Friday, April 7, 2017

This N' That From Dublin Ohio

My neighbor in the attached condo to ours is doing upgrades. I backed out of my garage this morning but didn't see the flatbed gravel truck behind me. I hate when this happens. I was on my way to Kroger's and decided to see if there was any damage when I arrived in their parking lot. Isn't this silly? I mean, the bumper is plastic. I was correct. It looked like a sink hole. I don't care. It'll soon be the property of someone at St. Vincent de Paul courtesy of me.

Speaking of Kroger. These stores are mega huge. It's a treat to find a parking spot close to the door. Aha! I thought to myself, there's one two spaces from the store entrance. Except another car saw it and jumped in ahead of me. Did I mention there was a row directly behind me with 6 empty handicap spots? Well, the fat little bugger who took my spot had a handicap sticker hanging from his mirror. I watched him exit his SUV and waddle, without pain, injury or a cane to the store. Why would anyone do this except that they're so much into themselves their head is so far up their rear end they have to spray their stomach with Windex just to see where they're going? I don't normally leave a note on windshields but this time I did.

My Walgreen's called yesterday informing me a prescription was ready for pick up. Going to the pharmacist can sometimes be unnerving for me. I'm always on the look out for Mr. Gower. The pharmacist on duty told me she didn't have an order for me. Such is life. I'll go back later when I want to waste more gasoline.

After a 29 year hiatus from coaching this guy is back in the game. I've become a volunteer assistant at Dublin Coffman High School. It's a first class program run by a first class coach. The young men are among the finest I've ever been around. I am blessed.

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