Saturday, April 30, 2016

Leftist Gun Insanity

I have no idea what to make of this. The Huffington Post is arguing that Americans have no legal right to shoot a violent attacker because it violates the criminal's right to a fair trial. I feel confident in saying this is by far the dumbest attempt to subvert our gun ownership rights ever and that’s saying a lot considering how insanely stupid gun grabbers are.

Friday, April 29, 2016

My Question Is Why Don't They Go To Mexico

Fun Fact Of The Day

Scientists tell us elephants rarely, if ever, get cancer. That's interesting scientific news. But, then again, when was the last time you saw an elephant with a Marlboro hanging out of it's mouth.?

Will Ferrall Illustrates Liberal Stupidity

Pseudo funny actor, Will Farrell, is in line to be the lead star in a film illustrating Ronald Reagan in his final stages of Alzheimer's. Need I go on? Yes, I do. He's going to make it a comedy show

Use your common sense, Will. You aren't funny. You never have been regardless of what my younger son has said. I'm more than certain after this Reagan revelation he, too, will have a change of heart.

Mr. Farrell, have you no hear?t Have you no decency?

Vandalisn: What's The Point

Fox News ran a story with video of a massive protest against Donald Trump last evening. Actually, the media called it a 'Trump protest' instead of what it really was, an 'anti-Trump protest'. For those who don't get it the news people doing a wonderful job of letting us know their political preference.

Fox showed a video of what they called hundreds of protesters. To this eye it looked like thousands but that's neither here nor there. Yes, the thugs in Costa Mesa, California who perpetuated this disruption will show up again to do more public damage.

A major scene in the video showed a young person, maybe a man, on top of a police car jumping up and down caving in the hood. This 'kid' had a handkerchief covering his face. He looked like something out of the Wild West. In other words, he is a vandal of the highest order. But what was the point? Didn't he have the courage of his convictions to let the world know he is a flaming communist? Wouldn't he want to take pride in the fact that he destroyed public property of which the taxpayer will have to replace? "Hey, buster, you're crime was a worthless act".

At least Robert Redford and Paul Newman had the common decency to rob banks and trains without their faces covered in the movie Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.

I was reminiscing this morning about vandalism that occurred in my youth. There was that time when five or six of us pre-teens were out one summer night carousing. One of the guys had a bag of apples.

In the 50's street lights were like light bulbs. This kid started flinging apples until he broke one. Then he broke another. Now, yours truly being afraid of my own shadow high tailed it home. More than likely my Catholic conscience bothered me because I knew, if I hung around, I'd rack up years in Purgatory for these these transgressions.

So, if you happen to be a vandal but don't let folks know what's the point?

Just thought you'd like to know.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Why Do We In The US Only Read This Nonsense In The UK News

The sick terror group – also known as Daesh – has released shocking images of its latest barbaric killing, taken straight down the muzzle of a gun.
Two men accused of being “western spies” were crucified and then shot dead in broad daylight in front of a watching crowd in Raqqa, Syria.
The horrific images were published through one of Daesh’s twisted propaganda organs in a post titled “harvest of the spies”.

Who Couldn't Have Seen This Coming

New poll has Trump and Clinton tied at 38 per
cent but nearly 1 in 4 Americans say they´ll
opt out if those are their choices in November.

UK Daily Mail

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hillary's Campaign Slogan

From Diogenese Middle Finger

One More Aspect About Facebook

A few years ago I wrote a post about Facebook and what a loser site it was for anyone. Then, I relented and started looking. Mostly it was because I wanted to see what my children were up to and to see photos of my grandchildren.

In the process I looked up a man who was a very, very good friend of mine in the 1970's. In addition, I wrote him  a letter letting him know how badly I felt about our losing contact and hoped we could reconnect. I never heard back.

Not to be squelched in my quest I went on Facebook and there he was. Each and every post was more liberal than the previous one posted. Actually, they were hateful in nature against anyone who ever voted for a candidate without a D after their name. Regardless, I contacted him via Facebook. Every so often I would counter something he wrote with a conservative item. Guess what? After two of these he removed me from his Facebook account. I wasn't surprised.

Liberals work this way. They proclaim to be open minded but when they disagree the conservative becomes a pariah. So much for free speech and civil discourse.

Tonight I made a comment on a Facebook page of a women, maybe age 63, who has been a significant part of my life since 1966. She was like a sister to me. Her mother is the mother I never had. Her older sister and I were the best of friends. I once told her, when Obama was elected and if we were to keep our friendship, to never send me a gloating email about Obama. She did it four times. So much for that friendship.

As for the 63 year old lawyer I received a Facebook response this evening. Don't email me again.

How sad it is. Once again, liberals can dish it out but when it comes to common sense discourse it isn't there. Good God, what a horrible way for them to live.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ripley's Believe It Or Not

POST FALLS, IDAHO — With the arrival of Aurelia Marie Ann, the Underdahl family streak is over.

The baby girl, born April 12 to Scott and Ashton Underdahl, broke a 101-year string of boy births.
"Everyone has been hoping for a girl," said Scott, adding the girl-less streak has been a longstanding conversation piece in the family. "I didn't know what an Underdahl girl looked like."
Seven boys over four generations of Underdahls were born before Aurelia weighed in at 8 pounds, 3 ounces. The last girl born in the family was Scott's great aunt Bernice — in 1914.

The Continuing War On Women

This picture of women's bathroom was taken at a Target Store in N. LA. A women's stall had been removed to put in two urinals for those with giblets.

Monday, April 25, 2016

How To Control An Election

Terry McAuliffe is the governor of Virginia. He is also a democrat. In addition, he was the head of the democrat election committee when Big Bill was running for president. Did I mention McAuliffe is a crook.

Last week the governor issued an edict. He decided 206,000 felons in Virginia prisons including murderers and rapists would be freed. They will be allowed to serve on juries, too. Their records will be expunged.

With an election approaching for the presidency, being in Hillary's hip pocket, I wonder why he would do this?

If The Government Developed Products


From: Big Fur Hat

Sunday, April 24, 2016

For Atheists Only

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Christian author Eric Metaxas notes, “The fine-tuning necessary for life to exist on a planet is nothing compared with the fine-tuning required for the universe to exist at all. For example, astrophysicists now know that the values of the four fundamental forces – gravity, the electromagnetic force, and the ‘strong’ and ‘weak’ nuclear forces – were determined less than one-millionth of a second after the big bang. Alter any one value and the universe could not exist. For instance, if the ratio between the nuclear strong force and the electromagnetic force had been off by the tiniest fraction of the tiniest fraction – by even one part in 100,000,000,000,000,000 – then no stars could have ever formed at all. Feel free to gulp. … It would be like tossing a coin and having it come up heads 10 quintillion times in a row. Really?”

Read on----if you dare

Saturday, April 23, 2016

If You Happen To Be A Political Nitwit Read These

Matt Walsh is a superior thinker who expresses himself on paper better than anyone I know.

I suggest if you begin reading his post you read to the end---if you have the courage---and you do know who I mean.

Moving on to the Washington Times these guys aren't exactly slouches, either.

Only Because I Know Next To Nothing About Prince

Did you hear about the musical icon, Prince, dying? It's been in all the papers, on television, in magazines, on TMZ and, I betting, in the National Enquirer.

Years ago while in Minneapolis a friend of mine and I were driving in Chanhassen, Minnesota, a suburb of the Twin Cities. We drove by a complex and he said, "This is where Prince lives" I was so impressed I uttered, "Oh".

I don't want to speak poorly of the dead. Who knows. I may meet up with them sometime. My eldest son knows every thing about movies, songs, stars, comic book heroes and life in general. My boy knows the origins of every super hero. Name a song dating to the 50's and he can tell you the artist and sing the words.

He told me he had a number of Prince CD's he doesn't listen to. Evidently CD's are passe'. He has a gizmo called Bluetooth whatever the hell that is so I'm receiving his Prince music.

Truth be told I do enjoy listening to The Artist called Prince.

I found a list of the top selling Prince records. You might want to look at them for reference.

40. When Doves Cry (PR)
39. Peach (One Nite Alone... Live! Song here, but content warning on the static image and lyrics: Peach)
38. Nothing Compares 2 U
37. I Feel For You (Prince, self-titled)
36. New Position (PUTCM)
35. It (SOTT)
34. Do U Lie? (PUTCM)
33. Darling Nikki (PR)
32. The Beautiful Ones (PR)
31. Do Me, Baby (DM)
30. Partyman (Batman soundtrack)
29. International Lover (1999)
28. Cream (two minute intro, skip past) (D&P)
27. Sign O' The Times (SOTT)
26. P***y Control (The Gold Experience)
25. Sometimes It Snows In April (PUTCM)
24. If I Was Your Girlfriend (SOTT)
23. The Ladder (ATWIAD)
22. Pop Life (ATWIAD)
21. Jack U Off (Controversy)
20. Baby I'm a Star (PR)
19. Let's Pretend We're Married (1999)
18. Take Me With U (PR)
17. DMSR (1999)
16. Delirious (1999)
15. Alphabet Street (LS)
14. Little Red Corvette (1999)
13. Automatic (1999)
12. Let's Go Crazy (PR)
11. I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man (SOTT)
10. Controversy (Controversy)
9. When You Were Mine (DM)
8. Kiss (PUTCM)
7. I Would Die 4 U (PR)
6. I Wanna Be Your Lover (Prince, self-titled)
5. Erotic City (single B-side)
4. Purple Rain (PR)
3. 1999 (1999)
2. Raspberry Beret (ATWIAD)
1. U Got the Look (SOTT)

Clinton Body Count Rises

Source| Fascinating information is going viral about Hillary and Bill Clinton, which exposes just how truly ruthless they are. In many ways they are worse than Obama. One major reason I say this is because the Clintons have a long history of people in their inner-circle dying under mysterious circumstances.

In fact, 46 people who were close to the Clintons have died during their 3 decades of political power. That number should give us all pause. If Hillary Clinton was a Republican, that number would be the question asked by reporters every day.
Now, the latest to be added to the list, maintained by, is Walter Scheib. He was hired by the Clinton White House to work as a Chef, and continued to serve the Bush administration. Interestingly, he was reported missing during a hike, and his body was found almost 2 miles away at the bottom of a river. No cause of death has ever been made, but the death date is listed as June 13, 2015.

Musings From Olathe Kansas

There is not, in my opinion, a better hotel chain than The Fairfield. Better yet, we booked a room in Olathe, Kansas for the paltry sum of $75.00 per night. That's akin to stealing without a threat of arrest.

Each evening, at the front desk is a container of the best chocolate chip cookies for the taking and it's endless. If you ask politely the desk manager will fetch a carton of milk.

Did you know Fairfield has continually won the award for the most safe and secure of all hotel chains? It's one of the great truisms.

This morning I slept in. The Queen and my eldest son are attending a Matthew Kelly. He's the most influential Catholic in the US on faith and family.

Last evening, in conversation, I was telling my son I'd gotten away from political blogging. He thought, for my mental health, for everyone's mental health it would be for the best. He detests Trump more than I and that takes some doing. To date I have met, know of or talked to only two individuals who are hardcore Trump people. But, then again, I don't hang out in steel mills, knuckle dragging union halls and sleazy bars.

Even so, on the way home from my grandson's karate class the radio was tuned to an info station. The moderator played speeches from the segregationist governor, George Wallace of Alabama in the 1968 election. You remember him from those tumultuous times, right? His most memorable exhortation was "Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever".

Then, from our radio, came audio speeches from Trump that called for violence against 'losers' who were against him. There were stark comparisons. Except for the voices one would think these guys were one in the same. Who knows. Maybe they are.

Cincinnati and Kansas City have to be the kid sports capitals of the nation. Every time we come to these areas the motels are flooded with hundreds of youngsters wearing softball, baseball and soccer uniforms. The money these parents spend on weekly trips to far flung corners has to be enough to fund the national debt. Secretly, they just know their kid is going to be a national sports figure someday. And I'm going to defeat Jordan Speith in golf.

If you enjoy Major League Baseball you may have noticed the Chicago Cubs are kicking booty. Which goes to show they do have the best team money can buy.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Welcome To Target Stores


Speaking Of My Brother

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Greenville, Illinois: It's A Hoot

If you happen to be Roman Catholic, it's springtime and you have grandchildren the age of eight it means only one thing. It's First Holy Communion time. Catholic's understand the significance of that first reception of the Holy Eucharist. If you aren't Catholic don't worry about it.

Her Majesty and I left Dublin, Ohio yesterday afternoon around 3 p.m. and headed out for Olathe, Kansas. Our grandson has his First Communion this Sunday.

Since I have numerous overnight stays in motels coming up in the next two months I made the executive decision to stay on the cheap. Well, not that cheap. Motel 6 and Red Carpet don't fill the bill. Anything above a Super 8 will work and since they're now part of the Wyndham chain they've become more respectable.

We'd driven five hours and stopped into one of those massive service station/restaurants in Effingham, Illinois. I asked the counter lady about Super 8's and she said to drive forty miles to Greenville, Illinois. "You can't miss it", she said. "It's right next to the Huddle Inn" I said I'd be certain to look for it. I figured if she knew the Huddle Inn it must be a spectacular operation whatever it was.

After exiting off of I-70 in Greenville it wasn't difficult finding our motel. My next concern always is to check the place out. I make the wife sit in the car while I give it the once over. Our receptionist did not speak an Indian accent. That's a plus. I didn't smell curry or incense. Another plus. The motel ran a video showing the rooms and there wasn't bedroom with cigarette holes on the spread. In addition, it cost only $50. Bingl! "Book us", I stated.

After a restful nights sleep we awakened and thought it'd be a good idea to eat breakfast in a real honest to goodness restaurant instead of fast food. Voila! The Huddle Inn was twenty paces from our room. Do you know one way to tell when you're in a small town? Restaurants and bars have names like Come Inn or Walk Inn or Stumble Inn.

But since the lady from almost an hour away knew about the culinary abilities of the Huddle it must have had the reputation of the Ritz?

Our waitress a local. Most folks in small towns are locals. Greenville is located an hour east of St. Louis. That's pretty much downstate Illinois except the crooks in Chicago* consider any area south of the most corrupt city in America downstate.

The community is slightly southern but not quite. The citizens do say, "Y'all come back" In the real South they'd add a "Ya' hear"? to complete the sentence.

Our waitress, Durleen, took our order. There is hardly anyone alive with the name Durleen living above the Mason-Dixon Line. And tis dates back to 1835.

 We like to keep breakfasts light  so we both asked for veggie omelets. Then, our little cutie asked what we wanted for sides; we had the choice of grits or a biscuit and gravy. For the both of us that's like giving out yuck on a spoon.

I suggested  fruit. "Umm, we don't have that stuff", she said. Fruit? What a novel idea to put on a menu. Guys in bib overalls in this part of the world normally pass on this delicacy. The more I think about it fruit might be bad. I can't imagine Tubby Thompson ordering peaches and pears for his meal. Forty pancakes, ten sausages and a bag of oats sound more like it.

At the conclusion of our meal I decided to make conversation with the Durleen. I wasn't being cute with her, either. I asked how many people lived in this community. She answered as serious as if I had leprosy. "Well, I'd say there are four thousand but we don't count the guys in the local prison. Besides, most of them are from out of town"

I was dumbstruck, nodded my head and thanked her. She was a wonderful server, too. I even gave her a larger tip than normal.

As I left the Huddle Inn one and only one thought entered my mind. This is going to make a fantastic blog post.

I enjoy places like Greenville, Illinois. They remind me of my hometown, Boone, Iowa. The only difference, of course, there are no women in town named Durleen.

*Fun fact of the day. Since January 1, 2016 up to April 21, 2016 1,000 citizens of Chicago have been shot.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

It's A Different World

My golf tee time was for 10:00 a.m. today. It's a fifteen minute drive from Dublin to The Heritage Golf Club in Hilliard, Ohio. On the way I pass Hilliard Davidson High School and saw the school flags were at half mast.

In past years I would have had to give thought as to the reason for the flag half way up. Had a senator of congressmen died? What about some other head of state? In times of war the flag would be in this position for soldiers from the area. Is it me or are we witnessing a massive amount of lowering the flag>\?

Anyway, I knew immediately what it was all about. A Columbus police office and a native of a Columbus suburb, Westerville, was shot and killed by a no good thug. I'm sure his family and other relatives will say he had problems. Isn't that the way it always works?

The officer was a pillar of the community, highly decorated and highly respected. He had a wife and grown children. He attended St. Paul's Catholic Church in Westerville. To the credit of the three major television networks in Columbus the entire funeral service was carried live. Four thousand citizens were in attendance as Steven Smith was laid to rest.

Here's my gripe. I am so sick and tired of these murders. I'll wait for our president to call the survivors and offer his condolences. It won't happen because it hasn't yet occurred.

I am irritated that I will constantly be given these words from the media: "Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family". Enough is enough.

The war in Iraq, according to Pres. Obama, ended in 2011. He removed all the troops. The liberal media and liberals, in general, cheered the man of  Hope and Change.

As of today there are 4,067 American Armed Forces in Iraq fighting ISIS. Have your heard this from the NY Times, The LA Times or any other liberal media? I didn't think so.

Under the current administration 309,000 illegal felons have been released back into society. What am I missing?

Monday, April 18, 2016

It's Time For A Fair Tax

"Americans earning six figures or more paid 79.5 percent of the nation’s share in individual income taxes in 2014, according to the latest preliminary data from the Internal Revenue Service"

The astounding part of this entire scenario of 'taxation without representation' is that this tax burden is paid by 16% of the working population.

Is there a solution to who pays and who doesn't? Probably not. The non-payers will scream out, "stick it to 'em. The rich bastards deserve what they get for being so greedy". And, of course, the liberal congress will side with the welfare class to keep their votes.

In reality six figure incomes in today's climate isn't all that special. If one considers real wages versus cost of living increases there's a tremendous downside. Young folks, raising kids who make 100,000K are in many cases struggling. Trust me when I say I know about this.

So, let's bring on the Fair Tax. Everyone pays their fair share. I can already hear the naysayers screaming if they had to fork over twenty bucks a year.

There'd be mayhem in the streets.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

She Truly Is A Big Fat Liar

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today it has obtained new documents from the Department of State containing the telephone transcripts from the evening of September 11, 2012, in which then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton informs then-Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil that the deadly terrorist attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi “had nothing to do with the film.”  The documents include previously unreleased telephone transcripts with world leaders about the Benghazi attack.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Those Who Don't Pay Taxes(Or Very Little)

WASHINGTON — "President Obama and his wife Michelle paid $81,472 in federal taxes last year on an adjusted gross income of $436,065, his tax return shows.
That's the lowest tax bill — and his lowest annual income — since becoming president, owing largely to diminishing sales of his books".
USA Today

When I saw this number of taxes the communist in the Oval Office paid I was more than irritated. Then I computed, or thought I did, what others did. We all know that Al Sharpton owes $450 K in back taxes.. Charley Rangel(D-New York) hasn't paid his tax bill since the end of the Korean War.

Did you know that less than 50% of Americans do not pay taxes---period---at all ever.

The Queen and I do not min paying 'our fair share" . Even though the tax base in Dublin, Ohio and Hackensack, Minnesota is enough to gag a maggot.

My theory is the more money a person makes the more their lawyers can figure out a way for their clients to walk away from their debts Scott free

Dumb Things People Do

Life has twists and turns. After a round of golf at my club in Hilliard Ohio I stopped into the parking lot of the Dollar Store to pick up a birthday card for a college buddy.

I sat for awhile, fifteen minutes maybe, listening to Michael Medved on the radio talking about this that or the other thing, mostly conservative stuff.

At on point in the scenario I looked to my left and noticed a rather obese women leaning on her car looking frustrated. After fifteen minutes I asked her if she needed assistance. Her response was this.

I've been watching the car next to me for a half hour. There's a dog inside and the windows are shut. Did I mention it was 78 degrees outside? The woman told me she had called the police to rescue the pooch.

I sat for awhile, fifteen minutes, when a rather attractive red head approached the vehicle. The perpetrator of the so-called crime alert informed the 'hot' looking lady her dog was under  a heat alert and she, being a good citizen, had called the police.

The criminal said in a calm voice, "Did you look at the window on the passenger side of the front seat. It's half way down(or up, if you prefer)".

This is unique. A citizen thinks they're doing the right thing but they don't. How much effort would it have taken to walk to the other side of the car? Not much, I'd say.

Yes, I am a chauvinist. The person who called the police was extremely obese. The owner of the car was hotter than hot.

By the way, I hung around for another twenty minutes and the police never did show up. They must have been eating donuts.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Matthew McConoaughey Picture, Right? No, You'd be wrong

The Hollywood actor recently came across a photo of his great great grandfather. Sort of eerie, isn't it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Are You A Weirdo

The computer via blog and websites are loaded with info pages to keep one occupied for centuries. I came across one yesterday and am having a riot reading about people who are dumber than strange. They are what is referred to as 'oddity central'. Care to know why? It's because they're screwballs. Take, for instance, the motorcycle dude who was in an accident and had to have his finger amputated. He then took home the appendage, cooked and ate it.

You have to know I'm going to include the site. It'll give you hours of pleasure and you'll feel a whole lot better about yourself.

Obama Keeps A Promise

In 2008 Barack Obama promised he would bankrupt the coal industry. Forget that it's the middle class and lower who are getting screwed. But what does he care? He'll be loaded with cash after he leaves office.

Peabody Energy, the world’s largest private-sector coal producer, filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday in a U.S. court, citing “unprecedented” industry pressures and a sharp decline in the price of coal.

The Journey From Math To Common Core

Math Problem Meme

Monday, April 11, 2016

National Siblings Day. Who Knew?

A great way to kill time is stalking Facebook. Every so often I'll make a comment but they are mostly inane.

I saw a picture today of my long time buddy surrounded by his brothers and sister. It was from many, many years ago. What surprised most was the heading, 'Happy Siblings Day' which took place on April 10.

I'm what most folks would consider hip. I like to think I know what's going on in the world but Siblings Day caught me by surprise.

It's only been in existence for a couple of decades and is not, at this time, recognized as a national holiday. My suspicion is Hallmark and American Greetings will soon change this.

According to some research this is the day to remember and honor your bro's and sis's.

Seriously? Wouldn't it be much more fun remember how we teased, made fun of and fought while growing up? I was kind of a creep brother, anyway, so I can't add much to the celebration.

Regardless, I'll now salute my sisters, both of them. It might be they're old enough to forget their ratty little brother.

In Defense Of Little Girls And Other Females

Bruce Springsteen has never been on the top rung of my radar even though he's referred to As The Boss.

We've all heard the adage do as I say not as I do. This statement has always bothered me. Even little kids are correct about this one when they say, "Hey, that's not fair".

North Carolina, citing Charlotte, has become the most politically incorrect state in the country according to The Left. They refused to pass a law allowing transgendered men to use female bathrooms. The bastards!

Make a guess on how many transgendered there are in the country. Go ahead, I double dog dare you.
If you said 700,000 you'd be right on target. Seven hundred thousand screwed up souls versus a population of 315 million. Not very many, is it? But it's enough to have the current administration tout their open mindedness.

Because of North Carolina's insistence on keeping restrooms free of possible perverts, Springsteen has canceled a concert. Pay Pal was going to open a major facility in Charlotte employing 400 employees and they backed off. Apple also has come out against the North Carolina policies.

Here's the rub. Both Pay Pal and Apple do big business in Muslim countries. These countries are so oppressive against transgendered and homosexual types they put these folks to death by stoning and beheadings.

I'm not really too keen on folks like John Wayne Gacy going into bathrooms of the opposite sex. It just seems out of sorts that there's a possibility a pervert might get their jollies looking at a four year old sitting on a stool with her pink panties down around her ankles.

Bing an old fuddy duddy has it's rewards. It's called keeping my sanity.

As we all know there is a double standard on the conservative liberal issues. The Daily Signal does a more than adequate job in explaining.

Must See:
VIDEO: Sexual predators take
advantage of transgender laws

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Work: From A Liberal Viewpoint

z saturday morning 2.jpg
Ace of Spades

Bernie Sanders Campaign HQ

Thanks to Diogense Middle Finger

To Pick On The Weakest

Planned Parenthood has filed suit against the states of North Dakota and Indiana. Their legislatures recently passed laws against abortions based only on Down Syndrome children.

To me it sort of reminiscent of laws against the Jews of Hitler' Germany but what do I know.

In all probability this make me a racist of the highest order since I do not want abortions of Blacks, Hispanics, Caucasians, Asians, Polynesians, Eskimos and most mammals unless I consider them food for consumption.

100% Misery

You may have notice the lack of political musings in the last few weeks. There's a distinct reason. It is gut wrenching putrid. Dogs would bark at the moon just thinking about it.

Consider this: a communist, Bernie Sanders, is challenging the anointed, Hillary Clinton, for the democrat nomination and succeeding.  How utterly ridiculous. Bernie honeymooned in the old Soviet Union and has never held a private sector job.

Hillary has a husband, a former president, who while slack jawed and appears to be on deaths door, steps in it every day with his nonsensical speeches.

ISIS, a murderous regime, is killing thousands of people, mostly Christians, on a daily basis yet our government refuses to call them terrorists. Our president tells us he has them under control. Josef Goebbels, at the end of WWII told the German people, they were on the door of victory.

#BlackLivesMatter has become the most respected violent group in America.

College campuses are the bastion of free speech unless one disagrees with liberalism. Conservative speech keep out.(Read Campus

White people suck. I happen to be white but know what? I could give a flying crap what liberals think.

A $15 an hour minimum wage went into effect in New York and California this week. Congrats to them. They can now help keep welfare in it's place for many years to come.

The Republicans are on the verge of nominating a man, Donald Trump, who when asked what department he would first get rid of said, the DPE, whatever that is. It's like asking Obama about the states he campaigned in during the election of '08. He said he been in 57 states and only had three more to go. This is so ridiculous my commentary is not necessary.

I have an easy explanation for all of this. It has to do with age and experience. I was at my golf club this morning. The fellas behind the counter got into a trivia game. These kids are all under the age of fifty and, obviously, not scholars in American History. One of these young punks put a five dollar bill on the counter and told me I couldn't come up with the name of four presidents that had state capitols named after them. Ten seconds later I  had a Lincoln in my wallet.

I happen to look at what's going on in the world and come to conclusion(s): I've seen this all before and I'm so tired of the world I don't want to contemplate the future.

Teachers: Can't Live With Them. Can't Live Without Them

Spanish teacher Yoselis Ramos at Monroe Middle School in Tampa, FlA., handed out this form to her students asking  their sexual orientation, race and disability.

Let's face it, some teachers do not deserve to be in the classroom. If you're a reader of MJ Hawkeye you might recall a tale I related to you about a female instructor at Ottumwa, Iowa High School from 1974. She was 'teaching' a class of pregnant students, supposedly about how to succeed in their current situation. One of the questions on a test was to list as many words as they could naming male and female genitalia, slang words included. I happened to have an office next to the class and heard the entire scenario.

Being the kind of person I considered myself to be, moral with common sense, I approached the first year instructor and suggested she might want to eliminate the question. Naturally, being a feminist, she vehemently rebuffed my intrusion. Too bad for her. She was subsequently fired.

We now move to 2016. A female 7th and 8th grade teacher in Florida, Yoselis Ramos, passed out to her students in a coed class, a printed form asking personal questions:

 The form asked students in Ramos’ Spanish class whether they were gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, cisgender or genderqueer. It also probed their religion, skin color and disabilities.

Surprisingly, Ms. Ramos, much to her surprise I'm sure, was suspended.

This brings to mind a sometimes but not always truism: "Those who can do. Those who can't teach.

Friday, April 8, 2016

About Ernie Els; I Almost Cried

You've heard the saying, "misery loves company". That wasn't the case for me while watching Ernie Els on his first hole at yesterday's Masters Tournament.

Even if you don't watch golf you would have been (a) sympathetic, b) agonizing, (c) frustrated, or if one happens to be a sadist, very, very happy.

Mr. Els, six putted the first hole! I heard about it before seeing the video and could not watch. Every putt was within two feet or less except the first.

I once had a 4-putt then threw up on myself.

I was trying to explain the feeling Els might have if you are a non-golfer. Think hari-kari. Place the sword on your stomach then fall on it. After that have your caddy cut off your head.

I have the video of his miss-putts on this link. It's excruciating to view. Therefore, I won't but you can---if you're a sadist.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

What's Wrong With This Picture

There's a movement on the campus of the Univ. of North Carolina, a protest of sorts. The campus Department of Diversity has come to the conclusion that beige colored Band-aids are racist.

I have an idea. Why doesn't an entrepreneur start making black colored ones? The word on the street is Bill Gates is trying to develop a thinner, more sensitive condom. If he has the cash to do that, and he does, why not change the color of a Band-Aid?

The Clinton's Are Involved In The Panama Papers Scandal. Surprised?

The revelations of the so-called Panama Papers that are roiling the world’s political and financial elites this week include important facts about Team Clinton. This unprecedented trove of documents purloined from a shady Panama law firm that arranged tax havens, and perhaps money laundering, for the globe’s super-rich includes juicy insights into how Russia’s elite hides its ill-gotten wealth.

Almost lost among the many revelations is the fact that Russia’s biggest bank uses The Podesta Group as its lobbyist in Washington, D.C. Though hardly a household name, this firm is well known inside the Beltway, not least because its CEO is Tony Podesta, one of the best-connected Democratic machers in the country. He founded the firm in 1998 with his brother John, formerly chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, then counselor to President Barack Obama, Mr. Podesta is the very definition of a Democratic insider. Outsiders engage the Podestas and their well-connected lobbying firm to improve their image and get access to Democratic bigwigs.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

100 Greatest Songs Of All Time

It's another of those lists. This time it deals with songs and which are the best. Of course, it's all personal preference but human beings are into lists. Remember back in the 80's when somebody published a Book of Lists and they made millions.

Check it out to see if your favorite is on the list.

Take Uber. It Isn't That Bad

The Queen and I had to hang out for a couple of hours before our flight departed from Phoenix to Ohio yesterday. We arrived three hours ahead of our 2 pm departure. It wasn't my idea. What the Queen wants the Queen gets.

Word to the wise. Whenever you fly out of a major airport the first order of business is to head for the airline employee manning the ticket counter. Always let them know if the flight is overbooked you'd like to give up your seat. It works like a charm especially at the Sky Harbor Airport.

For the third time in succession we allowed our selves to be bumped. The result is we received $400 in credits each and ended up arriving in Columbus thirty minutes later than a scheduled arrival. It's like taking candy from a baby.

Sitting around airports translates to people watching time. I've learned long ago there is nothing better than a great looking women. The only problem is as I've grown older my standards have upped themselves. Yesterday, I saw  a blond haired women with a very nice figure. Then I tried to put an age on her and got up to her late 70's. But---she still looked good. Plus, she was still breathing.

People in airports always talk. There's still the age old fear that there's danger in flying and a person next to you might be the last human on earth you can express one's true feelings. It's instant friendship.

I sat next to a man from California, age fifty or thereabouts. The best way to open a conservation goes like this. "So, what do you do for a living"?. Everybody likes talking about their jobs unless they happen to be named Rocco and come out of Vegas and are holstering a gun.

This guy, after telling me he was a blah-blah-blah computer something or other started babbling about his daughter. She just left San Francisco for Portland. My radar went up. Get this. He said she used to work for Nancy Pelosi but is now going to intern for Bernie Sanders. And would like to know what I said? Okay, then, I said not a word. Nothing at all but I was thinking of a specific word or two.

By the time we boarded I'd had six cups of coffee and immediately headed for the plane biffy. It was already occupied. Good Lord, a person was in there so long urine was coming out my ears. After five minutes a lady exited and I squeezed inside. Airplane bathrooms are small. It's like putting me in a size 40 sport coat and pants with a 32 inch waist. A guy needs a shoehorn to get in.

After I exited a stewardess was outside the door and off the cuff I asked, "Ever catch anyone trying to join the Mile High Club"? And she said, "Yes". "It was on a trip from Las Vegas and they both had been over served". As much as I tried I could not fathom how two humans could join that elite club with such limited space unless they were in the circus.

A year ago Her Majesty flew back from someplace. I was not home so she took a cab, a thirty minute drive to our home from our airport. She got nailed for a bill of $125.00. The guy was a Muslim, too. Had it have been me I'd have had him stop at the zoo. Then I'd have bought him a goat.

Anyway, we did the Uber thing for the first time. The tab was $35.00. You should do it for yourself. I can't without help, though. I'm not sure what an APP is or how it works. Only The Queen can do those pieces of wizardy.

 God Save The Queen!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Isn't Life Wonderful

The Queen is taking care of our three grandchildren this week-end. Unfortunately, for me, I had to find a motel room due to the fact that there aren't enough beds in the home for me to crash.

I found a place in Mesa, twenty miles from my daughter's. It's not a big deal. I can drive thirty miles one way with the best of them.

I found a Travelodge Motel for $50 a night. I considered this a bargain----as long as there weren't snakes and rats in the room---and there weren't.

It can be ultra boring in a motel room. Trust me, I know. As an on the road salesman for twenty years I've seen them all. The only experience I didn't realize were unpaid hookers on my bed.

Anyway, there was a bar/restaurant next to the motel. I walked over for a brew, sauntered in the front door looking for a Shania look alike but, dammit, couldn't find one.

What I did see were two Octogenarian couples eating chicken tenders.

I'm a people person and when I go into these places I want conversation.

My only choice was a fella sitting in a wheelchair. "Hey", I said, "I don't like drinking by myself. Mind if I sit down"? This old-timer gave me the affirmative so I began to introduce myself.

It was at first a seemingly a disaster. He was in a wheelchair and I could not understand one word coming out of his mouth. But, I didn't give up and fairly soon his words made sense. He was widower, a resident of Saskatchewan who spent his winters in Mesa.

Now for the miracle story and it made such a huge impact on me.  Immediately my life changed and I could understand every word coming out of his mouth.

In 1985 he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease. He was given a death sentence of six months yet here he is in 2016 loving life. We promised each other we would get together

Such a miracle I witnessed today. Better yet, I made a life long friend.

Computer Accurately Predicts When You Will Die

I will make a wager of a month's cash from my Social Security check that the title of the post will be one of the most read ever. Most folks don't want to know the day of their demise yet their curiosity will get the best of them. Others like to plan ahead, getting their finances in order and all that jazz.
Do me a huge favor and relax. I pulled an article from one of my favorite sites, The UK Daily Mail.

"By compiling huge health datasets, researchers at the University of East Anglia hope to predict how long people will live and so help them to spend their time, and money, more wisely".

Wooooh! Scary stuff, huh? Not really. The University of East Anglia located in England is the very same university that assured us global warming was for real. Then, investigations revealed these clowns skewered the information and it was bogus. Some universities will do anything to get government grants.

I'll leave the time of my death up to one person and that's God. He knows best.

16 Murdered Police Officers

There have been 16 law enforcement officers murdered since January 1, 2016. I'm not certain but it might be a record.

To date, the President has not made one phone call of condolence to a family member of these slaughtered heroes. He has made no mention of their sacrifice.

Harken back to The Gentle Giant in Ferguson, Missouri or Trayvon Martin who could be Obama's son if he had one. These clowns became heroes to the Left.

Is there racism in America? Probably. Which political party needs to keep the flames afire to achieve their goals of a divided country? Hint: They are succeeding.

Presidential Campaign