Monday, July 17, 2017

Columbus Ohio Falls Prey To Liberalism

Columbus, Ohio police have stopped enforcing the city’s panhandling law because of a 2015 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that attorneys have successfully used to challenge similar laws in other cities. 
Columbus Dispatch

Oh swell, now the good citizens of Columbus and surrounding burbs are going to be subjected to dope addicts, ne'er do wells, phony poor folk and other riff raff.
Street corners, church parking lots and main thorough fares with the same old same old holding signs reading, 'will work for food'. Yeah, right.

Our local 50,000 watt radio station, WTVN, had one of these clowns on in the afternoon John Corby Show. He explained that in many cases a group of guys, five or so, rent a dump apartment. Then their job is panhandling. It's an easy gig, he said. A guy can stand on a street corner and make over 50K per year by standing with a sign.

So, here's the question. When these guys walk up to me or my car window why do I look away with guilt written all over my face?

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