Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Why Can't We Build A Wall? The Gov'ts Ten Biggest Boondoggles

The naysayers tell us building a wall between Mexico and the US is a no go because of the perceived cost; somewhere around $15 billion as in dollars not pesos.

Breitbart was kind enough to publish our nations 10 greatest boondoggles; programs supposedly to benefit the people but to this day drain the pockets of the taxpayer.

- The War on Poverty begun under LBJ has cost us $22 trillion with no successes except to increase dependency on the government.

-The Lockheed Martin 35 Stealth fighter jet project, $37 billion

-A day and a half to keep our government running, $3.8 trillion

-Medicare, Medicade improper payments by federal government in 2014, $59.9 billion

-Maintenance of vacant and unused properties owned by federal government, $25 billion annually.

-US Navy's program of building ship prototypes, $29 billion.

-Earned income tax credits aka another welfare program primarily for the wealthy, $69 billion in 2015

-US Postal Service, never a profit(sort of like NPR Radio) $36 billion in losses since 2012

-NASA-hasn't had a manned mission since 2011; receive $18.5 billion per year

-Farm subsidies; USDA spends $25 billion per year for giveaways

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