Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Al Gore's New Plan To Stop Global Warming

The bulbous one, Al Gore, spoke out on, what else, global warming yesterday. He's decided there's a new method to be taken to get rid of the thing that isn't and that is the forced sterilization of men at birth.

Heck, I could come up with a better plan than that and it's been proven to be true. Why not make it against the law for men and women, during their golden years of reproduction, to make the consumption of alcohol illegal.

Have you ever considered how many children were conceived by folks with a buzz on dating back to biblical days? It has to be 40% of the total population. And another thing, when these illicit hookups take place without consideration of the near perfect gene pool the number of really ugly babies being born has to have been in the zillions.

Don't believe me? Have you ever been to Arkansas?

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