Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Leftist Lunatics Make Me Laugh

Remember Jill Stein?  She ran for President in 2016.  She famously thought Wi-Fi was killing your children. Stein also demanded a recount in several states, and Hillary Clinton was on board with the idea - until the results of those recounts started going the other way.
Despite being warned that she was a complete kook, people threw gobs of cash at Jill Stein’s candidacy, as well as her post-candidacy shenanigans.

Now 'Jill the thrill' has come out in support od Kim Jong Il against the United States.
North Korea, it seems, is a victim. The poor little country has been treated shabbily by the evil colonial forces of the United States.  It’s been cornered, cut off, and demonized by vicious Americans for at least 60 years, so its tin pot dictator had no choice but to obtain nuclear weapon.

These people walk among us, folks. 

Canada Free Press.

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