Thursday, February 9, 2017

Democrat Heroes

Barack Obama – wrote two “autobiographies” filled with lies and “composite” characters. Extreme narcissism. Routinely lies to American people without remorse or guilt. Ignores duly enacted laws (DOMA, War Powers Act, immigration enforcement, bankruptcy law during GM and Chrysler bailout, etc).

Bill Clinton – perjurer, adulterer.

John Edwards – proven liar, adulterer.

John Kerry – stolen valor; gigolo

Gary Hart – adulterer.

Al Sharpton – anti-Semite, liar, tax delinquent, riot inciter.
algore – “release the chakra!”

Ted Kennedy – philanderer, drunk, ran away from an accident and let a dead woman stay submerged in water for several hours while he sobered up.

JFK – Adulterer, drug user/addict.

FDR – Caused tens of thousands of innocent Japanese Americans to lose their homes, businesses, etc. after he ordered them thrown into internment camps; adulterer

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