Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Cubs Visit A Real President In the White House

WASHINGTON – The Cubs brought their 2016 World Series trophy to Capitol Hill on Tuesday and lug it to the White House on Wednesday for a meeting with President Donald Trump – expected by team honchos Tom and Todd Ricketts to be more low-key than the love fest former President Barack Obama squeezed in before leaving office.
The Cubs are here for a four-game series with the NationaIs; Todd Ricketts told the Chicago Sun-Times, “I think the president just knew that we all were going to be here going to baseball games and thought it would be fun to come up and have an unofficial visit with the team.”
Chicago Sun Times
This is the second trip to the White House for my Cubbies. Out of respect for the office(Ahem! Golden State ). One cannot actually call 'you-know-who a baseball afficionado. We've all seen his girlie throw to home plate while visiting(his words) Cominsky Park.

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