Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rioting In Missouri. So, What Else Is New

trey brewer
The kid in the insert is Trey Brewer. He lives in Dallas, Texas. He was arrested in Ferguson, Mo. for rioting and looting.

To often, especially from the media, conclusions are easily drawn. It's the old, "Ready, fire, aim" routine. I'm referring to the Michael Brown death in Ferguson, Missouri. All day on the news the lead stories were Robin Williams and Michael Brown. For Brown it went like this: "Michael Brown, the 18-year old unarmed Black man". This is jumping to a conclusion by using the word 'unarmed'. It inflames because the media, as usual, it is attempting to set the agenda. No one knows the details of this young man's death. The truth will come out and if justice needs to be served then it will. If the police are at fault punishment awaits. If the incident was provoked by Brown panic will ensue and rioting will continue because "The man is keeping us down". Seemingly, isn't this the way it always works? This also puts to rest the plea of Rodney King when he said, "Can't we all just get along".
 One guaranteed aspect of the death is that either Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or both will be leading a protest parade in the community. You've heard Jackson's mantra before, "No justice, no peace". Eric Holder has already announced the Justice Department will look into the case as a hate crime. Strange. A few days ago a rabbi in New York City was murdered by two Blacks but this was determined by Holder to be a robbery, not a hate crime. "Hey Eric, tell that to the Jewish community". There has been one incident of a white man attacking a Black in the 'Knock out' game. The number of Black on White 'Knock outs' are too numerous to name. Holder conveniently looks the other way on these occasions but he'll hightail his sorry butt to Ferguson, Missouri looking for a scapegoat. Here's a statistic you may or may not know. It speaks volumes about our society. In America, every month, Blacks murder other Blacks to the tune of 500. For liberals, this number totals 6,000 per year. Ten percent of our population is made up of Blacks yet 58% of our violent crimes are administered by the same group. Praise be to God if just one Black leader spoke out on this. Oh, I should have said one liberal Black leader. When men like Dr. Ben Carson and Bill Cosby do it they're castigated as Uncle Tom's.
I understand the results of a supposed racial injustice. It's a mandatory call for rioting and rampant destruction of a community. In Ferguson, a St. Louis suburb with a 50% minority population, many Black businesses were victims of vandalism by members of their own race from their own community. The rioters helped destroy their own economy and the owners of these businesses had to stand helplessly by and watch the carnage. The conclusion: People who riot do not do it to speak out against racial injustice. What they want are as many pair of Nikes as they can carry under their arms after they've done their looting and let the public be damned.

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