Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Muslim Contributions To America And The World

Glen Fairman from The Amercian Thinker, in response to Obama's recent praise of the Muslim contribution to the fabric of America, is the first to give him due credit. It is a noteworthy list.

1. Hummus. I hate hummus.
2. Design modifications to the Twin Towers.
3. IEDs
4. Significantly increased congenital defects from first cousin marriage.
5. Did I say hummus? I really do hate Hummus.
6. Fear and loathing.
7. Lowered prices for goat meat during End of Ramadan sales.
8. Haggling.
9. God ordained dhimmitude.
10. Cities that celebrate the exotic odor of feces.
11. God ordained cruelty to women and a legal pass to murder those female family members that bruise fragile male pride.
12. Bromhidrosis elevated to an art form.
13. Increased U.S. pork and munitions sales.
14. Global war and strife.
15. Boko Haram, Hamas, Hizb'allah, Islami Jihad, Twelvers, ISIS, The Palestinian Authority, the Muslim Brotherhood, The Taliban, Yasser Arafat, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Ayatollah Khomeini, Gaza, Casey Kasem.
16. Astronomical petroleum prices for what amounts to the fluid remains of dead dinosaurs.
17. The flowering religion of peace.
18. Refinement in the technology of human shields using toddlers and the aged.
19. The Death Penalty mandated for matters of conscience.
20. Refinements in the fields of anti-Semitism, religious hypocrisy, and proper child care.
21. Did I neglect hummus? It really makes me gag…….

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