Sunday, August 10, 2014

Remembering Hirohito

A number of years ago I read a book detailing Japanese atrocities committed by the Japanese against Filipino citizens during WWII. These innocents: men, women and children were herded into stockades. For fun Japanese soldiers threw live grenades at the people to see their reactions prior to being blown to bits.
In Iraq the Kurdish citizenry are being decimated by tyrannical Islamic terrorists. These atrocities, as with the case of the Filipinos is being waged against noncombatants. Women are being raped, men are having their heads cut off as are those of small children. Today, it was announced that 500 Iraqi tribal members have been buried alive. A question I need to ask is, "Where is the United Nations"?
If there was ever a need for strong and decisive action this is it. If ever there was a cause for war this, too, is a just cause. Our president is permitting limited air strikes and the dropping of food and water. This is the minimum at best. What these people need are massive amounts of ammunition, guns and heavy duty weaponry. We promised we'd deliver and we did, slightly. Iraqi leaders absconded with those promised weapons. So, why not come up with more and hand deliver to the Kurds. Kurdish groups and Israeli's are our only friends in the region. The only reason I can give for Obama's inability to come through is he wants both of these people to be slaughtered. In the meantime, on a daily basis, John Q. is being massively slaughtered by the most inhumane pieces of garbage since Hirohito's forces plundered the Asian continent some eighty years ago.

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