Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Donald Trump Has Been Destroyed

Tim Blair UK Telegraph
I went online yesterday to learn more about Donald Trump blocking arrivals from Islamic nations – only to discover something shocking.
The US president had been destroyed. Completely destroyed.
And not just once but repeatedly. It was all there, as clear as day, in headline after headline:
“JK Rowling destroys Trump in one sentence.” – Raw Story, December 8 2015
“Sanders destroys Trump by 13 points.” – The Hill, December 22 2015
“Donald Trump destroyed by Stephen Colbert.” – YouTube, January 30 2016
“Rubio Destroys Trump at the Debate.” – bernardgoldberg.com, February 26 2016
“With A Simple Story About His Parents, Congressman Destroys Trump.” – Thinkprogress.org, March 24, 2016
“Republicans Tremble With Fear As Hillary Clinton Annihilates Trump.” – PoliticusUSA, April 17 2016
“Chuck Todd destroys Trump.” – UK Progressive, May 26 2016
June was a particularly active month for Trump, who was destroyed five times by Clinton and also faced destruction at the hands of two television commentators, a former New York City mayor and an Australian comedian, among others:
“Hillary Clinton Destroys Trump.” – C-Span, June 2 2016
“Clinton DESTROYS Trump.” – Oliverwillis.com, June 2 2016
“OUCH. Watch as Megyn Kelly DESTROYS Trump Over Racist Smears.” – Redstate.com, June 3 2016
“CNN Commentator Errol Lewis Destroys Trump.” – The Muslim Post, June 5 2016
“Jim Jefferies destroys Trump and his fans in new comedy special.” – Deadstate.org, June 6 2016
“Hillary Clinton Gets Obama’s Endorsement, Destroys Trump on Twitter.” – Celebuzz.com, June 9 2016
“Hillary Destroys Trump With a Three-Word Tweet.” – Social News Daily, June 11 2016
“Clinton destroys Trump in the electoral college.” – Vanity Fair poll analysis below the headline: “Hillary Clinton could be headed for a landslide”, June 15 2016
“Bloomberg destroys Trump on national TV!” – Bungie.net, June 28 2016
“Ghazala Khan Destroys Trump In Heartbreaking Piece About Her Son.” – Elitedaily.com, June 31 2016
“Keith Olbermann Destroys Trump Campaign With Single Tweet.” – Politicus USA, July 28 2016
In August and September, actors, TV hosts, Saturday Night Live comics, a trampy singer and a Cleveland grandmother all took their turns ritually grinding Trump’s corpse into an ever-finer bloody paste:
“Will Smith destroys Trump for misogyny.” – Hotpress.com, August 2, 2016
“MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Destroys Trump.” – Politicus USA, August 22 2016
“Cleveland grandma destroys Trump’s ‘bully mentality’.” – Raw Story, September 9 2016
“President Obama DESTROYS Trump During Rally in Philadelphia.” – Hinterland Gazette, September 13 2016
“Bill Maher DESTROYS Trump In One Perfect Tweet.” – Truthexaminer.com, September 13 2016
“Seth Meyers Destroys Trump’s Lie.” – Occupy Democrats, September 20 2016
“Kesha Stands Up for Former Miss Universe, Destroys Donald Trump.” – Fuse TV, September 29 2016
This welter of destruction only intensified during the month before last year’s election, with actors again prominent among Trump’s obliterators:
“Brutal Hillary Ad Destroys Trump on Out of Control Lies.” – Trofire.com, October 5 2016
“Ana Navarro Destroys Trump in Two Languages.” – Pajiba.com, October 7 2016
“Robert De Niro Destroys Trump.” – thewrap.com, October 8 2016
“Helen Mirren Destroys Trump: ‘Enormous Body, Small Head’.” – The Week, October 19 2016
“Michelle Obama Destroys Trump in 5 minutes.” – YouTube, October 22 2016
“Small Business Owner Destroys Trump On Taxes And Business.” – New Hampshire Labor News, October 26 2016
Remarkably, despite by now being reduced to a few rogue strands of DNA, Donald J. Trump’s cellular remains somehow won November 8’s election. But the destruction just keeps going:
Saturday Night Live destroys Trump in one perfect sketch.” – Slate.com, November 13 2016
“Woman destroys Trump as rant goes viral.” – news.com.au, December 6 2016
“Obama Destroys Trump in Contest.” – New Century Times, December 28 2016
“The Internet destroys Trump for continually tweeting.” – Raw Story, December 28, 2016
“Irish rapper destroys Trump.” – YouTube, January 16 2017
Trump must be the most destroyed entity in global history. Even Australia’s car industry is in better shape. But there he was again on the weekend, impossibly signing executive orders and even speaking to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, presumably via ouija board.
Forget living in a post-truth world. We’re living in a post-life world. All hail Trump, the first ghost president.

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