Friday, August 15, 2014

Is Michael Brown The New Trayvon

crips michael brown 2

It's not a good deal when any kid gets shot and dies. I didn't like it when Trayvon died. One aspect of these stories is that we shouldn't lionize these kids. What I initially heard from the media was that Brown was going to be a college student. So what. I was going to be a college student in the Fall of '64 but that didn't mean I could walk down the middle of a busy street with a buddy at night. It didn't allow me to disregard the request of the police to get out of the street and get on the sidewalk without uttering a denouncement of their order. Recall the pictures of Trayvon presented to us my the media. What you saw was one being flashed world wide showing the 14 year old cherub instead of his 18 year old picture, gold teeth flipping the bird. It's why when a Charles Manson type person goes into court they wear a coat and tie. By clicking on the link you'll be able to see a number of photos of Mike Brown flashing gang symbols. I'm not trying to sway opinion. I'm trying to present another point of view other than what you'd see in the papers.

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