Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Rant Of Of Humor To Start Your Day Off Right

Okay. This one pissed me off to no end, and I don’t care if anyone wants to be contrary, I’m right with this one.
I was ranting, again, about Florida and how a lot of people look seedy. There’s just something about them. One guy will have stringy hair, tats and a wife-beater. The woman is wearing short shorts, nice body, but for some reason she has bruises and cigarette burns on her legs and her face looks like she went 3 rounds with Ronda Rousey.  Completely methed up.
Another guy will be some orange or urine colored ethnicity with a gold tooth and an eye missing a retina.
And these are people in the good end of town.
I was in Lowes, and right on cue comes a family walking down one of the aisles. The dirtbag husband has an unlit cig in his mouth, sleeved, wife-beater, saggy assed jeans and a mullet. He’s walking 15 feet in front of his wife who is towing two kids on foot and one in a stroller. The guy has a pit bull on a leash. That’s right, a pit bull in the store. And it’s not looking friendly. The leash is a stainless steel chain, one that you could moor an ocean liner with. Obviously this dog is not a teddy bear. The dog is barking at everyone he passes.
But, that’s not the worst of it.
There’s a second pit bull, and this one is not tethered to steel, it’s just a standard leather leash, being held by a girl of about 9 years of age.
I started yelling a bit about this, and my companion was shushing me and corralling me away.
What the frig is wrong with this world?
Why would Lowes allow such a thing? It’s bad enough that there seems to be a plethora of service dogs lately (20 years ago I could go 3 years without seeing a service dog, now every friggin dog has a vest on) but these dogs were obviously not, unless the service is to tear people to shreds for accidentally giving the canine the stink eye.
Yes, I know it’s hot in Florida, and leaving the dogs in the car is dangerous. LEAVE THE DOGS AT HOME!.
I don’t go to Lowes to worry about accidentally stepping on a pit bull’s foot and losing my scrotum.

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