Monday, April 17, 2017

It's A Ripley's Believe It Or Not Story

A couple, ten years married and living in Oxford, Mississippi had no children. They had tried but it just didn't happen so they went to a fertility clinic. The doctors at the clinic performed a series of tests and, finally, did one involving their DNA.

Lo and behold it was determined the man and woman were fraternal twins. The wife thought it was a joke at first. It wasn't. Now she's devastated. The love of her life is in reality her brother.

Here's the scenario. When they were infants their parents were killed in a car crash. None of their relatives were willing to take them in so they were separated to different adoption agencies and eventually found homes with a set of loving parents.

Eventually, they grew and left for college; the same one. They met while in school and had an immediate attraction to each other(I wonder why). They knew they had the same birthday which only made their bond stronger.

So, now what, readers. It's against the law in Mississippi to be married to a sibling(I wonder when that changed).

Sad story, huh.

My own personal opinion is for them to stay together. They were happy before. What they didn't know didn't hurt them. They, too, can adopt.

Life goes on.

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