Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Who Exactly Were The Protesting Women

I happen to be waiting for the Iowa Hawkeyes to play a basketball game on the Big Ten Network and all of a sudden it hit me. Why do leftist women think they should have so much power in the country politically, socially, environmentally and everything that goes along with it? Jane Fonda, you remember the 79 year old activist, went to New York City to protest Trump's proclamation on the northern climes about the Dakota pipeline. She flew there in her own gas guzzling jet. Yet, the hundred people who attended proclaimed her as an icon for their cause.

I happen to adore my wife. She's a women, a female, a wife, a mother. She's wonderful yet she isn't an activist of any sort and doesn't care to be. I would consider my wife an icon.

Madonna, as you know, was one of the main speakers at the anti-Trump Women's March in NYC last week. Many consider her an icon. Word to the wise. My adorable wife has never taken off her top in public and to show her breasts. They were used to nurture our children.

Donald Trump has been castigated by hundreds of thousands of women for being crude and vile because of a taped conversation he had with one Billy Bush of E Entertainment ten years ago. In Trump's defense he had no idea the tape was taking place. Basically, from what I understand, this is the reason why he's considered a no go for the office of the presidency. I find this incredulous considering he never has taken a hummer in the Oval Office or has been said about JFK, "He needed sex from someone other than his wife on a weekly basis to relieve the tension of the office" In those days the press kept secrets quiet, maybe.

Three weeks ago my wife and I entertained three couples for dinner. All of us are proclaimed Christians who follow the laws of the Ten Commandments. We all quote scripture. We love each other and we want to do what is best for our fellow man. In the course of the evening our conversation the subject of Trump's taped conversation was discussed. To a man we all said, "From our twenties to the present we would hate having our wives and children know what we have said about women in our talks about women. The embarrassment would be overwhelming. Think about it. Men can be disgusting in so many ways---when they are with men.

Men say things. It might be to prove our manhood or to make others think we're more manly than we are. We talk about sex and what we'd like to do with women. It's a man thing. If you don't understand get over it.

As for these women who did all the marching I'd like to ask them about their husbands. Are they pure? Have they ever considered an affair with another man? If Donald Trump is so disgusting why is it, and general statistics tell us so, why do so many women have sexual trysts? In Washington DC there were 500,000 women protesting the disgusting Trump(remember though, most were pro abortionists and funded by 50 George Soros organizations). It is estimated by pollsters that beginning in the 1970's, after prayer was eliminated from our schools and society, 20% of married women commit adultery. Figure it out for yourselves, thousands of these protestinf saints are shacking p with guys other than their betrothed.

So, consider the 500,000 protesting Trump in D.C. Of all the married women there 20% are adulterers.

Then I hear this: But Donald Trump has cheated on two wives to marry a third. Well, Madonna married two men and is now living with a third without taking a marital vow and she's considered an icon. Hollywood stars who have married numerous men--Ahem! Jane Fonda is thought of as an icon.

Referring once again to Zsa Zsa Gabor a Hollywood icon she was betrothed nine times and the American people fawned over her.

Who remembers Mary Magdalene? She was a prostitute who turned her life over to Jesus Christ. Why isn't she an icon. Why is Donald Trump so chastised for his beliefs? I have the easy answer. He has become anit-abortion and this irritates the godless in our society.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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