Thursday, August 7, 2014

Maybe George Bush Isn't That Stupid

His eminence, Brian Williams, from NBC Nightly News reported this evening that our leader is mulling the use of 'boots on the ground' in Iraq. Gasp! If not the introduction of soldiers then we will most likely witness bombings against the ISIS gang. Do you remember how George Bush was castigated and verbally assaulted for his intervention in that Middle Eastern nation? Can you recall how Obama, along with his minions, told us our war in Iraq was a huge mistake and we should get out ASAP. Two years ago our president could proudly say, "Mission Accomplished". He brought the boys home. Hooray for Barry, he's our man. If he can't do it nobody can. And as soon as we hightailed it out of the land of sand and oil the religious zealots began their campaign of slaughter because they didn't care for those who wouldn't embrace their brand of Islam. Now it's the most radical group of them all, ISIS, who is on the rampage against any and all to control the entire group of nation states. They've given the order. All Christians are to convert or they will be forced to leave the country. If they don't give up Christianity and exit then they will die by beheading. Those Muslims who refuse to practice their style of Sharia will also suffer under the sword. Either that or have a bullet discharged in the back of their heads. This is both a civil war and an invasion from a group of world-wide murderers; those who rank alongside the armies of Hitler and Stalin when it comes to brutality. Had the United States provided even the smallest of troop levels after Mr. Bush left office we could have controlled the mayhem. But no, Obama thought he had the answers to all the problems of the world. Be nice. Try to get along. Be one of the guys. And what has he heard from all the corrupt governments of the region? "Eat me", that's what. He's lost Egypt, Syria, Libya and most likely Iraq. He's tried appeasement against Iran and dropped dog manure on our one time best friend, Israel. God Almighty, can't he get anything right?
Click the link from the Washington Post no less. It backs up what I've written.

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