Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Son Of 'You Know Who' Might Be A Sissy


This is a non-photoshopped picture of a "man" named Rory Reid. Is that a neck inside his shirt collar or is his head planted on a broom stick? It's difficult to comprehend that this "person" has a daddy who sits at the seat of power in our US Senate. I hope they enjoy their bazillions of dollars because someday soon, while sitting in the big house, it'll be as useless as a man without libido. His daddy and he made joint statements today about Cliven Bundy, the rascally Nevada cattle rancher. In essence, said they, "We can't have an American violate the law and walk away with it ". I wonder if this applies to 'the old man' who gave his granddaughter $35,000 in cash out of his campaign funds.


“We believe in a country in which we are subject to laws and you can’t just ignore the laws we don’t like,”
You mean like ignoring immigration laws?
You mean like releasing thousands of convicted felons who happen to be illegal aliens back into our society?
You mean like ignoring the healthcare law and changing it every five minutes in order to improve Democrats chances for reelection?
You mean like ignoring voter fraud because it benefits Democrats?
You mean like targeting conservative groups by the IRS?
You mean like ignoring subpoenas from Congress and ignoring contempt of Congress penalties?
You mean like when a president says he doesn't care about Congress because he has a phone and a pen?
But most importantly, you believe that sending 200 Federal bureaucrats armed like SEAL Team Six to threaten a rancher over gazing fees is OK? But allowing 12-20 million people in the US illegally is OK?


celtic tiger said...

No wonder Dirty Harry is such a bully. He's had to protect a weak puke son. We need to ask why the NRA helped Dirty Harry get re-elected. The same group Dirty Harry attacks because he's a Demoncrat. Enjoy your 30 pieces of silver, Harold, you can't spend it in Hell!

mjloehrer said...

Don't hold back, CT.