Sunday, February 19, 2017

Did You Know Donald Trump Is A Nazi

From Campus Reform: The Northern Arizona University Political Science department recently hosted a “Specter of Fascism” event at which professors repeatedly compared Donald Trump to Hitler and the Nazis.
“The Specter of Fascism” was a panel discussion featuring six NAU professors with specialties covering politics and international affairs, women and gender studies, and criminology.
Politics and International Affairs Department Head Lori Poloni-Staudinger continually referred to the Trump administration as the “Trump regime”, at one point comparing the administration’s actions to the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, and later referencing the book The Origins of Totalitarianism in an attempt to draw out the correlation further. The MSM tells us Trump is going to unleash 100,000 National Guard militia to maintain law and order. Idiots!
I'm only presenting one example from the looney left regarding Donald Trump, the President of the United States. Did you also know the administration is in disarray? This is what John McCain, MSNBC, NBC and a myriad of other MSM outlets tell us. Forget that there has been more accomplished in the past five weeks than Obama did in 30. 
The Democrat Party is gone, over the cliff and, yet, we're told Obama will be impeached before summer is over. It's laughable. They, the Dems, control few state legislatures, they don't have the power to stop the Trump and Republican movement. Ladies and Gentlemen, if Trump sticks with his plan(get rid of entrenched Republicans) this group will be in power for the next 25 years.
National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, was terminated because he didn't tell VP Mike Pence about a meeting with Russia. The Left howled with glee. Harken back to 2012 when Obama's National Security Adviser was trotted out to five Sunday shows to tell us Benghazi was because of a terrible video. Hillary did the same as did Obama. 

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