Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wrapping Up The Big Vacation In Arizona

Winter in the Heartland(If one wants to refer to Ohio that way) is coming to a close which means Her Majesty and the Joker are planning for our drive home.

We'd spent the week-end in Scottsdale, Arizona with our grandchildren and during the three hour drive back to the banks of the Colorado River began discussing the good and bad of being near Lake Havasu. On the whole, it's about like being anyplace else; supermarkets, churches, gas stations, movie theaters----you know the drill. Next Tuesday we'll be heading back to Ohio, for better or for worse.

We enjoyed all of our time spent doing nothing. Of course, I'm always looking for some place better. One aspect of visiting snow bird communities are being around old people. Good Lord, they're insufferable. Okay, let's see if you can understand. I'm 71 as of January 26 but I am not nor will I ever be old.
When I'm out and about I wear stylish shoes. If I want to be casual I'll slide into a pair of Converse All-Star low cuts of various colors. You will never see me in baggy shorts----ever. When I walk I stride. I do not shuffle and my shoulders are not hunched as if I'm looking for dimes on the sidewalk.

I understand some folks have physical deformities that disallow them the entire use of their bodily parts and I'm not referring to them. The villains are those who take pride in being and acting old. Those who tell old jokes and those who can't start a conversation without using the words, "My doctor".

I've made an executive decision about next years vacation spot. I'll find a place where only those who are 45-50 years old can enter except for me and the Queen. I want a place where people laugh out loud.The way I figure if a person hangs out with a Charles Manson type he'll become a serial killer. If I'm with a 55 year who  laugh I'll do the same. Hence and therefore no hanging out with old goats

And one more thing. Between 45-59. The chances of the guys having hot looking wives is greatly enhanced.

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