Thursday, February 2, 2017

Trying To Make You Feel Better About Yourselves

I'm lying in bed at 11 pm Mountain Time fighting a horrid cold so what else is there to do than look at Plastered on the front page is a picture of Bernie Sanders. There are names of politicians from both sides of the aisle scattered through the pages. There's no need to go into detail about each and every one or even one for that matter.

You folks are smart enough to pull one out of a hat and come up with a gut feeling. Consider some of the great political leaders from our history. Let's forget the Founding Father's because they were God given. What about fellas named Henry Clay or Daniel Webster? Even Stephan A Douglas was a statesman. There guys were learned and they didn't have access to electric lights, computers and the Clinton Foundation money.

Are you still considering those elected in the past fifteen years? Be serious. Don't you seriously believe you are more knowledgeable, tempered in thought and action, considerate of your fellow man, and with the best interests of the nation in mind than what sits in the halls of congress?

Take a bow Americans. You guys are good.

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