Sunday, February 5, 2017

This 'N That From Lake Havasu City Arizona

If you come out on our dock and look across the Colorado River into California around dinner time you'll see the wild donkeys come down for a drink.

We haven't seen any coyotes but whey hoot and howl after the sun goes down.

Lake Havasu has a beautiful Catholic Church. The priest is a Catholic convert. On the way out of Mass today young children were having him autograph the church bulletin. He's so good at his job I thought they thought he was going to be the Pope someday. Turns out the kids are being tagged as attendees for showing up at Mass. Good idea, I'd say.

The Queen and I spend as much time in the community of 45,000 as possible. There are, and you have to trust me on this one, no pregnant women visible. Every female is post-menopausal. And I still consider myself a studly individual. I mean, I wear Converse All-Star low cuts; four different colors.

There's a bar five miles from us called The Desert Bar. Guess what? It's located in the desert. It's open only on Saturday and Sunday, noon to six. The owner is a millionaire. I tried to drive there this afternoon to check it out. I would have had to have an over the road monster truck to get there. I'll read more about it.

We wanted to drive three hours to the Hoover Dam this week-end. My son in law(I'm blaming him) gave us both the world's worst sickness while visiting our grandchildren last week. He's out of my will and we didn't go to the Hoover Dam. A pox on him.

Wildlife in the desert? I've seen one bobcat who almost died while dodging my front bumper. That's pretty much it for wildlife except for the donkeys that will come up to your car to eat carrots but then I'd have to drive across the Parker Dam into California and pay a tax---probably.

We drove across the Colorado River into California but only to say we'd been there. The time of the trip was three minutes. I was afraid we'd get taxed into oblivion.

The weather is nice, desert weather. It's cool at night and in the 70's during the sun hours.

I miss the Midwest. Clocks run the correct way.

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