Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Wins Round 1

Have you noticed, if into politics, how TV and the print media are making a big hullabaloo out of all 177 House Republicans voting against Obama's spending bill? One aspect of the vote you don't hear about are the 11 Democrats who voted with the Republicans. Kinda makes Obama look ineffective, doesn't it? The Prez is even blaming Rush Limbaugh for this right wing assault. Ads in three states are attacking Limbaugh. If you recall, Rush said he wanted Obama's policies to fail. MoveOn.Org has misrepresented the words of the Doctor of Democracy by telling the public in paid for ads that Rush wants Obama to fail. Heck, I want the elected Presidents policies to fail. I voted against him. Why would I want socialism in this country? All of a sudden he's elected so I fall into lock step. I don't think so.
Quite simply, and Democrats should know this, they started the refrain, "We support the troops but we don't support the mission" when referring to the Iraq War. When speaking of Obama policy we support the President but we don't support his mission. Sounds patriotic to me.

Economic Recovery according to B.H.O.

From Reuters: Obama said today that "recovery will take years not months"! I've really, really got to be careful how I state this. I have five grand babies with another one being perfectly formed as I write. I do not want them to think poorly of Grandpa Mike when they tell stories but---------there was a refrain going around among non-Obama voters before November 4. It went something like this: "How can you be so f'ing stupid?
Would someone, anyone, tell me how a recessionary recovery can last years? Surprise! I can. It's when the Democrat leadership sticks their Pinocchio noses into the fundamental process of allowing free markets to run their natural course.
Now, what was it I wrote yesterday about the Democrats being negative every second of every minute of every hour of every day? Oh yeah! They are eternally nauseating in their passion for the constant drumbeat of bad news, or something like that.

Presidential Siblings Spell Trouble

From CNN and posted on "George Obama, twenty year younger half brother of the newest president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, has been arrested in his native Kenya."
The charges deal with marijuana possession. The lad's name is George. The President met him while touring the country, and, some say, influencing an election for their presidency in 2007. For a U.S. presidential candidate this is a no-no but, remember, we're talking about The One so the press let it slide. Obama's Muslim cousin, Raila Odinga, was running for the presidency of Kenya. Sad to say, he lost. Never fear, though. As retribution, his Muslim followers carried out a rampage against Christians killing hundreds in the process. In one example of heartless barbarity they locked the doors of a Christian Church and torched the place. Sixty men, women and children died. Our 44th president had earlier given a speech in honor of his Cuz, Odinga. The Title: Hope and Change!
But, let me step back a pace or two. George Obama, one of 6,000 Obama siblings, give or take a few, and carrying on in the fine tradition of Roger Clinton and Billy Carter cannot be solely blamed for his current predicament.(Don't accuse me of bias-Nixon's brother was a drunk). Where was his half brother in this entire struggle? Once exposed as living in poverty shouldn't BO have come to the aid a family member? Harkening back to his acceptance speech in Denver he assured us all that we are all "our brother's keepers". The kid, who until two years ago, had never heard of his Bro, lived in a 12'X12' corrugated metal hut in what is known as "East Crapsville" just outside of Nairobi. He earned, at what I don't know, less than $1 dollar a day. For those of you who didn't pay attention in school this computes to somewhere around $350 max. I'd read in other periodicals that it was more like five bucks a month but why quibble over chewing gum money.
Honestly, I've never tried the weed a.k.a. gange, Mari Jane, Whackatabacky, Zig Zag Man, but wouldn't it cost a dollar or more? If it's cheaper, I've solved our recessionary problem. Move to Kenya.
So, is this going to be a part of the 24-hour news cycle, here and gone, or is the real "George of the Jungle" going to get some help from The Man? If not, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson I and II, Whoopie Goldberg and the Congressional Black Caucus, where are you when needed? Somebody needs to step up to the plate.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Bowl Gloom

Wow! Did you catch today's interview from Head Coach, Ken Whisenhunt, of the Arizona Cardinals? In a jam packed press room 'The Whizzer' told how he saw his teams chances this coming Sunday---and it isn't pretty. "I just don't know how we can stay with the Steelers", he stated. "They have the very best linebacking corp in the NFL along with the best defense. Our wide receivers do not have the speed of the black and gold, even with us having All-Pro, Larry Fitzgerald. Kurt Warner has been our leader all year long but, quite frankly, he's old and not up to being a winner in Sunday's game." Finally, Coach Whisenhunt stated: "Vegas has us getting 8 points. It should be 18. Flat out, we're a bunch of losers".
Of course,I'm kidding about all of this but if you happen to listen to every interview coming from our new President down through every spokesperson this is the prevailing attitude. It's twenty-fours of doom and gloom and dread. We might as well lock ourselves in lead lined caskets. We're as good as dead. We've had seven, maybe eight recessions in my lifetime. I've survived them all; fat and happy. I've gone into recessions overweight and come out a bucket of oats heavier. Our economy is not the worst since the Great Depression. The Messiah finally admitted, yesterday, that this recession is the worst in three decades. Hmmm, thirty years, 1979. I believe that would be Jimmy Carter.
Folks, there has to be a ray of sunshine once in awhile. We have to have a reason to get out of bed in the morning without grabbing a couple of valium. I coached long enough to know if you continually tell your players they're crap they'll spend four hours looking for the Charmin. Face it, Democrats have made a living off of spouting bad news but there has to come a time when Americans say, "Stop. We've had enough"!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Taxes On Everyone?

Here is a financial update on the Dumbocrat spending bill: the $825 billion dollar price tag increases to $1.1 trillion with interest. This computes to $9,000 in taxes per family BUT since 50% of the families in this country pay 97% of the taxes..........Well, you figure it out!

Nine Percent

If you had a 9% approval rating from your bridge club members about your card playing ability this probably means you'd better take up darts. What if you had 10 golfing acquaintances but when polled only 9% of them said they enjoy your company. Worse yet, what if only 9% of your family members wanted to go on vacation with you---to Hawaii---and you were footing the bill.
You know where I'm going with this. Only 9% of the American people approve of the job being done by our Congress; Senate and House combined. Problem is, and this was illustrated immediately after the election, the American voter thought the Republicans controlled both houses.
So, let me go through this again: Harry Reid is the Majority Leader of the Senate and Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House. She is still third in line to be President, directly after Barry and Joe.

The Blago Divorce

There was a Hollywood movie that came out in 1967 titled, Guide For The Married Man. It starred a number of comedic people and was a humorous attempt to show the philandering ways of despicable men. Once again, the human brain is rather complex, or maybe it's only me. The memory of this movie came to me as I was thinking of Governor Rod Blagojevich and his appearance before the Illinois legislature proclaiming his innocence in the "pay to play" scandal. In the movie, there is a scene with either Robert Morse or Joey Bishop. I can't remember who and it makes no difference. One of these guys is in bed with a comely, buxom, beautiful lady; not his wife. All of a sudden the man's spouse enters the bedroom. Without saying a word, both of the adulterer's get out of bed and begin putting on their clothes. The wife is insane, yelling and screaming. The two culprits, still quiet, finish dressing and eventually the seductress leaves the room. Her husband keeps saying, "what are you talking about?, nothings going on. There wasn't a woman in here. You're seeing things". Finally, the wife is convinced that she made the whole thing up even though the tryst was right in front of her.
This is the Blago scenario. The adulterous affair, or rape, if you prefer, involves the citizens of the Illini state. The guv is attempting to convince the people of Illinois that nothing happened; that no illicit sex occurred. The spouse of Illinois is the Democrat Party so it is she (they) who will decide whether or not the philanderer can get up and walk out without being served divorce papers.

Conservative Protest-A First

Recall what I wrote a week ago; there has never been, on record, a protest of a conservative group against a speaker. Well, it's happened. Pacifist, non-bomb throwing, America loving, Bill Ayers was a guest speaker at St. Mary's College in California. He was invited to speak as part of "Going Against The Grain" series set up to feature Ayers work as an education reformer. The protesting group, Move America Forward, headed by one Melanie Morgan, interrupted his speech three times. Television reporters attempted to ask Ayers if he made bombs. "No comment" was his only answer.
So, we finally have a group not afraid to confront a murdering thug. Way to go, Move America Forward.

Stimulus Vote

Congratulations to all 177 Republicans in our Congress who voted down the pork laden lard pot promoted by Obama, Pelosi and Hoyer. Double congratulations to the 11 Democrats who had the courage to not shove it up our noses.

Southern Baptists

Elizabeth and I have developed a new friendship. The husband's name is Jim. His wife is Debbie. Jim and I watch sports together. He's a fanatic about sports of all kinds but he's very big into Ohio State. I could care less about the Buckeyes but it's fun watching with him. I love how his blood pressure rises when a game gets close. Plus, he talks to the TV more than I. Jim is also a Southern Baptist. I've only know one other couple who are Baptists and they originally came from Missouri. They are great people, just like our new friends. I'm like others lacking in knowledge. I stereotype. I used to think 'Baptist' then I'd ask myself: "When did they start wearing shoes"? I've always admired Southern Baptists. I think they're more committed to their faith than Catholics. They actually, and this is difficult to believe, practice what they preach. They say they are against abortion and, hold onto your shorts, vote this way. Egad!
Here's another thing about them. They read the Bible and they do it frequently. My friend takes his Bible to work with him. Now you know; he isn't a public school teacher. I think there's a joke somewhere about Catholics not reading the Bible; we only use it for a coffee table decoration. I've been married for thirty-nine years. The priest who married us gave us a Bible as a wedding gift. Other than trying to figure out the end of the world by looking at the Book of Revelations I don't think it's been cracked.
Yesterday, I asked Jim what a typical service was like. "Oh, said he, we sing for a half hour, listen to our preacher for forty-five minutes, then we're done". Bummer! If our priest talked that long I'd self-induce a heart attack.
The point of this entire essay is, even at my age, I'm still learning to appreciate what others have in their hearts and I'm getting to meet neat, new people every day.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here Piggy, Piggy, Piggy

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), controlled by the Democrats, in analyzing Obama's stimulus package says: 12 cent of every dollar will go toward the economic stimulus. Does this mean that 88 cents on the dollar DOES NOT GO to job stimulus? On December 7, 2008 then President-elect Obama said that: "all jobs created by the stimulus are 'shovel ready' jobs. The days of pork are over".
It doesn't take a genius to find out specifics on earmarks. AMTRAK is being promised $1 billion. That should pick things up. The railroad hasn't turned a profit in 40 years. The National Endowment for the Arts is to receive $50 million. I ask, how many different ways are there to put urine in a jar or construct a cow dung collage of the Blessed Virgin Mary? I leave you with this nugget. ACORN is listed in the stimulus plan to the tune of $4.1 million.

A Crook Is A Crook Is A Crook

Barack Hussein Obama promised the world that lobbyists would have no place in his administration. That promise has already been broken times two. The height of hypocrisy might be this: Timothy "Crook" Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury, has appointed Mark Patterson as his Chief of Staff. Patterson's last position; lobbyist for Goldman Sachs. If you forgot they received $10 billion in bailout money.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


For my readers who scoffed and listeners who pooh-poohed me when I said we were headed down the road to socialism with Obama: After five days in office with, The One, we get this from The New York Times in today's publication: "Is the President prepared to nationalize the banking system"?
From Barack Obama, "Only government can break the cycle that is crippling our economy".
The mention of this makes me cringe.

Crooks In Washington

Three hundred million people in this country and Timothy Geithner, crook, is the only one who can get us out of this financial morass? The new Secretary of the Treasury did what we go to jail for; refusing to pay taxes. His punishment? He's our economic guru. He's the head of the IRS. He directs where the bailout money is headed.What can you, as citizens do? Do as I did. Send a letter or call your senator. I did this to George Voinovich(R-Ohio). The impact of this on him will be----absolutely nothing. This is the guy who started crying when John Bolton was named UN Ambassador. Give him credit though, he did apologize a couple of years later when he realized Bolton actually did things at the UN other than attend dinners. I also e-mailed Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah. I always thought he was a man of integrity and character. Wish I had made this up but you've heard about the inmates running the prison. Folks, we need new leadership. Throw out the Democrats and throw out the Republicans. Someone needs to start a movement, and fast.
Remember what Leona Helmsley said; "only the little people pay taxes".

Monday, January 26, 2009

Nancy Pelosi And The Catholic Church

My son is so angry about Pelosi that he sent me the best letter this morning. I think when he gets fired up he does his best work. The fun aspect of Pelosi is she's a gaffe machine rival of Biden. Being Catholic, myself, I can criticize as much as I desire. Here's what you need to know about her. She always prefaces her women's issues remarks with, "being a practicing Catholic". She's as much a Catholic as Hitler and Stalin. Just because you're born into something doesn't mean you are.
When it comes to abortion and this years presidential vote, though, I don't blame Pelosi. She is what she is and we all knew it. Obama received 55% of the Catholic vote in the election. Granted, many of these were 'Hitlerian Catholics' but we have to start somewhere. If you don't like the term then call them CINO's, Catholics In Name Only. I attended Mass on November 2, two days prior to the election. The priest gave a homily skirting the issue of abortion. He said, "I have an absentee ballot and I'm going to have to leave it blank. I can't make up my mind". He then made reference to one's conscience and we should do what we think is right. Gutless! What he should have said is, "I don't want to say vote against abortion. Some of you might get angry, leave the Church and we won't get your money every week". This isn't isolated, either. I know any number priests who are clinging to this economic justice crap.
I say this in all sincerity about these religious leaders; turn in your collars or become Jesuits. Then you'll be able to justify anti-Catholic teaching.
My son also said something that is real and smart. Pro-Abortionists are always looking for common ground with anti-abortionists. We both agree on this: "There is no common ground". He could say it a lot better than I but the point is the same. It's wrong. Seriously, give me a definition for common ground. Pull a Solomon and cut the kid in half? Gimme a break. How many of you know, or care, when arguments were being made for Roe v. Wade the Left said they would be happy with abortions up to the first trimester, only?
Pray for the unborn because theirs is going to be a gruesome death.

Reproductive Decisions

The big news over the week-end were the Sunday interviews with Nancy "Stupid" Pelosi and her thoughts on stimulating the economy. Just to refresh and maybe give a different perspective she said that we can stimulate the economy by advancing birth control. In simpler terms, "don't have babies, America". Representatives from Gerber and Pampers when informed of Speaker Pelosi's comments only shook their heads or so I'm told. There is a very large rumor floating around that someone named Guido who lives in New Jersey has been contacted about a kneecap job but that, too, cannot be verified. I then read on line from TV, East Providence, Rhode Island that in these tough economic times sperm and egg donations are up; way, way up. Egg donors have grown by 30% and harvested eggs go for $10,000. It doesn't say what a sperm goes for but when were dealing with millions maybe two or three cents apiece. The story did say that most people are denied.
What to do? Are these people going to go against the administration to grow the economy or be selfish and grow their own economy? Either way it seems more than immoral.
Just a thought. Since the legalizing of Roe v. Wade over 48 million children have been disposed of. Wouldn't these "little ones" have put some money into the third rail of politics, Social Security? Just asking.

Birthday Boy

Today, I am recognizing that I am one year older. I've never been big on birthdays; blowing horns, and having balloons with tons of confetti. I don't go in for big celebrations. Besides, I didn't have a whole lot to do with the process except that I got so big in my original dwelling I was forced to find a new home on planet earth.
I used to check and see what other famous people were born on my day. (except me). Turns out, in this regard, it's fairly boring. Paul Newman and I shared but he's gone. Angela Davis from California. She's a sixties revolutionary communist. That leaves me and Ellen DeGeneres.
Recognizing that I'm 63 allows me to make some observations that might give younger people pause. I have exchanged birthday cards, a dollar bill inserted, with my two best friends since 1954. One of these guys once said if he hated me he'd still feel obligated to send me a card. We've known each other that long. I've let my buddy, Craig, in on this gig. We became friends in 1965. In addition, he was best man in my wedding so I allowed him the thrill of being a part of the original triumvirate.
My dad and I almost shared the same birthday except I came into the world 15 minutes after the bewitching hour of midnight. My dad never forgave the doctor.
I liked birthdays up until my twenty-ninth. I don't know why but that one really bummed me out. My fortieth birthday saw me at a high school basketball game. What else was new? That was my life. The fortieth wasn't an earth shattering event for me; thought it would be. Maybe it's because I still acted like an eighteen year old.
The very best birthday and the very best decade was that of my 50's. It's too bad one doesn't realize how good it is til' it's over. Here is why I loved the fifties: our kids were on their own and had good jobs. Until you've been there you have no idea about what a relief this is for mom and dad. The fifties gave Elizabeth and me more money and more time to travel. Besides, I hadn't cultivated those nagging aches and pains, yet. I could still go jogging without a grimace on my face.
This is what's going to happen today. My wife will make what she thinks is my favorite meal. It really doesn't matter what she comes up with. She's a great cook so I'll enjoy it all. Afterwards, I'll open my cards; Dick and Steve from 1954 come first. It's difficult to break a long standing tradition. I normally receive eight or ten cards; my mom always sends one. She still sends the schlepy ones. You know, "what a wonderful son" kind. One sister remembers but the other doesn't. It doesn't bother me. She's still a good person.
I do a lot of reflection now. Gratitude has been a good thing for me. Gratitude should be a part of everyone's daily routine. I have loving wife, three wonderful children with five beautiful grandchildren. Those are the birthday gifts that keep on giving. I am, indeed, a lucky man.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama vs. Rush

Barack H. Obama told Republican leaders last Friday that they can't listen to Rush Limbaugh and expect to get things done, according to the New York Post. I'd say that pretty well drops the gauntlet. As a reminder, Bill Clinton tried much the same thing to no avail.
Byron York from the National Review quickly got ahold of Rush for an interview. Rush reminded York that it was York's own website and publication that documented Obama's ties to the communist teachings of Saul Alinsky while a community organizer on the south side of Chicago; the same stomping grounds as the President. Rule #13, notes Rush as stated by Alinsky:
"Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it"
This coming Monday is going to be tons of fun. I say, bring it on Barack, so we can decide this culture war quickly.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Mexico City Policy

It's a pinball machine with abortion. Depending on whether or not the newly elected President is a Republican or Democrat an executive order titled, the Mexico City Policy is reinstated or rescinded. If a Democrat then the executive order ending the ban on federal funds for abortion to international groups is over. Funds are also allowed for literature for promoting the Big A. Today, Obama signed the order ending the ban. Too bad most of these funds aren't going to Iran, Saudi Arabia and Muslim nations unfavorable to the US. Too bad they don't allow abortions, either.
We anti-folks are sadly awaiting the implementation of the Freedom of Choice Act allowing federal funds for abortions at all levels. This was an Obama promise. These Mexico City orders are taxpayer funded. Did you read that everyone? Right away your taxes are going to go up. If you support the "right to choose" then you'll pay out of your own pocket whether you choose to or not. For the 'difficult to comprehend'aka stupid people, you do not have freedom of choice.
One thing to consider and this is good. Think about the sophistication of sonograms for couples and families of couples. It's quite one thing to say, "you might have a little Tiger Woods in there" as opposed to "I think I see a Tiger Woods in there". There are going to be many "baby relatives" who see the pictures who will have a big change of mind. I hope so.
"I've noticed that everyone that is for abortion has already been born."
Ronald Reagan 9/22/1980


I have to give a warning for any reader under sixteen. Leave the computer screen immediately and go feed the dog. This ain't going to be pretty.
Let me begin by saying I'm more than open minded about most things heterosexual. It takes a whole lot to shock me. I'm a normal man! I very much enjoy the female form. Why not? I've got three kids. I didn't sprinkle pixie dust on my wife and wait nine months.
Elizabeth and I were watching TV last night, 10:15 PM, Travel Channel. Actually, I'd been 'flippin'. A commercial came on and, for some reason and I don't know why, something caused me to stop. There were two women, matronly looking, sitting at a desk, conversing. One was holding a package and I thought I read the name, 'Trojan'. I asked Liz, "Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing"? She nodded, almost disgustingly. There was a female, standing behind the two sitting women and she said something about, "I've used this before". This actor looked to be in her sixties, a librarian type, paige haircut, wearing a plain dress with a broach at the neckline. You get the picture. I thought I heard sounds coming from the TV other than the commercial dialogue so I figured maybe another channel, something from Europe or possibly Quebec, had somehow, mysteriously and magically, jumped our cable. Then, I saw that the box was on the screen again and I could make out what looked like the business end of a toothbrush. One of the ladies then said, "I use this a lot. It helps get me through the day". Good Gawd! I was watching a commercial for a female finger manipulated v-i-b-r-a-t-o-r!
What is it Johnny Carson used to say? Oh yeah, "This is wild and crazy stuff"! And these are wild and crazy times.
I'm finished. You can let your kid come back in the room now.

America's Youth: New Web Sites

I've come across a couple of very nice professional, educational and intriguing web sites recently. The neat thing about them is that they are conceived and written by young people, much, much younger than I. I marvel at what these "kids" can do. So-------give yourself a gift and make a favorites list of:
These are, thankfully, our country's future.

Hillary Replacement

The New York Post is reporting that Gov. David Paterson has appointed congresswoman, Kirsten Gillebrand, to relace Hillary. Liberals in the Empire State are furious that this selection has been made. She is an "upstater" who lives in a conservative district. A 42-year old lady who is, and get this, Pro-NRA. Ms. Gillebrand is a self-proclaimed "Blue Dog" Democrat. This has to absolutely infuriate Chuck Schumer not to mention 100% of the population of Greenwich Village and 99.9% of the Upper West Side. She is also, and this is unique to the Democrat Party, better looking than Bella Abzug. Sad to write that she's still a Democrat. It's going to be interesting to listen to and read from other, more learned members of the media on this appointment.

Jack Murtha: Pennsylvania Democrat

Jack Murtha(Rep-D-Penn):"Close down Guantanamo. We'll take the prisoners in my district. We don't have a federal facility but we do have a minimum security prison. These 245 people are no more dangerous in my prison than they are in Guantanamo."
You remember "Fat Jack". He's the one who accused our Marines of murder at Haditha.
I'd like to illustrate a couple of things about the Guantanamo thugs. Sixty of them have been released but RECAPTURED on the battlefield. One of them lost his leg in battle. The US supplied him with a titanium prosthesis at a cost(to you) of $70,000. He was set free. He died in Afghanistan after blowing himself up with explosives aimed at our soldiers. No word on whether or not the leg was retrieved.

John McCain:Dufus

I'm happy John McCain lost the election. Wasn't it he who was on the Larry King Show last night? They deserve each other; both are two minutes away from dementia. John-boy, talking about the Republican Party, said we have to be an all-inclusive party; that we have to broaden our base. He then went on to wax Hillary's rear end about how wonderful she is.
Helloooooooo John! We have a broad base. What we don't want are politicians who kowtow to the party in power. Lord knows we wandered in the wilderness for forty years before Newt came to power in the early 90's.
Here's what I feel worst about today. I actually donated $25.00 to McCain's campaign fund when all along I knew he had the mindset of a WWII general from Vichy France.

Secret Government Hideouts

In today's Columbus Dispatch is an article written by Steven Thomma of the Associated Press. First, this torques me off because I can never find an e-mail address for these AP trouble makers, which means it's impossible to spout off. The headlines read: Obama's Pen Makes Statement To The World. The gist of the article is, we're closing Guantanamo, torture is outlawed and our secret overseas prisons are shutdown. I'm most concerned about the latter. Say, for example, we capture Osama bin Laden. Where do we take him for questioning; the Mall maybe? Let's get real. Don't you think we should have this clown in secrecy for a goodly amount of time before word gets out to Maureen Dowd? Wouldn't common sense say someone smarter than your average person try to get sensitive info out of the guy. Hoorah! How about Jethro Gibbs aka Mark Harmon from my favorite show, NCIS? Seriously, there were, under Mr. Bush, eight or nine secret locations to take captured terrorists in order to find out info about persons, places, and things pertinent to our future safety. Those in the know, and this is from general sourcing, say the amount info gained from waterboarding three individuals saved the US from attacks worse than the WTC bombings. After this grilling I want to water board the hell out of them. I want to water board them while they're looking at pictures of the World Trade Center.
Now, as to the newspaper headlines; what statement does this make to the world? It says the ACLU has a huge impact on our administration and that the Obama-ites going to "meow" their way through the entire process.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pay Freeze

President Obama, today. issued four executive orders. The most significant dealt with the closing of Gitmo; exactly one year from today. Unless something happens to change his mind, or the states refuse to accept the incarcerated terrorists. Sorry, they are now called "civilian prisoners." Alright, I'm only kidding. Guantanamo wasn't that important.
One of his orders however, speaks volumes about Obama's recessionary vision. He announced that every staff member making over $100,000 would have a pay freeze as soon as the ink on his pen hit the paper. Excuse me! These people just began their new careers only yesterday. Normally, when I was up for a salary increase I had to wait a year before I went before a superior. The increase was most likely going to be a cost of living wage increase. I was a teacher, remember. So the Obama Administration is making a big deal out of something that shouldn't come around until January 20, 2010.
Our sucker population will swoon with this humanitarian gesture. And I'm putting up a portion of my Social Security check on the bet that some folks are going to get a pay raise in 364 days.

A New Dawn-A New Day

Today is going to be a wonderful day. Don't laugh when you read this but when I awoke at 8 am this morning the sun was shining. (Sol doesn't shine in central Ohio in winter). I've tried to get up earlier but to no avail. Elizabeth is careful not to wake me when she goes to work. Yes, sometimes I feel guilt over this, that she works and I don't, but the feeling soon passes. It's sort of nice, though, being my own boss and crawling out of bed when I want. The high temp today is going to be 36F. This makes for a fabulous mindset! Even better, it's going to rain tonight so we can all say, "good-bye" to the snow. I heard a report from some news source a month ago citing a reputable news firm from Pennsylvania. This guy said that Spring will arrive to the Midwest in mid-February. I don't want any wise guy responses, either, referring to a furry animal from some fake sun celebration in some Pennsylvania town I can't pronounce or spell. Understand, I live in Ohio, the "phony-Midwest". The real Midwest includes, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Missouri. Please don't forget this, ever! This is the rule about the Midwest. If you live in the eastern time zone you cannot live in the Midwest. I never want to have to repeat this again. Regardless, I trust it's going to get warmer sooner and, being the eternal optimist, I'll have visions of being a candidate for the Super Senior Tour with a handicap of 1.
Another reason it's going to be a special day is I get to see my grandson and granddaughter. My grandson's name is, Oscar, and he's four-years old. Don't laugh about the name. With a moniker like that it automatically means he'll be a butt-kicker when he grows up. For his sake he'd better be. Besides, he's the best looking, smartest, most like able boy--ever. He has curly blond hair and the best smile. We laugh together at stupid things. One day we went looking for "dust bunnies" in his bedroom. "Dust bunnies" was one of those set of words that made him giggle so we overdid it. His mom didn't think it was all that funny. My granddaughter is five months shy of two so she's just getting used to being around me. Her name is Genevieve but we all call her VeeVee. She was named after a lady who, at one time, was a model for Christian Dior. I've met this woman. She lives in France and is a very nice lady. She wouldn't qualify as a model anymore, though. I'm fascinated at how VeeVee's grown and the extent of her vocabulary. She has a universal word for any piece of food she likes. It's 'cookie'. Pretty special, isn't it!
I live in a neighborhood where our neighbors are physically close to us. It's a very nice condo area. There are two widow ladies nearby; one on my left and the other across the street. When it snows I shovel their walks. I get their mail. I run errands for them if they need it. A cousin of mine said that I was a nice guy for doing this. Wrong! I've done so many crummy things in my life I need to burn off some days in Purgatory and God has provided me this particular outlet. I'm not exactly singing, "Zippety-Doo-Dah-Day" when I'm shoveling. I hope it's the act, not the attitude, that gets one time off from the flickering flames. This is how bad I can be. One day I wondered if they had any surviving relatives and if they maybe had bad coughs. This thinking can easily add another thirty days to "you know where".
I might get to the rec center today. I've gone from the treadmill to the stair master; less stress on my hips, knees, back, neck, spine, feet, toes, tongue, hair, and fingers. I'm looking forward to exercising today, too.
A near miracle happened last night. Iowa beat Wisconsin in basketball. That pleases me. I went to bed happy which means I woke up happy.
There's a guy who lives across the street who is a dentist. He's 74 years old and still working. Get this! He's invented a process of using stem cells from wisdom teeth to regenerate lost teeth in kids. I met him the first day we moved in. He played football for the legendary Woody Hayes in the late 50's and is recognized as one of the great ones in OSU football annals or so I've been told. Actually, I had one of the men in the neighborhood tell me he "was a real piece of work," whatever that means. I enjoy talking to him. He initially comes off as a gruff fellow but is far from it. His fingers are the size of Vlasic pickles and he lumbers when he walks but he's a very nice man and enjoyable to converse with. The Doc told me the Buckeyes went out to Iowa in 1957 and got their butts beat 6-0. He said, "I hate that State"! He sounded as though he had gravel in his throat when he said it. He's also best friends with Jack Nicklaus and David Ledbetter. You'd have to know golf to know Ledbetter. He's considered one of the top golf instructors in the world. I see him on TV giving tips. Mr. Ledbetter sends the doctor a set of golf clubs every month. I was in his garage looking at all his clubs. It's like being at Dick's Sporting Goods except I don't have to drive to get there. I could stay in there all day. The Doc said he'd take me to Muirfield this year. If it happens I'll write about it. I was talking to my college baseball coach two nights ago. He started at QB for the Univ. of Iowa in 1951 and he'd heard of my neighbor so he must be something special. 1957 was a fun time to root for Iowa. They went to the Rose Bowl. It'd be another twenty-five years after that before they had a winning season.
I could continue writing but I want to see the grandkiddies.
It's going to be a fun day!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama Ignores the Military

From one of my favorite sites, Ace of Spades HQ, President Obama gave an indication of his love for the military, or lack of, on inauguration day. It is surely a hectic schedule and typically the first hubby and wife make quick appearances at the many Balls in different venues, usually staying only ten minutes. One of great significance is the Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball. It is co-sponsored by the American Legion. In addition, 13 other veterans groups are also involved including the Military Order of the Purple Heart and the Paralyzed Veterans of American. Special guests at the dance are Medal of Honor winners, the highest military award given.
Mainstream media reporters and newscasters have yet bothered to ask the question: "Mr. President, you are the first President since 1953 to ignore these men. Can you tell us why?"

Rahm Emanuel/Jerk

Too bad I don't have the computer ability to figure out how to move a picture from another web site to this one. But, if you want to take the time to go to the Drudge Report you can find a picture of Rahm Emanuel doing what he does best: making an ass of himself! For my lazier readers, Rahmbo had an open hand with his thumb on his nose. And on the Presidential viewing stand, no less. White House reporters suspect the object of Emanuel's derision was Hillary, seen in another photo, giving him the finger.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Party Of Big Losers

There are some things I plain don't understand. There are times I get embarrassed for other people, even when I'm not in the room or in the same city; even when no one knows who I am or cares one iota. I'm trying to remain calm after having to live through and witness what has transpired this inaugural day. I can exhibit a great deal of shame. Sad to say, on more than one occasion I have. If I mess up or say something extremely ridiculous then I want to hide and I do, for a long time . I am easily embarrassed and I let this fester. If only others from the opposition would do the same. Just for today.
I don't comprehend Liberals and Democrats who voted for Obama, Independents who voted for Obama, Republicans who voted for Obama, surely not Catholics for Obama. What I absolutely do not understand is how seemingly adult and supposedly mature humans can make such fools out of themselves at one of our most patriotic and enduring events; the inauguration of a new President. Furthermore, and this is most serious, I don't even begin to reason why it was necessary:(1) for the newly sworn in Administration to continue to trash former President Bush on their web site and blame him for his poor response in the handling of Katrina;(2) for Obama to belittle the former President in his inaugural victory speech in front of two million visitors to Washington DC and over two billion around the world;(3) for "Americans", and I use this term loosely, to outspokenly humiliate our former President while he is on the presidential dais. Was it necessary for these nattering nabobs to sing," na,na, hey,hey good-bye?" How embarrassing for me to watch these pestules on television. I was ashamed for my country. (4)and finally, to laugh haughtily at former Vice-President Cheney as he was shown on television in a wheelchair.
I had a brief conversation with my best friend about this situation. He's good at these discussions. He's very level headed and thinks before he speaks. Typically, the results are very sound and give me much to chew on and digest. As for me, I want to act as quickly as is possible. My eyes glaze over. In war, I'd be a good grunt. Gimme a rifle and I'll be the first one out of a foxhole cursing and swearing at the enemy. Anyway, my buddy thought that this irresponsible, childish action(s) of the revelers was indicative of poor training in their early years. Their parents gave into their whims without hesitation. These "special people" are reactionary in everything that they do. One sign that we all can recognize is that they need to be noticed and be the center of attention---in all things. They are your typical Little League parent. They are about "me". They are Liberals! Conservatives don't act this way.
In one of Ann Coulter's books she mentions that there has never been a recorded instance of any member of a university Young Republican group interrupting a speaker from the other side, who has thrown a lemon meringue pie in the face of the opposition, has shouted down a speaker or, during a speech stood up and turned their backs on that person. I'll take this further. I can never recall reading or hearing of any Republican, Conservative, Libertarian, etc. of any age doing any of the above, period. The Party of free speech, diversity and "the big tent" is nothing but the Party of Big Losers. They talk the talk and that's it.
So, due to the events of today, due to the continuos rotting fish thrown our way by George Soros and his socialist minions, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Tom Hanks, Sean Penn, Nancy Pelosi, RoseAnn Barr, Barney Frank, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, most especially, Barack Obama, and all the rest of the Liberals there is no chance of compromise. For Democrats, compromise means for us to bow down and bend over. Example, Obama has appointed to the number two position at the Justice Department, Dawn Johnsen. She worked for the ACLU in the 1980's and is a former honcho with NARAL. Do you think had this been President Bush and he named a member of Right to Life to the same position there wouldn't have been some serious howling? Don't you think the MSM would be talking about division in the country? Well, for me, unless some serious changes are made, there will be no getting along or finding the path to truth and wisdom together. Loser Party, it just ain't goin' to happen. Ever.

Obama Inaugural Speech

Not exactly, "Ask not what your country can do for you", was it? It wasn't "we have nothing to fear but fear itself", either.
Much had been written about wunderkind, 27-year old John Favreau, who is Obama's personal speechwriter. First reaction is it's a ho-hum speech. Excuse? Favreau may have been partying with the Hillary cut out again

George Bush-Class Act

How many times in my life have I've heard, "One can tell the character of a man by the little things he does"? Too many to count but with one final act President George W. Bush will prove this to be true.
From Quinn Hillyer at The American Spectator:
Eight years ago, Bill Clinton held a huge to-do at Andrews AFB at a time that detracted directly from a key ceremonial part of Bush's inaugural festivities----some key part of the parade, if I remember correctly.
It was televised, self-indulgent, self reverential, and way over long. It was Clinton doing the "me, me, me!" routine.
And it was utterly classless, one last attempt to hold onto attention on what really was and should have been, Bush's day.
Tomorrow, Bush shows how it really ought to be done. From a White House press release:
1:25 pm THE FORMER PRESIDENT makes remarks at Departure Ceremony
Andrews Air Force Base- hanger 6
Note that: CLOSED PRESS. It will not be televised. It will be low key. It will not take the focus away from Obama on Obama's day.
Well, that is class. It speaks well of Bush. Meanwhile, I can guarantee that the exiting Bush staffers won't vandalize the WH offices, leaving juvenile booby traps and ruined computer keyboards($16K) the way the juvenile Clinton staffers did when they left office.
Quinn Hillyer

Monday, January 19, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Today

I have been a listener of Rush Limbaugh since March of 1989. I was a proud peddler who drove 70,000 miles a year. This amount of windshield time let me get intimately acquainted with my radio. My territory was out of the range of WGN Chicago so, more often than not, it was impossible to pick up my beloved Cubs. Aside from an occasional CD of Jim Morrison's greatest hits, Patsy Cline, Shania Twain and a beautiful CD by a lovely young lady, Enya, I don't listen to music. Whoops! I gotta throw in disco, too. I like it. I can't tell you the singers but I do like the rhythm. It was at this time, scanning, that I found and became a devotee of the "Doctor of Democracy". Can you believe he was doing a parody song about Barney Frank? It was something about "up, up and away in my beautiful balloon." Either that or the song, "my boy lollipop". I started laughing and haven't stopped since.
If someone paid me by the hour for the time I've put in with Rush I'd have enough to own a 747 jet. Today he was at his best. His take on the Obama presidency is he doesn't want him to succeed. If this happens then every liberal program from Obama, Pelosi, and Reid will be instituted. If you're on our side do you really want total tax regulation, control of industry, education, abortion on demand, airwaves regulation, etc.? According to Mr. Limbaugh if European style Universal Health Care is established we will have lost the battle. Once in, never out. We will be completely and totally socialistic. Even some mealy-mouthed Republicans are being forced to say, "he has to succeed for the country to make it". That sounds like politically correct nonsense. Another of Rush's points: why do we have to support Obama? Did the Left support Bush? Not from day 1. Did the Left support Reagan? Never. Stupid questions I know. What about Clarence Thomas. Was he supported by the Democrats and the left? Absolutely not. He was demonized by the press and by the Left. Funny how, eight years after a joke about a coke can we had to make light of real scandal and the Left decided it was "only about sex". And Thomas, just like Obama, is black. Where was the black leadership in support of Thomas? Oh, I remember, Thomas was a conservative so there wasn't any. Limbaugh's position is it's idealogy, not racism. As for bipartisanship, we don't need it. For democrats bipartisanship means republicans cave.
For the most part, Rush covered the white/black situation today; the idea that we are a racist nation is silliness. I know most of you didn't hear his program because you have something I don't. It's called a job. Not to worry. You can go to his web site tomorrow. He'll have his monologue all typed out for you. It's superb. One of his best ever.

Democrats Are Softies

I read on and then listened to the newscasts that GW has finally done the right thing and commuted the sentences of agents, Compean and Ramos. To this I say, "it's about time". The two were found guilty of shooting in the buttocks a Mexican drug dealer and, as we later found out after his initial wounding, continued his occupation. The two agents were found guilty in 2005 of lying about the circumstances of the shooting. Sources expect they will be released within two months. This scenario forced me to find out about other presidents and how they handled the pardon/commutation process. So, beginning with Harry Truman credit him with having the biggest heart of all. He let out 2,034 folks while serving just under eight years as president. Dwight Eisenhower was a 'lenient', too. He let out 1,100 in eight years. John Kennedy was on his way to tying Truman. He only served two and three quarter years, give or take a few days, and handed out 572 get out of jail free cards. Jimmy Carter let 563 out in a four year span followed by Ronald Reagan with 406(eight years). Next was George W. Bush with 189 for eight years. His cold-hearted dad only let out 77(four years). I always knew there was something "hard" about the man. Wait! I'm forgetting Bill Clinton. He let out 457 in eight years but there's an addendum to his pardons. Tabulations are still being taken on the amount of cash given to him from his ex-cons. Unlike Bush 41 he felt their pain. I didn't check out Johnson, Nixon or Ford. I have to shovel the walk outside and don't have the time. You can do it yourself if you're that interested. Democrats are living up to their name of "liberal" when it comes to pardons but you had to know it would be this way.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


In a recent column I wrote of the supposed three most powerful members of the Democrat Party. I inadvertently neglected to designate the authorship of the post; either, Raymond Arroyo of the Catholic Radio Network or Byron York of National Review Online. In the meantime I am sure I offended one of my readers, Draco, for my shoddy writing and for this I apologize. I should have proof read the content of the quote instead of rushing it to the public.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Michelle Obama's Pregnancy

Listening to the news this morning and one feature caught my attention. Vegas is making book on all things "Obama"; how long his inaugural speech will last, if he'll announce his favorite for a Super Bowl win, when the economy will turn around, etc., an entire cornucopia of possible winner take all bets.
One of the betting lines was whether or not he would become a father again while in the White House. You know by now, after reading my posts, how my mind works. If O-Man really, really wanted to solidify his base he could get Michelle pregnant and announce it to his favorite news media, MSNBC. This would be the biggest event in two thousand years. Think of the news stories, TV cameras, movies, documentaties not to mention books. The government would have to add an an entire room to the Library of Congress. I hope it's a little boy. Baby boys are nice. My wife and I raised two of them. Barry could take the little guy to see his beloved White Sox. They could play football together in the back yard. He could tell him the downside of smoking. His sisters would watch out for him as he grew to manhood. Surely, the press would follow his antics as the years fly by. Why, Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews could speculate on when he would run for President. Is there a possibility we could change the Constitution to allow Barack II to be President after he graduated from high school? I have this thrill running up my leg thinking about it.* Wouldn't this be wonderful. The media could jazz this up to be the exact opposite of Sarah's pregnancy; real not fake. The Messiah's wife would be giving birth to Messiah II. The economy for the media would be 'resurrected'. The NY times, LA Times, Minneapolis Star Tribune, all those publications in bankruptcy or near bankruptcy would have their coffers filled by excited daily readers all hoping for a picture of Michelle's bulging tummy. The Obama's could stretch this entire scenario out for the length of the pregnancy. The possibilities are endless. The Star, National Enquirer, all of them, forever money makers.
Recall how I mentioned "O" would solidify his base? Picture this: Michelle in the delivery room, feet in the stirrups. Klieg lights all around. It looks like Academy Awards night. The little Obama girls are seen peering into the delivery room. All is ready for the big event when Barack Hussein Obama makes this announcement to the world; "I can't have my wife be punished with a baby for the rest of her life" And you know what's going to happen next. "Quick! Someone turn off the cameras. This could get real messy!"
Remember what occurred after Clinton's go round with Monica? Junior High kids found a certain act very popular and more than acceptable. After the Obama near birth, Planned Parenthood would need to expand to meet the demand and the Left stays in love with their guy.
Place your bets!
* credit Chris Matthews

Friday, January 16, 2009

Top 3 Democrats

The three most powerful people in the Democrat Party aren't elected officials. They speak broken English. They are left-wingers all and their ideologies are designed to overthrow this nation.
They are George Soros, socialist billionaire who in his youth was a Nazi sympathizer; Markos Moulitsas, editor of The Daily Kos and Ariana Huffington, editor of the Huffington Post.

Chuck Schumer and the Geese

Just heard Senator Charles 'Chucky' Schumer(D-NY) say on the radio he is going to convene a meeting to see what can be done about the geese. In today's Time Magazine the blame for yesterdays accident was placed on we, the people. The geese are being displaced due to loss of acceptable habitat and, are you ready for this, global warming.

Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger

What a major relief that no one was killed or seriously injured in yesterday's US Air crash. What a blessing that "Sully" Sullenberger and his crew were on board. I would hope, though, that every pilot and crew member from all the airlines would act and perform in the same manner. I mean, "Sully" is a 29 year veteran flier with the airline. Just my luck, I'd be on a plane with a "newbie" who, until last week, was a crop duster in Idaho. I was surprised that info was so readily available on Sullenberger. Three hours after the crash I read the man's resume' online. I'm anxious to find out about his career in the military. I did read that he flew F-4 fighter jets while he was in service to our country. The pessimist, or realist, in me says that some group will come out against the guy because he is a former military man. Hmmm! I'm trying to think of a city that would ban him from a parade or appearance. Let me think, hmmm. There must be some community that would outlaw the cub scouts or get rid of ROTC programs for high school kids; an unpatriotic community. What was that city that disallowed the USS Iowa from making it's port permanent? It was due to its service to our country in WWII. Seems this city was against any war and the best way to show it was to ban a ship that helped save their collective behinds. Oh yeah, I remember. It was San Francisco. Hey, isn't that the home city of the ladies from Code Pink? Either San Fran or Oakland and they're only separated by a bridge-- that goes over water-- that a pilot landed on-- who saved a lot of lives.
If anybody or any group could protest I'm putting my cash on these harpies.

Job Creation

Obama has been hammering the public about job creation. He tells us it's the job of the government to create jobs. Excuse me! Private enterprise, not the government, creates jobs. It's called investment. My former boss understood the economy and how things work without government interference.
I went to work as a salesman(peddler) 1988. We are an industrial maintenance reduction company. In other words, we keep equipment running so that other industries save money. There were 41 workers in our operation when I started. It's is a small business but it's recognized as the best of it's type in the world at what it does. 70% of small businesses make up the bulk of our economy. When I retired in 2007 my boss employed 122 tax paying citizens. Barack Obama and the Liberals didn't have one thing to do with the addition of 88 men and women to this vital firm. These people are raising families and "giving" tax money to the Federal and State government. BHO is adamant that the way to work our way out of this economic malaise is through the re-building of our infrastructure. He wants to establish 600,000 government jobs(started with your tax dollars) to help get the process started. I have a problem with this for a couple of reasons. Search your memory bank back to the Clinton years. Bill and Al Gore, along with their minions, went on a rant about tobacco and how it was killing our people; second hand smoke and all that. The tobacco companies ended up giving billions, maybe 800, to the states to provide educational programs so that our children wouldn't become addicted to the weed. What happened? Virtually every dollar sent to every state went into the pockets of special interest groups to re-build the infrastructure. We don't need massive "shovel leaning" jobs in this country. It was tried in the 1930's and it failed. Anyway, aren't highway created jobs temporary? Once the road is completed then what? Once the pot hole is filled then what? The government would be better off pumping up private industry to expand and create new jobs. Here's a another example of how the government fails in job creation. The Clinton's touted 100,000 cops on the street. It was done to make us feel safer. Hell, it was done to win an election. Well, the highest number of police on the street, through federal funds(tax money), came to 20,000. Each city was then to tax their own to reach the magic 100,000 number. No one told us this during the campaign. If you understand this I'm happy for you. If you don't, then you're a liberal.
I want to ask you, would there be a better chance of economic success by having a private company create through it's own capital: employment, investment, and expansion without government interference or by having the government borrow(from taxpayers) to start jobs that go nowhere?
Sadly, there are a heck of a lot of Obama supporters who won't admit that this economic crappola being fed us is going to lead us to the path to nowhere. I want you to remember the Obama voter from Cleveland who seriously stated: when Barack is elected, "I won't ever have to pay my mortgage or pay to fill up my gas tank, again."

Timothy Geithner

Michelle Malkin; journalist, conservative and hot chick, has done it again with her Townhall column.
Timothy Geithner: Secretary Treasurer designate had failed to pay $43,000 in taxes. Oddly enough, he was able to come up with the remaining $26,000 debt after nominated. It's not a problem, though. According to John Kerry "it's possible to make an honest mistake". Call it a coincidence but most every media news outlet and Obama supporter uses the word "honest mistake". This is what I'm hearing from Obama-ites: "there was no intention not to pay".-----except that he didn't.
Malkin continues; Do we all remember 'average guy', Joe Wurzelbacher? He was crucified for failing to pay a $1,182.98 tax lien. Oh, and by the way, the state of Ohio sent has tax notification to a vacated residence.
Malkin reminds us though that Geithner is no "average guy" because his supporters have dubbed him "too big to fail". When Democrats like Geithner, Al Franken and Charlie Rangel don't pay taxes it's an honest mistake. When you and I balk about taxes one of three things occur: (1) guys like Joe Biden call us unpatriotic; (2) we lose our property or (3) we go to jail.
This entire fiasco allows me to segue into another money subject. Remember the original bailout money? Well, we can't find out where $350 billion of the original $700 billion. Not to worry. The rest has been appropriated. Pelosi said, "this is so exciting". John Boehner, minority leader of the House replied, "Oh my God". If you can't figure this out for yourself, Boehner wasn't happy.
Question! Isn't the bailout a humongous ponzi scheme?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Airplanes, Golf And Geese Don't Mix

I'm glued to the TV at present, watching Fox News. They're reporting on a US Air passenger plane that went down in the Hudson River after taking off from LaGuardia airport. It's possible that 151 survived this flight out of 151 who were on the plane. The pilot must have done an incredible job. If this isn't a miracle then I want to fly with this guy whenever I take off and land.
I get a kick out of news reporters. Some of their questions are sort of silly. One of the first survivors to be interviewed was a thirty-one year old businessman and father of three. The question is: "How do you feel"? People go to school, spending thousands of their parents dollars, to learn how to ask these things. Mindbogling isn't it.
Fox was initially running a blurb across the screen letting us know it probably was not terrorism. We now know that the culprit or culprits were those purveyors of poop on the bottom of our shoes. The cause of this accident was(were) Canadian Geese. They flew into the engines. If animals are so smart why would they do this? Actually, if animals are so smart why do we see so many dead ones lying alongside the highways? Fox News may have jumped the gun on debunking this terrorist report. Jihadist geese? Anything's possible.
Another question: Is there anyone who cares for these animals, PETA included? Well yes, I can think of one person but I don't know her name. Five, maybe six years ago, an injured goose at our golf course was captured by one of the migrant workers. I'm sure it had been hit by a car(the goose, not the worker). The man cleaned, cooked and ate it.(The goose, not the car) An old bitty who witnessed the alleged Crime of the Century and lived on the course called the local DNR and this kid was arrested, cited and fined. I didn't hear about this until sometime later but had I known I'd have paid his fine and given him an engraved trophy. Maybe this LaGuardia accident will start a movement to destroy all Canadian Geese. One can only hope. Phase two; cull the deer.

It's Porno Time

Funny how the word "porno" is such an attention grabber. If I wrote 'carrots" or 'snow shovel' I doubt it would elicit a response. I am, however, holding off on the erotica for awhile. There are a couple of observations I made from one of my favorite venues; the Dublin rec center. I wanted to get on a treadmill today; no problem. The man next to me was already using one and the TV directly in front of him had CNN on it. Understand, I hate CNN but only because of Ted Turner, his former wife, Jane Fonda, Larry King and the puff pieces they do on liberals all around the world. "Running Man" wasn't really watching anything but, being as polite as possible, I asked if I could switch channels. He gave me the okay---until I switched to Fox News. He then had a hissy fit and made me turn back to the original channel but did say I could turn to MSNBC. I'd stick 3,000 degree heated needles in my eyes before this'd happen. Sweet revenge, though. Just as it went back to CNN George Bush came on for an interview that lasted twenty minutes. In adition, There was another TV off to the side that was carrying the Eric Holder hearings. You remember Holder. He's up for Attorney General. He was Assistant Attorney General in the Clinton administration who signed off on the Marc Rich pardon, the FALN Puerto Rican pardons along with giving the okay to make a midnight grab of five year old Elian Gonzalez while the kid was looking down the barrel of a gun.
I wish just once, the pain in the rear Republicans would 'bork' someone, even if he's a White house janitor. One thought I had on Mr. Holder is: someone must have hit him in both eyes with a bag of nickels or he's part raccoon. I'm trying not to be petty but he needs a make-up artist--and fast.
Betcha thought I forgot about the porn thing. Uh-uh! I live in beautiful Dublin, Ohio. It's a quaint place; downtown Dublin is old and has maintained it's charm even though the population has grown rather quickly in the last twenty years. There are many shops constructed of stone, just like you'd find in an Irish Village. Dublin is a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. Big secret coming up: Columbus is the fifteenth largest city in the US, directly behind San Antonio. Or, it might be the other way around. Anyway, Dublin became famous when Jack Nicklaus built a terrific golf course at Muirfield Village and has his Memorial Golf Tournament there every year. I happen to live a softball throw away from the course. Don't get the wrong idea. If I sold my condo I still couldn't afford the initiation fee. The only way I can get into this complex is to put on camouflage gear and crawl on my belly at night.
Porn? Relax, I'm getting to it.
There was a very interesting article in the Columbus Dispatch this morning and it was above the fold. We had a sex sting operation in Dublin last night. Arrested was, Robert Eric McFadden. He promoted himself, allegedly, on the internet as the King of Porn. He had some other kinky names for himself but it's all to familiar a situation. Furthermore, he fashions himself as the leader of a prostitution ring that advertised on Craig's List. He might have made a mistake when one of his for sale trinkets turned out to be a 17-year old and she's blabbing to the Feds. This sting has been going on for a couple of months. It's already snared a couple of folks, one of them being an academic adviser at The Ohio State University, a real-estate agent and a sex-abuse case worker at the Franklin County Children Services. Oh, did I mention that McFadden was hired in February of 2007 to serve as Governor Ted Strickland's Religious Outreach Director? Guys, it gets worse, a lot worse. Prior to the position with our governor he served as a Catholic(here we go again) Outreach Director for the Kerry and Hillary campaigns in Ohio. His official title was: Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. In other words, he never went to Mass, tithed, went to communion or did charity work. What he did do was take a check. Specifically, he's another one of those Catholics who work for Abortion Rights. How is it I never hear about Southern Baptists getting caught in these sex webs? It's getting to be embarrassing telling people my religion. It's like the old days when people went into a drug store and whispered, "a pack of condoms, please". Will I have to whisper someday, "I'm a Catholic"? I haven't read or heard about the Kerry/Clinton relationship from our local media but I do have a message into the Dispatch. My source for this was, guess who, the Laura Ingraham Radio Show.
I'm sorta excited about the whole affair. McFadden is, ahem, a neighbor of mine; six degrees of separation and all that. When he gets out on bail and depending on how big a story this gets I may decide to get his autograph. If he's a great golfer I'll have to take a pass on him being a playing partner. Even I have my standards.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Global Unwarming

Could we please stop this nonsense about global warming! I'm freezing and I'm in Ohio, not Minnesota. 1/14/2009

Gary Graham: Hollywood Conservative

I gave this guy a plug last week and I'm doing it again today: Gary Graham, actor, writer, cajones builder. Do you remember? The article is, 'Obama, job-maker'. I've made it one of my favorite sites. Once again, it's a conservative site from Hollywood actors and actresses! For Gary, only, go to his site; It's a winner.
P.S. Graham has written a book and I bought it.

The Good Ol' Boys Club

If anyone ever needed to be reminded that the US Senate protects it's own you need look no further than Queen Hillary's coronation as Secretary of State . She'll have another round or two of "questioning" from her colleagues but it makes no difference. She's in. There will be no concern about Bill's foundation money; nothing about questionable campaign cash from her Chinese friends. Yesterday's love fest was reminiscent of her "pretty in pink" grilling from the early 90's. You remember: Filegate, Travelgate, 900 FBI Files "Well, I don't recall" or "I don't remember". "Thank you, Mrs. Clinton.", replied her inquisitors. "We very much appreciate your candor", said her questioners.
Dana Milbank, noted Clinton butt-boy during their administration, has written an interesting article in today's Washington (com)Post.* Dems and Repubs alike who sit on the questioning committee absolutely gushed over Hill's previous credentials. Gawd! It was sickening. It's fascinating that Milbank would bash the "never indicted" crookette. He's done a complete 180 on the Clintons'. Senator Chuck Schumer praised her vociferously as did John Kerry. Why not? Schumer, who never met a camera he didn't like, can now be the kingpin in New York. Kerry can only hope Hillary screws up so he can get her post; the one he thinks he deserves. Richard Lugar from Indiana, is sort of a Republican, and gave HillyMae a pass. This is all so transparent, isn't it? Senator Democrat plus Senator Republican equals Senator Barf.
Regardless, read Milbank's article. It's another reason to completely distrust politicians. Sorry. It's another reason to hate politicians.

* credit G. Gordon Liddy

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Actors, Actresses and Films

My wife and I like going to the movies. But you already knew this. Memory serves that I mentioned this a week or so ago. We usually go on Friday afternoon. If you get there around 4 pm a person can save a buck or two. We're both in our early sixties so we look for the "seasoned citizen" prices. It's getting easier to say, "senior rate, please". When I first hit the Big 6-0 I usually forgot to tell the ticket taker. The same went for anyplace I visited that offered discounts. Now, I've got it down pat. Normally, Liz and I alternate weeks for a show selection; it keeps peace in the family. I like shows with sophomoric humor that make me howl with laughter. Two guys I don't care for, though, are Will Farrell and Ben Stiller. They're too goofy. Vince Vaughn is a good actor. I laughed during The Wedding Crashers. I think I'd like to hang out with a guy like Vaughn.
I'm a James Bond addict. I have to admit that Roger Moore's character began wearing on me but the latest guy, Daniel Craig is the best, after Sean Connery. Craig's first film, Casino Royale, in my opinion, was the best of all the Bond films AFRWL(After From Russia With Love)).
Christian Bale is a good actor. Elizabeth and I thought the Batman movie, The Dark Knight, starring Bale was the best film we saw in '08. We first saw Bale in an avant garde movie titled: The Machinist. He lost around eighty pounds to play the role. Too bad Heath Ledger who played The Joker lost his self control. His performance should have been something better than Best Supporting. He controlled the Batman movie.
The press, post World War II, used to cover up all the personal baggage actors carried around with them. I'm not sure there are starlet actresses as glamorous and like able today as when I was a kid. I thought Mitzi Gaynor was just It. Rita Hayworth was a Wow. June Allyson was the girl I wanted to marry along with every man in the western hemisphere. In the films, she must have married a thousand different guys and no one ever complained. Who knows. Maybe these actors and actresses were nutty but the press did protect them. If not, we would have known that Rock Hudson and Raymond Burr were guy guys.
Early on I used to think Ashey Judd could walk on water until I saw her on C-Span speaking out for Planned Parenthood. From then on our relationship became like the song; D-I-V-O-R-C-E! I'm one of those weirdos who won't go to a movie if someone in it is a"flaming" liberal. Sean Penn, no; Robert Duvall yes! It's my prerogative. If I like them I'll spend the money. If not, well, then I'll go hit golf balls.
We saw the movie, Gran Torino, last Friday. You know, the Clint Eastwood film. He's 78 years old. I remember him when he did the Spaghetti Westerns in the 60's. They were great. My buddy and I would dress like Eastwood did in the film. We actually went to a costume shop, rented replica costumes for the film, then sat in the movie this way. And we were juniors in college. Life was very, very different in those days or, we were. The Torino movie was vintage Eastwood. The amazing thing about his performance was that he was in every scene. Liz pointed this out to me. She's smart that way. I've never acted in a movie but I'd think this amount of acting would wear a person out. With Eastwood one always knows what they're going to get; low voice, measured words, threatening monologue if harassed. He plays the same character. One of the things I thought interesting in the movie was that it was acceptably politically incorrect. There were four groups represented: Whites, Hispanics, Blacks and Asians. Except for the "N" word pretty much every racial slur known to man was used.
I wondered about the reception from minorities in other theaters. From what I've read it isn't a problem.
Jack Nicholson is the same type of actor as Eastwood. Remember the restaurant scene in Easy Rider where he wanted a sandwich his way? Well, check out any scene in The Bucket List; same persona, same attitude, same Nicholson. It's this way for all his movies.
I think I do have a favorite actor. I don't know much about him personally. I've never googled him. What if he's a transvestite? Worse than that, what if he's a "flaming" liberal? I'd never be able to go to his movies again. His name is Nicholas Cage. He's done any number of films and has played a different character every time. I've seen him as a psycho crazed killer, a loving husband, and a treasure hunter. He can be hated, liked or loved. Yeah, I like him a lot. Call me incorrect but I feel the movies today are more about story line that they are about actors. If I'm wrong then George Clooney would have blockbusters instead of duds? Ever listened to Brad Pitt do an interview? He's a poster boy for stupid.
The biggest problem with movies today is trying toqtfigure out the ratings. Personally, except for some of those films I've mentioned we have more fun at a Shrek film. In these we don't have to take a chance on being embarrassed and insulted. Why do you think we walked out on Dumb and Dumber?

Getting Stoned

I'm not sure I understand why this is a news item but I just heard on the radio that a couple of guys in Iran were stoned until they died. The reporter didn't tell us what type of drug was used. It'd be nice knowing if they were on meth or cocaine; marijuana or some other hallucinogenic. One would think that any number of people in our country would get stoned on a daily basis so what's the big fuss? The funny thing is I hear much more about men and women in many Middle Eastern countries getting stoned. Maybe their drugs are easy to get or don't cost very much. I guess if this is your thing you should buy a plane ticket and fly to Iran. I should warn you to cut back on the drug usage, though, so you don't die.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sacrifices vs. Contributions

The Messiah said on television yesterday with George Stephanopolous that everyone, and I repeat, everyone is going to have to sacrifice in this economy. Think back to 1992 when Wm. Jefferson "Bubba" Clinton told us we were going to have to contribute. Sacrifice and contribution are the code words for taxes. Please, remember that both promised middle class tax cuts. Bubba eventually told us that "I've never worked harder in my life but I just can't come up with a middle class tax cut". Obama has gone even further. He's going to give tax cuts to people who don't pay taxes. For you stupid people this means it's a government giveaway. It's impossible to give tax cuts to those who don't pay anything.
Here's the thing about "sacrifices". I am just sick and tired of some bozo politician telling me I have to sacrifice. We, like you, have been doing this since I started paying to the federal government.
Liz and I set up college funds for our grandchildren when they were born. Those college funds are a lot less now than they were two years ago. We have sacrificed. We, like many of you, have seen depleted investment portfolios. That's a sacrifice. We invested in a lake cabin fifteen years ago; scrimped and saved for that one. It is a legacy place for our children, grandchildren and their children. There are some homes on this lake that have been in the same family since the early 1900's. It's a possibility that, if worse comes to worse, we may have to get rid of our "legacy" so that we can sacrifice, again. What I want to know is: will our congressmen sacrifice? Will they take a cut in their salaries? Will our elected representatives give up their pensions and free health care programs? Will guys like Chris Dodd, Barney Frank come clean on their involvement in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Hey Chris, what about the $100K sweetheart loan you received from Country Mark. You promised to explain it. When? Did you read that former Treasury Secretary, Robert Rubin, resigned as senior counsel from Citigroup? He took $115 million in bonuses with him. What is his sacrifice? Barry and Michelle Obama, what sacrifices are you going to make? I had a guy tell me to fight, fight, fight. Well, I'd like to but too many of us believe there's nothing we can do but complain openly. My congressman is the very liberal, Jim Oberstar, from the congressional district of northeast Minnesota. It's the one that has supplied Al Franken with more votes than there are voters. I know what has to happen. Obama needs to screw the people who love him. It'll happen. It's just going to take awhile for the brain dead to wake up. In the meantime, cut taxes for all so we can get this economy moving again. Get as much cash in circulation as possible.
Do you know what'd be a neat study to run. Take every congressmen elected in the last twenty years. List each person's total net worth when entering office. Then, list the same thing when they either leave office of at this particular time in history. Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Socialists or even dufus guys like Bernie Sanders of Vermont. What do you think it'd show?

Three Topics

There are three items on my plate this morning and I'm just not sure which direction to take. I'll dwell on it for awhile but I will give you hints: (1) Carol Browner, former head of the EPA under Clinton and now a part of the Obama group is a member of an International Socialist Association. After this info was exposed yesterday her name was taken off of their web site; (2) the flap over Prince Harry and his use of a supposed "racial" slur(this may be the one I write about and you can read the inside scoop on Mr. Cirucci's blog) and, (3) global warming and the lies surrounding it. This is down on my list since whenever I hear global warming my eyelids automatically droop. Besides, tell my friends in Wisconsin about global warming. Those poor folks, in December, received 40" of snow with an average temperature of 15 degrees. They broke all-time records that date all the way back to LAST YEAR!
In the meantime, I signed up for and went to a Muirfield Village member group luncheon last Friday. I thought I might meet some fellas to pal around with; possibly find a golf partner or two. It's quite elite, you know. They don't let any ol' outsiders in. I had to prove I'd paid my association fees before I could sit down with the boys. A guy asked if I'd paid and I said, "Yep". Case closed.
The group calls itself the "Empty Nesters". Actually, "Enjoy Your Late Seventies" would be a more accurate name. It looked like two of us were in our sixties but it's difficult to tell. I have more hair than Big Foot so when I'm around someone with a bald dome I can't tell ages. I had have a very nice time and all were cordial to me.
One of the fellas brought along his twenty-three year old son. The lad graduated from a university in Ohio last spring and was hired by the Bose Corp. He lives and works in the Netherlands, just north of Amsterdam. My calculations tell me that he's been working six months and a couple of days so I said, "that's interesting that you're back home so soon. Is there a special occasion"? He told me that all first year workers in the Netherlands get twenty-five days of vacation and he needed to use up some time. Isn't twenty-five days close to a month? There must to be other holidays in that country to add onto the twenty-five. My son took a big time job in the states two years ago and started off with one week. Oh, now I remember. The Netherlands is socialistic, cradle to grave. I feel sorry for the kid after all. I hope he takes the time to look at his tax stubs.
Give me a few minutes to coordinate by thoughts on Prince Harry. I saw a brief TV segment from Matt Lauer on NBC this morning. I started yelling at the set when Lauer began pontificating about this international incident. (Elizabeth hates it when I talk to the TV) It seems Harry called a friend "Paki". Lauer should visit Toronto someday. "Paki" is a part of every day conversation. Harry also caught a lot of grief for smoking, and using the F word. Isn't this what normal 24 year-olds do? He is not the King of England but he is in the army, serving his country. "He's just a kid, Lauer". But the NBC morning host is making an international incident out of poor Harry. Thank God the prince's name isn't George W. Bush.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Daniel A. Cirucci

You are about to be introduced to a gentleman who has become a part of my life. I've been blogging for two and a half months to keep me busy until the weather warms and golf season begins.
One of my relatives asked why I do this posting stuff since it's so----purposeless. I know, I know. Purposeless sounds like such a worthless thing and I have to admit I do it, for the most part, as a time killer. In other words, I don't get paid for writing, much to the chagrin of some unnamed people. It does fill a two hour void between getting on the treadmill at the rec center and waiting for Rush Limbaugh to hit the airwaves. But wait! Rush, too, is considered purposeless and a waste of time by any number of critics so I'm in prime company. My thinking is that a lot of retirees do crossword puzzles every morning and since I'm working with words it's kinda the same. I even purchased a thesaurus. For me, writing serves a purpose.
Dan Cirucci is a Lecturer in Corporate Communications at Penn State Abington. He is a former President of the Philadelphia Public Relations Association. In addition, he writes the way people are supposed to write, with clarity and purpose. He also does op-ed pieces for the Philadelphia Daily News. I'd very much like you to go to his web site. It's I only gave you a brief mention of his resume'. He could work in the White House with what's provided. It is that impressive.
Now, I'm not sure how this came about but Mr. Circucci has included yours truly on his list of blog favorites. I can't thank him enough. I was humbled by his insertion. He had sent me a blog letter telling me it was going to happen and I remember telling myself, "yeah, sure" but I'll be darned if two days later, listed between and N'tl. Italian-American Foundation, was listed MJHawkeye. The man made me a promise and he came through. I haven't been this thrilled since I made the Little League All-Star team. Well, that's not quite true. Let's just say since I lost 20 lbs. last February. No, wrong again. It was catching my lunker bass in August. Or was it when I bought a new golf driver two weeks ago?. Regardless.
So, if you have some time and want to read some real good, fair and balanced brilliance, you should make reading Dan Circucci a daily habit. He even allows you to comment on his articles and more often than not takes the time to respond.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Let's Rob A Bank

There was an article in today's Columbus Dispatch from the Associated Press. I think I see a movie in the offing. It seems a man may have shown his hand early while in a bank, waiting for an available teller. Feliks Goldshtein, 24, of Highland Hts., Ohio was arrested by police after a short car chase. The big tippoff for bank authorities occurred while Goldshtein was standing in line----wearing a ski mask. Not to worry. The robber had a toy gun on his person. It's early but this guy is on the list for most stupid in '09.
There might be a nominee from the bank. Why the guy was allowed to wait and then have time to pull a fake gun and get money qualifies someone for stupid.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Here Comes Hollywood

Hey guys! There's an interesting web site just starting and it's coming from way, way out there; a place called Hollywood. It's called It is a Hollywood site with a CONSERVATIVE bent. I heard about it yesterday from, where else, the Laura Ingraham radio show. Pay very close attention to what I'm writing. Motion picture conservatives are coming out of the closet. We all know the old standards who have had the courage to out themselves: Gary Sinise, Tom Selleck, Kelsey Grammer from Frazier and Patricia Heaton from the Everybody Loves Raymond TV show. Hollywood conservatives now have a viable platform and I'm going to enjoy watching the folks on this site do some serious damage to the looney Left in the wacko State.
I read an essay written by actor/director Gary Graham. Surely you know him. Well, I didn't remember him, either, until I saw his picture and read his credits. He is a guy's guy and a woman's man. He doesn't mess around with angel food cake words. He tells it the way I want to hear it. I would want to hang out with this man and, better yet, he loves golf. He is one of my new literary heroes. Graham is the male equivalent of Ann Coulter. What he wrote was slap down good; a no nonsense look at how the Liberal Left is screwing up this country. Mr. Graham had me fired up. His column was titled, One Pissed-Off Dude. "Somebody put a paper hoop in my living room so I can run through it". That's the way I felt. I'm still on fire and it's been over 24 hours and counting. Graham isn't the only celeb on this page. It's loaded with the things that make conservatives proud of this country and positive for the future. Check it out. I know you'll be as energized as I.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Economy

Obama gave another major speech on the economy today. Each time he speaks it's a major speech. The media tells us so. It's reminiscent of Mr. Parker in the Christmas Story movie when he won a contest and received a major award; a lamp leg. Many thought he had lost his mind.

"ONLY GOVERNMENT"(my emphasis) can provide the solution to the country's economic ills. 1/8/2009

We need to make certain this(recession) never happens again. 1/8/2009

What you've read are two statements from Obama. I only wrote these down so they would stay in space forever. If any of you thought Obama wasn't a socialist then you'd better go back and re-read the first sentence.
As for never happening again, this is just ridiculous. Recessions occur as a part of the business cycle. On average, they last about two years, unless someone(government) gets in the way.
If it wasn't so sad it'd be hilarious. But, please understand, the PGA Tour begins in Hawaii this afternoon and spring training opens for the Cubs in five weeks so I'm in a very good place.

Joe the Plumber

Did you read or hear about the big news in the world of journalism? Joe Wurzelbacher aka Joe the Plumber from Holland, Ohio has been hired by a conservative web site, Pajamas TV. He is off to Israel to act as a war correspondent. The "establishment" journalists are in a tizzy. Norah O'Donnell of MSNBC is totally incensed. Wouldn't it would be more than fab to have transcripts or audios from every journalistic university in the nation to find out how professors are handling this assault on their livelihoods. From the 'professional' viewpoint it's surely, "how despicable". From a layman's view, "ho-hum, pass the gravy, please".
I'm not taking sides on this since I've never been to journalism school. I have had some experience in journalism, however. When I was a junior in high school I was on the staff of our school newspaper. I also was a member of the basketball team. We had a huge game coming up with a very talented conference opponent. I was hoping to get more of the student body to the game so my buddy and I decided to jazz up a pregame article. We thought if it was written that the visiting team had a 7'4" center word would spread and the gymnasium would be jam packed to see this descendant of Goliath. Evidently, it's not proper to lie in a news article even though I insisted to our school sponsor it was only a slight exaggeration. Goliath II was actually 6'4". We were kicked off the Bumble B school newspaper staff and told, "if we wanted to write in this fashion we could just apply for jobs at the New York Times."*
Hey! Wasn't it Coach Bobby Knight who once said about news writers: "most of us learn to read and write by age six then move on to better things?"
* I made up the part about the New York Times.

Chicago Politics

If you want to understand Chicago politics and the way it works one would be wise to read, on a daily basis, the Chicago Tribune and look for by-lines written by John Kass. Today's is a classic. It's titled: 'Obama serves Reid taste of Chicago Way'. In essence it says, Harry, get used to the way we(Chicago) do things. If you've been paying attention it's already started. Harry Reid received his first slap down from Blagojevich and Roland Burris yesterday.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Paying Off The Stimulus

There's a combination of sleet and snow going on in the neighborhood today so I'm on the couch, listening to Rush Limbaugh and watching a fishing show. Fishing for me is sort of like getting ready for baseball season. I need to get excited about it by checking out new lures and methods of catching those elusive lunkers. Baseball means I oil up the ol' glove in anticipation of just playing catch outside. There's just something good about the smell of a well oiled glove. Rush just related an interesting statistic. Did y'all know we are in for a trillion dollar stimulus? I thought so. And this won't alleviate trillion dollar deficits for years to come. Paying it off isn't going to bother me at all. I'll be pushing up daisies when payment is just beginning. The media is saying it'll be passed onto our children and grandchildren. Well, they're wrong. The payback stats are in and it doesn't look good for anyone in the forseeable future: 1 million seconds is equal to 11.57 days; 1 billion seconds equals 31.7 years and 1 trillion seconds figures out to 31,688 years, 269 days, 17 hours, 34 minutes and 25 seconds(leap years included). That's a long time and a trillion dollars is a lot of money.

Say What?

So far, in 2009, I'm noticing the same phrase being written over and over in media publications and spoken via the airwaves. It is being applied almost exclusively to politicians and financial supporters of politicians. It goes something like this: Spokesmen for _______ ________ deny any wrongdoing and promise they will fight the charges.

Dems are Racists?

I've gotta start getting out of bed earlier. One of my many faults is that I read and/or watch TV until 1 in the morning then crawl out of the sack around 8:30 am that day. Retirement has it's privileges but I miss out on too many things with extended sack time. I figured the screw up Dems would have to do something about Blago appointed Roland Burris and all reports tell us today is the day. This entire scenario is fabulous. We all understand that by not seating Burris there are now zero black senators in that august body. Harry Reid and his cohorts were beginning to look like Lester Maddox or Bull Conner from my teen years. Reid gave the appearance of being anti-black when he wouldn't seat Burris yesterday. I'm waiting for someone to bring up the fact that Reid is a Mormon and re-visit the anti-black history of Mormons. It isn't that many years ago that the Elders of the LDS considered blacks to be descendants of the devil and denied them admission to their priesthood. As long as it's a Democrat we'll have to wait a long, long time for this disclosure. Were it, say, Mormon, Mitt Romney, the media would already have him fried. Anyway, it was fun watching reporters follow Burris around DC yesterday. He was like a hobo without a home, going from pillar to post looking for someone, anyone, to offer him a place to stay and some bread to eat. Can it be possible that the party of tolerance and openness is now the party of segregation? Rest assured, this situation will change before the day is over. Who wants to be a Forrest Gump statement; "Stupid is as stupid does."
Once again, Laura Ingraham has it right. She asks, how can we trust these clowns to handle a trillion dollars in "stimulus giveaways" when they can't seat someone duly appointed?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Lying in bed last night I picked up a book written by Bernie Goldberg, Crazies to the Left of Me, Wimps to the Right. If you're not familiar with Goldberg he is a former newsman who for many years was employed by CBS. He first gained fame by writing a very successful book titled, Bias. It was so popular it most likely got him fired from CBS. If not fired, then surely blacklisted. The book detailed how the media favors the Democrats and does everything possible to put Republicans and conservatives in a bad light. Getting back to my bedtime reading, Goldberg recalled listening to Rush Limbaugh and a caller, Bill, came on the radio and said he's had it with SNAG's. Rush was clueless so Bill explained that SNAG is an acronym for Sensitive New-Age Geeks. SNAG's are men who end sentences with an upward inflection. This is an indication of uncertainty and insecurity.
Now, I know some of you are going to call me a trouble maker for this but listen to the President-elect and tell me he isn't, for lack of a better word, a SNAG. It is something I noticed right after I heard about what a fantastic speaker he is supposed to be; mesmerizing, I believe, was the word. I repeat. I did not come up with the acronym. It was Bill and he was on Rush's show and it was a long time ago, even before "O" was considered a Messiah.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Obama War On Terror

It has been announced this afternoon that Obama has named Leon Panetta, for Clinton Chief of Staff to head up the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA). This begs the question: since Panetta has no experience in this area is it necessary to have someone who does? Dianne Feinstein (D), Senator from California seemed perplexed with the announcement. According to her no one informed her of the selection. She will lead the intelligence committee so one can imagine that she is po'd at the oversight.
Is it only me who thinks this appointment is just plain ridiculous. I'd like to think we could supply someone with knowledge of overseas affairs to head the agency to help keep our behinds safe. Then again, if you'll recall, there was absolutely no cooperation between the FBI and CIA during the Clinton years. It was administrative policy established by White House lawyer, Jamie Gorelick to build a "wall of silence"; no shared information between the agencies. Democrats! Ugh!


For you people who believe Minnesota is called "the land of 10,000 lakes" you are wrong. I live in Minnesota during the summer months and escape around November 1, give or take a few wind chill blasts. For us natives it's referred to as "the land of 10,000 taxes." It's also, during election time, called the "land of 10,000 recounts" or whatever it takes to get a Democrat in office. Unless you've been on the former planet of Pluto you now know that it appears Al Franken will be the next Senator from the State of Minnesota. This doesn't shock me. His opponent, Norm Coleman, won the original election by 200 plus votes; fairly incredible since over 3 million were cast. Coleman was declared the winner. Over the course of time Coleman has won a few other recounts but, all along, I knew he couldn't win. A couple of examples are: In northeast Minnesota, the iron ore region and heavily Democrat, recounts showed that Franken won more votes than were cast for Obama and, in Ramsey county, just yesterday, Big Al picked up another 177 votes. That's also 177 more than had been previously cast. The Secretary of State, a Democrat, decided to count them, anyway. In essence, Al won twice as many votes as there were. Not that matters but Ramsey county is the home of the Minnesota capitol, St. Paul.
I have a monstrous decision to make. Do I stay in Minnesota and live under communism or move back to Ohio and endure winters where the sun never shines? Either way I know things will work out. At one time Jesse Ventura was Minnesota's governor and he's a memory. Spring in Ohio arrives in March as opposed to June in the Gopher State. It is a decision I can handle.

Another One Bites The Dust

Now that New Mexico governor, Bill Richardson has (ahem!) 'withdrawn' his appointment as Sec. of Commerce due to alleged pay to play conflicts how long will it take for another Obamaite to be thrown under the bus? Radio babe, Laura Ingraham, ran a contest prior to Thanksgiving asking listeners to vote on the length of Hillary's tenure. I imagine you're thinking she'd wear herself out with the O by going against policy. No! Laura suggests it would be by Bill speaking out against The Man; offering his opinion on world affairs or getting his zipper caught in the wrong place. I'm thinking Laura's poll was three, six and 12 month max. I wrote down six. Middlin is a fairly safe place to be.
Lest you forget we haven't dealt with Rahm Emanuel yet. As I understand he was in Australia when the Blago thing started to get hairy. He'll be back in the news and pronto. Rhambo brings up another area of consideration. How did Obama get to be so popular so fast? He started his political career in 1996 on the South Side of Chicago. Ever been there? People, it is a place you would not take a summer walk. It's a scary place. The Chicago Democrat Machine does not have it's roots anywhere near Comisky Park and surely not close to any number of Johnson Great Society housing projects. Cabrini Green probably has more murders monthly than there are in Iraq and this isn't an exaggeration.
Check out to find out the real power brokers in Chicago. Anyway, within ten years this guy is on the political and world stage. Chicago just might be the number one politically corrupt city in the world; at the very least in the top three. In the short span of ten years a rookie does not rise to the top without the(corrupt)help of local politicians. And these pols come from the North Side where the rat population is half what it is south of the Sears Tower. What was it Tipp O'Neill, former Speaker of the House and Boston pol said? "All politics is local", and he's 100% correct. I want this guy, Obama, to do well. The livelihoods of my wife and family are in his hands but It could be a shaky ride. With Bill Richardson another one was thrown under the bus. These people are starting to add up. Payback can be hurtful so watch out "O".

Jake Tapper of ABC News, one of the few from the mainstream who has some balance, ran a report that Obama is going on TV to announce what sounds like a New, New Deal program called, American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan. It calls for the creation of 3 million new jobs. So far so good. Obama continues by saying that 80% of these jobs will be in the private sector. Alright! Oops!. I'm not a genius at math. If 80% is private that must mean that-----Oh my gosh, 20% are public jobs! Does this mean that 600,000 new public jobs will be paid by taxation? In unison now, everyone just say, YES!