Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How Does The Hag Get Away With It

Details of Hillary's 2013 speaking contract at the University of Buffalo were released today. In essence, she received her loot, $275,000, under the condition(s) that the media would not be allowed to ask questions at a pre-speech reception and a post speech get together. In other words, the old hag was on stage and none of the audience could question her either. For her efforts the attendees received blather about nothing. It literally galls me that a person who has no credits to her name(except for being fired as a Watergate lawyer for being unethical) can garner so many accolades by departing information about nothing. Think about this. She's worth millions but dresses like a bag lady. Her hair and make-up look as though they're done by Wal-Mart apprentices. She cannot give a speech without pausing and saying, "you know", once every paragraph. And her screeching. My God, it would wake the dead from World War I. The cash she receives goes into the Clinton Foundation which is a cover for money to be retained by Bill, Hillary and Chelsea for trips to wherever the next speaking engagement occurs or to fund one of Bill's hook-ups.. Scandal has surrounded her since her days as a lawyer in Little Rock regarding Whitewater and the 100K she amazingly made in the stock market with no knowledge of how the market functions. She called it luck. I call it graft and corruption. In 2001 she rode off to Chappaqua from the White House with a truck load of furnishings that had to be returned to the People's House. I.e. She's a damned thief, a tramp and a liar.

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