Sunday, August 3, 2014

You Can't Have Your Cake And Eat It, Too

In watching the news this morning I was reminded, once again, how horrible it must be to be a liberal. Government nutritional standards are about to kick in in our schools and most of you know that bake sales are on the chopping block. It's another intrusion into our lives that is, how can I say this, oh yeah, stupid. For a lot of schools across the land bake sales are mandatory money makers. They're like taxes gained by states for the amount of marijuana that is sold daily so politicians can spend, spend, spend. Band uniforms, athletic game balls, school sponsored trips, participation fees for sports will see their coffers diminished because Michelle Obama(who was elected to nothing)has convinced a nitwit to pass legislation to eliminate a longstanding American tradition.(The law was passed when the Dem party controlled both Houses).
I harken back to the Fifties and the fundraisers that took place at Sacred Heart grade school in Boone, Iowa. When you're a little kid nights of fun at the school carnival provide long term memory treasures. Our Fun Night event was held indoors in the basement of our school. There were games of skill and luck to be played. I may have won one of those Chines girl catchers. They were made of colored woven straw. If you put your finger in one end and a girl put her finger in the other then both of you pulled at the same time the straw constricted and you caught the girl. We knew they were made in China because they were cheaply constructed. Simple times were magical. One of the events was the famous cakewalk. On the stage were twenty numbers placed in a circle. Twenty people paid one thin dime to stand on a number. When the music started these people walked counter clockwise until the music stopped. A number was drawn and the person standing on that number won a cake. I won a cake once. The winner could pick out their own prize which were donated by mother's from our school. There were many from which to choose. I picked the angel food one. I had visions of eating it all by myself. It wasn't to be so. Some lady with a big butt and a dark complexion who was once proud of her country came to the event, told us we couldn't keep the cakes because of bad nutrition, and forcibly made me flush my cake down the toilet. That's what's happening today in our schools. All the fun is going in the can because nerdy folks who have more money than they could ever use think we're totally ignorant; that we can't make decisions for ourselves. I detest unregulated government. I really do.

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