Friday, July 18, 2014

The Best Quote Of The Year

None of us, until now, had heard the name of April Sands. She happened to be an IRS Deputy to Lois Lerner. With that you do know we're dealing with trolls in skirts.
An example of Ms. Sands brilliance can be seen in the following tweet:

"Dear every single Republican ever, when will U learn that Barack Hussein Obama is smarter than U.

Brilliant, isn't she. Aside from her doltish behavior isn't it heartening to know Ms. Sands is in charge of your money. I captured this info from one of my favorite sites, iOwnTheWorld, along with an accompanying quote to describe her. It's perfect. I hope you're not offended but you are living in a brave new world.

"April, you ignorant slut, stand up. Get off your knees and wipe your chin. You look like you blew a seal".
It is the best quote I've seen this year.

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