Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Why The US Army Is Better Than North Korea's

Today it's North Korea 24/7. Even Her Majesty is concerned about what the pipsqueak is up to. Not me. The only ace he, Kim Jong Un, might have up his sleeve would be support from China.

Let's say Kimmy boy let's fly with a nuclear weapon and one of these hits, oh, let's say California. Can you imagine 50,000 bombs of the nuclear type being dropped on their peninsula? Can you say Hiroshima 100 times plus? At least the NK's wouldn't have to worry about a starving population in their country.

I happened to be watching Fox and they showed a clip of North Korean soldiers marching. It was the old goose step made famous by Hitler; no leg bend, backs straight, march, march, march in unison. Mussolini did the same and see how that worked out. The Italian people hung him from a lamp pole.

 This is why our armed forces is better than theirs. Think of the movie Stripes. Sgt. Hulka fell from a tower during basic training. Bill Murray and Harold Ramos took over, shuffling on the parade grounds while singing a song, "Hey doo wah ditty", etc. The key word in this is shuffling. You see, the North Koreans march like their hair is on fire. Their guys would be too exhausted to pull a trigger. Our guys march like they're sitting in rocking chairs.; refreshed and ready to take on the enemy.

Stupid North Koreans!

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