Thursday, July 27, 2017

This Is A Kid Who Will Drive His Teachers Crazy

Every red blooded American boy who went through grade school had one of these buddy's(or more) who we could always count on to do the bizarre. In my little Central Iowa town of Boone, Iowa we had them and they all came from one family. They were the Ferry brothers. We attended Sacred Heart school. The Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary were on guard for them when we started classes in 1952. Why? Because six or seven of their brothers had preceded them. There were eleven kids in the family. The first was a daughter then zap, zap, zap along came ten boys. That's the way it was with Catholic families at that time. There were many classic stories that have gone down in the annals of Ferry brothers history, too many to recall. The two brothers in our class hung out most exclusively with another classmate from across their alley. His name was Jude and when we get together we can laugh for hours on what happens when their creative minds were unleashed on humanity. Thank God they didn't come along in this century. The teachers would have put them on a variety of drugs to turn them into zombies. They grew up in an age, thank God, when people said, "Boys will be boys" and meant it.

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