Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Too Rich For Her Own Blood

Numerous reports have revealed that top Democratic 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is living a lavish, over-the-top affluent lifestyle befitting — you guessed it — a mean old One-Percenter.
She and her fellow Democrats pretend they’re the party of the poor, the “hammered” middle class — the 99 percent. Well sorry, Hillary, but average Americans don’t vacation in the Hamptons in $18 million homes, fly private jets, get paid more than $200,000 a pop for speeches or stay in presidential suites while traveling.
The Clintons have raked in more than $100 million over the past eight years, much of it from their exorbitant speaking fees, according to Politico. Yet for some delusional reason, Hillary claimed to be “dead broke” after leaving the White House, despite her family’s multiple expensive homes, multimillion-dollar book deals and other untold millions on the horizon back then.
Question: If millionaires and One-Percenters are so bad, Hillary, why are you one of them? If money is bad, why not give away all your millions to the poor, disenfranchised Americans you pretend to care about? http://bostonherald.com/news_opinion/columnists/adriana_cohen/2014/08/cohen_too_rich_for_her_own_blood

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