2009, early in the Obama presidency.
In 2002, The New York Times reported Bush’s 5.7 percent unemployment rate, noting that it was a drop from 5.9 percent, with the following headline: Unemployment Fell in August, But Drop Is Called Insignificant.
For the Times, David Leonhardt started off on a sour note whilst reporting this drop in unemployment.
The labor market improved slightly last month but offered little hope that the economy would soon emerge from its prolonged weakness.
For the Times a 5.7 percent unemployment rate in 2002 was doom and gloom. This rate did not excite, said the Times. Later in the piece Leonhardt reported that the decline was “almost meaningless” and that ”(t)he drop in the unemployment rate should be ignored.”
Remember, in 2002 Bush was president.
Flash forward to 2009 as the Times finds that from Bush’s 5 percent to Obama’s 10 percent unemployment we have double the bad news but as far as the Times is concerned it is actually all good news. On Dec. 4, the Times happily issued a report with this headline: U.S. Economy Lost Only 11,000 Jobs in November.
Hallelujah, we “only” lost 11,000 jobs! Yes, it was all sunny optimism for a 10 percent rate. The Times went on with more happy talk.'

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's A Boy!

This is a baby. Not a fetus. Not a clump of cells. The child is not a viable mass. This is a picture of a baby. This infant is in it's mother's womb and is still growing. It has been five months since conception. I wonder what he/she is thinking? They dream, you know. They feel pain. Babies have fingerprints which distinguishes them from every other person ever born, before or after. Pretty nifty, huh!

The Nordegren Sisters

If you looked at my blog a half or so ago you saw a picture of two very attractive women; Elin, Tiger's now wife, and her twin sister, Josefina. Upon further consideration I determined that picture was inappropriate. The picture focused on their physical beauty, not in a bad way but I felt it best to show them as sisters and family. In my mind, some might conclude I was making sex objects of these ladies and, in this case, more sympathetic to Elin and her family, I could not be. Therefore, I felt it was necessary to remove the photo.

Josefina, in gray and carrying Mrs. Woods daughter, Alexis, is flanked by Elin Woods. Now, back to my main premise. Why is it that some men who seemingly have everything don't have enough? As stated, it has to be a power trip but it's got to be more than that. 'As my wife said, "aren't you happy we're not famous"?

As a post script to this scenario can you imagine how many wives will now be searching their husbands cell phone numbers. One action leads to thousands of reactions, either for good or bad.

H-E-L-P US, Somebody, Anybody

I wanted to buy a pickup to haul around my boat but I don't have the money. The wife and I wanted to go to Florida to celebrate our 40th anniversary but it's too expensive. I went to a basketball game last night and the ticket was $29 so now I won't be able to go to the driving range for awhile; four times at $7 a bucket. It'd be neat if I could get those Mizuno irons I saw and hit yesterday. The ball springs off the clubface. Gosh, they're expensive. Priorities!
IN ORDER TO GET THE COUNTRY MOVING DO TWO THINGS: STOP SPENDING AND CUT TAXES!!!!!! But we should know he doesn't want us to recover. It's all a part of his takeover plan.

It's How One Says It

For a variety of reasons, I cannot put up with this President and his speech patterns. Al Gore drove me nuts with his monospeech. Critics slammed GW for mangling the English language but the ones that send me over the wall are uttered by the worst President since James Buchanan. Don't think I'm a big fan of Woodrow Wilson or LBJ, either.
What does it say about Obama when he pronounces Pakistan as 'pock-E-ston' and Taliban as 'tol-E-bohn'. Are these code pronunciations for "I'm a wuss" or a signal to our enemies that he is in their corner? I'm not a confirmed "Birther" but maybe something keeps slipping in without his being cognizant.
Oh, and if you didn't notice, The Traitor told us we'd be out of Afghanistan by July of 2011. The 'tol-E-bohn' can take eighteen months off to reload and wait for us to exit before they ramp up again.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Johnstown Flood Tax

This is the way government functions. It was so in 1936 and remains the same today.

"Many of you have probably heard of the 1889 Johnstown Flood, one of the worst natural disasters in United States history. What you may not know, however, is that another great flood hit Johnstown in March 1936, a flood that is still taxing Pennsylvania alcohol sales. Originally created to channel emergency relief funds to victims of the Johnstown Flood, the Johnstown Flood Tax is a 10 percent temporary tax that was placed on the sale of all alcohol in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It was only supposed to last a few years to raise the $41 million necessary to rebuild the community - an effort that was achieved by the end of 1942. Nearly 70 years later, that tax is still in place and now stands at 18 percent (before the statewide 6% sales tax is tacked on).
The near $200 million collected annually no longer goes to flood victims, however, instead going into the general fund for lawmakers to use as they see fit. A temporary tax that has overstayed its welcome." I have to give socialist site, google, credit for this post though I don't want to. They are in Obama's hip pocket.

A Race War?

James Simpson of the American Thinker has written a very scary, scary article detailing what might be coming in the way of a race war in this country. It could be a combination of domestic and religious hatred against anything and everything Christian and White. Simpson relates inside info on the Washington killings of three policemen and one policewoman.

Maurice Clemmons, the alleged shooter in the Sunday murder of four Lakewood, Washington police officers, was killed early yesterday morning by a Seattle police officer.
The blogsite Fire Andrea Mitchell reported that a radical black Muslim group called National Black Foot Soldiers held a protest today outside the Parkland, Washington coffee shop where the murders occurred. The protesters allegedly gathered to celebrate Clemmons as a "Crowned BOW (Black on White) Martyr," calling his attack a "preemptive strike on terrorists..."
The substance of this story was originally announced by a blog called the Last Crusade, which has also claimed that Clemmons converted to Islam while imprisoned in Arkansas. Gateway Pundit picked up the story as well, noting however, that Last Crusade's claim of Clemmons' conversion is unsubstantiated.
A black militant site called "Black Male Felon" seemingly described the protest:
The rally came after a reported emergency meeting held by the [Black Foot Soldiers] movement to to map out plans for a street penitentiary protest and street party that will be held to disrespect tributes, memorials and funerals whites are expected to have for the terrorists.
Whatever the Black Foot Soldiers may be planning, there actually was no "rally." Spokesmen for both the Lakewood and Tacoma, Washington police departments said they had not heard of anything like that going on. The Pierce County Sheriff's office, which is handling the coffee shop shooting investigation, stated unequivocally that there was no such protest.
The truth is actually worse. The Black Foot Soldiers were not protesting, except perhaps online, but they were referring to Clemmons' attack as a protest:
Seattle Black Foot Soldiers say the four people slain in a daring demonstration at the Steele Street Forza Coffee House in Parkland were racist terrorists who caused black citizens to live in fear. (Emphasis added.)
What these groups say is that any killing of whites, including in this case Clemmons' cold-blooded murder of officers Renninger, Owens, Griswald, and Richards, is "a legitimate protest". Black Male Felon celebrates the killings as "Brother Maurice Clemmons' daring stand against white police terrorism." The theme of National Black Foot Soldiers is captured in the slogan: "When whites pay reparations there will be no more black on white crime."
The vitriolic hatred on these sites is enough to turn a person's stomach. The bit of writing contained on these sites is essentially a collage of run-on sentences spewing foul language interspersed liberally with admonitions to kill whitey. They blatantly advocate murder and defend other recent cases of seemingly senseless black on white killings, like the four Oakland police officers killed by Lovelle Mixon, and many, many others.
Many who voted for Barack Obama believed his election would finally put an end to this kind of racist hatred. Indeed, he promised to work toward that end. If anything however, his election seems to have emboldened it. Jeremiah Wright should have been a warning.
It is pointless to argue with the kind of lunatic delusion that motivates these people. They are beyond reaching. It recalls the video of "Professor" Kamau Kambon advocating ing the extermination of white people. The Black Male Felon site defines the terms BOW (black on white) BOB (black on black) WOB (white on black) and WOW (white on white), while the National Black Foot Soldiers objects to black on black killing, but not killing per se, reminding its readers "THERE IS 1 ENEMY. LET US HAVE 1 MIND. [sic]"
It is not known at present whether or not Clemmons was associated with any of these groups, but one post ascribes a quote to Clemmons, in which he says: "Watch the news, I'm gonna kill a bunch of cops."