Monday, April 10, 2017

Big Guvmint: Obama's Pizza Police

First they came for pizza.
You’d think there wouldn’t be much of a role for the government in regulating pizza (even if it is indirectly), but with a federal register topping 81,640 pages in length, there’s a regulation for everything. Obama set numerous regulatory records during his presidency – both for the greatest number of pages of regulations added to the federal register in a single day, and in a single year. And while he’s no longer president, there are some zombie regulations set to take effect next month if Donald Trump doesn’t halt them.
Thanks to Obamacare, franchise restaurants (with more than 20 locations) will have to provide calorie counts for every item on the menu – and every possible variant of that item. That’s no big deal for a franchise with relatively simple offerings, but think about all the different possibilities on something like pizza, or the number of ways you can customize a drink at Starbucks, and it becomes a logistical nightmare.
*These regulations ensure the the cost of Za will rise 15 cents

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