Saturday, September 6, 2014

Using Your Brains Instead Of Your Hearts

I wouldn't want to castigate the opposition when it comes to immigrant children coming into the US as being irresponsible and non-thinking. At last count our government has told us over 100,000 children have made their way into the nation. There are hundreds of church affiliated organizations and social networks telling us it is our duty to bring in and provide all the necessary tools to help these youngsters to adapt to American society. C'mon, I'm not a bad guy. I love children. I had three of them and I now have ten tiny grandchildren, the oldest of whom is pushing ten.
I have to tell you, though, that there's more afoot that being nice to young immigrants(I'm not including gang kids, either). I was emailing my Storm Lake correspondent this morning in response to an article I read  that this entire process just might have been in the offing for quite some time, maybe years, and the root of it most likely came from our community organizer-in-chief.
Please don't scoff. Not everything coming out of my mind is a conspiracy theory but a lot of it is. I want you to think about the maturity level and knowledge of the world of an eight year old boy or girl. Maybe you have a child or grandchild this age. If not, think of a kid who lives up the street. They live in a very small world with non-important issues filling their heads. My granddaughter has to get permission to ride her bike around the block. My grandson, two years older, can ride his bicycle in a larger area but has certain boundaries he's limited to in his excursions. The distance from the southern Honduras to the northern Mexican border is approximately the same distance as it is from Key West, Florida to Minnesota/Canadian border. Please use some common sense when considering this. Our government, our leaders, are trying to tell us that eight year olds can, by themselves and without a compass, make this journey to our safe haven so that they can have the freedoms we all desire. We are led to believe that their mother's and father's have given their blessing for these waifs to head on out by themselves, after they've paid a king's ransom to have someone lead them(even though more common sense tells you the cash will be stolen). World leaders want us to believe a child can find his way through jungles, cross rivers and mountains, come across all kinds and types of human predators, go without food and water by themselves to make it to Nirvana. It can't be done. If, when I was eight, I told my mom I wanted to go to Mexico she would have given me one of two answers depending on how she felt that day. It would have been, "Go ahead and stay there" or "Make sure you're home by dinner". Forget about adults doing this let alone kids. I couldn't find an address from Dublin, Ohio to the south side of Columbus without a GPS. My wife is the smartest person I know and she doesn't know if she's driving east or west.
So, for all the goodness and charity we want to dole out there's an ulterior motive to all this 'think of the children' aspect of immigration. Conspiracy theory? This might surprise you but I know it's about retaining power and following the money. That's what it's always about.

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