Sunday, May 7, 2017

"Listen, The Left Is Lying About Pre-Existing Conditions"

Layer One: Insurers are required to sell plans to all comers, including those with pre-existing conditions. This is known as "guaranteed issue," and it's mandated in the AHCA. No exceptions, no waivers. I spoke with an informed conservative news consumer earlier who was stunned to learn that this was the case, having been subjected to 24 hours of unhinged rhetoric from the Left.


It's extremely important that the populace doesn't fall for the nonsense the Left is going to throw at us. In the first place this legislation is not cut and dried. Changes in the Senate will be made before it's sent to the President for his signature. Remember, the goal of the Democrats is to create a Single Payer system which will put us on a par with Gt. Britain, France and every other pitiful health care country in the world.

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