Friday, May 26, 2017

A Reminder About Hillary's Integrity

So, Hilly Mae gave the commencement hat her former school, Wellesley, yesterday. There wasn't a request on her part for the students to find their calling in life. Nope, not at all. She took the occasion to blast  the current president and announced she expected him to be impeached.

My memory serves me well. I recall when Mrs. Clinton, then Hillary Rodham, served on the Watergate Committee during Nixon's impeachment fiasco.

Read and enjoy.

Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, supervised the work of 27-year-old Hillary Rodham on the committee. Hillary got a job working on the investigation at the behest of her former law professor, Burke Marshall, who was also Sen. Ted Kennedy’s chief counsel in the Chappaquiddick affair. When the investigation was over, Zeifman fired Hillary from the committee staff and refused to give her a letter of recommendation – one of only three people who earned that dubious distinction in Zeifman’s 17-year career.
“Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said in an interview last week(2013). “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”
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