Sunday, August 17, 2014

Portugal And Spain Here We Come

If anyone wants to commit a breaking and entering and get away with it you have the perfect opportunity to achieve a successful operation. The wife and I will be in Spain and Portugal for the next two weeks on a river cruise. We do have a sign in our front yard telling potential burglars that our home is protected by a direct police connection but it's a ruse. A fake out if you will. I'm not real big on cruises but I don't have much say in these travel matters. My wife has a crew of friends who asked us to come along for the ride so here we go. I don't know much about Portugal. Prince Henry the Navigator was one of its first famous sailors. At one time Portugal had the finest navy in the world. Did you know that the United States didn't have one iron clad ship at the turn of the 20th century? Portugal also leads the world in the exportation of cork. Wine bottles are eternally grateful. We're looking forward to an excursion to the Shrine at Fatima. You'd have to be Roman Catholic to appreciate the significance unless you happen to be inquisitive.
We'll be in Madrid, Spain, too. I'm sure they have sites. Maybe I'll take in a bullfight----or not. Spain is full of churches and they take up most of the tour time. My Storm Lake correspondent has been asking questions about our trip. Most of my answers have been, "I dunno". I do know the bulk of the trip is a river cruise but I couldn't tell my most trusted friend the name of the river. In other words I don't prepare for our getaways. I get on ships. I sleep on ships. I eat on ships. I look at the scenery and try and remember what towns and cities we saw. A week after we get home I'll ask, "Did we go there"? I was forced to purchase a digital camera with wifi capabilities as a remembrance and to be able to forward pictures to friends and family. I'm too lazy to figure out how this thing functions so I'll leave that to the Queen, too.
I have fears about going to foreign nations. Terrorists don't bother me. When your numbers up your numbers up. Unless I carry a sign saying, "Terrorists eat pigs" then there isn't much that can be done to quell the violence. I fear I won't fall asleep on the plane going over then I'll be a zombie for three days. Six times I've flown across the Atlantic and six times I've been sleepless. This means my system is all screwed up. One lesson learned: I always carry around Euro coins for emergencies. European cities don't have washrooms at hand because there aren't many fast food places. What they do have are toilets that require money to use. It can be a touchy and scary situation if you're not prepared. Which begs the question, "What caused the preparation of coin on hand"? The answer is, "None of your business".
We leave on Wednesday and I'll be out of the loop for awhile so if you do want to steal my baseball card collection or old coins give it a go. I want to make you work for them, though. They're in a secure hiding place. Best of luck.

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