Monday, May 15, 2017

Shocker: Women Prefer Alpha Males

Beta Males

Florida State conducted a study on whether women desired alpha or beta men. I'm not a big fan of studies. Those conducting them are only looking to make some cash. I could run my own study. For example, do men over 70 eyeball great looking girls? If they don't then their. If they do then they're like me. End of story.

Anyway, I tend to believe this study. The best reason is the campus of FSU is loaded with great looking babes so I'll run with it.

You remember Pajama Boy from the photo above. He was the poster child for ObamaCare. It's no wonder that albatross crapped the bed.

I've always maintained the feminization of America began in elementary schools whereby female staffers didn't understand that boys will be boys. They aren't ADHD and most assuredly the don't need meds to calm them down.

It eems that in our age the Social Justice Warriors have taken over for eled teachers. This is why transgender kiddies are blooming on the vine.

So, ladies, it's your choice; muscles and strength vs. gayness.

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