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Bringin' Home The Bacon: Over 20 Million Hogs In Iowa

The headline doesn't do a whole lot for most of you. Quite frankly, me neither, but we have to be first in something. And considering the byproducts: pigs feet, sow belly's, pork rinds, pig snout--well I'd say there's one heck of a lot of common folk are just a teeny bit jealous of what's happenin' in the pig capital of the world.

"Boosted by a record number of piglet births from March to May, Iowa’s June population of hogs reached 20.1 million on June 1, a year-over-year gain of 2 percent and tying a record state hog inventory set last September.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s quarterly hog and pig report said the March – May 2012 newly-born pig crop was 5.04 million head. A total of 485,000 sows farrowed with an average litter size of 10.4 pigs per sow".

Spoiled Rotten

Excerpt from the book, Spoiled Rotten, by Jay Cost.

The real problem with the health reform efforts was the controversial manner by which it was passed. Rather than propose a bill to Congress, President Obama allowed the legislature to draft health care reform basically from scratch, and the result was a political disaster. Dozens upon dozens of “stakeholders” (the buzzword the Obama administration used for special-interest groups aligned with the Democratic party) emerged out of nowhere to demand this exceptional consideration or that particular carve-out. The line of groups demanding to wet their beaks seemed endless: big businesses, labor unions, liberal activist groups, medical groups representing doctors, nurses, drug companies, and so on. And of course, wavering legislators were able to extract significant concessions, the most infamous of which was Nebraska senator Ben Nelson’s “Cornhusker Kickback” that exempted only Nebraska from having to pay additional costs for the expanded Medicaid rolls. The only ones who did not get a seat at the table were the American people, the supposed beneficiaries of the reform effort.

H-O-T Hot

Well, what do ya' expect? It's summer, isn't it? Here in Olathe, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City, it's always hot in summer. My son and his fiance were married almost eleven years ago in KC. Members of the wedding party and guests stayed at a Holiday Inn. It was a sweltering 100+ when the air conditioning went out. Somehow we all survived.
You've heard the old saw about Arizona and it being a dry heat.  Yeah, right. If I put you in an oven and set the temperature at 114 that'd be a dry heat but you'd also fry like crispy bacon. Norton Dam, Kansas set an all-time record of 118 yesterday. Norton Dam is in far western Kansas and borders Nebraska. Only somebody like Dorothy would say about Kansas, "there's no place like home".
I stayed with a friend at his place in Tucson last July. It was the same as here except because of being on Pacific time I went to bed at 7 and woke up at 4:30. On W.C. Fields epitaph it is written,  I'd rather be in Philadelphia". No big break their either. It's hotter than Hades. Don't ya' know. It's summer.


In thinking about my readership, "hi luvs", I was thinking you might be interested in the truly great conservative sites. So I'll add an attachment for you to check it out. In addition, there are a slug of near miss sites that didn't make the top 100. If you're like me much of the time, shiftless with tons of time on your hands, you'll have a whale of a time pouring over these sites.

Dems: Unionize Doctors

In another sign that our healthcare industry is soon to be just another arm of the Democrat Party, Chicago are Democrat Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky thinks it’s a great idea if doctors unionize. It's a great idea if you want your doctors standing around like highway workers watching a grader do his job.


A Surgeon Speaks Out

The day the Supreme Court ruled in favor of ObamaCare, a friend called me. He's an extremely dedicated, much-loved surgeon, and he was frustrated and livid in equal measure.
"I've actually had a lot of experience working in all different types of environments," he began. "I've worked in a government-run socialized medical care system, and I saw the waste and inefficiency.

Read more:

Friday, June 29, 2012

"Libs, This Is Your Classy President"

Using the F word in his twitter account and selling BFD t-shirts: that's what the Liberal Party of Communism has become. Show some class, people.

After the Supreme Court handed down the decision to uphold his signature legislation, President Barack Obama's account tweeted a reference to Vice President Joe Biden's famous line on the legislation:

Barack Obama twitter

That's a reference to Biden's hot-mic comment to Obama upon signing the Affordable Care Act into law, when he said it was a "big f***ing deal." Obama's campaign is also attempting to make money off the reference, selling "Health Reform: Still A BFD" T-shirts on its website. (The Obama campaign has been selling these since March, before the oral arguments.)

Read more:

Home Again

Ol' MJ was in Iowa for two days. It was steaming hot. I even passed on a round of golf. The Mazda pulled out of the lake cabin at 9am on Wednesday morning and the temperature guage read 62 degrees, When I pulled into the Boone, Iowa drive way the same guage clunked over triple digits at 103. That's when I saw a resident under the shade of a large tree a couple of houses down and did what I've wanted to for ages. I approached him, still in my car, and yelled out, "hot enough for ya'"? It was great. You see, Iowans have two pat phrases for their two seasons. You just read the first and the second is, "cold enough for ya'"? Pardon me, I almost forgot the third one;
How 'bout them Hawks?

Full List Of ObamaCare Tax Hikes

Obamacare law contains 20 new or higher taxes on American families and small businesses
Taxpayers are reminded that the President’s healthcare law is one of the largest tax increases in American history.
Obamacare contains 20 new or higher taxes on American families and small businesses.
Arranged by their respective effective dates, below is the total list of all $500 billion-plus in tax hikes (over the next ten years) in Obamacare, where to find them in the bill, and how much your taxes are scheduled to go up as of today:
Taxes that took effect in 2010:

"Hey Doll, Still Wanna Be A Muslim"?

She disobeyed her master, what did she expect? No comment from the phony feminists. Under Islam, women and children are chattel.
Once again, the article never mentions that he is Muslim adhering to the honor code under Islam. The American people are figuring it out on their own just the same.
'Palatka man [Muslim] guilty of torching wife who wanted to stay in U.S'. June 27, Morris News Service
Putnam County jurors convicted a Palatka man Tuesday of setting his wife on fire in March 2010 because she wanted to extend her visa to stay in the United States.
The jury found 41-year-old Khalid Mohd guilty of attempted first-degree murder, arson and aggravated battery causing serious bodily injury.
Assistant State Attorney Jennifer Dunton said it’s a miracle that the victim, Rema Jamel, is alive and was able to tell the jury what happened. Mohd told her he wouldn’t help her with the visa and intended to bring his second wife from Jordan, where it’s legal to have multiple wives, to live in Palatka.
Jamel, 33, said her husband sprayed her with lighter fluid and set her on fire at their Crestwood Drive home. She suffered burns over 75 percent of her body and was at the Gainesville burn center for six months before being able to speak with investigators.
Mohd told police it was a grilling accident and then changed his story, saying his wife had set herself on fire, according to the arrest report.
“The defendant carried out this crime with chilling brutality,” State Attorney R.J. Larizza said, crediting Jamel and her son for testifying.
Mohd faces up to life in prison and is scheduled to be sentenced Aug. 8.

For Us Old Geezers

My insurance lady sent me an email last week. I had been aware of the rise in our premiums for awhile but thought I'd forward this along.
Look clearly at the 2014 rate compared to the 2013 rate.
For those of you who are on Medicare, read the following. It's short, but important and you probably haven't heard about it in the Mainstream News:
"The per person Medicare Insurance Premium will increase from the present Monthly Fee of $96.40, rising to:

$104.20 in 2012

$120.20 in 2013


$247.00 in 2014.

These are Provisions incorporated in the Obamacare Legislation, purposely delayed so as not to confuse the 2012 Re-Election Campaigns.

Did you know there are 21 hidden taxes in Obamacare? Eleven of these cover people making less than $250,000. Of course, Satan lied again when he told us no one making under that sum would see their taxes rise one thin dime.

One of these taxes covers new medical equipment and the discovery of new medicines. There will still be these things being produced but because of the high cost how many others will not be because of government restrictions?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Highest/Lowest Unemployment Rates For May

Unemployment rates rose in more than two-thirds of U.S. cities last month, evidence that the slowdown in hiring in May was felt nationwide.
Here are the cities with the highest and lowest unemployment rates last month:
Best and Worst Metro areas
Figures are in percentages
Highest unemployment rates May 2012
Yuma, Ariz. 28.9
El Centro, Calif. 26.8
Yuba City, Calif. 17.9
Merced, Calif. 17.3
Modesto, Calif. 15.6
Fresno, Calif. 14.9
Hanford-Corcoran, Calif. 14.8
Visalia-Porterville, Calif. 14.7
Stockton, Calif. 14.5
Madera-Chowchilla, Calif. 14.3
Lowest unemployment rates May 2012
Bismarck, N.D. 2.5
Fargo, N.D. 3.0
Lincoln, Neb. 3.4
Burlington-S. Burlington Vt. 3.5
Iowa City, Iowa 3.6
Grand Forks, N.D. 3.7
Sioux Falls, S.D. 3.8
Midland, Texas 3.8
Ames, Iowa 3.9
Portsmouth, N.H. 4.1

Random Thoughts And One Big Question

Mindless movement. That's what happened to me today. I was in Boone, Iowa today and took Mom for a drive around town then out for a Dairy Queen. The DQ made her day. Anyway, as soon as I had completed my sonly duties I took off on a four hour trip to see my son and his family in Olathe, Kansas. Mindless movement. I was still seething from the traitorous ruling from John Roberts. It's almost impossible to have a sore butt for two hours from grinding ones butt cheeks but I  accomplished the feat. Then, as I crossed the Missoui border, it hit me. I'd left my clothes, shaving kit and pills back in Boone so I made a quick U-turn, drove the two hours back, picked up my junk and rerouted. Mindless movement.
My high school business teacher was S.C. Highbarger. We spent two weeks talking about and studying contracts. I hate reading contracts but it's a must in life. Who wouldn't read their contract when buying a home? Lizzie and I recently had a massive contract drawn up that cost a fortune. It was a detailed will. Our kids won't have to fight over anything after we're gone because the contract is taken care of for them. The massive Obama healthcare bill is a contract, all 2,572 pages of it--or is it 2,672? Regardless, and to my knowledge, there is only one person who has read it and her name is Betsy McCaughey(pronounced mac-kay), the former lt. governor of New York. Our congressmen, when taking office, put their hand on a Bible(except for Keith Ellison of Minnesota who put his mitts on the Koran) and promised to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. They represent the people who elected them. Not one single congressmen has read the healthcare bill.
If you ask a liberal what they like best about the bill they will respond with, 'free health care'. If you ask them for a specific answer--well forget it.
I was listening to WHO radio out of Des Moines this afternoon and the host was interviewing a doctor. Did you know that if you have diabetes, high blood pressure or have tobacco in your blood stream you are denied surgery under the bill until proper standards are met. If a doctor goes ahead and performs the operation he doesn't get paid. Nice, huh?
Did you know that a 15 panel of 'deciders' has already been established to decide on rationing. Did you know there are death panels who decide who warrants medical procedures. I've often wondered if you would be treated if you happened to be a Republican instead of a member of the Turd Party. Wait until we find out the other little tidbits of b.s. as time goes by. It is the largest tax hike for the middle class in the history of mankind--I promise.
My big question is, if ObamaCare is such a wonderful Godsend why is it necessary for the government to hire 16,000 new IRS Agents to enforce this monstrosity? These IRS agents who can terrorize the citizenry as they have done for years are going to be the new gestapo. Just thought I'd ask.

We Just Became Greece

My first thoughts on the subject of Obamacare., no one ever again can accuse the Supreme Court of being controlled by conservatives. John Roberts was the swing vote and appeased the liberals beyond my wildest imagination. If the healthcare law is a tax law this means your individual rights and liberties are in the toilet. The government, anytime it desires, can force the people to do what it wants. Do you like ice cream? Too bad for you if the government bans it. Anything and everything comes under the thumb of the scum sucking carpetbaggers in control of Washington D.C.
Unemployment will climb drastically higher. With the taxation mandate employers will not hire. It's common sense. Entitlement programs will skyrocket. A 26 year old is covered by health insurance. I ask you, what responsible 26 year old would want to live at home? Answer, the losers would.
On a positive note this will fire up the Catholic church and the healthcare mandate that they provide abortion services in hospitals. "Bring it on".
The one thing Obama did not want was to have this piece of crap referred to as a tax on the people. Well, according to SCOTUS it is. Try and tell Goober who lives on food stqams he's going to see higher taxes. He and his kind will revolt even if those taxes don't specifically apply to him. YUCK! yUCK!
I am, to say the least, devastated. But, in a few days I'll rally. The Tea Party will rally it's forces. Hardly anyone is paying attention to what's going on. I was talking to a very intelligent 21 year old two days ago. He asked me who was running for the preseidency. I wanted to say, "what kind of a dumb ass are you" but I like the kid. Come September people will start paying attention, especially when their favorite college football team is languishing along with a record of 1-6.
As my  grandfather always said, "never give up the ship". And I won't until this crew of socialist scum are out of office.

Under Obamacare You are Taxed For Abortions

It's only a dollar, some may say but a dollar here and a dollar there and pretty soon we're talking real money. People of a pro-life philosophy are being forced to pay for abortions whether they like it or not. It's included in their taxes. It seems strange that this bit of info didn't come out sooner--or does it?

If you thought a dollar doesn't buy much anymore than you may not have heard the latest news from Washington. The health care law will reportedly require a $1 dollar surcharge for members of insurance policies that include elective abortion coverage. reports that the controversial Affordable Care Act, commonly known as "Obamacare," will reportedly require people enrolled in a plan that includes elective abortion coverage to pay $1 a month to subsidize abortions, even if they are morally against the procedure.

Another Bidenism: "We're In A Depression"

Vice President Joe Biden today offered a blunt assessment of the plight of the unemployed, telling supporters at a campaign rally in Iowa that the economy remains “a depression for millions and millions of Americans.” “The unemployed are in real trouble,” Biden said in a speech on the banks of the Mississippi River in Dubuque. “My grandpa used to say, from Scranton, he’d say, ‘Joe, when the guy in Dunmore…is out of work, it’s an economic slowdown. When your brother-in-law is out of work, it’s a recession. When you’re out of work, it’s a depression.’” “It’s a depression for millions"

This guy is a real piece of work. Obama has to keep him on to make himself look good.

Clerk Fired For Refusing To Accept Food Stamps For Ciggies And Alcohol

PETERBOROUGH — Jackie R. Whiton of Antrim had been a six-year employee at the Big Apple convenience store in Peterborough until a single transaction sent her job up in smoke.
The store clerk was fired after she refused to take a customer’s Electronic Balance Transfer card to pay for cigarettes.

Tax Hikes Under Obamacare

Let's hope it doesn't come down to this.
On the eve of the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare, taxpayers are reminded that the President’s healthcare law is one of the largest tax increases in American history.
Obamacare contains 20 new or higher taxes on American families and small businesses. On Thursday, Americans for Tax Reform will do a full analysis of the tax implications of the Court’s decision.

Read more:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Told Her She Had Three Beautiful Children. It Was An Honest Mistake

Thanx to the Council Bluffs Cowboy

Eight Places You Will Never Catch A Fish

8. Mt. Everest

7. Mohave Desert

6. A gutter

5. A septic tank

4. A toilet bowl

3. A mud puddle

2. Hell

1. And the #1 place you will never catch a fish: Ten Mile Lake in Hackensack, Minnesota

One More Food Product To Boycott

WTVR) – The Oreo cookie brand has taken a new step into colorful territory. The company posted a photo featuring an Oreo cookie with multiple rainbow-colored creme filling on its official Facebook page.
The photo of the rainbow creme cookie included the words “June 25″ and “Pride,” with a smaller notation of “Made with creme colors that do not exist.” The photo appears to be for entertainment purposes only; no plans to produce the cookie were announced.
If you wish to boycott all of their foods it's a Kraft product.

Monday, June 25, 2012


Move over Hooters. There's a new wave of Breastaurants making a big splash. Keep your wives at home and lock up the kids.
The waitresses at Twin Peaks wear skimpy plaid tops that accentuate their chests. In case you didn’t catch the joke, the chain’s logo is an image of two pointy, snow-capped mountains. And the sports bar doesn’t stop there: It promises “scenic views.”...

Read more:

Where Does The Food Stamp Money Go

Americans spend $80 billion each year financing food stamps for the poor, but the country has no idea where or how the money is spent.
Food stamps can be spent on goods ranging from candy to steak and are accepted at retailers from gas stations that primarily sell potato chips to fried-chicken restaurants. And as the amount spent on food stamps has more than doubled in recent years, the amount of food stamps laundered into cash has increased dramatically, government statistics show.
But the government won’t say which stores are doing the most business in food stamps, and even it doesn’t know what kinds of food those taxpayer dollars buy.

When Is A Pistol Not A Pistol

My youngest son graduated from John Carroll University in Cleveland with a major in French. So far, you're about as excited about this news as I was at the time. When he was in high school Latin was a four year requirement and he made first team all-state in that category so he's got that going for him. I don't want you to think he was a scholar only because he was also an outstanding basketball player.
Beginning his junior year of college he studied abroad in Tour, France. This town supposedly speaks the most pure form of French of all the French speaking countries in the world. He was so proficient at the language that when he graduated from college he won the award as the outstanding French linguist in his school. The Professor presenting the award stated that he could speak the language better than she. While studying in Tour he lived in a boarding house with twenty other students from various countries around the world. The home was run by a lady named Genevieve(pronounced in the French fashion, of course). Lizzie and I visited our son in 1997 and stayed in France for two weeks. This lady who ran the place was, at one time in the late 40's and 50's, a model for Christian Dior. My son was absolutely taken with her to the point that she was almost like a mom. He thought so much of her that when his first daughter was born he convinced his wife to name the child after this most beautiful lady.
Friends, think demure, petite, dainty: trust me when I write, that ain't our Genevieve. Don't get me wrong. This child is adorable. She's super intelligent and very cute. She eats like an elephant but never puts on weight. Her favorite snacks are snap peas, red and green peppers and fruit. She also likes anything beginning or ending with any word that sounds like candy and ice cream.
Old timers talk about their grandchildren as being pistols. My Genevieve isn't a pistol. She's a semi-automatic. I've often thought that if I wanted someone eliminated from this earth Genevieve would be the first one I turned to. The words 'sick em' was invented for Genevieve.
You might recall that last summer, just after she turned four, I took her to the Columbus Zoo. Standing in line ahead of us was a real hot looking babe in tight fitting jeans. On the pocket of said jeans hung a one inch strand of thread. Vieve walked up and put her left hand on the lady's left cheek and tugged at the thread on the right. Smartly, I stepped back five paces because I saw what was coming.
Genevieve goes to the Pixie Play School, a pre-school. As soon as she walks into home after an arduous day of coloring  she asks, sometimes demands, that someone go outside and play baseball with her. If she doesn't get fifty swings in every day then it's a bad one. Her favorite baseball player is Joey Votto of the Cincinnati Reds.
Well, Granda Hawkeye called her house today to check in. You see, Genevieve turns five next Tuesday, July 3. I asked her if she was having a party and, "yes, she said, she was. I then asked if I could come. "No, Grandpa, it's just for girls". "But what if I brought a present", I asked. "Well, yes you can come but as soon as you give me the present you'll have to leave". The final question from me was, "Are you excited about turning five"?. "Yes, I am", she said. "I'm tired of being four".
How lucky can one guy be to have such an original? Except, I've have eight more of them to make this life a more joyful adventure.

Exhaustion 101

The great class reunion of 1964 is history. The guys who have changed the least were Mr. Nyman; "Toots" Nyman, he of the very dry and satirical sense of humor. The other is Dr. John Hendricks. He's still buff and humble. We all found out he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame------ten years ago. I'd say that's darned good considering, while he was at Iowa, the most games they won in a season was three. Toby Anderson who was in the Air Force then worked for the railroad also fits into the 'looks the same as' category. Tob was a high school linebacker and was recruited to play at the Univ. of South Dakota. He could still play, I do believe.
MJ Hawkeye is old and he's tired. Maybe it was the mental stress of making sure everything came out okay. Mostly, we sat around the campfire after dinner telling stories. As if the jocular banter wasn't enough to complete the day the real fun began when we all said, "Goodnight at 10 PM," and liked it. The young people of 2012 are getting preped to go out at 10PM. What the heck happened to us?
The last of the crew left at 5PM this afternoon. Would you like to know what I'm going to do now? I think it's called, taking a nap.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Welcome To Obama's Arab Spring

In June 2009, President Obama stood in Cairo and offered up nothing less than the opening salvos of the later-vaunted Arab Spring. In fact, he allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to attend that speech; they received official invitations.
Obama said the United States and Muslim countries around the world would never mend broken fences by focusing on our differences, instead of commonalities. And while he said this in a way that seemed to mean he was speaking to “moderate” Muslims instead of Islamists, it’s demonstrable that since that time, the Islamists in the Muslim Brotherhood have had a pretty easy go of it with Obama.

These People Vote

It's laughable-----and scary. Watch the video.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

How Crass

Can you believe a President of the United States, or even a candidate for dog catcher, would think that is a good idea?
“Hey young couples just starting out, instead of creating a nest egg, saving for a down-payment for a house or simply paying for your wedding and reception, give your money to the President!” It’s the audacity of self-importance.
This tactlessness got me thinking – what other sorts of “asks” could the Obama 2012 team come up with?
“Do you have a terminal disease? That’s a tragedy, just as President Obama not winning a second term would be a tragedy. So as you get your affairs in order don’t forget to add the campaign to your last will and testament. Your family can have your furniture; we just want your cash. If you can survive long enough to sell the furniture, that’d be peachy. Cash is king, you know.
The campaign probably will find a more subtle way to make that ask. But a slogan is needed for this latest shamelessness:
“Help me fight corporate greed by giving me your kid’s birthday money!”
“Honeymoons are for suckers!”
“Since we’re all in the same boat, why not make it the Titanic?”
“President Obama already screwed your kid’s future, so why not let him screw their present too?”
Townhall Magazine

Racists: Obama Campaign Event Demands Voter ID's

At a recent Obama rally in Ohio, prospective attendees were told to brandish their photo IDs if they expected admittance to the rally. No word yet on whether Attorney General Eric Holder plans to file suit against the Obama campaign for infringing upon Ohioans’ right of peaceful assembly by way of a racist photo ID rule.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Game On

Today is the beginning of the Class of 1964 Reunion. Posting, most likely, will be resumed June 24

The Power Of Make Up

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Postively, Absolutely, Really, Very First Shovel Ready Job

"For the first 10 years of our marriage, Barack and I lived in an apartment in my hometown of Chicago.
The winters there can be pretty harsh, but no matter how snowy or icy it got, Barack would head out into the cold — shovel in hand — to dig my car out before I went to work".
Michelle Obama

Obama Pledge On Guns To Mexico: Fail - Three and a half years before he invoked executive privilege in refusing to hand over to Congress internal Justice Department documents about Operation Fast and Furious--and just eight days before his inauguration--President-elect Barack Obama met with Mexican President Calderon over lunch at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington, D.C., and “pledged” that he would take action aimed at stopping the flow of guns into that country from the United States.

Cavuto Attacks 'Horses Asses' At MSNBC For Making Fun Of Ann Romney With MS

“I told myself I wouldn’t butt in,” Neil Cavuto told the audience today, before addressing those from “a network with MS in their name” over their mockery of Ann Romney‘s horseback riding. Romney uses horses for treating her multiple sclerosis– an illness Cavuto too has, which led him to explain the legitimacy of this treatment and chide the “condescending, sanctimonious twits” who refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of MS as a disease and the need to deal with its shortcomings.
See video:

When The Neat Guys Get Together

Reunions at my age seem to be the norm. It most likely has to do with remembering the old days as joyful occasions and the fact that we're all into the sunset of our lives so we'd better hurry up and share our memories. MJ is hosting a Boone, Iowa high school reunion at the lake beginning today. There will be up to nine of my former high school classmates coming and, as far as we're concerned, we'll still be 18 year olds. When high schoolers get together they never age. I was speaking with my Oklahoma buddy, Big Buff, and he said he never gets together with high school pals. So, last night, I began wondering if our group is unique in this aspect. Most of the fellas coming are from Iowa and Minnesota but one is from Texas and for a three day visit he gets the kudos. Nicknames given in high school follow us forever. That could be a part of the attachment that binds us. I never had a nickname that was printable but the other guys do. In college a frat brother called me 'Loehrer the Whore' but he liked to rhyme words. High school teachers hand out nicknames. When I was teaching I had a kid in a class named Nick Sprague. On the first day of the school year I was going down the roll to identify each student and came across his name then commented; "Nick Sprague, what a cool name. It sounds like a private eye". From then on he was always known as PI for private investigator. In the high school year book under his picture it read: "will always be remember as 'Private Eye'. He must hate me.
So, coming up to visit will be John 'Hing' Hinz, Mike 'Toots' Nyman, Rodney, 'Toby' Anderson, Steve 'Fat' Roeder, Dick 'Spider Legs' Musser, Tim 'Stainer' Ferry, John 'Weed' Hendricks and moi. Nyman did call me 'Lorab' but the significance of that escapes me. Jude 'Crazy Man' Rolfes had to back out at the last minute. Too bad, his nickname is perfect for a group of guys who need livening up.
Weed is flying in from Ft. Hood, Texas. He's a doctor and was summoned to work on the wounded at the Ft. Hood Massacre. he was also a first team all-state football player and took his skills to the Univ. of  Iowa. The really sickening thing about John is that he still looks like a Greek Adonis Can you believe, at our age, he does silly things like run and work out? If you scan back and look at the nicknames guess which guy is in charge of the menu and cooking? Yep, it's Steve 'Fat' Roeder. Except, he isn't really fat and never was. His older brother called him that when he was a kid to get his goat. A number of years ago we were out to dinner with five or six couples and one of the men called him 'Fat'. right away Stevie said, "Hey! You've got to earn the right to call ME Fat". Funny, huh?  'Stainer' got his name from 'Crazy Man' Rolfes, I believe. He had ten brothers and one sister and his bedroom was in a closet. His nickname came from the fact that he wet the bed until he was in his teens. Lucky for me I kept it a secret because that's at least one thing 'Stainer' and I have in common. I'm meeting Tim for golf today; haven't seen him since 1964 and only recently spoken to him but I'll wager big time that we won't run out of things to say. 'Spider Legs' is the best friend I've ever had in my entire life along with Steve Roeder. I'd have to place Dick in the best of the best category because I've known him slightly longer. But, the Roeder's and Hawkeyes have taken family vacations together so I'd say it's a tie between Fat and Spider Legs. Dick and I began hanging out when I was nine. We were inseperable. He's had two or three heart attacks and a defibrillator once brought him back to life. I think the strain on his heart is from being so kind and giving to others. Dick is a hard core liberal so you know I have to love him dearly. He came to the lake about ten years ago and was driving his daughter's beat up wreck of a car. It was plastered with enviro and liberal bumper stickers. I made him park it a hundred yards from the cabin but I did let him in the back door. Love has some limitations.
Toby is the nicest guy you'd want to have for a pal. He's one of those people who can be a Don Rickels, insult the hell out of you and then you'll say--Ha-Ha, "Tob, do it some more". Everybody wants to be Toby's friend.
Toots Nyman has a very dry sense of humor and the good percentage of it is self-deprecating. Most of the guys were above average athletes. Toots made the team and just barely but he is one of us. We all loved going to his house in the 60's. I always thought his mom was hotter than hot. She's now in her early 90's. I visited with her in March and she's just as nice now as she was in '64. Toots, when he was around 16, decided he didn't want to be a 98 lb. weakling so he started pumping iron. Then he got massive. Who knew weight lifting could do that for the body.
Hing Hinz lives in Minnetonka, Minnesota. He's a fabulous golfer or, at least he was, until the ravages of slipped discs began plaguing his body. John held the last reunion at his winter home in Arizona in '10. The best thing about 'Hing' is he's up for anything, at anytime, at anyplace. He's also a mover and shaker and that ain't all bad.
The biggest change in our lives at this reunion, even different from the one we had in Scottsdale, Arizona two years ago will be alcohol consumption. One of the fellas asked for a six pack of beer. Musser said he might have a glass of wine for dinner. I don't know what 'Stainers' likes but he did mention he might be into a martini before dinner. I know the Fat Man will imbibe in a scotch and water but only to perk up the palate before dinner. That's about it for us. The word 'buzz' has taken on a whole new meaning as we've aged. Now it's something that flies around our heads and we keep swatting it with a newspaper.
So, do you keep in touch with high school mates? You really should. What I've found is all the petty little grievances we had in our teens are gone as well they should be. I've told some of the guys to bring a high school yearbook. We'll look at it and then someone will say, "I don't remember that person at all". Then another guy will and a whole new conversation accompanied with hearty laughs and guffaws happen.
The only downside to this entire scenario is it will come to an end; every evening around 10 PM when we decide to hit the hay.
Boone High Class of '64, the best ever!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1001 Reasons To Vote Against Obama: Liar, Liar Edition

  1. Candidate Obama claimed in a debate against Hillary Clinton that the main difference between their approaches to healthcare is that she believed in forcing people to buy health insurance, while he thought the main issue was affordability. President Obama inked the individual mandate into law on March 23, 2010.
  2. In 2008, Obama claimed in a nationally televised debate: “I never said that we should try to go ahead and get single-payer.” Barack Obama said in 2003 to the AFL/CIO: “I happen to be a proponent of single-payer universal healthcare coverage. That’s what I’d like to see.”
  3. Obama stated that he would not be a “tax-and-spend liberal” who would blow taxpayer money on “pork barrel” projects. The unbelievably pork-chocked “stimulus” bill had only an estimated $90 billion for priority projects, the rest being literally billions in wasteful pork.
  4. Famously, the Obama administration sold the stimulus plan 2009 as a jobs creator that would keep unemployment below 8%. We’re all still waiting…
  5. The Obama administration repeatedly made the mind-boggling claim that it had “created or saved” thousands of jobs. But even the AP confessed that the created/saved numbers being put out were seriously “exaggerated.”
  6. By mid-2012, the Obama administration projected unemployment to be well below 6% and approaching Bush norm levels (5.26%). The unemployment rate is 8.2% and if you factor in discouraged workers, it is more around 8.7%.
  7. The General Solicitor argued before the Supreme Court that the individual mandate penalty is a tax. Of course, the argument was shot down.
  8. Before the Democrats crammed Obamacare down the American public’s throats, Obama repeated the whopper, “We will keep this promise… let me be clear: If you like your doctor or healthcare provider, you an keep them. If you like your health care plan, you can keep that too.” As area expert Betty McCaughy, PhD. points out, most Americans (exempting the politicians, who opted out) will be forced into a one-size-fits-all plan to be dictated by the federal government in 2014.
  9. Obama lied no less than eight times about his pledge to broadcast the healthcare bill negotiations on C-SPAN.
  10. The president claimed, “”We agree on reforms that will finally reduce the costs of health care. Families will save on their premiums…” Insurance companies subsequently raised their rates, citing the new healthcare regulations as the prime driver.

"The Most Arrogant Man In The World"

New video parody of the Dos Equis spot “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” “The Most Arrogant Man in the World illustrates how Obama believes he can just essentially push his agenda regardless of the congress which has made many believe he has an arrogant leadership style.
See Video:

The Dumbest Thing I've Ever Done

Pensacola, Florida was deluged with 13" of rain a few weeks ago. It's neighbor to the west, Mobile, Alabama received 19". Well, Hackensack, Minnesota isn't in that category but I doubt in all my years I've been subjected to 7.5" in 24 hours. The one aspect that makes it worse is I could have sworn I put the cover on my boat two nights ago. The word 'bailing' has taken on a entire new meaning. This is they type of thing that makes me stand out in a not so good way and gives my friends a good laugh. I'll call it 'A Biden'. In other words, it's MJ just being MJ. I was in a conversation with a friend, Bob Douds, not too long back and we started talking about the dumbest things we'd ever done. I had the snappy come back of, "drunk or sober"? Actually being drunk doesn't count since you don't know what the hell is going on so we'll stick with the sober one.
It was in 1976 and Lizzie and I had just saved enough money to put up a garage unattached to the house. I was teaching at the time and bringing home the magical sum of $10,500 per year so you know the money was hard to come by. We'd taken our kids to the mall and as we drove up to the front of our new garage(put up that day), I let Lizzie and the kids out due to a torrential downpour and I didn't want them to drown. You've got to understand that I compete in almost everything I do. I said to myself, "I can save some time and not get soaked if I throw the gear shift in park and at the same time jump out of the car and lift the garage door". Well, I started the first part of the maneuver but my hand slipped off the gear shift and the car slammed through the newly christened garage door. Luckily, I was able to track it down before it went all the way through and out of the other end. That would have been real trouble because the back end of said garage sat six feet above the ground. To quote a movie; "Insurance! We don't need no stinking insurance".
Lizzie has the patience of every saint in heaven. "Accidents happen", she said.
So, that's it except the next time I'll have to tell you about the time I was in a golf cart and told my pal, "I think this thing is wide enough to make that bridge".

38 Falsehoods In Obama Bio. He's A Complete Fake

The picture is getting clearer. Those who did not vote for Obama wondered how someone who had never been vetted could be elected. We knew nothing about his days as a youth, his college life, his grades. How did he pay for his schooling? It's all being exposed as a fraud. Obama's bio is a microcosm of his life story and he made most of it up. It never happened. The guy's a fake.
"Buzzfeed's Ben Smith criticizes President Barack Obama for falsifying a significant portion of his first autobiography, Dreams from My Father. Smith builds his case on the research in David Maraniss's new book, Barack Obama: The Story. But even when joining Obama's critics, Smith tries to protect him--and the media that allowed Obama to get away with his lies for years, with no small amount of help from Smith himself.
Smith says that Maraniss presents "38 instances" in which the available evidence contradicts "significant elements of Obama’s own story of his life and his family history." Yet he all but excuses Obama's falsehoods, claiming that they were motivated by a desire "[t]o tell a familiar, simple, and ultimately optimistic story about race and identity in the 20th Century."

Read more:

Americans Say They Are Better Off Since Obama Took Office

Bloomberg has just come out with polling stating if the election were held today Obama would win 53% to 40%. What a hoot. If I watched MSNBC this would be front page headlines.
Big Fur Hat has done some detailed work and has obtained the questions and who was surveyed. It(the polling) now makes sense.

Forty-five percent of those surveyed in a Bloomberg National Poll say they are better off than at the beginning of 2009 compared with 36 percent who say they are worse off.
So, I went to there methodology (Attachment: Poll Results), and once again an idiot can figure out that these are push polls.
13% polled are under 25.
22% are under 30.
So, they are better off than they were 3 years ago when they were either in high school, college, or working at the local deli smelling the cheese to see if it went bad.
45% are unmarried.
Pretty hard to fug up your finances when you have no dependents.
64% did not have children living with them.
44% did not work full time.
29% were minorities.
36% had a household income below 50K

MJ Working At The Lake

A Feel Good Story

Seven-year-old Charlotte Neve suffered a brain hemorrhage in April, and two operations to stop the bleeding had left her in a coma from which she wasn’t expected to recover.
But when Charlotte’s mom climbed into bed with her for a final goodbye cuddle, Adele’s ”Rolling in the Deep” came on the radio, and Leila Neve ”started singing it to her because she loves her and we used to sing that song together.”
Miraculously, Charlotte started smiling.
“I couldn’t believe it,” Neve says. “It was the first time she had reacted to anything since the hemorrhage. The nurses were astounded and told me to keep singing, and she smiled again.”
Two days later, Charlotte was speaking. Now, two months later, she’s back in school.
“How she’s still here is beyond everybody,” Neve says. “She was very lucky to survive.”

Late Breaking News: White House Claims Executive Privilege Over 'Fast And Furious' Documents

In the event you don't understand 'Executive Privilege' let me put it this way: the White House has decided to keep all 'Fast and Furious' documents under wraps. They know they have their collective butts in a jam and, once again, are into a massive cover-up or corruption that makes anything done during the Nixon Administration seem like child's play.
You people who voted for Barack H. Obama should hang your heads in shame. Better yet, you should jump off a cliff and hope the currents take you to a place you deserve---Mexico, maybe.

Another Dumbocrat-Another Sex Charge

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - A Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate is charged with solicitation of a minor and his case has been bound over to a grand jury.
Authorities said the alleged incident occurred in May 2011, when a 7-year-old girl riding her bike in front of the Johnson City apartment of Thomas K. Owens was invited inside.
The 36-year-old then allegedly hugged the girl, unzipped his pants, and asked her to perform a sex act. The girl ran home and told her mother, who notified police.
Owens told investigators the girl had been in his apartment. As for the allegation, he stated: "I have a problem with that," but did not elaborate.
Owens' attorney told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he had just gotten the case was still reviewing it. The case went to the grand jury last month.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

All Time Page Views

We just clicked over 80,000. That's an average of 6,000 views a month for the year. Thank you so much. Look out Drudge. I've got you in my cross hairs.

Obama's Father A Soviet Sympathizer

A former classmate of President Barack Obama’s father claims that as a student, the Presidential sire viewed the Soviet Union as a “liberating force.”
The recollections of Naranhkiri Tith are published in Barack Obama: The Story, a new biography by Washington Post reporter David Maraniss released today.
Tith, the son of a former Cambodian Prime Minister, was a close friend of Barack Obama Sr. in the early 1960s, when as classmates the two carried on what Maraniss describes as “a debating road show on communism.”
Tith tells Maraniss, “I never was a rightist person, but I definitely did not believe in any kind of too-strong propaganda, so that saved me from the communist movement.” Maraniss goes on:
On the other hand, BARE-ick, as he called Obama, seemed taken by the anticolonialist stance of the Soviet Bloc and ‘saw it as a liberating force.’

Bill Maher: Col. Allen West In 'Party Of The Apes'

Bill Maher, a comedian who donated $1 million to President Obama’s superPAC, attacked the only Republican member of the Congressional Black Caucus while describing the GOP as “the party of the apes.”
Maher summarized that last 20 years of American politics as “the Rise of the Party of the Apes,” — a riff on the movie title, the Rise of the Planet of the Apes. “[I]t’s the Republicans who are crazy,” Maher added in his blog post, directing readers to Washington Post op-ed by Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein that dubs the Republican Party “the problem” with American politics.

This Is The Time That Tries My Soul

Civilization in northern Minnesota stops at Pequot Lakes. It's forty miles south of our cabin. Maybe that's why I go stir crazy and can only handle being her six weeks maximum. Henry David Thoreau would love it here. He could listen to the Loons call their mates or marvel at their screeching sound when an eagle soars overhead prepping for an attack on their chicks . The wind rushing through the pine trees and the crashing of the waves against the shoreline rocks is the answer to a good nights sleep. Our lake, Ten Mile, because it is spring fed, is one of the clearest in all of Minnesota. It's possible to plumb bob a sinker twenty feet below waters surface and still see it's shape. And guess what? I'm bored. Isn't that a shame?
Lizzie didn't make the trip this time. There will be nine of my high school classmates arriving for four days beginning on Thursday. By then the activity level will have picked up dramatically. I don't really think The Queen would appreciate being around a bunch of old guys burping and passing gas even if it would be unintentional so she was left out of the mix.
It began raining and thundering last night at 10PM. This happens frequently in this state. It's where the colder weather from the north meets the warmer of the south. For the last 19 hours this weather pattern has continued. My dock is 100 ft. from the cabin. There have been times today when it is nonvisible. If this continues I expect to see animals in pairs walking down our gravel road.
I am not one of those people who can entertain himself. It needs to be done for me. Our television picks up one channel and one channel only except for two weather channels. Those I do not need. All I have to do is look out the window. I'd drive five miles into Hackensack but I'm too lazy so my dinner will consist of some pretzels, a Pepsi and a couple of baked potatoes with peas and onions as garnishment. Oh, I forgot to mention the catsup and dijon.
There is the possibility of going north three miles to the Indian casino. That seems like a waste of car fuel because if I wanted to lose money I could go out into the middle of the lake and throw my money in it. I've never been very good at gambling and since I don't know how to play blackjack I sort of figure the odds are stacked against me. I can play video poker with the best of them, though. I'm a lot better at luck than I am at skill. I did try blackjack at a casino in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan once but was kicked out. It wasn't by the dealer but by the folks at the table. They told me how bad I was and I was screwing up their game. Not a problem. I'd never see them again, anyway.
There are some books in our cabin library. Maybe I should find one to read. Do you remember the Reader's Digest condensed books?They stopped publishing them around the time Eisenhower took office. I might thumb through a couple of those. One of them has a story about a fella named Jonas Salk---when he was a kid.
There's another problem with being this far north and that deals with my computer. Most wifi systems are with AT&T, Verizon or Comcast. My system, especially when it storms, goes out fifteen times daily and I have to reboot. Our provider is called Arvid. I'd never heard of Arvid before we settled here. To me, Arvid is the first name of a farmer in LeMars, Iowa.
You can probably tell I'm stretching the time, waiting for a rerun of NCIS. That's what a person does on a rainy day at Ten Mile Lake.
Do you ever watch Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC? I didn't think so. Nobody watches those people. Anyway, O'Donnell took off on Ann Romeny for owning a horse that will do it's thing in the upcoming Olympics. According to the avowed television loser host,  someone with MS should have better things to do than own horses? It's laughable that the Kennedy adviser would make such inane statements, especially about horses, and who rides them. If you look at the accompanying photo it isn't Ann Romney who is shown. It's that horse woman from another era; Jackie Kennedy. I dare say he knows the fact of her riding skills but he's just a liberal being the A**hat that only he can be.

Our Secret Service: Animal House Behavior

Long before President Obama's security detail was scandalized in Colombia and new revelations emerged last week about the Secret Service, members of the elite team earned an "Animal House" reputation at the blueblood vacation mecca of Martha's Vineyard.
Local residents say wild parties, fights and late-night carousing involving Secret Service members have become commonplace in recent years at the Vineyard, a favorite getaway for the First Family and longtime destination for upper-crust members of the Northeastern political, media and business establishment.

Read more:

Democrat Dead Dog Gets Voter ID

When Tim Morris got his mail last week he found a pretty big surprise, a document asking his dog Mozart to register to vote.

Not only is Mozart a dog but he's been dead for two years.

"I opened it up and looked at it and I just laughed," Morris said. "I thought it was a joke at first and it turns out it's real."

The form is addressed to Mo, the family's nickname for the dog.

What amazed Morris is that if Mozart was human he would have been eligible to vote for the first time in 2012.

"He would have been 19 years old this year and he passed away two years ago," he said. "I still have no earthly idea how they got his information."

Monday, June 18, 2012

Good Point, Tucker Carlson

Home - by BigFurHat - June 18, 2012
"How many times has Obama been interrupted during a speech with a compliment and has eaten it up with a spoon?
DOZENS upon DOZENS, and it is always characterized as charming and wonderful. It is STILL AN INTERRUPTION.
Neil Munro asks a question, and since he’s not shouting out ,”We Love You, Obama!”, he should be put in the hoosegow.
Daily Caller Editor, Tucker Carlson on Hannity

Dear Diary

Henry VIII from merry old England kept a daily diary. I had the opportunity to read a couple of his entries and believe me when I say it was bad. They went something like this: breakfast of wine and turkey with mush. Avoided Katherine. Went grouse hunting. The end.
If my diary for today was published I could be the King of England. On reflection it went something like this: Woke at 5 AM. Got on the computer for two hours while I drank six cups of coffee. Went fishing. Hit golf balls. Took a nap. Mowed the yard. Took another nap. Ate dinner. Went fishing. Don't you wish you were me? The excitement never ends. I can hardly wait for tomorrow.

Rockford, Illinois School Bus Firebombed

I hope you digested the article written last Sunday regarding Catholics having a bullseye on our chests. Well, it didn't take long for it's ramifications to come to fruition. – A large school bus, owned by Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy, that is well known throughout Rockford for its beautiful pro-life pictures and words asking people to “pray to end abortion”, was fire bombed on Friday night. The damage was extensive to the bus as windows were broken in on both sides and fire bombs were thrown inside to cause maximum damage.It has been speculated that this bombing of a pro-life Christian school bus is in retaliation for the closing of the Rockford abortion mill that is located not far from where the school bus was attacked.

More Killed In Chicago This Year Than In Afghanistan

While 144 Americans have died in Afghanistan in 2012, a whopping 228 Chicago residents have been killed, and the murder rate is up a staggering 35 percent from last year. That’s a rash of homicides quadruple the rate of New York City’s, and police and crime experts fear it may only get worse.
And just think; we're not even half way throught the year.

Chicago Murders Skyrocket

Even as Chicago sent 100+ police officers to guard the wedding of Valerie Jarrett’s daughter, the city underwent a dramatic crime wave. According to local media, at least seven people were killed and 35 were injured over the weekend. One 16-year-old girl took three bullets to the chest and died on Saturday evening; another ten people were shot on Friday, and three were killed Sunday morning. The weekend numbers from Chicago are astonishing – 46 people were hurt and eight died last weekend in Chicago.

Keep reading. It gets better(or worse).

"Up Yours Woody Allen"

gty ronan farrow woody allen nt 120618 wblog Woody Allens Son Drops Fathers Day Bomb
Getty Images
Father’s Day might always be a tricky holiday for Woody Allen but this year was particularly awkward. Ronan Farrow, the 24-year-old son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, let loose yesterday tweeting, “Happy father’s day — or as they call it in my family, happy brother-in-law’s day.”
Mia Farrow even got in on the act, re-tweeting his message and adding her own comment: “BOOM.”
Woody and Ronan have been estranged for years since his parents split and because Woody was dating (and later married) Soon-Yi Previn, Mia’s adopted daughter, Ronan’s step-sister. He has been quoted in the past as saying, “He’s my father married to my sister. That makes me his son and his brother-in-law. That is such a moral transgression.”
Soon-Yi has said that she never considered Allen her father or even a father figure, noting that Andrew Previn, Farrow’s former husband was her adoptive father.
Ronan, named Satchel Ronan O’Sullivan Farrow when he was born in 1987, is the sole biological child of Woody and actress Mia Farrow. He is currently serving as special adviser to the Secretary of State for Global Youth Issues and director of the State Department’s Global Youth Issues office

The Many Faces Of Barack Obama

Counter Revolution

These are the miners waiting for their last paycheck after new EPA regulations went into effect, forcing thousands of layoffs. The agency's rules are forcing "utilities across America to abandon coal as a fuel for power generation" according to Pennsylvania State Senator Tim Solobay, a Democrat.

These are some of the 2,500 Sallie Mae employees who were laid off in 2010 after the federal government took over the student loan industry. Tens of thousands of additional private sector employees also lost their jobs after the industry was nationalized.

These are the doctors who quit their profession after Obamacare prohibited them from building clinics, MRI imaging centers or hospitals. The nationalized health care bill controls one-sixth of the American economy; even if it is struck down by the Supreme Court this month, much of its damage will have already been done.

This piece from Doug Ross is a must read. I do hope you'll click on the link to read the rest of the story.

Pt. IX: 1001 Reasons To Vote Against Obama-Mitt Match-Up Edition

  1. President Obama is a cigarette smoker who has failed to quit. Mitt Romney is not a smoker.
  2. Obama visibly drank alcohol on several occasions while in office. Romney does not drink alcohol. Or coffee. No one is quite sure what he drinks.
  3. In one of his many biographies, Obama confessed to using pot and a little blow. Mitt Romney does not like it when his neighbors smoke pot on the beach. And get off his lawn.
  4. Mitt Romney was once said to have hired illegal immigrants, but he only hired a landscaping company that employed illegals. Barack Obama directly hired hundreds of illegal aliens at taxpayer expense.
  5. Mitt Romney was slammed in a Washington Post hit piece for hazing a student who turned out to be gay. Barack Obama admits to having shoved around a girl while in school.
  6. Barack Obama confessed to eating dog in his biography Dreams from My Father. Mitt Romney likes his steak medium rare.
  7. The Obamas enjoy attacking fast food chains. Mitt Romney enjoys making fast food chains profitable.
  8. After berating Americans about unhealthy food habits, Michelle Obama ordered a cheeseburger, french fries, and a chocolate shake from the Shake Shack, while Obama scarfed down wieners at a sausage fest. Mitt Romney doesn’t like cookies.
  9. When throwing out the first pitch at a major league baseball game, Obama noticeably threw like a girl. At age six, Mitt could already hit a baseball further than the current president.
  10. While throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game, Obama wore both a White Sox hat and a Nationals jersey and drew unmistakable boos. When Mitt Romney wears a Red Sox jersey, he wears only a Red Sox jersey.

My Kind Of Picnic

Probing Questions From The Mainstream Media

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Susan G. Komen Funds Infanticide

In New Jersey's annual budget battles, State Senator Loretta Weinberg is Sisyphus, eternally pushing the public financing of Planned Parenthood's charnel houses. Yes, once again she's sponsoring a supplemental appropriations bill which would send taxpayer dollars to the merchants of death under the guise of "women's health."
Chris Christie will, of course, veto it. Just like he's done every time before.
But this year thanks to the fine feminists at Susan G. Komen there's a ray of sunshine headed Loretta's way. Yup, the folks who pretend to save women's lives from breast cancer have stepped up with a huge donation to the murderers of countless baby girls.
The North Jersey affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure announced Friday that it has awarded more than $1.2 million in grants to fund programs at 18 local organizations — including Planned Parenthood of Greater Northern and Central New Jersey.

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

On Saturday evening, Vice President Joe Biden’s son and Delaware attorney general Beau Biden tried to attack presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, but the punch ended up hitting North Carolina’s Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue instead.
“I’ve never met a successful politician who didn’t run again,” Biden said during his keynote address at the North Carolina Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson dinner, in an attempt to attack Romney’s decision against running for re-election after his sole term as Massachusetts’ governor. Biden had characterized that comment as “off script” just before making it.
The crowd “collectively groaned,” according to the Raleigh News and Observer, because Perdue had decided against running for re-election this year.

Read more:

You Don't Have To Be Religious To Have A Bullseye On Your Chest

Sacred Heart parish in Hackensack, Minnesota is my lake home house of worship. The winter congregation numbers around fifty. In summer it can reach upwards of 500. Mercifully, the builders took this into consideration when the church was constructed.
Today's homily was given by a lay person and I was mentally aroused at it's conclusion. Lizzie and I are members of three different Catholic churches in the Columbus, Ohio area and we have not yet heard one priest speak of the ramifications of Obama's edict on the attack on the Catholic Church and associated affiliate hospitals, charity organizations, schools, etc. until today. You see, we Catholics, have a bullseye on our chests. If our leaders don't acquiesce to the dictates of the federal government on health care our organizations will go out of business. If you think there's high unemployment now wait until ObamaCare, if it does, goes into effect.
Furthermore, we will be labeled as traitors to the nation. If we remain silent on the subject, in the minds of many, we will automatically be judged guilty. If you think I'm demented go back into history to the early 20th Century. My grandfather lived in Boone, Iowa at the start of World War I. He was a twenty-seven year old young man and newly married. When the war began Woodrow Wilson created a Committee of Public Information headed by George Creel. It was a propaganda arm of the government to sell the war to the American people. The largest percent of foreigners in this country were German. Right away you can understand how this could create angst among the people. It was Creel's job to get the American people to hate everything from the land of the Kaiser. Sauerkraut became Liberty Cabbage. Dachshunds were no longer to be bred. People put a capital O' in front of their names for deflection. You get the picture. If you look down at the bottom of every one of my posts you'll see the spelling of my name. Back to Gramps. He lived in a town of 12,000 so he had an immediate two strikes against him when "The War To End All Wars" began. He was a Roman Catholic and he was of German heritage. He also kept the umlauts over the letter O. There was no letter E in the name. The correct pronunciation was 'Lair'. In 1917 the KKK marched in Boone. Now, my grandfather valued life and property so he immediately dropped the umlaut and changed the pronunciation to a long O to throw the bad guys off guard. Thankfully, he didn't give up on his religion.
In 1960 I was a freshman in high school. I had transferred from the Catholic school after my 8th grade year to the public high school.
With my parent's blessing I did it for one reason only. I was a potentially good athlete in basketball and baseball. The public high school coaches beat a path to our door, flattered my parents and the next year off I went. Regardless, I had one teacher/coach who had a very strong personality. I respected him but I was deathly afraid of him. That's really not all that bad. I also had him as my 9th grade Western Civilization instructor. Maybe it was because it was John F. Kennedy, a Catholic, who was running for president but as I look back on the situation now this teacher said some very hurtful statements to me. I was known as a 'minnow muncher', a mackerel snapper'. He would ask me if my knees hurt. "They'd have to", he said, "from standing and kneeling so much at church on Sunday". Do you think this type of behavior would be overlooked today? Of course, it is. Check out the number of stories taking place in schools where teachers are forcing their own political philosophies onto your children. Parents are even restricted on what their own children can put in their lunch bags. Students who see another after a summer vacation and give them a hug are suspended. It might be that you are one of those people who like what is being said BUT someday, and maybe sooner than you think, there could be another issue with which you don't agree. Then what will you do? It's not like you can take your ball and go home.
Last week Pres. Obama violated the first amendment to the Constitution. Only the Congress can decide on laws of naturalization. Where is the outcry? I wrote my congressman a letter and called his office. His representative said he'd get back to me. Fat chance of that.
I am proud to be a political and social conservative. If you aren't I could care less. The major difference between liberals and conservatives, in my opinion, is liberals will scream until their lungs burst if they don't get their way. They'll picket stores, tell us how unfair life is to them, harass and cajole until the proverbial cows come home because they feel they are the most important people in the world. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't hear much about conservatives picketing Target Corporate or their stores because they now market Gay Pride t-shirts. Will conservatives march on General Mills Corporate because they, too, have come out in support of marriage between Bill and Bill? I don't think so. Can you imagine the outcry from Liberals if Dairy Queen or Five Guys Hamburgers decided to denounce Obama's gay causes. It'd be an Occupy Movement all across the nation. Conservatives have strong values but they also have families to think about and silly things like how to feed and clothe them.
This government has hoodwinked millions people in the last three years. As a former high school history instructor, and I've written this before, I never, ever, thought I'd see the day when a presidential administration included so many avowed communists and socialists. I know World War II veterans who are not bothered by this and they fought to protect our Four Freedoms values.
I am more appalled at the American people who have buckled under. But, then again, I'm not a member of the entitlement class. I only support them through taxation.
In closing, read the short bio and poem placed in this blog. Give it some serious thought. It's very significant for our times. And it applies to all of us. We, the American people, have bulleyes on our chests.

Martin Niemöller (1892-1984) was a prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps.
Niemöller is perhaps best remembered for the quotation:
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me.

Michelle Malkin: "I Am Just A Blogger".

Even though he's a big time liberal I've always found Juan Williams of Fox News a likeable fellow----until now! A few days ago on the Hannity Show Williams referred to Malkin as 'just a blogger' while he was a real journalist. What an unmitigated sap! Malkin's response was a slapdown to Williams and deservedly so and was done in a speech at a conservative convention.

A few quotes from the speech include:
“Journalism is not something you are, it’s something you do.
“There are real reporters who won‘t even say the name ’Brett Kimberlin’ out of fear…The kind of harassment that I’ve gone through over the past twenty years pales in comparison to what these individuals bloggers [have gone through]…and we owe them so much for standing up, for telling the truth. Thank them, get their backs.”
“A lot of progressives…always ask me, ‘Why are you so mad?’ Why the hell shouldn’t I be mad? You’re trying to flush our country down the toilet! I‘m not going to tell you that you’re a nice person. And I think we need more people in Washington…not to concede that these people are ‘nice’ people.”
“Once you un-mask the Occupy movement, the next step is taking the future generation of wealth-creators and job-creators in this country and immunizing them against the progressive virus. So we can‘t wait until they’re in college…”
“We fight for our freedom, for our faith, and for our families, and that’s what distinguishes us from these miserable enemies…You know, if I had to be the crusader and a cheerleader for a culture of dependency and entitlement, and coercion, and a massive welfare state that crushed religious liberty, and individual liberty, and the free market, and innovation– I’d be pretty darn miserable, too.”

He IS Fundamentally Changing America

Legally, President Obama has reiterated the principle that he can pick and choose which U.S. laws he wishes to enforce (see his decision to reverse the order of the Chrysler creditors, his decision not to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, and his administration’s contempt for national-security confidentiality and Senate and House subpoenas to the attorney general). If one individual can decide to exempt nearly a million residents from the law — when he most certainly could not get the law amended or repealed through proper legislative or judicial action — then what can he not do? Obama is turning out to be the most subversive chief executive in terms of eroding U.S. law since Richard Nixon