Monday, May 29, 2017

Grinnell College, Harvard Of The Midwest

If you aren't familiar with Grinnell College do not fret about it. The home of the Pioneers is a smallish liberal arts school located just off Interstate 80 forty or so miles east of Des Moines, Iowa. I've written about the University of Wisconsin-Madison as being a communist bastion of lower learning. Well, Grinnell is UWM on steroids.

My best buddy from high school went to Grinnell. He was what is called a legacy. Two of his brothers preceded him there. Both of them were outstanding basketball players and as one who was five years younger than his second brother at Grinnell I visited the school many times to watch him perform his skills.

Even as a young teenager I knew Grinnell was different than most schools and this was in the 60's. The make-up of the place was filled with kids from anyplace east of Moscow(USSR). Anyway, you get my drift.

At Grinnell's commencement the other day those in charge brought back a former graduate to offer his wit and wisdom. Good God, I am so happy I matriculated at Coe College from the same conference. At least we wore shoes to class.

Comedian Kumail Nanjiani told graduates to 'have sex with an immigrant' as he delivered a college commencement speech in Iowa last week. 
The actor, who stars in HBO's hit show Silicon Valley, was speaking at his alma mater Grinnell College last Monday when he made the comment. 
'So here's another concrete piece of advice I can give you - have sex with an immigrant. 
'We're going through a tough time right now and it would just be really great for morale,' he said, prompting roaring laughter from the young audience. 
Nanjiani, 39, moved to the US as a teenager after growing up in Karachi in Pakistan. He graduated from Grinnell in 2001 with a liberal arts degree. 

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So, when we go out in the world we should copulate with an immigrant. Given a choice I agree---as long as she happens to be Sophia Loren's great niece.

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