Thursday, June 15, 2017

Anyone Who Owns A Lake Home Deserves It

Go back and read the title of the post. Some in the upper crust of society might tell themselves, "Yeah, I busted my butt for X number of years and now I'm getting the finer things of life." Not this guy. Her Majesty and I are into our 23rd year of summer lake living in northern Minnesota. For The Queen it's been one carnival ride after another. For yours truly not so much.

You've heard the saying about buying a boat; the two happiest times are when you buy it and when you sell it. I suspect this is the same with a lake home. My best buddy says, "Women, you can't live with 'em and you can't leave 'em on the curb to die". That's sort of the same thing as the boat comparison.

Some people would be anxious to get to Ten Mile Lake in the Minnesota northern regions. Not I. From Minneapolis to Hackensack all I can think of is, what damage occurred to the house, yard, garage over the winter.

My biggest fear are porcupines. We're loaded with those eighty foot tall majestic looking pines but we have fewer now than ten years ago. Porcupines clime to the very top, eat around the tree sucking out the sap. Believe it or not the nutrients of the tree are sapped(no pun intended) and after a short period of time the tree dies. No big deal for the porcupine. It moves on to another. It is a big deal for be because the guy who cuts down the 'majestic pine' charges $600 and it's occurred seven times.

Two days ago I had Northwoods Dock put my boat in the water so I could drive it over to our place. I happened to run into two grizzled old fisherman and they told me they caught two walleye that day. I haven't caught a waldo in six years. Is it possible the DNR stocked this piece of water with their normal influx of five fish?

I mowed the yard today. That's about as sexy of a thing as it gets up here.

Wanna buy a lake home?

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