Thursday, May 25, 2017

New England Patriots To Sponsor LGBT Bowl

Egg on my face. Evidently, the NFL Patriots have been sponsoring a flag football LGBT bowl since 2002. It goes to show it's not that big of a deal since very few people, except for maybe that 3% of the population who are gay lifers, have heard about this extravaganza.

I'm not certain when 'the game' takes place but the article from Yahoo(that tells you how important the story isn't) said the Pats have long been supporters of this event.

I also found out today(71 is never too old to learn Cliff Clavinisms) there's a magazine titles Outsports. I've taken the opportunity to extract a blurb from the Patriots regarding the upcoming bowl game and how the NFL team has honored members of this non-dominant group.

"The New England Patriots will be a sponsor of Gay Bowl 17, the event’s organizing committee announced Saturday night. Boston’s LGBT Flag Football group shared the news during its spring season awards banquet.
The Patriots have confirmed the sponsorship with Outsports.
Earlier this year Patriots owner Bob Kraft joined the league at its annual scholarship dinner which honored local LGBT high school athlete Chris Morse."
Now, I feel rejected. If the NFL wanted to sponsor an event and garner advertising money along with massive viewership why not sponsor other events composed of differing groups.
I, personally, could go for an all-girl nude bowl game. Restrictions would include no entrants with a bust size under 38DDD.
How about a contest involving 95 year old men and women in wheel chair bowl games? There's about the same number of these as there are LGBT'ers.
A real winner might be a game with people with no legs trying to score a TD by acting as bowling pins Go Man Go!
Or, how about we all continue our productive time on earth by watching reruns on ME TV.

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