Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Farrah Fawcett's Luck

The very best thing that can be said about the media circus surrounding the white gloved one's demise is that it allowed mourners of Farrah Fawcett to celebrate her life with a funeral Mass and allow her to be buried with dignity.
Thank God the Jackson entourage along with all the media fools paved the way for the silent good-bye for Ms. Fawcett.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Axis Of Evil

Gee, as time goes on I just happen to think that G.W.B. was right on when it came to the axis of evil. All one has to do is marvel at the way the current administration has skated on Iran and North Korea. But didn't he show the Hondurans how it's done? That is his first 3 AM moment.

D.C. Husbands And Wives

I've just noticed that one of the ways to get ahead and avoid controversy in Washington D.C. for spouses is to go by different last names. Carol Browner, head of the EPA is married to an oil lobbyist named Downey. Nancy Pelosi goes by her born last name rather than that of her hubby. Keep eyes and ears open regarding this sort of political identification. This has to be a liberal thing. How many females do you know with a hyphenated last name who are conservatives? None. I see this a lot in the academic world. Think about it and do some research. I know I'm correct on this one. Hyphenated or different last names denote liberalism and liberal ideas plus either a lack of self confidence or a certain sense of elitism. Names changed at marriage to that of the husband show an inner self confidence and a commitment to the sanctity of marriage. I love being a conservative.

Duke University Sucks & So Does The Media

Ever hear of Frank Lombard? I didn't think so. Ever heard of the Duke Lacrosse players who were unjustly punished by a corrupt prosecutor for alleged rape charges against a 'pole dancer'? You remember. Eighty-eight faculty members of the Duke faculty called for the immediate expulsion of these kids without due process. The media went after these scholar-athletes as though they were a cross between Jeffrey Dahmer and Caligula. Well, Frank Lombard is the Associate Director of Health Services at Duke. Last week Frankie boy was nailed in a sex sting operation whereby he(a homosexual) offered up his adopted five year old son on the internet for others sexual pleasure. Being blunt, he wanted to sell his son to be raped. What was Lombards come on? How does "perv dad for fun" sound? That's the story but there's more. Not one of the major TV networks has mentioned this dereliction of duty. Seventeen newspapers have run a story but most of these were small town ones according to Newsbusters.com.
Don't expect the NY Times, LA Times, Minneapolis Star Tribune or any other liberal rag to come to the defense of the five year old. Don't even consider that the Duke faculty will come down hard on one of their own.
And who says there's bias in the media?

Slave Reparations

There was a vote in the Senate a week ago calling for an apology being given for slavery in the US. As is usual the clarion call was led by ultra-liberal, Tom Harkin of Iowa. Some of the naive would say that this is necessary to show we are sincere about race relations. Smarter folks know that it's a prelude to reparations being give to our Black brethren. They forget that reparations have already taken place to the tune of 500,000 dead during the War Between The States.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Cap And Tax

Obama himself said that with cap and trade energy costs will "necessarily skyrocket". How's that hope and change working for you, folks? Yes, the House under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi(still 3rd in line to be President) passed the highest tax in American history today. Hopefully, the Senate can get it stopped or so says Mr. Inhofe of Oklahoma.
When push comes to shove it's difficult to blame liberals for this. Greenpeace and the EPA recongnized the futility of the bill. Good gosh, the American Communist Liberties Union said it was a job killer. No, it's the American voter who created this constitution killer of a government. What it is is a money grab to put more tax money into the grubby paws of our Democrat congress. And that's the truth. The reason I know this is because co-writer of the bill, Henry Waxman, possibly a little person, did not allow Republicans to read the 1,200 page bill before the vote.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No Tax Increase

The most recent Rasmussen poll shows that 61% of Democrats believe their taxes under Obama will not rise nor fall. I believe this means they think taxes will stay the same. How many different ways can one spell 'stupid?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Teddy Kennedy's Health Care

I was wondering: would Kennedy's universal health care plan be more acceptable if he were dead or alive. As it is he wants to provide(from us) $1 trillion dollars for his plan but it would still leave 37 million "bogus" uninsured. Remember, there are only ten million who should qualify for insurance, not the 47 million the administration and MSM tell us about. So, for $1 trillion, The Kennedy Plan, only 10 million are covered. Now, to the dead or alive statement. If Ted's brain cancer gets out of remission he can get a sympathy vote and have the plan named after him. If he lives longer than normal he'll just be one more sot in the US Senate.

Healthy Food

There was a lovefest at the White House yesterday as Michelle Obama extolled the virtues of her garden by feeding snap peas to small chileren. Snap peas----my son used to hide them between his cheeks and gums then spit them out when he thought we weren't looking. Obviously, Mrs. O is gearing up for health care but someone ought to clue in her hubby. He's the guy who sneaks out of the presidential palace with Joe Schmo to buy some very greasy hamburgers. And wasn't it the Obamas who flew in some dude from St. Louis, Mo because he made the best pizza around or so said BHO. The pie place was on one of his campaign trips. No mention was made of the amount of fuel used to fly the guy in.
Oh yeah, does the prez still suck on the weed?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

They Call(ed) It Scandal

Newt Gingrich struck gold when when he penned the following:
There was a time when we would have called it a scandal.
In 1921, oil tycoon Harry Sinclair gave several prize head of cattle and around $269,000 to President Harding's Secretary of the Interior, Albert Fall.
In return, Sinclair got the exclusive rights to drill in an oil field in Wyoming . Sinclair's no-bid contract became the Teapot Dome scandal, the most notorious example of political corruption in America prior to Watergate.
Between 2000 and 2008, the United Auto Workers (UAW) union gave $23,675,562 to the Democratic Party and its candidates.
In 2008 alone, the UAW gave $4,161,567 to the Democratic Party, including Barack Obama.
In return, the UAW received 55 percent of Chrysler and 17.5 percent of GM, plus billions of dollars.
But nobody's calling this a scandal. It's time we start.
2000-2008 UAW Giving: $23.7 million to Democrats. $193,540 to Republicans
The almost $24,000,000 the UAW has given to Democrats since 2000 compares with the $193,540 the union has given to Republicans.
In the 2008 presidential election, President Obama was by far the biggest recipient of UAW contributions, raking in $27,340 compared to the $10,600 given to Hillary Clinton, the No. 2 recipient of UAW money.
And so it was no surprise to the cynical Washington political class when the payback began with the Chrysler bankruptcy.
In a rigged proceeding in which the federal government disregarded bankruptcy law in favor of the political outcome it desired, the Chrysler bankruptcy laid the predicate for the much larger General Motors bankruptcy to come. Against law and precedent, the unions were moved to the front of the line when it came to who would benefit from the bankruptcy.
The Obama Treasury Department strong-armed Chrysler's creditors into a deal in which the UAW was given 55 percent ownership of the company while Chrysler's secured creditors - investors who would have received priority in a non-political bankruptcy proceeding - were left with just 29 cents on the dollar.
On Monday, the Supreme Court Delayed the Completion of the Chrysler Bankruptcy
Some of these secured creditors, led by a group of Indiana retirement funds, are fighting back. They've charged in court that the Chrysler bankruptcy violated the bankruptcy laws and violated their rights as senior lenders.
On Monday, the Supreme Court put a hold on the Chrysler bankruptcy to hear their case.
We don't yet know which way the high court will rule, or if it will rule at all. But we do know what's at stake. Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock put it well:
"The issue of secured creditors' rights is bigger than Chrysler. It's an essential foundation of our capital markets. And fundamentally, this is about the law."
"Never Has an American Union Done So Well At the Expense of Shareholders and Creditors"
But the Chrysler bankruptcy was just prelude to the Obama-Administration-brokered General Motors bankruptcy deal announced last week.
The GM deal is yet another example of rank, taxpayer-financed political favoritism.
Once again, the big losers are GM's bondholders, who include substitute teachers in Florida and retired tool and dye supervisors in Michigan . They hold $27 billion in GM debt but are receiving a 10 percent stake in the new company.
In contrast, the UAW, which is owed about $20 billion from GM, is walking away with 17.5 percent of the company and a cool $9 billion in cash.
According to one analysis, while the bondholders will be lucky if they recover 15 cents on the dollar, the UAW can expect to recover up to 60 to 70 cents on the dollar - four to five times what the bondholders will receive.
As Barron's Magazine wrote, "Never has an American union done so well at the expense of shareholders and creditors".
"At a Time When Some American Workers are Facing Stiff Pay Cuts, UAW Workers Gave Up Their Customary Paid Holiday on Easter Monday"
Of course, the Obama Administration has assured us that the United Auto Workers has made "substantial concessions" as part of the bankruptcies that have literally saved the union from extinction.
But as no less than the Washington Post put it, the "union concessions were 'painful' only by the peculiar standards of Big Three labor relations: At a time when some American workers are facing stiff pay cuts, UAW workers gave up their customary paid holiday on Easter Monday and their right to overtime pay after less than 40 hours per week. They still get health benefits that are far better than those received by many American families upon whose tax money GM jobs now depend."
Union members also preserved their right to have six unexcused absences from work before they can even be considered to be fired.
Can you feel the pain?
The Unions Have Been Rewarded With Ongoing Subsidization by the Taxpayers
It is a sign of the degree to which raw politics has dominated its handling of Chrysler and General Motors that the Obama Administration has a 31-year-old who has not yet graduated from law school determining the fate of two multi-billion dollar companies.
For their political support of the Democratic Party, the auto unions have been rewarded, not just with ownership stakes in two giant companies, but with ongoing protection and subsidization by the U.S. taxpayers.
The President has said repeatedly that he wants to get out of the auto business as soon as possible. But does anyone seriously believe that he would accept an arrangement in which GM becomes profitable at the expense of the union and its gold-plated benefits?
Having spent $50 billion to "save" GM and the UAW, does anyone really believe that the Obama Administration will now allow economics and not politics to dictate its future decisions?
In the GM and Chrysler bankruptcies, the Obama Administration has trampled on the rule of law.
It is using the taxpayers' money to pay back a political group for its political contributions.
There was a time when we would have called that a scandal.

Your friend, Newt.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wanna Have some Fun

Try this out for size. Google Joe Biden gaffes. I may have written this before but he really, really is a walking, talking carnival with a sideshow as its main attraction. Any takers on whether or not JB will be on the ticket in '12. Ain't gonna happen.

Which Is It

If not socialism could it possibly be fascism? It's getting to look more and more that way.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


There are, by the most recent count, fifteen(15) Czars in the Obama administration. This should make members of His cabinet feel somewhat inferior.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Did Ya Ever Think

Did you ever think you would see in the United States: (1) the government owning five banks; (2) own the, at one time, largest automobile manufacturer in this country; (3) be able to fire the CEO of that auto company without protest; (4) control the largest insurance company in the nation (5) given the power to determine a cap on salaries of employees of privately owned companies?
Down the road: owning oil, drug companies and determining your doctor and what medical procedures you will be allowed, control of the print and air media.
For all you naysayers who thought I was crazy before the election when I said this guy was an unrepentant radical socialist I offer you a big, hearty Bronx cheer.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Speech Analysis

He dumped on Israel.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Obama Has Some Splainin' To Do

There's an e-mail going around on the internet regarding Obama's eligibility for the presidency. No, I'm not writing about his birth certificate from Hawaii. The one in question goes something like this. When Obama was twenty years old he flew from Indonesia to the USA. How he got the money for this jaunt has never been explained. After being in the US for a month he then flew to Pakistan. This is where it gets good. In addition to the cash it takes to go to Pakistan the question is why would he go there AND what passport did he use. Did he use a passport from Kenya? He does have more relatives there than do the Hatfields and McCoys in West Virgina and Kentucky combined. Or was it a passport from Indonesia? Most surely he didn't use a passport from the United States. Pakistan at this time was a no fly for citizens of the US. The government did not allow citizens of the country to enter that country because they were non friendly to our nation. So, if he has no American passport then it must be from Indonesia or Kenya which makes him ineligible to be President of the United States of America.

Obama "America A Muslim Nation"

Evidently, when Obama visits Egypt this week and, once again, makes a major speech to the world we will hear scary words. Some of you will be quite surprised to know that Christianity may not be that big a deal.
In his 'conversation' he will tell planet earth that the USA is one of the largest Muslim nations in the world. This is sort of like, "we have 57 states in the United States" uttered by the Prez before the election. In actuality, there are 8 million Muslims in the US. That ranks us #41. Hardly a noticeable number. Barry, while campaigning, took umbrage at any hint of his Muslim background. He even claimed that using his initials, BHO, had a tinge of hate. Now, however, his "major" speech will focus on his Muslim heritage. Oh, to be a goat herder in Cairo when Barry brings down the house.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Brian Deese Is A Radical And A Kid

Brian Deese is thirty-one years old. He graduated in political science from Middlebury College in the year 2000. Deese has worked for Hillary Clinton. He went to Yale to get a law degree but dropped out to do political work. Oddly, he has no experience in business, automobiles, running any type of company. He has never been in an automobile plant; no joke just fact. Likely, being a left wing nut, he has never been in a car. From the looking at pictures of him the closest he's come to anything with wheels is a Schwinn. It's as if I could be selected Pope. Seriously; Pope Mike I. How silly!
Deese is a member of the Center for American Progress headed by John Podesta. You might remember him as the head of this hard core left wing think tank funded by GEORGE SOROS.
Brian Deese is that one person who is in charge of running General Motors. Do you get that, Americans? This no nothing, do nothing kid is in charge of running what was at one time the largest company in America. What in God's name is this country coming to that we allow a boy-boy President to select a supremely unqualified kid to be a leader of a business in charge of restructuring a bankrupt company? Four in five people in this country are against the restructure yet we allow a no talent ex-senator from Illinois to drive us toward Third World status. The nation in which I live is becoming quite pitiful and I still don't know what happened to the "stimulus" money.

Monday, June 1, 2009

George Tiller

The guy referred to as "Tiller the Baby Killer" was gunned down in the vestibule of his church yesterday. Ironic, isn't it? Within one hour the liberal blogs were denouncing every and all pro-lifer for hypocrisy and murder. This was before any type of apprehension by the authorities. George Tiller might be the only physician in the country who practices partial birth abortion. Excuse me------practiced partial birth abortion.
I'm a strong pro-lifer. I now believe, especially with the increased developments in sonograms, that my youngest son was right when he said, "we have to win the hearts and minds".
I read a column yesterday afternoon from a guy at the Kansas City Star. He made Tiller out to be a saint. At the bottom of the column was a comment from a reader asking this question. Would Tiller take his daughter to "take you kids to work day"? Interesting question huh?