Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kids Must Not Sin These Days

My wife on I will be in Fatima, Portugal next Friday. It's the site of a Roman Catholic Shrine to venerate the appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary to three peasant children in 1917. It's important to Catholics, especially to my wife and I. Mary is my 'go to' person when I pray. I mean, who can turn down the Mother of God. Personally, I'm more enamored with Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico. If anyone doubts the existence of Mary as a hoax they should check out this story. Here's one for you. If big shot people are so important why is it saints or Mary never appear to them? It's always the poor and destitute.
Anyway, I put in an order for friends if they would like a remembrance from Fatima, a picture, rosary, etc. I asked my daughter if she would like a rosary for our seven year old granddaughter who should be making her First Confession. And her response was this: "She makes her First Reconciliation this year.(Reconciliation is a New Age word for First Confession). Then next year she makes her First Communion. Holy Mother of Sins. When I was in the third grade, 1954, I made my First Communion. It was on a Sunday. As a class we made our First Confession the day before. What does that tell you? One thing we had that other classes didn't have were the Ferry Brothers, Rolfes and myself. We were forerunners to terrorists. Priests gave us their personal phone numbers if we felt the need to use them. I guess the hierarchy didn't trust us to go twenty-four hours without disobeying our parents or robbing a bank or eating dessert before dinner. I've seen my granddaughter in action. She's exactly like her mom. I love them both to death and my little 'Peanut' is as adorable as can be but she has a younger brother. They fight, scratch and claw. They say mean things and use dirty names like butt and dummy. First Reconciliation. It's a waste of time. They should wait until the day before.

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