Thursday, February 9, 2017

You Can Trust A Democrat To Be A Democrat

Richard Blumenthat is a Democrat, a Connecticut senator. He sits on many committees determining if presidential appointees are qualified for their positions. Blumenthal is very leary of Neil Gorsuch being placed on the Supreme Court and promises very serious vetting as to his character.

Get this and it's too rich to make up. It comes from the Washington Examiner:

Blumenthal's own credibility has been called into question since he entered public life. When Blumenthal first ran for the Senate in 2010, the New York Times revealed that he had lied for years about fighting in the Vietnam War. Blumenthal repeatedly touted his supposed combat experience in speeches to veterans groups and civic organizations, saying he had "served in Vietnam."
However, a review of his military records revealed that he procured five deferments from the military before joining the Marine Reserve. During the war he traveled as far west as Washington, where he helped the Toys for Tots program, but never saw actual combat.
"What is striking about Mr. Blumenthal's record is the contrast between the many steps he took that allowed him to avoid Vietnam, and the misleading way he often speaks about that period of his life now, especially when he is speaking at veterans' ceremonies or other patriotic events," the Times reported.
Blumenthal claimed to have misspoken, though that did not explain his failure to correct the record when numerous media reports and profiles described him as a Vietnam veteran.
Blumenthal's office did not return requests for comment.
Consider this: all of these clowns receive lifetime pensions.

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