Saturday, June 24, 2017

"Down With The Ship" Or, In Other Words, It Sucks To be Me

Two days ago I had a big urge to go fishing. As you well know if you read this blog fishing in my lake of 5,000 acres is the same as dropping a line in the Dead Sea. Regardless, I went out around 4 pm and actually a caught smallish bass and a 4 inch perch. My spine tingled with joy as I realized I'd overcome tremendous odds. It got to be around dinner time so I docked my boat at my neighbor's, came into the house and grabbed a sandwich and, quick like a bunny, I was out the door again.

In order to get to my fishing hole where the waters were calm it was necessary to head out north, go around a serious of buoys warning boaters of rocks then head east around a bend. The waters on my side of the lake were mammoth in size and I didn't want to fight them.

Using my knowledge of Ten Mile Lake I figured if I hugged the shoreline on my right this would cut down on the waves and that's exactly what I did. Unfortunately, when I'd boated 200 yards north with my $150 ultra lite rod in my left hand I magically lost my grip and it went into the air. I grabbed at it. As I did my hand came down on the steering wheel and the boat made a hard right. All I could see were rocks, dead tree stumps and a gravelly beachhead. Thinking quickly I threw the boat into reverse thereby saving a total disaster. EXCEPT---I panicked. Instead of throwing the gear in reverse I put it in forward. The next words that came out of my mouth are unprintable but you get the drift.

The first order of duty was to free my ultra lite. I did that but in the process(the tip  had evidently been caught in the teeth of the Loch Ness Monster) the tip snapped.

Completely dressed I jumped into the 65 degree waters and started pushing the back end of the boat to free it from its new form of dock. This old-timer grunted and huffed and puffed and moved it exactly no inches. I might has well have been asked to carry the Statue of Liberty back to France.

There was a bit of good news. My neighbor, an Iowan, of course, and his son in law happened to be in his cabin. I also had my cell phone with me(a miracle). They came down, jumped in the water, and in ten minutes we had The Titanic freed from its deathly grip.

I thanked them profusely and then headed out for my spot in calm waters. I went about thirty yards then thought, "Gosh, these waves are high and headed back home".

Another day in the life of Ichabod Crane.

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