Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Why Have Democrats Hitched Their Wagon To Linda Sarsour

Linda Sarsour is the full package: A female religious minority with a knack for activism (and not much else), she’s the perfect pawn in the Democratic Party’s Loyal Opposition to Trump.  If you criticize her, you’re not just attacking a fellow American—you must be a bigot.
Many liberals are hitching their wagon to Sarsour’s recent celebrity.  According to a recent report by Peter Hasson of The Daily Caller, at least eight Congressional Democrats are joining her at Saturday’s anti-Trump “March for Truth.”
Linda Sarsour
I just have one basic question: Why?  Sarsour isn’t the only Palestinian-American woman preaching tolerance towards minorities.  Yet she’s one of the only public figures who has links with the terrorist group Hamas.  She’s also a known apologist of sharia law—an odd feature for a political party obsessed with defending woman from persecution, real or imagined.
While Democrats were running to the toilet to vomit over President Trump’s $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, they had no problem embracing Sarsour, who has previously declared that Saudi Arabia’s treatment of women puts the United states “to shame.”  Sure, liberals can excuse statements like these by simply shaming her critics as culturally insensitive, but when was the last time an evangelical Christian got cut that kind of slack when arguing about transgender bathrooms
As much as Sarsour demands our respect, it’s not like she gives it to other women. After ex-Muslim activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali detailed her own gruesome experience with female genital mutilation, Sarsour said critics of the barbaric practice “don’t deserve to be women” and that she wished she “could take their vaginas away.”
  It’s no secret that Democrats like hanging out with radicals in order to garner some street cred.  Fine.  There’s a difference, however, between taking classes from a Marxist in college and giving a prominent speaking position to a woman who appears at events with convicted terrorists like Rasmea Odeh.
I understand that the Democratic bench is thin, but what kind of message are they sending to the American people that the best voice for the Palestinian cause is a sharia-loving terrorist sympathizer?  There are undoubtedly thousands of younger Muslim-Americans who can properly articulate their faith and culture in an era of Islamic terrorism. Instead, Democrats have opted to give a middle finger to those who prize decency.
Linda Sarsour with Bernie Sanders (via Facebook)
There’s certainly a broader irony in the left’s marriage to Sarsour.  For all the cries against Trump’s supposed reckless behavior, his lack of a verbal filter, or the criticism that his rhetoric against illegal immigration divides more than it unites, Democrats have chosen a woman who confidently embodies all those qualities and more.
If the choice is between a guy who sticks his foot in his mouth and has a hard time managing his White House staff or a terrorist-loving woman who acts like Americans are the ones who need to be educated on female genital mutilation—then I think the Republican Party is in better shape than the press is willing to admit
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