Monday, September 1, 2014

It's A Tough Day Today

Portugal, Spain, fun and frivolity after twelve days in Europe and it all pales in comparison to the hurt people are forced to endure after a genuine tragedy. Maybe you heard this story that took place last Friday on the West Coast. As I now know it was covered by the national press and television networks and was on the front page of the DrudgeReport. I read about it in Europe but didn't put two and two together. A 9 year old girl died when she was covered by sand after falling into a sinkhole on an Oregon beach. Normally, and we all do this, we'd read the story and say, "How sad", then move on to other things. I'll be leaving for the Minnesota lake cabin on Thursday and since I'm driving through Wisconsin thought I'd give my dear and 36 year long friend who lives near Wisconsin Rapids a phone call hoping we could get together. Except, he wasn't in Wisconsin. He was in Oregon. The girl who died on the beach was his granddaughter and I found out the horrific news as he explained his loss in between sobs of anguish. My friend and his wife were notified after halftime of a high school football game. The field was  being dedicated to him in his honor and a party was to follow the game. For the rest of his life he will have to associate what should have been his professional shining moment with this disastrous situation.
Writing about Portugal doesn't seem like much fun today. Praying and reflection are more appropriate. If you have children and grandchildren love them and hug them. We're all having a very tough day today.

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