Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Once Again Rush Spills The Beans

Here in Arizona, on vacation, the car radio is barely on the Rush Limbaugh Show. Politics has strayed from my daily activities.

However, today I was listening to 1380 AM out of Parker and was more than amazed by two of his proclamations.

He state that 66% of Democrats believe that Christians are just as radical as Muslims. Isn't that an incredible statistic if true?

The other was that Trump won the votes of 3 million acres of land in the country in the election. Hillary won only 520 acres.

I didn't hear the county numbers but they had to be massive for Trump.

As a side note there were a couple of items left out of my This N' That in Lake Havasu City Arizona of a few days ago:

We went to the movies and arrived quite early, even prior to the previews. If you've ever done this you know
that local business advertise. Get this. There's a gun shop in Lake Havasu with a shooting range. Not a biggie, right? Except, they also rent machine guns to test your skills. That, my friends, is Arizona.

Our good friends in Parker have lived here for over thirty years. They are God fearing Bible toting Christians. Yet, they both own revolvers. In Arizona one doesn't need a license, a permit or any other government piece of paper to own a weapon. All that needs to be done is walk in a store and plunk down cash. What a state!

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