Monday, April 3, 2017

Baseball Fans Are Like Voters; Clueless

"It’s a sign of the times that the average fan will react to Yadier Molina’s three-year, $60 million extension with disdain, thinking that the Cardinals paid too much".
Ken Rosenthal-Sports Illustrated

It was with great enthusiasm I tuned into my least favorite sports channel, ESPN, last evening to watch my beloved Cubbies take on the hated St. Louis Cardinals. Regardless, yesterday was opening day for baseball and it is a long standing tradition that I take part.

What caught my attention from the get go was the big news about Yadier Molina, the Cardinal catch. Let's face it, $60 million dollars is a lot of money even if you happen to be Madonna.

The signing news was announced sometime yesterday. When Molina was introduced to the crowd of 50,000 he was given a standing ovation. The crowd was delirious with joy. They shouldn't be. With the signing ticket prices, outrageously high now are about to dip into the pockets of these dip fans.

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